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					Letting and Management Services
                      for landlords
    Welcome to HomeXperts
    letting and management
    services for landlords
    HomeXperts are specialists in the sales, letting, and management of quality
    residential property. We offer a first class service for all kinds of landlords from
    professional investors with sizable portfolios to individuals who want to go
    travelling for a year and require peace of mind, knowing that their home is in
    safe hands while they are away.

    Our extensive knowledge and experience of the lettings market helps guide
    landlords through the minefield of regulations and legislation involved in
    letting a property. Our agents are able to offer good practical advice on how
    to receive the best return from your property in rental income and capital

    HomeXperts agents are forward thinking and use the latest industry-leading
    technology to offer you an efficient professional service and to enable us to
    market your property effectively and find tenants for you.

    At HomeXperts we care about you and your property and never
    underestimate the importance of excellent customer service.

    “Exceptional lettings agents”

    Free valuation                                    The local letting market                      Who rents property

    We will conduct a free, no obligation             The demand for rental accommodation           Rising house prices and higher deposits
    valuation and advise you on how much              is stronger than ever in today’s financial     result in fewer first time buyers.
    you can expect to receive in rental               climate. Renting a property is increasingly   For young professionals wishing to save
    income. We guarantee a realistic well             becoming the preferred lifestyle choice of    for their deposit, renting a property is
    researched valuation based upon current           the professional person when choosing         often the first step. For others, they
    market trends and our extensive                   a home, in both urban and rural areas.        prefer to rent due to uncertainty as to
    knowledge of the area.                                                                          how long they will be located in the area.

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Marketing your property
As soon as your property is listed with HomeXperts, we can offer highly effective
SMS text messaging and email alerts. This enables us to quickly inform prospective
tenants, thereby creating urgency to view. In addition to our IT marketing, which
is prompt and immediate, we also prepare individual details of your property with
digital colour photography to show it’s best features.

HomeXperts recognise the internets significant value as part of our marketing
strategy. We use a wide range of internet based property portals including
Rightmove, the UK’s largest property portal, to ensure exposing your property to the
widest possible audience. Our HomeXperts property website features both internal
and external photographs.

Links - Our agents have forged links with blue chip companies in the area
who are regularly looking for accommodation for new and re-locating employees.

                                                                                                Presenting your
                                                                                                property in the right
                                                                                                way is essential if you

Accompanied Viewings                                                                            wish to get maximum
                                                                                                rental return.
All viewing appointments will be confirmed with you whether you are living at the
property or not. Our HomeXperts Agents will always accompany tenants
who look at any of your properties and, whilst in discussion with them, establish and
understand their needs and property specifications.
                                                                                         Presenting a property
To ensure that you are kept informed regarding the letting of your property,
                                                                                         The foremost requirement is that your
we guarantee regular, constructive feedback on viewings that have taken place.
                                                                                         property is presented clean, fresh and
We understand that time is valuable and often a tenant’s lifestyle may not conform
                                                                                         well maintained as this will then let
to the normal 9-5 hours, so our Letting Negotiators are as flexible as possible offering
                                                                                         quickly and easily to quality tenants.
early evening and weekend viewings.

                                                                                         If you are considering decorating your

What to leave                                                                            property then we advise that you keep
                                                                                         colours light and plain throughout with
                                                                                         neutral floor coverings. Curtains and light
In today’s market the majority of tenants are looking for unfurnished
                                                                                         fittings should be in keeping with the
accommodation as they often have their own furniture, however there is still
                                                                                         property. Any kitchen appliances in the
good demand for furnished accommodation particularly with company lets.
                                                                                         property must be clean and in good
                                                                                         working order.
In order to make a property appealing in todays market an unfurnished property
should be carpeted, have curtains or blinds, light fittings and a cooker.

“Our agents accompany all viewings”

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     Strict and thorough tenant
                                                                           “We have a strict tenant
                                                                           selection process to ensure
     Finding a tenant is easy, but finding the right tenant takes
     experience. All tenants must fulfil our application requirements
     without exception. We must be entirely satisfied that they are         we find the right tenant
     financially secure to take on the tenancy, that they are suitable;
     are of good character and will fulfil all the requirements of their    for your property”
     tenancy agreement.

