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					LIFE ISSUES                                                                                                         OCTOBER 2009

                                   B y      J . C .     W i l l k e ,        M D

S arah Capewell’s son is dead in-part            treatment. Yes, we have problems, but in        mortality for breast cancer is 52% higher in
because of Britain’s nationalized health         the overall, our care is far superior than      Germany than in America and 88% higher
care system. Little Jayden was born pre-         anywhere else.                                  in the United Kingdom. Compared to the
mature at 21 weeks and 5 days after con-                    During the last decade, the two      US, prostate cancer mortality is 600% high-
ception. Had he been born two days later,        biggest breakthroughs regarding diagnos-        er in the UK and 460% higher in Norway,
doctors would have worked to save his life.      ing and caring for patients are computer-       while colon-rectal cancer deaths in both
But the cutoff age for a premature baby          ized tomography (CT) and magnetic reso-         sexes of UK citizens are 40% higher. In
under Britain’s National Health Service          nance imaging (MRI). Stanford University        Canada, breast cancer mortality is only 9%
rationing guidelines is 22 weeks. Forty-         reports that the US has twenty-seven MRIs       higher than in the US, but prostate cancer is
eight hours denied Jayden the lifesaving         per million Americans, while Canada and         184% and colon cancer 10% higher.
healthcare that he needed to live. Even          Britain each have six per million. The US                Why is this? Treating cancer suc-
without it, he breathed on his own for two       has thirty-four CT scanners per million,        cessfully is largely due to early diagnosis
hours before dying. In spite of his mother’s     while Canada only has twelve per million        and treatment, and using the best available
pleas with doctors to save his life, they        and Britain has eight. The use of these         drugs. The US does an excellent job on all
refused to offer even the most remedial          remarkable diagnostic machines has              three of these parameters. In the US, pre-
care—granted saving Jayden would have            become routine in the US. In other coun-        ventive diagnosis takes priority. Nine out
been a strenuous, uphill fight.                  tries it is an exception or a privilege.        of every ten middle-aged women have had
          The above, earlier email to friends               But let’s look at stories claiming   a mammogram and 96% have had a Pap
of Life Issues Institute, demonstrates that      that overseas care is better. In the Sept.      smear. Over 50% of men have had a PSA
this and worse are what we can expect if         2007 edition of Lancet Oncology, survival       test for prostate cancer, 30% have had a
President Obama successfully imposes             rates for Americans and Europeans were          colonoscopy.
government-controlled healthcare on              compared. For all cancers, 66% of                        Since most advances in medical
American citizens. Do we really need such        American men and 64% of women sur-              care—including 90% of the research and
drastic changes? Even ABC News in June           vived for five years, while in Europe the       development of new drugs occurs here—
2008 reported that 89% of Americans were         figures are 47% and 55%. Again, 99% of          Americans are the early beneficiaries, fre-
satisfied with their healthcare, and there are   men with prostate cancer in the US sur-         quently several years before their interna-
good reasons. One is the availability of         vived five years compared to 77% in             tional counterparts. Newt Gingrich recent-
twenty-four hour first-class care, almost        Europe. For those with colon or rectal can-     ly gave a good example:
anywhere. And the other is that if you have      cer, survival rates were 65% in the US and               “A 3-year-old boy was recently
a serious ailment, your chance of surviving      56% in Europe. For breast cancer it was         diagnosed with a rare, aggressive, soft-tis-
in the US is better than anywhere else on        90% for Americans and 79% for                   sue cancer in his bladder. Radiation treat-
the globe. This is why over 400,000 for-         Europeans.                                      ment would have stunted the growth of his
eign patients come to America for medical                   Looked at from a different angle,    pelvic bones, hip and bladder and left him
                                                                                                                            Continued on page 3
                                                                                                      with J.C. Willke, MD

