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    Methodist Retirement Communities Newsletter — Holiday Edition
          Every year this time, I often wonder      with one another, and what an amazing responsi-
           where the time went so quickly. And it bility and privilege it is to be in an environment
           seems every year goes a little quicker   that encourages such acts of kindness on a daily
           than the one before. But the beautiful   basis in and around our communities. And since
           thing about this service ministry is the it’s not humanly possible for me to recognize
continuous intrinsic reward that comes with         every kind word and act within the MRC family,
serving others. Because of this opportunity for     let me take this opportunity to thank every resi-
serving others, we are incredibly blessed as part dent, staff member, volunteer and others who
of the MRC family to have the Christmas spirit      make a positive difference in the lives others; al-
of giving alive and well every day.                 lowing each of us to live the fullest, most mean-
                                                    ingful life available to us on this earth. It is this
                                                    support from and among friends that is one of the
Certainly it is easy to get caught up in achieving most valuable yet often overlooked benefit of liv-
the next goal and the next accomplishment, but      ing and working in our senior living communities.
even when wrapped up in the business aspects,
there is always that positive feeling knowing we So in spite of the considerable hustle and bustle
have the opportunity to make a difference in the
                                                    this time of year as we are bombarded every-
lives of others.
                                                    where by advertisements, long lines in busy stores
                                                    and heavy traffic seemingly always in a hurry; it
We all know that responsible financial steward- is my hope that we can enjoy the beauty and
ship requires us to seek a positive margin in or-   genuine pleasure of caring and sharing meaning-
der to sustain the mission on a long-term basis;    ful moments with one another as we reflect and
but the real Holiday joy that we experience         honor the true meaning of Christmas. And may
every day is in the mission. And that joy can be    we all be like those who make it a daily habit to
each of ours, whether as an employee, resident,     share a kind word or deed with others, and in turn
board member or other volunteer, donor, vendor, receive the rich blessing of feeling the awesome
church leader or member, or other supporters in     reward that comes from serving those who once
the local communities or senior living industry.    cared for us.
Each word or act of kindness, care or compas-
sion that is shared can bring joy to the heart of
both the giver and the receiver. And some of the Ron Jennette,
most meaningful gifts are simple, heartfelt ges-
                                                    President and CEO
tures of kindness in the spirit of the One whose
birth we honor this time of year. This family at-
mosphere of caring and belonging is one of the
real beauties of senior living communities.

We are so grateful to have these opportunities
every day to share words or acts of kindness
                     December is always a
                     busy time at Cornerstone.
                     The campus is being
                     transformed into a Christ-
                     mas wonder land. We
                     are indebted to Mary
                     Katharine Weber for her           Todd Partin will begin working
tireless work in creating a beautiful Christmas        with Marvin Kayse toward an orderly
                                                       and smooth transition for the Execu-
                                                       tive Director’s position. Mr. Partin
                                                       becomes Associate Executive Direc-
                      Ms. Suzanne Lachowsky            tor in June of 2012 and will assume
                      has joined the Corner-           full responsibilities as Executive Di-
                      stone staff as Director          rector for Cornerstone January 1,            Mrs. Yvonne Seifert, RN is
                      of Environmental Ser-            2013.                                        currently working with Director
                      vices.                                                                        of Nursing Services Audrey
                                                                                                    Westergreen. Mrs. Westergreen
                                                                                                    retires at the end of December.
                                                                                                    Mrs. Seifert will assume full
        During the last quarter of this year we have completed                                      responsibility as Director of
        two additional Patio Homes bringing the total of Patio                                      Nursing Services January 1,
        Homes to twenty two. Census is growing in the ex-                                           2012.
        panded Cheatham Health Care Center.

                                                           Cornerstone has welcomed new residents in the Atrium Apartments, Assisted
                                                                         Living and Bunch Woodview in the last month.

