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									                                       Is Dumbbell Fitness Strength Training Worthwhile?

This article will explain why dumbbell fitness strenght training may be exactly what you need. If you are
looking for one piece of equipment that can build muscle, increase strength, accelerate your weight loss
and increase your cardio workout look no farther than the dumbbell. The dumbbell has become lost in
the sea of overly developed workout machines. It seems like every year a new technique for weight loss
and strength training is developed. But the basic dumbbell is still the most versatile exercise equipment
you can buy.

The very design of the dumbbell makes them extremely versatile. You can add weight as you progress in
your strength training. You can use them for single arm exercises or bilateral arm exercises. Dumbbells
can be used in chest development, arm development, leg muscle development and development of all
the other major muscle groups.

Dumbbells can be used for heavy lifting to increase your strength. While most bodybuilders are looking
to increase their muscle mass, the everyday man or woman is looking for exercises to build strength for
the jobs and sports that they engage in everyday. This is where heavy lifting with the dumbbells come
into play. Doing specific exercises with heavier dumbbells will build your strength and strengthen your
core to stabilize your body. With dumbbell lifting you can improve your lung and heart function and
burn off excess fat.

It is important to remember that the dumbbell training we are talking about is not the wimpy,
lightweight, dumbbells that are advertised for toning and sculpting. We are talking about the good, old
fashioned dumbbells that are heavy and have the ability to burn more fat and increase your strength in
a very short amount of time.

It is important that you do warm up, stretching exercises before you start your dumbbell strength
training. Warming up the muscles will enhance flexibility and help you to avoid damage. After your
exercise, the proper cool down is vital to the repair and recovery of muscles so that they can be ready
for the next session.

Eating a well balanced diet high in proteins will enhance your dumbbell strength training. Don't cut out
the carbohydrates, because you will need those for energy and stamina. The most important thing that
you can do for your body during and after a workout is to drink plenty of water. This will help flush your
body of toxins that may have been released during your workout session.

The dumbbell may look like a simple piece of exercise equipment, but it is the best that you can get for
strength training and fat burning. Follow an exercise regimen with your dumbbells that consist of slow
lift sets, quick lift sets and a combination of the two. The results that you achieve will astound you and
you will wonder why you haven't taken up dumbbell fitness strength training before now.

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