A   ARP’s recent support for Obamacare          for the bill. Both President Obama and          cine, for it has long been for socializing
demonstrates once again the fact that it        AARP have publicly stated that there will       everything. Recall its support for the
does not represent the core values of most      be no cut in benefits, but this is simply       Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of
retired persons. Muted but straight out hos-    impossible and untrue. For example, Mr.         1988 which did become law. When seniors
tility might be a better description.           Obama has stated he will cut 177 billion        found out about this outrageous bill, and
          In the years ahead, our aging pop-    dollars from the Medicare Advantage             that they were paying for a new govern-
ulation—those over 50 and therefore eligi-      Program. This is a supplemental insurance       ment bonanza, their protests were so loud
ble for AARP membership—will increase           option for seniors that is highly popular. A    that Congress took the unheard step of
by 30%. In the face of this, AARP leader-       recent survey showed 97% of those in this       repealing it the following year.
ship is supporting Democrat “healthcare         program are happy with the care it pro-                   Let us also remember that AARP
reform.” This proposes to cut 500 billion       vides. Yet the proposed program, which          bitterly opposed efforts to reform Social
from the Medicare and Medicare                  AARP supports, would make deep cuts in          Security under Bush four years ago, but
Advantage Programs. But it doesn’t sup-         this, forcing seniors to either forgo treat-    now strangely, when Obama offers huge
port adding a single doctor or nurse to these   ment or supplement it even more from their      cuts in actual coverage in Medicare and
programs.                                       own pockets.                                    Medicare Advantage, suddenly we hear
          President Obama and his support-                 Recently, there has been much        nothing from them about the bill. This lack
ers in Congress have publicly promised that     publicity about “death panels.” This is an      of response, we assume, is a tacit endorse-
these cuts won’t lead to any reduction in       attack upon senior citizens or those who are    ment considering the almost hysterical
benefits, rationing or reduced services. As     ill, yet there has been no word of complaint    response four years ago. Nor did we hear
the saying goes, if you believe this I have a   from AARP. Incidentally, AARP is pub-           any response from AARP when President
bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell    licly in favor of gun control, amnesty for      Bill Clinton proposed increasing taxes on
you.                                            illegal aliens and retaining the death tax.     Social Security benefits. Instead of oppos-
          This is a clear, direct attack on a   Now tell me, do a great majority of seniors     ing this hardship on seniors, AARP
federal program that has been crucial to the    agree with these three positions?               remained silent. In fact, it urged approval
care of senior citizens in the US. One                     AARP tells us that they are not      of a federal budget which would have
would think that AARP, which claims to          endorsing Obamacare, but they’re running        increased these taxes.
represent those seniors, would raise an         ads on telling people to call                 It is about time that taxpayers,
alarm. Quite the contrary, this organization    their congressmen to get those who oppose       especially senior citizens, realized that
has publicly thanked one of the bill’s          healthcare reform (Obamacare) out of the        AARP does not represent the best interest
authors, Representative Henry Waxman,           way. One ad shows an ambulance, partly          of the people it supposedly serves. Rather
                                                                            blocked by cars     consistently and almost without exception,
                                                                            getting in the      it has enthusiastically supported those
                                                                            way, hinting that   forces pushing for more and more taxes,
                                                                            by “opposing        and more and more government control.
                                                                            reform now” we                Seniors would be well advised to
                                                                            are killing peo-    support other groups that really do have
                                                                            ple. One doubts     their interests at heart. a
                                                                            if most seniors
                                                                            will buy the lie
                                                                            that AARP is not
                                                                            aggressively for
                                                                            socialized medi-

A Closer Look              from page 1

disabled. Radical surgery could remove his        weight automatically as a stillborn, so we
bladder, prostate and portions of his rectum.     are comparing apples and oranges. In fact,
That would have left him impotent, using a        our infant mortality rate is probably almost
colostomy bag, and urinating through              the lowest in the world, bested only by cer-
another bag in his abdomen.                       tain Scandinavian countries which do not
           “His parents chose a new therapy       have the large percentage of low income,

where a proton beam precisely targeted the        poorly educated immigrant population that
radiation dose so that it didn’t cripple their    the US does.
son for life. The boy is now cancer-free and               Overall, there            It provides massive federal
                                                                                     subsidies directly to pay for
his body functions normally.”                     is more good news. If

