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									Explore Abu Dhabi in Superior Automobile Luxury

“The new Middle East” – this is how the worldwide blockbuster hit Sex and the City 2
described Abu Dhabi. This UAE capital has the highest GDP per capita, which
basically means that it’s one of the riches cities in the world. Together with this
monetary wealth is the richness of the city’s offerings when it comes to tourist
attractions. It is just appropriate for the upwardly mobile jetsetters to roam around
this magnificent place in luxury through the services of a car rental in Abu Dhabi.

Experience Real Life Arabian Adventures

Beautiful sunsets, expansive desserts and magnificent architectures – these are
some of the beautiful imageries that make up dreamy Arabian tales. When you visit
Abu Dhabi, you will experience first-hand what Scheherazade was talking about, not
in a magic carpet, but in a luxury sedan or sports car provided by a trusted Abu
Dhabi car rental company. Take a trip to one of the metropolis’ beautiful mosques
such as the striking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Feel like royalty by visiting one of
the well-preserved Arabian palaces. All these while being chauffeured in your own
four-wheeled luxury.

Dessert Adventure in Class

The sand dunes of the Abu Dhabi dessert is a scenic natural wonder and is fast
becoming a frequented tourist destination. You have a sumptuous picnic set against
a beautiful backdrop and even sleep the night over underneath the clear, star-filled
night sky. In these sandy terrains, riding a camel would be the first choice for many.
However, for those who are looking for a more chic adventure, they can always lease
a luxury all-terrain vehicle from a respected rent a car in Abu Dhabi. Be a modern
day Lawrence of Arabia as you zoom through these beautiful landscape.

Shopping Spree Onboard Luxury

Just like in any other progressive cities, shopping will always be part of the itinerary
for those visiting Abu Dhabi. In the UAE capital, shopping has more texture. From
prestigious malls offering some of the world’s most renowned brands and products to
spice markets teeming with exotic Middle Eastern flavors and handmade artisan
crafts. The choices are just so vast and walking from one spot to the next is a
Herculean task. Shop in style by contacting an Abu Dhabi ca        r rental company
and avail a luxury car of your choice.

The streets of Abu Dhabi are flanked by opulence. It’s just right ride to roam the city
in an equally luxurious car.

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