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					                                                       hour         professionals

                                         Dr. Joseph Berenholz
                      Bringing the benefits of cosmetic laser vaginal surgery to the forefront
    “The last five and a half years                                                                               clothes. Dr. Berenholz is the only
have been years of education,                                                                                     doctor in the area to utilize a laser
ringing phones, hundreds of                                                                                       reduction technique for labia minora
e-mails, and excitement,” says                                                                                    and his own technique to tighten
Dr. Joseph Berenholz, medical                                                                                     sagging labia majora.
director of the Laser Vaginal                                                                                        Dr. Berenholz also performs the
Institute of Michigan and senior                                                                                  following non-elective procedures:
partner of Better Women's Care,                                                                                   • Outpatient surgery to cure
P.L.L.C.                                                                                                            urinary stress incontinence.
    More than 30 million women                                                                                    • In office permanent birth
in America suffer from pelvic                                                                                       control with local anesthetic.
relaxation, resulting in a loss of                                                                                • In office cure for chronic heavy
sexual sensation. This looseness is                                                                                 periods.
usually the result of childbirth or                                                                               • Laparoscopic hysterectomy.
trauma. It is not uncommon for                                                                                      Out patient.
these women to experience some                                                                                    • Out patient mesh procedures
urinary incontinence, as well.                                                                                      to re-suspend prolapsed
    In    the     past,    women                                                                                    uterus and bladder. Avoidance
would       dutifully     perform                                                                                   of vaginal hysterectomy.
hundreds of daily Kegel                                                                                           • Bio-identical hormone
exercises to no avail. They                                                                                         replacement using only FDA
would buy all sorts of gadgets                                                                                      approved hormones.
to help tighten their vaginas.                                                                                    • In office Urodynamic lab
But for the most part, they were                                                                                    studies to evaluate urinary
all ineffective. Women were too                                                                                     incontinence.
embarrassed, and spouses and                                                                                      • Laser treatment of abnormal
boyfriends were too afraid to                                                                                       pap smears. No freezing
broach the subject. But today,                                                                                      techniques or scalpels. Out
all that has changed. Women                                                                                         patient.
everywhere are discovering
new and effective alternatives                                                                                       Knowing       that   there     are
to tightening their vaginas and                                                                                   safe procedures that can make a
regaining control. Now women                                                                                      tremendous difference in their lives,
are actively seeking solutions for                                                                                women from London to Seattle
pelvic relaxation, too. And they                                                                                  are now finding their way to Dr.
no longer accept being dismissed                                                                                  Berenholz’s office and getting
by their doctors.                                                                                                 results they’d never dreamed of.
    Breast augmentation was                                                                                       “We’re simply trying to empower
considered taboo in the ’60s, but                                                                                 women with knowledge, choice and
it is not uncommon today. Soon,                                                                                   alternatives,” Dr. Berenholz says.
vaginal rejuvenation may be just
as commonplace. Dr. Berenholz’s                        reducing the excess lining. Women throughout
laser procedure helps tighten pelvic structures        North America, and as far away as Europe and
                                                       South America, have been calling Dr. Berenholz’s
                                                                                                               Dr. Joseph Berenholz
and enhance sexual sensation for both the patient
                                                       office for more information. Dr. Berenholz uses
                                                                                                             laser Vaginal rejuvenation
and her partner. He’s been performing vaginal
reconstructive surgery for the last 22 years, and he   a diode laser to make precise, aesthetic, surgical       institute of Michigan
was the first laser cosmetic gynecologic surgeon       incisions. The procedure is relatively bloodless          in the Birmingham
in the Midwest. No one in the U.S. has performed       and can be performed under a general anesthetic,       Cosmetic surgery Center
more cases of labial and vaginal cosmetic surgery,     or under sedation with local anesthesia.                 30603 Southfield Rd.
in our region, than Dr. Berenholz. Several years          Dr. Berenholz often performs another popular
                                                       procedure called a Labiaplasty. Unfortunately, some
                                                                                                                Southfield, MI 48076
ago Dr. Berenholz traveled to Beverly Hills, Calif.,
to train with Dr. David Matlock of "Dr. 90210"         women are born with labia that are too large or          Phone: 248-593-8780
fame, who is also the pioneer of Laser Vaginal         asymmetric, which can be a source of pain and             Fax: 248-723-9687
Rejuvenation.                                          discomfort for them. They experience labial pain
    This procedure, also known as a “Vaginoplasty,”    during sexual relations and also while exercising,
                                                       bike riding, or even while wearing tight-fitting
involves tightening the vaginal muscles and

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