           This treatment would not even be       you are an American who is
thought of in other countries.
           Let’s look at commonly used
                                                  over 80, you’re more depend-
                                                  ent on medical care than ever      elective abortions.
statin drugs—used for reducing cholesterol.       before. But still, you have a better chance      sidies directly to both private insurance
This major advance in treatment has               of seeing 90, or even 100, than those in         plans and government-chartered coopera-
sharply reduced deaths from heart disease,        other countries.                                 tives that pay for elective abortions. It
strokes, etc., but while they are commonly                                                         requires that a specific charge must be
used in the US, only 36% of the Dutch,            Fraud and Waste?                                 included in the premiums paid, by those
29% Swiss, 26% German, 23% British and                      According to President Obama, a        who enroll in such subsidized plans, of at
17% of Italians have access to these drugs.       large percent of the so-called savings that      least $1 per enrollee, per month, which
           But aren’t these drugs expensive?      he is relying on would be achieved by elim-      amounts to a surcharge specifically for
Yes, and it is reflected in the fact that 17%     inating “hundreds of billions of dollars in      elective abortions. Funds spent by federal
of our gross national product is spent on         waste and fraud” from Medicare. In a             agencies are, by law, federal funds. The
medical care. But we benefit from them            recent column, Charles Krauthammer said,         claim that under these bills, a federal
immeasurably. In the 1960s the chance of          “That is not a lie. That’s not even decep-       agency would use ‘private funds’ to subsi-
dying in the US immediately after a heart         tion. That is just an insult to our intelli-     dize abortions is absurd on its face—a
attack was 30 to 40%. By 1975 it was 27%,         gence.” He noted the editorialist, Meg           political hoax.”
by 1984 19%, 1994 10%, and today it is            Greenfield, once said waste, fraud and                     This bill uses 6-billion tax dollars
about 6%. How about coronary heart dis-           abuse were “the dread big three” which           to set up health insurance co-ops and pro-
ease? In the 1970s, the fatality rate was 448     Krauthammer added, was “the all-purpose          vides absolutely zero limits on how much
per 100,000 people. Today it is 135. These        piggy bank for budget savings [that] has         can be used to pay for abortions. In addi-
numbers are stunning.                             been a joke since Jimmy Carter first used it     tion, the Baucus bill allows the government
           And yet the World Health               in 1977. Moreover, if half a trillion is wait-   to determine that abortion is a “mandated
Organization still rates US healthcare as         ing to be squeezed painlessly out of             benefit” as part of a minimum benefit pack-
37th in the world behind Malta, Morocco,          Medicare, why wait for healthcare reform?        age, and this would apply in any situation in
Cyprus, Colombia, and just ahead of Cuba.         If, as Obama repeatedly insists, Medicare        which the federal Medicaid program could
How this ranking was achieved is not              overspending is breaking the budget, why         pay for an abortion. While giving a nod to
explained, but it is simply a farce to keep       hasn’t he gotten started on the painless bil-                                        Continued on page 6
repeating it.                                     lions in ‘waste and fraud’ savings? Obama
           Let’s look at one other parameter.     doesn’t lie. He merely elides, gliding from
We are told our infant mortality rate is high-    one dubious assertion to another. This has
er than much of the rest of the world. E.g.       been the story throughout his whole health-
the Dutch have a much lower rate than us,         care crusade.”                                   1821 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239
and they have full national socialized med-                                                        Phone: 513.729.3600
icine. Why? This answer is easy. We               Baucus Healthcare Bill                           E-mail: ·
                                                                                                   President & Publisher                      J.C. Willke, MD
count infant life from the first breath taken              Without a single Republican vote        Editor in Chief                             Bradley Mattes
after delivery, and if a child dies after that,   on the committee, Senator Baucus has             Design                                  Andrew W. Mellish
it is listed as a death. Holland and some         offered an 856-billion dollar plan to replace    The official quarterly publication of Life Issues Institute.
                                                                                                   Vol. 18 Number 3 Subscription $25.
other countries don’t count infant deaths         the original Obamacare. Doug Johnson,              Life Issues Institute, Inc. 2009
until twenty-four hours after delivery.           Legislative Director for National Right to            Articles may be reproduced with
Others register babies below a certain            Life, says it provides “massive federal sub-          acknowledgment of their source.