                                                                   Upcoming Events

  Bunch Woodview hosted a Mad Hatter’s Ball on                           December 11
  Halloween. The resident’s family members were                     Cornerstone Open House
  invited to attend. Linda Pearson, manager at                            2:00 – 4:00
  BWC, designed each hat to reflect the personal-
  ity of the resident. A lot of time and energy, as                     December 15
                                                                   Employee Christmas party
  well as a lot of planning, went into this project.
  Hats off to Linda for a job well done!

    4100 Moores Lane | Texarkana TX 75503 | 903.832.5515 | Marvin Kayse, Executive Director
                                                                 MRC Crestview
                                                                 Grand Opening
                                                       MRC Crestview Retirement Community
                                                    unveiled the new Health Center with a Grand
                                                   Opening complete with delicious food provided
                                                     by Dining Services, live music and great fel-
                                                    lowship among residents, family, friends and

                                                                                   (above L-R)
 (above L-R) Matthew                                                             Betty Thompson
 Currie, Mike Adams &                                                            & Bill Birdwell
     Ron Jennette

                                 Jane Lee Gift                        Upcoming Holiday Events
                                  Now Open

                                The name of the                           December 23rd
                                new gift shop at                         Korean Orchestra
                                Crestview honors
                                the late Jane Lee.
                                She and her hus-       Jane Lee          December 24th
                                band, Dr. Carlton R.                    Candlelight Service
                                Lee, were active members of First
                                United Methodist Church of Bryan          December 31st
                                since 1947 and were involved in the
                                vision and planning of                 Last Party of the Year
                                Crestview Retirement
                                Community from the very

2505 E. Villa Maria Road | Bryan, TX 77802 | 979.776.4778 | Matthew Currie, Executive Director
PineCrest residents, Helen
Ramsey, Judy Kocar, Pat
Dillard and Dot Greenway
enjoy a relaxing afternoon
together sharing conversa-
tion and creating wonder-
ful memories. The laugh-
ter that emanates from the
circle of friends is uplift-
ing and inspirational to all                                             Residents enjoy a putting
that come into hearing                                                            game.
distance. The “Stitching
Friends” meet every Mon-                                                                              The PineCrest bunch traveled to Shangri La
                                                                                                      Botanical Gardens in Orange, Texas on Septem-
day at 1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                      ber 28th. This was our 2nd trip to Shangri
                                                                                                      La. The first time we went to see the spring
                                                                                                      flowers and this time we enjoyed the fall season
                                                                                                      flowers as well as the Scarecrow Festival. If
                                                                                                      you have never been to Shangri La you must
                                                                                                      go. It is a hidden treasure. It was a cool day
                                                                                                      and we also enjoyed lunch on the patio. As
                                                                                                      always, a great day had by all.

                                                                            Residents handed out
                                                                            candies to a young
                                  Waving the US flag in
                                  honor of Veterans Day.

                               PineCrest is set to imple-
                               ment a new payment sys-
                               tem into its dining pro-
                               gram. Training is the key
                               element for suc-
                               cess. Staff are working
                               diligently to process all
                               that will be required to
                               make this transition as
                               smooth as possible.

                    Upcoming Events
          Independent Living Christmas Dinner
                    December 8th
                                                                                                  Twelve residents from PineCrest just recently
   Assisted Living and Healthcare Christmas Dinner                                                kicked off the holiday season with a Holiday
                    December 13th                                                                 Trip to Branson, Missouri. They left on Tues-
   Lottie Temple, George Henderson and The Arbors                                                 day, November 15th and returned Saturday, the
         Christmas Parties December 13, 2011                                                      19th. The group traveled with First Class Tours
                                                                                                  and traveled with another Retirement Commu-
               Employees Christmas party                    nity from the Houston area. Much fun was had by all with seeing four Christmas
                 December 15, 2011                          Shows, sampling all kinds of food and experiencing the holidays with a tour of
    Watch for our Grand Re-opening celebrating 20           lights. Pictured is Dick and Iris Reddy and Jerry and Judy Kocar. Just 2 couples who
      years and our complete interiors remodel!             traveled with the PineCrest group.

