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									                          Advertising, Marketing and your Brand
What is the small business to do in order to stay not so small? There is the plethora of choices at the oracle;
Professional Advisers, Marketing Agencies and Advertising Agencies. Sales may be increased by either
type of agency. However the methodologies, approaches and results are different.

An ad agency may have cost effective rates for outdoor billboard adverts and direct campaigns.
Looking at it from a broader perspective, marketing agencies consult with businesses to produce an overall
philosophy of strategy. Communications services may be part of their bundle, too.

Marketing agency staff usually have a background in corporate marketing departments, where market
                                research, brand strategy and product development tactics are developed.
                                On the ad agency side, you’ll find media planning/buying expertise and
                                creative teams with experience in communications specific to the media
                                channel and demographic audience.

                                   The decision to consult with a marketing firm or hire an ad agency may
                                   be determined, in whole or part, by a company’s own internal strengths
                                   and resources. Do you have a competent marketing professional or
                                   department? If so, perhaps an ad agency may be managed from within.
                                   However, like an arrow without feathers, an ad budget expended without
a                                  comprehensive marketing plan may fail to hit its market.

A                           resource for all of the above and more is the internationally acclaimed Twelve
Creative (
This firm provides all of the above elements, and much more, yet the people of twelve describe their firm
by what they are not; “a group of self-absorbed creative’s.” This group of accomplished writers, producers,
editors videographers and graphic artists seem to savor the opportunity to reach beyond the creative
boundaries others live within.

The team known as twelve is exceptionally attentive to the business “story.” Twelve Creative is certainly
not limited to helping small or even medium scale businesses, with a client list which includes Wilmac
Properties, Australian FairPay Commission, United Energy, National Australia Bank and other diverse,
large brands.

Even with in-house marketing, more and more firms are freshening up their branding concepts by
outsourcing, either for specific projects or as an overall partnership.

“It’s just hard logic that tells me I can’t do it all” says a local Sydney banking merchant. “Our core
disciplines are in finance and face to face consumer services. The total vertical stack of services and
talents at twelve completes the picture for us, with everything from the new logo to our direct mail.”

One thing that all of Twelve Creative Australia’s clients seem to appreciate is the willingness to listen, ask
key questions and bring something back that is brilliant, fresh and cost effective.

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