                                                                                             OCTOBER 2009          LIFE ISSUES CONNECTOR                    3
By Arnold M. Culbreath, Urban Outreach Director

          I recently traveled to England, at the invitation of John            Brixton is a very dangerous, predominantly black city in
Smeaton, National Director of the Society for the Protection of       England, with many notorious street gangs. Brixton is known for
Unborn Children (SPUC), to be a keynote speaker at their inter-       having produced many great boxers in the 1970s and 80s.
national conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire, England. At their                 BPAC is located adjacent to the international, pro-abor-
request, I spoke about the dangers of the Obama presidency.           tion behemoth, Marie Stopes, that provides and advocates for
          I shared three dangers we face relative to current pro-     abortion worldwide. Marie Stopes wants the land Pastor Brooks
abortion actions by President Obama: One—too many church-             occupies in order to build a high-rise abortion facility. However,
going African Americans seem to be more Afro-Centric than             Pastor Brooks boldly declares, “They are not getting our land. In
Christo-Centric. Having a black president appears to be serving       fact, we will be getting their land, to the glory of God!”
as an opiate in that regard. Two—a temptation for pro-lifers to                I preached at Pastor Brooks’ church, during a Sunday
give in to despair or allow themselves to become overwhelmed          evening weekly service at RPCC in Brixton. The church is called
by roadblocks that this unique presidency has placed in our paths     Christian Transformed and its members are former drug addicts,
relative to reaching the Black community with the pro-life mes-       gang members, prostitutes, etc. I will be partnering with them to
sage. Three—there is the danger of many pro-lifers slipping into      educate, motivate and activate the black pastors to become
hatred toward our President because of his pro-abortion position.     defenders of the unborn in Brixton.
When one slips down this slope of disdain toward President                     I hope reading this account motivates you to pray for
Obama, it has the strong potential of keeping you from regularly      our ongoing urban outreach efforts in America and abroad. a
praying for him.
          While in the UK, Peter Smith (Chief Administrative          Protecting Black Life is an outreach project of Life Issues Institute.
Officer to the UN for SPUC) and I participated in a 90-minute,
live interview on Genesis Revelation TV. My new relationship
with Peter has resulted in a November 2009 trip to the United
Nations in New York to gain insight on effective strategies used
to influence UN delegates toward life-affirming policies.
          I was able to visit the Old House of Commons in
London and stand on the exact location of St. Steven’s Chapel,
which burnt down in 1834. I stood within “inches” of where
William Wilberforce—the Christian abolitionist and British
Member of Parliament—argued on behalf of the abolition of
slavery. It was quite a moving experience. I pray that we will             Marcia Jones, Executive Director of BPAC
battle with the same level of passion and perseverance on behalf                   and Arnold M. Culbreath
of the unborn, as Wilberforce did for the slaves!
          Following this, I spoke at the Brixton Pregnancy Advice
Center (BPAC) in Brixton, which officially launched while I was
in England. We prayed and commissioned Marcia Jones and her
husband, Pastor Howard Jones, to run the BPAC. They will oper-
ate under the direction of Keith Brooks, pastor of the Raleigh
Park Christian Center (RPCC), where the pregnancy center is

                                                                                          Arnold M. Culbreath speaking at the SPUC
                                                                                             Conference in Derbyshire, England

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                            OCTOBER 2009   LIFE ISSUES CONNECTOR   5
A Closer Look          from page 3