  1302 Tom Temple Drive | Lufkin, TX 75904 | 936.634.1054 | Chuck Childress, Executive Director
 Groundbreaking for the new MRC Creekside

 The MRC TownCreek
residents celebrate
   Fall Festival.

                                                                 Upcoming Events

                                                                 December 20, 2011
                                                             MRC TownCreek is having a
                                                            Family gathering with gifts for
                                                                 each resident (3 pm)

                                                                 December 31, 2011
                                                             New Year's Eve -- Early Bird
                                                               Party for the residents

1115 Avenue O | Huntsville, TX 77340 | 936.295.0216 | Paul Beathard, Executive Director
                            This past Thanksgiving, at tables across the coun-
                            try, friends and families sat down and enjoyed a
                            bountiful meal together. Yet the holiday means
                            more than a delicious dinner. It’s also a day to ex-
                            press thanks — to be thankful for our freedom, our
                            loved ones and our lives, as well as mindful of the
                            ways we are blessed, not just on Thanksgiving, but
                            each and every day of the year.

                                                                    The Crestview Terrace residents enjoyed a
                                                                    Thanksgiving potluck that was supported by
                                                                    donations from Buppy’s, Ken Martins, and
                                                                    Mark Stevenson. The residents that attended the
                                                                    potluck also brought a dish and each resident
                                                                    and staff was given the opportunity to express
                                                                    what they are thankful for. Barbara Boco’s fam-
                                                                    ily, the Pulliams, not only donated turkey and
                                                                    trimmings for the potluck held at Crestview
                                                                    Place November 25th, they donated their time to
                                                                    serve the residents. Also, Crestview residents
                                                                    held their first Craft fair which was well re-
                                                                    ceived and the sales were plentiful! Crestview
                                                                    residents were given Thanksgiving baskets do-
                                                                    nated by a local football hero TY Warren.

During a food drive outreach within the La
Porte community, two local scout troops and a
church donated their time to host food drives
for the residents. Boy Scout Troop #514 held
a food drive on Halloween night in various
neighborhoods and what a blessing to see how
the community comes together to support the
residents. Cub Scout Troop #737 held a food
drive at the local Kroger’s, bringing in four
                                                                           Many thanks to the caring staff
car loads!! Not to mention, First United
Methodist Church of La Porte holding a four                                at both Crestview and La Porte
week food drive from November 18th through                                 Affordable Housing and for all of
December 16th. Through this out pouring of                                 the wonderful services they bring
support our residents at Happy Harbor and                                  to the residents. Also thank you
Bayview will be blessed with a full pantry!!                               for the outpouring of support
In addition, each facility held a potluck and                              from both communities that pro-
invited previous residents and staff.
                                                                           vided time and donations.
        Chaplain’s Chat
                             - Reverend Gary Adams

                                             MEANING OF CHRISTMAS?”
‘Tis the season’ … for holidays. Christmas   The answer to Charlie’s question is in the
for some retailers, started before Hallow-   Bible, Matthew, Chapter 2 … ‘Jesus was
een. Thanksgiving day is now just a mem-     born in the town of Bethlehem, during the
ory and the celebration of Christmas and a   reign of King Herod. Some wise men came
new year is before us.                       asking “Where is the newborn King of the
This season of the                                             Jews? We have seen his
year is filled with                                            star and we have come
family, friends, fun                                           to worship him”… They
activities, food (lots                                         found the house where
of it), shopping, giv-                                         the child and his mother
ing and receiving                                              Mary were and they fell
gifts and much more.                                           down and worshipped
During this time we
may find that our ac-                                          The solution to the
tivities do not bring                                          humbug life is to make
lasting satisfaction.                                          worship of our Savior a
Food can be a real                                             priority this Christmas –
battle for some. Fun                                           in the music we hear, in
activities can add
                                                               the places we go, in the
pressure to schedules.
Family times can be                                            activities we attend,
stressful. Finances                                            along with our gifts to
can be stretched to                                            each other and to His
unmanageable debt.                                             cause. And when we
However, before we                                             worship, we join the
‘baa…’ and turn into                                           wise men in kneeling at
a big ‘humbugger’ about Christmas let me
                                           the manger. Don’t be discouraged or de-
give us some good news about the season.
                                           terred by ‘stuff’ that does not bring lasting
A favorite holiday cartoon is ‘A Charlie satisfaction. Make it a priority this season
Brown Christmas’. The first scenes are to worship Christ and experience the REAL
about everyone getting ready for Christmas meaning of Christmas!
and involved in time and peace robbing ac-
tivities. Somehow Christmas is just not
connecting with Charlie Brown and at the
height of his frustration he yells … “CAN
           The staff of the Central Support Services wish everyone a very
                                      Merry Christmas!