     Our HomeXperts agents deal personally with the whole                  Rental payments
     application process, taking a credit reference, employers
     references or accountants references should they be self              Rents are collected from the tenant on a monthly
     employed and proof of earnings. Finding the right tenant is a         basis via Standing Order and can be paid into any
     crucial stage in creating a successful tenancy and if there is any    named account as per your instructions. Your
     doubt or uncertainty we will reject their application and take it     rental payment is made to you as soon as the
     no further.                                                           funds are cleared so you don’t have to wait to get
                                                                           paid. For speed we email the monthly statement
     A clear and accurate inventory                                        of account to each owner advising of the rental
                                                                           monies received, less our commission and any
     A full inventory is one of the most important documents in the        emergency repairs that have been carried out
     letting process and is carried out at the property just before the    together with the relevant invoices.
     tenant takes up residence. Meter readings are also taken at this
     point. Our inventories list the entire contents of the property and
     the condition of the décor, when the tenant moves in they are         Tenancy Deposit Scheme
     asked to independently check the inventory and sign it.
     Any alterations made by the tenant must be countersigned and          Disputes over deposits are a very common
     approved by ourselves minimising the risk of disputes at the end      problem in the lettings industry. To attract
                                                                           quality tenants to our properties HomeXperts
     of the tenancy.
                                                                           use a government approved Tenancy Deposit
                                                                           Scheme, a completely independent body who
     Dealing with maintenance                                              adjudicates in the event of any disputes. Every
     problems                                                              new tenancy where we hold the deposit is
                                                                           covered by this scheme and this open and fair
     We have our own team of maintenance contractors who are               process is obviously attractive to prospective
     extremely professional and experienced. They will be instructed       tenants.
     should a maintenance problem occur at your property. All our
     contractors have been interviewed personally, have the correct
     indemnity insurance and comply with our code of conduct.

     It is essential that we deal with the problem immediately as it
     may cause further damage and any expenses incurred will be
     deducted from your rental payment. Upon letting your property
     we would arrange a monetary limit with you, which would allow
     us to go ahead with any small maintenance jobs. Please be
     assured that we will always endeavour to keep costs to a
     minimum. You may prefer to use your own contactors and we
     will happily note their details accordingly.

4   www.homexpertsuk.com
Management Services                                                       3 superb level of services

HomeXperts offer competitive management services that can be tailor made to suit your individual needs depending
on the type of service you require and the level of involvement you may wish to have.

         Full Management Service
 Full Management Service is a comprehensive service for our Landlords and covers everything from finding the
 right tenant and taking up the relevant references to arranging and conducting accompanied viewings. We will
 drawing up the necessary legal documentation, collect all rents due, carry out regular inspections, deal with
 maintenance problems and supervise the daily management of your property.

     Drawing up details of your property and listing your       Supervising the daily management of your property
     property details on our website and other property         and dealing with any tenant’s problems
                                                                Dealing with reported maintenance problems and repairs
     Having a “To Let” sign erected
                                                                Holding a deposit
     Accompanying potential tenants to your property
                                                                Monthly collection of rents and paying monies directly
     Interviewing and determining the suitability of            into your nominated account
     prospective tenants
                                                                Carrying out interim inspection visits and advising
     Taking up suitable references and a credit check           you in writing of the condition of the property

     Drawing up Tenancy Agreements                              Carrying out a final inspection visit to check on the
                                                                condition of the property (Furniture and gardens)
     Compiling a clear and accurate inventory of all            agreeing any deduction from the tenant’s deposit
     fixtures, fittings and decorations with their condition
                                                                Issuing a legal ‘Notice to Quit’ form for repossession
     Advising all service and authorities of in and out         of the property at the end of a term where necessary
     going tenants

     Negotiating further rental increases

         Let Only Service                                                    Let Plus Service
 Let Only Service is where we will find and fully vet                 Let Plus Service, in addition to the let only service
 suitable tenants and set up the tenancy agreements.                 we will conduct a detailed inventory, hold the
 After which the property, collection of rent and                    deposit on your behalf in a registered deposit
 management of the tenancy are entirely the                          scheme. At the end of the tenancy we will conduct
 responsibility of the owner.                                        a final inspection and deal with the deposit return.

