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                 EOC COMMAND
               (Management Team)

April 2010
  Management of Emergency Operations

Command Authority & Reporting Structure
    Upon determination that a state of emergency or
    extraordinary situation exists, the highest ranking PDSO
    shall activate the Emergency Operating Center (EOC).
    This commander will assume the position of EOC
    Director and continue to exercise EOC management
    authority, including activation of other EOP elements, as
    necessary, until formally relieved.
Campus Emergency Organization
       The Chancellor’s Emergency Policy Group (CEPG)
       The Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
       The Department Operations Centers (DOCs)
       Field Teams/Incident Command Post
                    EOC Organization
In accordance with NIMS/SEMS guidelines, there are five Sections
within the EOC. The five EOC Sections are:
     –      Management Team (Command)
     –      Operations Section
     –      Planning and Intelligence Section
     –      Logistics Section
     –      Finance and Administration Section

    Each EOC Section, overseen by an EOC Section Chief, is comprised
    of specific functions referred to as Branches & Units. Each Section
    Chief reports directly to the EOC Director. This reporting structure can
    be seen below.
         Policy Group

                   EOC Director

                            EOC Section Chief

                                     EOC Branch Lead        DOC (if applicable)
                                                 EOC Unit
                                  UC Berkeley
                           Emergency Operations Center
                                         Chancellor’s Emergency Policy Group

                                                                                     Student Affairs Officer

                                                                                         Safety Officer

                                         EOC Management                                 Liaison Officer
         Incident                          EOC Director                                                                     News Writer
                                                                                       Public Info Officer
          (PDSS)                                                                                                             Historian
                                                                                     Emergency Mgmt Coord
                                                                                                                        EOC Coordinator (4)

                                                     Planning &                                                   Finance &
                  Operations                                                         Logistics
                                                     Intelligence                                               Administration

    Police                      Environment                                                                                Accounting &
                                                                Situation Status                 Food and Water
                               Health & Safety                                                                                Audit
                                                                      Damage                       Equipment                Planning &
                               Capital Projects                                                                               Budget
 Care & Shelter                                                     Assessment                     & Supplies

                                                                                                   Personnel/                 FEMA
    Medical                                                         EMA Liaison                                           Documentation
                                 Situation Status-
 Physical Plant                       FASDI                         Subject Matter               Transportation
                                                                       Experts                      Vehicles
                               Notifications Officer                 Resource
     Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
          Barrows Hall - Room 60

           Situation Status

                              Safety Off    Liaison Off     Log Sec Chief

      Ops Sec Chief

      Emerg Director

      P&I Sec Chief

EM Coord

                              PIO      Student Aff Off    F&A Sec Chief
                              News Writer
EOC Coord
               EOC Command
EOC Director
Ops Section Chief
P&I Section Chief
Logistics Section Chief
F&A Section Chief
Public Information Officer
Safety Officer
Liaison Officer
Student Affairs’ Officer
EM Coordinator
     EOC Command –EOC Director
The Emergency Director is responsible for the
overall coordination and direction of the
University’s institutional response to an
emergency/incident from the Emergency
Operations Center.
ED is responsible for supporting the IC but is not
responsible for tactical decisions on response
inside incident scene itself.
ED is responsible for response actions to ensure
the safety of personnel, property and the
environment outside the scene, the boundaries of
which are defined by the Incident Commander.
EOC Command – OPS Section Chief

 All field operations
 EOC Operations Section
 Liaison with Planning & Intelligence,
 Logistics, and Finance & Administration
 EOC Sections
 Multi-department field response
 Operational Mutual Aid
 Multi-agency coordination
EOC Command – P&I Section Chief

All field inspection status and damage
assessment information
 – Development of Incident Action Plan
Plan for short-term restoration
EOC Planning and Intelligence Section
Liaison with Operations, Logistics, and
Finance & Administration EOC Sections
EOC Command – Logistics Section
Procurement and delivery of all resources
to support EOC and field operations
Emergency contracts for services
Personnel and emergency hires
Transportation management
EOC Logistics Section
EOC Command – F&A Section Chief