    The CSS Staff will have
    a door decorating contest.
    The winning entry will be
    shared on the next news-
              letter.                                                        CSS celebrated Frances Beltran,
                                                                             Corporate HR Director, birthday
                                                                                     in November.

                                                                                Upcoming Events
                                                                                 CSS Christmas Party
                                                                                       Dec. 12th

                                                                              Holiday Cookie Exchange
             The Central Support
             Services Staff had a                                                      Dec. 15th
             potluck to celebrate
             Thanksgiving. Varie-            Brad Stewart, MRC               TC Employee Appreciation
             ties of salad, healthy            CFO, became a                          Dec. 19th
meals and traditional desserts                   Grandpa.
were brought in .                             Congratulations!

               1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 110 | The Woodlands, TX 77380 | 281.363.2600
   Etch-A-Sketch                                           Rock-a-Stack
   Toy Manufacturer:                                       Toy Manufacturer: Fisher Price
   Ohio Art Company                                        Price: 79 cents - $1.69
   Price: $2.94
                                                           Description Rings on a cone to
   Description Turn the knobs and create lines,            help babies develop hand-eye
   circles, and diagonals. Forms pictures, letters,        coordination and learn their colors. Choose
   intricate designs and all erase easily with just a      from a set with six rings or a set with ten rings.

  Popular Culture                                       Popular Singers
  Beatles Release the single "Love Me Do"               The Beatles
  Andy Warhol's famous painting of a can of soup        Bob Dylan
  Beverly Hill Billies is on TV                         Chubby Checker
  The Dick Van Dyke show on TV                          Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  Johnny Carson hosts The Tonight Show                  Neil Sedaka
                                                        Roy Orbison
                                                        Shirley Bassey
  Popular Films
  West Side Story
  El Cid                                                                    Technology 1962
  Lawrence of Arabia
  To Kill a Mockingbird                                          *   12 European countries form European
                                                                     Space Agency Telstar relays the first live
                  Cost of Living 1962                                trans-Atlantic television signal
                  How Much things cost in 1962                   *   US Airforce investigates using lasers to
                                                                     intercept missiles
             Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.20%                     *   90% of US households own a Television
               Yearly Inflation Rate UK 3.6%                         Set
     Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 652             *   Britain and France agree to develop the
          Average Cost of new house $12,500.00                       Concorde
            Average Income per year $5,556.00                    *   The first use of silicone breast implants by
         Average monthly rent $110.00 per month                      Houston plastic surgeons
          Tuition to Harvard University $1,520.00                *   Communication Satellite USA Telstar
         All Wheel Drive Scout off road $2,150.00                    Venus Probe USA Mariner 2 - the first
              Renault Imported car $1,395.00                         planetary probe
                                                                 *   LEDs USA Light Emitting Diodes - used
           Average Cost of a new car $3,125.00
                                                                     for displays
                  Eggs per dozen 32 cents
                  Gas per Gallon 28 cents
Factory Workers Average Take Home Pay with 3 dependents

