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Air Conditioning and the human temperament Air conditioning is the great equalizer of seasons and climates.

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									                           Air Conditioning and the human temperament

Air conditioning is the great equalizer of seasons and climates. The soother of spouses, bosses and
employees, shoppers, diners and all of us.

As anyone who has endured a summer climate anywhere will tell you, air conditioning can soothe the
Sweaty Breast (or beast, as may be applicable).

However, some folks remain in denial, or at least put up the front that air conditioning is non-essential.

                   Like my dear father… As a resident of the Northeast, I visit my parents in South Florida
                   frequently. While their new house had a terrific 13 ton, 14 SEER air conditioning unit,
                   Mom & Dad were apparently saving it for a very rainy day, as the thermostat was set at
                   a relatively impotent 79 degrees. I would alternately redirect my dad’s attention while
                   my wife or daughter seized the opportunity of such diversion to flick it down to a
                   reasonable 70 or 72. Invariably, my father would change the ambient temperature
back without saying a word. And he didn’t have to hide it, this being HIS home and his A/C system.

On one weekend visit, the guest room was a balmy 80 degrees, with near total humidity. The walls were
sticky to the touch, as was my clammy skin. I crept into the hallway to tweak the giver of cool air as my
parents slept, then scurried back to bed. All too soon, the cycle was repeated; I would awake in a ball of
sweat, stumble blurry-eyed into the hall only to find the dreaded OFF setting. This scenario would repeat
itself well into the wee hours, until my elderly father and I were at last in synchronicity, if not harmony;
encountering each other in the struggle for dehumidified air vs. a compressor held in obeisance.

(Eye to eye) “Dad, it’s Jumanji in here!” to which my father, his own brow adroitly wiped countered, “I was
comfortable, you’re freezing me out of my own home.” “Really Dad, is that why you served dinner
wearing only a mesh thong?” I offered to close the vents in the Master bedroom, to no avail… “Dammit, I
want everyone as hot and uncomfortable as me!” came the retort.

How could anyone counter such logic? Perhaps it was a money vs. comfort proposition. Dad had endured
the Great Depression, even as I was sinking into my own.

In the final analysis, is the preference for low indoor humidity and temperature more than 20 degrees
below body heat a function of age or socioeconomic station? What about cultural influences? I have a
friend from the Caribbean, who never use A/C. He swears that he is comfortable as the banana plants
which adorn the living room. The choice between kilowatts and oblivion are yours to decide. All I can tell
you is I won’t be riding in Claude’s cab anytime soon. Survey Air can help you with all of your air
conditioning needs, for more information check out their website:


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