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									  Internet Telephony
Conference & Expo East

 The Business Case for SMBs
  to Migrate to Hosted VoIP

         Bill Dermody
          Sales Director
          M5 Networks

         (312) 957-8140
              Telecom is bewildering

                     Conferencing     Softphone            Business Continuity
                     Collaboration    Cat 3, 5, 6          Hybrid Systems
                     Video            PoE                  VoIP
                     Call Center      Regulation           Internet Telephony
                     Presence         Billing
                     DSL              Outsourced           PC-based
                     Trunk-side       CID                  Open Source
                     Centrex          E911                 Media Servers
                     Channelized T1   ANI                  SIP, MGCP, H.323
                     Integrated T1    DID                  Routers
                     Central Office   RCF                  Switches
                     Interconnect     WiFi, WiMax          Skinny
IAD                                                        Gateway
On-Premise           CSU/DSU          Directory Services
                                                           Border Control
Network Monitoring   QoS              Toll-free
ATM                  Earwax           Diversity            POTS
Fax                  Voice VPN        Key System           ISDN
Hosted               Managed          Redundancy
PRI                  Mobility         SLA
Unified Messaging    Wireless         PBX
CTI                  LNP              T1
          The discussion should be about
          business, not technology

         They come in roughly three sizes:

    SOHO                      SMB                      ENTERPRISE
1-10 staff                10-500 staff               500+ Staff
Everyone in one room      Few IT staff               Campuses
 OR                        Departments                WANs
Virtual teams & road      LAN, maybe a few offices   IT & Telecom
warriors                   CTO, CFO or Owner buys     Departments
Owner deals with phones   Phones
   Most SMBs Will Outsource Their
   Phone System

 Yankee Group believes 70% of SMBs
  prefer the idea of a hosted phone system
  today, but can’t find a competent provider
 InfoTech predicts 48% of SMB sites will
  use a hosted solution by 2010
                                   IP Centrex Subscriber Forecast

                                                         IP Centrex Subscriber Forecast


             Subscribers (000s)

                                  20,000                                                    17,693

                                  15,000                                           13,810

                                   5,000                   3,075
                                           2005   2006     2007    2008    2009    2010     2011     2012     2013     2014

According to Gartner, In 2014 there will be 24 million IP Centrex Users
     Existing 12 million users from legacy centrex upgrades
     Additional 10 million users from SMB market (<100 seats) which they believe is conservative
     Additional 2 million users from medium- large businesses

Source: Gartner DataQuest (Sept 2006)
            Outsourcing can Save Time &
   Higher Service Availability, SLAs, etc.
   Improved Business Continuity
   Simplified Vendor Management
   Multiple locations networked
   Leveraged Expertise
     • Training
     • Installation
     • Feature Deployment
     • Security
     • QoS
     • and more
      Outsourcing Can Save Time &
      Money (continued)

 Lower Initial & Ongoing Cost of Ownership
  •   No need to purchase or maintain a phone
  •   Better line usage - ~30k/simultaneous stream
  •   Better rates/minute without Telco
  •   Efficient processes
      Total Cost of Ownership- 1

Direct cash outlay displacement:
• Local and long distance lines and
• Third-party conferencing services.
• Capital investment/lease of a PBX
• Maintenance and support fees
• Software upgrade/implementation fees
      Total Cost of Ownership- 2

Internal management costs:
• Managing the PBX and vendors
• Managing lines capacity and growth
• Upgrade management
• Moves, Add, and Changes
• Answering users’ questions
       Total Cost of Ownership- 3

Plus, what is the cost of not having:
• Disaster recovery protection?
• The ability to work from home or satellite
  office as if you were at the office?
• The flexibility to add, shrink, change
  staffing and have immediate phone
• Unlimited lines for burst call volumes?
• Peace of mind of knowing you have the
  best solution available being maintained
  7x24 by industry professionals?
• State-of-the-art front/perception to market
                         How It Works:
                         Sample Hosted VoIP Architecture
                                                                                       Data LAN              Router

                                         Telecom/Data Centers

             Inbound &                                                     M5 T1                   Customer
           Outbound Calls             Gateways        Access Router                               Main Location
                                                                           M5 DSL
      Multiple Telecom Providers to
      the PSTN

              Internet                                                      M5 T1                Customer
                                           Redundant Phone Systems
                                                                                            Secondary Location(s)
                                                                            M5 DSL
      Multiple Service Providers to                                         (backup)
      the Public Internet

                                                      Connection          Home Office(s)
   Customer avoids buying PBX                              Remote access (e.g. home, road)
   Superior business continuity                            Focused application delivery expertise
   Scaleable to multiple locations                         Operating cost savings
   Single, accountable, vendor                             Constant feature upgrades
            What a Typical Hosted Solution
   Personalized auto-attendants
   Unique phone number and voicemail for each end-user
   Robust end-user feature set
   Multiple locations (e.g., 1 phone system for corporate and
    branch offices)
   Satellite office (e.g., same business phone number from
    work and home)
   Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling
   Internet service
   Redundant phone and Internet access
   Free support
         Potential Business Benefits