            1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 110 | The Woodlands, TX 77380 | 281.363.2600
1961 - The Moody Foundation       of Galveston gives the Buccaneer Hotel to                 for donation in the application process for a 202 PRAC, to be
              be operated as a retirement home for older people. The new                    named Bayview Senior Housing.
              facility is named "Moody House."                                        - PineCrest Licensed Home Health and Personal Assistance Services
                                                                                            began and application made for Medicare certification.
                                                                                      - Crestview Home Health satellite office opened.
1962 - Moody House opens on January 1 as the first Methodist-related re-              - PineCrest applied for certification by Medicare for long-term care
              tirement home in the 57-county Texas Annual Conference.                       beds
                                                                                      - MRC and MRT approve transition of MRT to the United Methodist
1965 - Moody House, Inc. is incorporated, and the Moody House Life Care                     Senior Services Foundation.
              Trust is established.                                                   - Approved refinancing of Edgewater and the division of the operating
                                                                                            unit MRC Edgewater to include Turner Geriatric Center, and
                                                                                            Moody House residential apartments to facilitate financing.
1970 - Crestview becomes part of the MRC family, and is certified for Medi-           - Approved of restated articles and bylaws to bring all MRC organiza-
              caid                                                                          tions into compliance with regulatory standards, including benefi-
                                                                                            ciary language of trusts.
1971 - Turner Geriatric Center opens in March and is full within 60 days.
                                                                               2008 - Ron Jennette becomes President / Chief Executive Officer of MRC
1981 - Crestview Terrace (a new 100-apartment residential facility) opens in                April 1st.
              Bryan in November. It is funded through a loan from the U.S.             - Happy Harbor Methodist Home ceases operations and closes in
              Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).                              May.
                                                                                       - Bayview Senior Housing completed. Opens October 2008.
1984 - The Board adopts a new name: "Methodist Retirement Services, Inc."              - MRC Board approves strategy to develop new Continuing Care
                                                                                            Retirement Communities.
                                                                                       - Hurricane Ike hits Galveston. Significant damage causes Turner
1985 - A 44-apartment residential facility (called Crestview Place) opens at                Geriatric Center to be shut down.
              Crestview. It is funded through another loan from the U.S. De-
              partment of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).
                                                                               2009 - Happy Harbor Methodist Home property sold and building demol-
1986 - Parkview Place, TownCreek's new HUD-funded apartment building,                 - Process began to transfer ownership of Bayview Senior Housing and
              opened in July                                                                Happy Harbor Senior Housing (Oakview Senior Housing). An-
                                                                                            ticipated completion in 2010.
1992 - The organization opens its fourth campus, PineCrest, in Lufkin, in             - Moved the Woodlands office to different location.
                                                                               2010 - Groundbreaking on June 18 for new 10-bed addition to Cornerstone
1995 - The organization changes its name to "Methodist Retirement Com-                     Health Care Unit.
              munities" to better reflect its services and programs.                 - Groundbreaking on June 23 for Crestview replacement project. Con-
                                                                                           struction on Phase I began August 2010.
                                                                                     - Leased Edgewater to The Meridian effective May 2010, with option to
1996 - MRC opens its fifth campus, Cornerstone Retirement Community, in                    purchase.
              Texarkana, at a formal consecration ceremony in November.             - Management of Parkview Place Apartments Affordable Housing unit
                                                                                           transferred to National Church Residences.
2000     - Grand opening of the first Patio Home at Cornerstone.
                                                                               2011 - Grand opening for MRC Cornerstone’s 10-unit Health Care Addition.
2001 - Happy Harbor Senior Housing becomes an MRC affiliate.                          - Achieved financing for $30 million in Arbor Oaks at Crestview, a 92-
        - Lottie Temple Special Care Center opened at PineCrest, with 20                     apartment Residential component of this Continuous Care Re-
               beds of assisted living dementia care.                                        tirement Community.
                                                                                     - MRC PineCrest began $2 million of renovations/refurbishment in its
2002 - Happy Harbor Methodist Home became an MRC affiliate, Medicaid                         main buildings in July 2011.
              certified long term care facility.                                     - Grand opening of the Arbor Oaks at MRC Crestview in Bryan, TX
                                                                                     - Groundbreaking for MRC Creekside in Huntsville, TX
2004    - Opening of the George H. Henderson Jr. building at PineCrest, 23
             beds of assisted living dementia care.
         - August 31, Crestview opens Unity, 63 units of affordable housing.