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     Safety legislation
     Electrical Safety
     At present there is no legal obligation to hold an electrical safety
     certificate, however there is a duty of care regulation and we
     would advise that an electrical safety check be carried out by an
     approved electrician.

     Furniture Legislation
     Government legislation relating to furnished rented
     accommodation insists that all upholstered furniture complies          Service seven days a week
     with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations
     1988 (as amended in 1993).                                             We know from our own experience that Saturdays and
                                                                            Sundays are by far the busiest period of the week and we
     All landlords must ensure that all upholstered furniture carries a     believe that it would be a disservice to our clients not to
     permanently fixed label detailing that the item complies with the       be available seven days a week. Seven-day availability
     above legislation. They do not apply to other furnishings such         means we are in touch with more clients. More enquiries
     as carpets, curtains or other bedding, although duvets do come         means more activity, ultimately leading to faster letting
     under separate legislation.                                            of your property and less void periods for our landlords.

     Gas Safety Legislation
     Recently introduced legislation requires that houses in multiple
     occupation (HMO) are licensed by the Council. For further
     advice regarding the licensing scheme and the relevant
     standards we recommend you contact your local council or visit

      Government Legislation requires the Landlord to hold a
      Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate issued by a Gas Safe
      Registered Engineer concerning all gas appliances in
      rented property. Boilers and Fires
                                                                            Membership provides assurance
      must have a Building Compliance
      Certificate with all cookers
                                                                            Our high standards of professionalism are reflected in our
      possessing a Declaration of Safety.
                                                                            membership of the National Approved Letting Scheme
      A copy of these certificates, which
                                                                            and The Property Ombudsman. These bodies have very
      are valid for 12 months, should
                                                                            strict guidelines on how we conduct our business and how
      be held by the landlord and the
                                                                            we look after our client’s money. Our membership also
      in-going tenant.
                                                                            ensures we are kept up to date with the latest changes in
                                                                            legislation that affects the industry.

6   www.homexpertsuk.com
                                                                 Buy to let investments
                                                                 HomeXperts can offer sound advice when it comes
                                                                 to purchasing a suitable property to rent. We can
                                                                 advise on the type of property best suited to your
                                                                 budget and how best to present this property to
                                                                 insure maximum return on your investment.

                                                                 Our pro-active approach insures that your property
                                                                 is quickly marketed and a tenant found as soon as
                                                                 the property is available. Negotiations for renewal of
Buildings and contents insurance                                 existing tenancies are started at least 8 weeks prior
                                                                 to the end of the contract. This ensures that we are
You as the landlord are responsible for insuring the
                                                                 maximising the time to market your property and that
building and contents of the property you are letting, it
                                                                 should a tenant wish to move on, we can coincide the
is vital your insurance company knows that the property
                                                                 vacating date with a new tenant moving in and so
is let otherwise problems could arise when making a claim.
                                                                 negating any void periods.
Your HomeXperts agent is able to offer a competitive

                                                                 “HomeXperts prides itself on achieving
quote for building and contents insurance through a
specialist insurer.
                                                                 consistently high occupancy rates for
                                                                 our managed properties”

                                                                 If you are thinking of expanding your property portfolio,
                                                                 we can keep a look out for a good investment for you.
                                                                 Should you decide at any stage to sell a property then we
                                                                 can offer you a special discount on the fees.

                                                                 Please contact us for a free no obligation appraisal.
                                                                 Let us show you why HomeXperts agents are everything
                                                                 you would expect from an exceptional estate and lettings

The income from letting a property in UK is subject to tax       Contact Us
and we advise all our landlords to talk to a tax advisor about
the most tax efficient way of letting their property. We can     Contact us today and speak to one of our highly
of course put you in touch with a specialist.                    trained and experienced HomeXperts Agents who
                                                                 will help you find the right management service
You must advise us if you are residing overseas as there are     suitable for you. Our professional and personal
special tax considerations for overseas landlords, we can tell   approach will ensure that you can maximise your
you about these and help you to fill in the necessary             business potential and profitability.

                                                                                               www.homexpertsuk.com          7


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