Accounting of all emergency expenses
Fiscal analysis to determine total
expenses, funding authorization, and
funding sources
Activation of emergency financial support
to students, faculty, and staff
        EOC Command – PIO
Media contact and coordination
Public information statements and releases
Coordinates media releases with City of Berkeley,
County of Alameda, State office of Emergency Services
(OES), and the Office of the President (as directed by
the Chancellor)
Coordinates UCB activity in a Joint Information Center, if
one is activated
Fields Public Information Teams
Controls and corrects misinformation and rumors
Communication to campus community
EOC Command – Safety Officer
Monitors and evaluates all operations for
hazards and unsafe conditions and
develops measures for assuring personnel
and work site safety
Exercise emergency authority to stop or
prevent unsafe acts when immediate
action is required
Develop site safety plan and include safety
directives in each incident action plan
EOC Command – Liaison Officer
Communicates between Campus EOC
and other agencies
Posts status reports to Operational
VIP and Visitor Orientations and Briefings
EOC Command – Student Affairs
Tracks status of all students, including
students with disabilities
Coordinates Emergency Student/Family
Message Center
Coordinates short term and long term
recovery of UCB classes and related
activities concerning students
EOC Command – EM Coordinator

Facilitate the overall functioning of the
Serve as an advisor (Chief of Staff) to the
ED and other members of the EMT on
emergency management program issues.
Assist with communicates between EOC
and other agencies
Coordinate logistics of VIP and Visitor
Orientations and Briefings
    EOC Command – FASDI
Display Situation Status Information in EOC
Identify inaccuracies and conflicting reports
Prepare and continually update visual data for
EOC Management planning and briefings
Monitor essential planning information including:
weather, major incidents on campus, in the
Berkeley area, in the Alameda County region,
and other factors that may affect UCB
Incident Command/Field Teams (IC)
• The Incident Commander has overall responsibility for
  on-scene operations/activities and reports directly to the
  EOC Director.
• An Incident Command Post (ICP) will be established
  as close to the event scene as practical.
• The campus has been divided into 18 zones called
  Emergency Management Areas (EMAs), each having its
  own pre-designated Emergency Assembly Area (EAA).
• The ICP, staffed by Police Department personnel and
  other agency personnel , as appropriate, will provide a
  standardized process for site incident command of
  emergency operations in the field.
• If appropriate, a unified command will be established
  with outside agencies and organizations.
        EOC Incident Action Plan (IAP)

All incidents require some form of EOC action plan to guide EOC
– Initially, and on smaller incidents, the action plan may be verbal.
– On longer, larger, or more complex incidents, a written EOC Action
  Plan is required.

The plan should be reviewed and updated for each Operational
Planning Meeting Steps & Responsibilities
STEPS                               RESPONSIBILITIES
Briefing on current situation &     P&I Section Chief
resource status
Statement of Objectives &           EOC Director
Specify task for each EOC section   Operations Section Chief
                                    P&I and Logistic Chiefs
Specify resource allocations ,      Operations Section Chief
reporting or facilities needed      Logistics Section Chief
Review Resource and Personnel       P&I/Logistics Section Chiefs
Review Communications, Medical,     Logistics Section Chief
Safety and Traffic Plan             P&I Section Chief
Finalize approve the EOC Action     P&I Section Chief - EOC Director
Plan                                approves and Chiefs implement
               IAP: Response Objectives
1.  Support UCPD/ALCo Unified or Incident Command.
2.  Protect UCB population.
3.  Life Safety - protection of lives and care of the injured at UCB.
4.  Maintain security and physical protection of critical assets at UCB.
5.  Ensure the well-being of visitors and public.
6.  Provide information to employees and the public regarding
    potential threats and status of event.
7.  Continue EOC and ERO operations.
8.  Protect critical research project operations (electrical power
9.  Protect property from further damage.
10. Protect research, work-in-progress documentation, and on-site
11. Restore communication networks and information systems.
12. Protect the environment.
    Termination & Recovery
Prior to event termination, when the
emergency event is nearing “stabilization”
– ED will begin the transition process from
  emergency response to recovery operations
    This involves determining an appropriate recovery
    Delegating a Recovery Manager to ensure a
    complete and thorough turnover between the ERO
    and the RO.
Utilize “Termination Criteria” checklist

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