2006 -    Happy Harbor property adjacent to current HUD facility authorized
Support Our Seniors

The MRC Foundation has supported the ministry of MRC and its affiliates for almost 50 years. The success of our ministry depends
upon the many who give generously through their gifts and service.

Our Goals:

Benevolent Care
The biggest fear among our residents is the fear of outliving their assets and losing their home with us. To help, we offer many of our
residents our life-care program. They are secure in the knowledge that they do not lose their home with us if they outlive their assets.
Past gifts have made it possible for us to administer up to $1 million in aid each year to keep our residents safe and happy.

Memory Support Units
With greater longevity and an aging baby boom generation, demand for Alzheimer’s and dementia care is becoming greater and greater.
MRC Foundation is helping to meet the increase in demand by building more Memory Support units with the most up-to-date architec-
ture known to support these patients. Not only do we fund facilities and programs for full-time residents, we can offer respite care so
family members can take a much-needed break from caring for their loved ones. Your gift will help ensure more programs and respite
support for families.

Retired UMC Pastor and Spouse Support
For their years of dedication to our United Methodist system, we are dedicating a special fund to support our beloved pastors in the twi-
light of their lives. Gifts to this fund will supplement the costs of housing in one of our affiliate residences.

Building Campaigns
We have active building campaigns in Bryan/College Station (Crestview) and Huntsville (MRC Creekside). Our newest building pro-
ject is Clear Lake. Our Clear Lake property will break ground in 2013 and will include independent living and assisted living apart-
ments, skilled nursing and Memory Support suites. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide quality care in a Christian environment. Help
us make these possible for our communities with your gift to our Building Fund.

Home and Community-Based Services
Ten thousand baby-boomers are turning 65 every day. This generation wishes to age in place. In order to meet this demand, MRC and
its affiliates hope to offer home and community-based services that bring services to the home - from cleaning and maintenance to
health care. Our vision is to provide everything necessary to make home a comfortable and safe place to continue to reside. Watch for
our new services near our affiliate locations.

Where Needed Most
Undecided about which fund is most important? Let us make the decision to put your gift where it is needed most. In addition to the
above, this fund may support activities for our senior adults, special therapy equipment, hurricane relief and much more.

                                        Will you help us reach our goals?
 Consider a recurring gift on your credit card. It’s easier for you and helps us plan for our future.

                            Give on-line:
Have you considered an estate gift? Email Anne Davis at or 281 210-0139.

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    Only at Christmas ‐ We will send a special Christmas card to the person below to let them know that you have honored them or their loved 
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    □ Benevolent Care                                                                   □ PineCrest (Lufkin) 
    □ Continuing education for our caregivers                                           □ TownCreek/Creekside (Huntsville) 
    □ Retired UMC pastor or spouse                                                      □ Clear Lake (2013) 
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  Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) is a service ministry proudly affiliated with the Texas Annual Conference (TAC) of the United Methodist Church. A full 
 description of the relationship is available by asking for the Covenant of Affiliation at any MRC related office.  TAC does not fund MRC or its affiliates therefore we 
                                                                rely on donations to support our ministry. 

                                       GIVE ONLINE: 

               1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 110 | The Woodlands, TX 77380 | 281.363.2600
The MRC Foundation and our financial partner, Heartspring Methodist Foundation bring you
these important highlights to consider to help stretch your money through charitable gifts.