 Is telecommuters/off-net support worth it?
   •   Mi8 distributes the call center
   •   Infinity Consulting Group works from home
   •   Platform Learning sets up work teams
   •   Trevor Stuart saves on real estate

 Do I support road warriors?
   • Softphones
   • Webportals

 Is better information valuable?
   • Coldwell Banker tracks ads
   • National Parts Depot tracks staff
   • Stadtmauer, Bailkin does timesheets
          More Potential Business Benefits

 Do productivity gains justify the investment?
   •   Off-net productivity/Gap-time
   •   Unified messaging
   •   Dial-from PIM
   •   Presence
 Am I a big conference caller?
   • On-site bridges start at $15,000
   • Technology changing fast
          Even More Potential Business

 Is easy sub-tenant support worth money?
  • M5 grows into its space
  • Office Suite Group outsources telecom
  • 424 W. 36th St. attracts tenants
 Is there value in a rapid deployment?
  •   Brooklyn Brewery’s PBX explodes
  •   Montfort Healy’s Telco closet is flooded
  •   Maxon’s Restoration gives up on a vendor
  •   KGTR attacked by terrorists
Now, let’s look at some
  Success Stories
                    Investment Bank
                    40 Seats; 1 Location
The Challenge:
 Needed to replace an outdated Nortel key system due to office relocation
 Wanted an easily upgradeable, software-based phone system that could be managed
remotely and provide additional functionality
 Unsure they had time and resources available for implementing and managing the
complexities of VoIP technology.

The Solution:
 Evaluated IP-PBX, hybrid, and hosted solutions from multiple providers, measuring
installation and monthly recurring costs as well as costs for cabling installation
 Rated vendors based on his minimum requirements for conference calling, call forwarding,
redundancy, remote access, QOS guaranty, and client references.
 Upgraded infrastructure and installed M5’s Outsourced IP Phone System

The Results:
“M5’s service is reliable and the advanced applications it provides allow us to meet clients’
needs at a higher level than before.”
James Berkery
Chief Information Officer, Berkery, Noyes & Co. LLC
             Cost Comparison

Prices are for 1 location & 40 end-users;
based on client’s analysis
           Comparison of Key Criteria

(Based on client’s analysis)
              Craft Brewery
              40 Seats; 1 Location
The Challenge:
 An electrical shortage caused the companies premises-based phone system to
catch fire and shut down phone service for the entire complex.

The Solution:
 After assessing the situation, M5 devised an emergency plan for restoring
Brooklyn Brewery’s phone service.
 Within one week, employees were up and running on a provisional solution.
 A few weeks later, Brooklyn Brewery went fully live on M5’s Outsourced IP Phone
System with a dedicated T1 circuit and backup DSL.

The Results:
“M5 gives us all the flexibility of a large, in-house phone system without the
associated overhead and maintenance headaches. M5’s customized configuration
abilities allow us to manage call flow and conduct business in a way that is more
efficient for our organization.”
Eric Ottaway
General Manager, The Brooklyn Brewery
                   Construction Management Firm
                   60 Seats; 2 Locations
The Challenge:
 Company inherited an onsite Nortel phone system after moving to a new office
 Employees mainly work from field offices, and the limited features and expensive expansion
costs associated with their premise-based phone system required them to share voicemail
boxes and made communication with clients difficult.

The Solution:
 Impressed by its reliable network and competent service delivery team, Horizon signed on
with M5.
 M5’s virtual communication services made Horizon’s several offices appear as one physical
location to their clients.

The Results:
“M5 helps our company achieve a higher margin potential through increased business
communication transactions, competitively priced calling plans, and the ability for employees to
use their M5 phones around the country without incurring additional fees.”
Kenneth Borruso
Chief Operations Officer, Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP
              Law Firm
              50 Users; 1 Location
The Challenge:
Water damage in the telecommunications closet ruined the PBX. Finger-pointing between the
phone system maintenance company, the phone service provider and the PBX manufacturer
intensified the problem and prompted the firm to find an alternative phone system solution.

The Solution:
 M5 brought in temporary IP phones and the FrontDesk receptionist application and plugged
them into the company’s existing DSL line so that attorneys no longer had to rely on cell
phones for communication with clients
 M5 project managers conducted a thorough planning session with the firm, devising a long-
term phone system strategy and walking them through the entire implementation process

The Results:
As a law firm that works on dozens of client cases simultaneously, we could not risk
this type of business disruption again. By switching to an outsourced phone system, we now
have a more advanced and more reliable solution along with greater peace of mind knowing
that M5 assumes responsibility for all of our voice and data needs.”
Donald Neumann
Managing Partner, Montfort, Healy, McGuire, & Salley (Personal Injury Law Firm)
Client since 2005

        Bill Dermody
        Sales Director
         M5 Networks
       (312) 957-8140

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