Gift Annuity Rates Decrease in 2012
In December, many of us are making important year-end decisions about charitable goals. When de-
ciding when and how to distribute your charitable dollars this holiday season among your favorite
charities, consider a Charitable Gift Annuity. Such a gift can provide income to you for life, serve multi-
ple beneficiaries after life, and leave a significant charitable gift to your favorite causes.

Keep in mind that the ACGA (American Council on Gift Annuities) announced recently that gift annuity
rates will change on January 1, 2012, with a 0.5% to 0.8% rate decrease. If this type of gift makes
sense for your situation, consider starting one before the year-end in order to get the best rates.
Heartspring Methodist Foundation, financial partner to the Texas Annual Conference and Methodist
Retirement Communities Foundation, can help with year-end charitable planning: 713-533-3780, 800-
521-9617 or email us

Placing Stock in your Mission
As we approach year end, many begin to look back and “take stock” of their lives and family. It is also
a time to remember year-end giving, and consider contributing stocks or mutual fund holdings in
stocks to your church or favorite charity to meet your goals. Doing so can bring tax savings to you as
appreciated securities are generally tax deductable at their full market value (if owned for more than
one year and you itemize). If your investments are worth less than they cost, consider selling them
and making a charitable gift of the cash proceeds. You may be able to deduct the loss from other tax-
able income.

Your church, the MRC Foundation, and other charities you support depend on generous gifts at year
end to help them complete their mission. Heartspring Methodist Foundation is ready to help you put
your stock into your mission. Contact Heartspring at 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or email for more information.

Does Your Will Honor Him at Christmas?
Christmas is a time to reconnect with family and loved ones, to remember God's will for our lives.
When we reflect on our efforts to honor His name, consider the plans you've outlined in your will. Un-
der Texas law, every man, woman and child has a will. Either you have the one you wrote, or the one
the state will write for you. If you have not decided how your estate will be divided, or who will have
custody of your children, the state will decide those things for you. Is your will current and up-to-date?
If you have considered helping your church, the MRC Foundation or your favorite charities in your will,
you must have an up-to-date will that clearly outlines your wishes. Check on your will today. For more
information on how to help your church or favorite charities through your will, contact Heartspring
Methodist Foundation 713-533-3780, 800-521-9617 or email

        1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 110 | The Woodlands, TX 77380 | 281.363.2600
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                                                                               Methodist Retirement Communities
                                                                                 Ron Jennette, President and CEO
                                                                               Woodlands Central Support Services
                                                                                1440 Lake Front Circle, Suite 110
                                                                                       The Woodlands, TX 77380
                                                                                       Main Line: (281) 363-2600

               Bunch Woodview Center                                 Ella Smither Geriatric Center
                  4100 Moores Lane                                          1115 Avenue O
                Texarkana, TX 75503                                      Huntsville, TX 77340
         (903) 832-5515; Fax (903) 832-5553                       (936) 295-0216; Fax (936) 291-2907
          Executive Director: Marvin Kayse                         Executive Director: Paul Beathard

              2505 E. Villa Maria Road                      Crestview TERRACE * Crestview PLACE * Crestview
                  Bryan, TX 77802                                               UNITY
         (979) 776-4778; Fax (979) 774-7579                         2501, 2503 & 2507 E. Villa Maria Road
         Executive Director: Matthew Currie                                   Bryan, TX 77802
                                                                                (979) 776-9294

     PINECREST RETIREMENT COMMUNITY                        BAYVIEW Senior Housing * OAKVIEW Senior Housing
               1302 Tom Temple Drive                             1111 Bayshore Drive & 900 Parkway St.
                  Lufkin, TX 75904                                        La Porte, TX 77571
         (936) 634-1054; Fax (936) 634-1056                                  (281) 471-2820
         Executive Director: Chuck Childress                          Executive Director: Joy Keels

                                                        All faiths welcome

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