the Hyde Amendment restricting funds              So What Should Be Done?                            procedure might cost two to three-times
through the Dept. of HHS, it still allows a                 First of all, let’s sink these thou-     more in one state than another. Interstate
“qualified health plan” in an insurance           sand-page monstrosities in the depths of the       competition would eliminate this.
exchange to be free to provide coverage for       sea and start over. This reorienting of one-       Pre-existing conditions. If you have
all abortions.                                    sixth of our entire economy is simply bad          them you may not be able to get health
          The proposed 40-billion dollars in      for seniors, tax payers and the United States      insurance. But there are ways around
new taxes on medical device manufacturers         as a whole. It would reduce the level of our       this, including healthcare vouchers,
is the same amount of venture capital that        care to that of most of the high tax, low          without adopting a suffocating, one-size
this industry now spends on research. The         healthcare European nations. It would              fits all federal mandate.
result would be that no new research treat-       drastically limit the excellent level of care      Let’s stop paying for healthcare through
ments will be forthcoming.                        that now exists, and would essentially             our employers and replace it with the
                                                                         choke off the ongoing       wildly successful Health Savings
                                                                         research and remark-        Accounts. Under these, each person gets
The inevitable result of this will be                                    able medical advances       an “allowance” and is free to use it for
                                                                         that have continued to      healthcare, with the unused portion stay-
sharply reduced care for seniors,                                        enhance and lengthen        ing with the individual.
otherwise known as rationing.                                            our lives.
                                                                                So what should
                                                                                                     The conscience rights of all Americans
                                                                                                     must be respected. Further, we need
                                                                         we do? In place of          laws to insure respect for human life by
          How many of our readers know            Obamacare there are several major things           not funding or mandating abortion as a
that a significant percent of physicians do       that Congress could adopt that would go a          healthcare benefit.
not accept Medicare patients? The reason          long way toward removing some of the
is that the doctor can’t afford to treat them     present inequities:                                         The minimum bottom line for pro-
because Medicare payments are so low. In                                                           lifers is this: If President Obama is serious
the face of this, these proposed plans would        Tort reform — It is not generally realized     about preventing funding for abortion in
cut Medicare funds by nearly a one-half             that the tort bar with its malpractice         healthcare reform; he should immediately
trillion dollars. The inevitable result of this     cases against physicians and healthcare        adopt amendments to these bills specifical-
will be sharply reduced care for seniors,           providers has increased the cost of med-       ly excluding any and all support for elective
otherwise known as rationing. Minority              ical care by approximately 30%. This           abortion.
Leader, Mitch McConnell had it right when           has enriched malpractice lawyers. Some                    America has many years of expe-
he said it “puts massive new tax burdens on         of it goes for paying judgments, but the       rience with healthcare. As a result, we
families and small businesses, to create yet        overwhelming percentage of this cost           enjoy by far the best healthcare system in
another thousand-page, trillion-dollar gov-         goes to vastly increase the defensive          the world. We live the longest and have the
ernment program.” It requires everyone to           medical tests that doctors now order to        most effective, medical care devices. So
purchase health insurance and penalizes             cover their own possible liabilities.          let’s enact the suggested reforms above and
those who do not. This penalty for an indi-         Thorough reform could all but eliminate        observe their effectiveness for the next few
vidual begins at $750 a year and increases          malpractice activity in the US. Yes,           years. Concentrate on first fixing what we
to a fine for families of up to $3,800 a year.      there are medical mistakes and some            know is wrong and can be fixed. And by all
Unbelievable? Yes, that is what the bill            people are injured, but it is possible to      means, continue to give charity care to
says.                                               set up panels of arbitration to insure that    those unfortunates among us who have no
          And here is another sleeper.              any awards go to the patient injured and       insurance.
Under these bills, Medicare physicians who          not to a malpractice attorney. Are you                    Finally remember that the loud cry
are in the top 10% of cost to the govern-           aware that these federal bills do not even     today of being “uninsured” does not mean
ment each year will lose 5% of their total          touch tort reform?                             such people have not been cared for—they
reimbursement for that year. This will              Health insurance today can only be sold        have. Everyone who needs help gets it in
drive doctors to relentlessly limit tests and       within that state, which curtails competi-     emergency rooms throughout the nation.
treatment to stay under the limit. This is a        tion. We need interstate portability and       Improvements can and should be made, but
cruel form of healthcare rationing and peo-         Congress could accomplish this in a sin-       without demolishing the entire system. In
ple will die. No wonder polls show that up          gle statute. It would dramatically lower       the process, we must protect innocent
to 1/3 of physicians may retire if this bill        some of the high cost of medical care in       human life. a
becomes law.                                        certain states. Right now, the very same

          From the

                       B   r   a   d   l   e    y         M   a    t   t   e   s

         What do global warming and                 debate and interest about the links between
abortion have in common? Tons, according            population      dynamics,      sexual    and
to environmentalists—tons of carbon                 reproductive health and rights [abortion],
dioxide emissions that is. There’s a growing        and climate change.” An expansive
trend within the environmental activist             distribution of abortion and other
community to promote abortion as a way of           population control strategies would, in their   Colorado and is one of the few remaining
going green.       Reducing the world’s             opinion, slow population growth and ease        notorious, late-term abortionists. He has
population, they claim, is central to               pressure on the environment.                    written extensively on man and his impact
protecting the planet.                                        Following their lead, the             on the environment, but has gone farther
         First of all, it’s helpful to under-       prestigious London School of Economics          than most though by calling humans a
stand that when these groups talk about             and Political Science was commissioned by       “malignant eco-tumor.” Therefore he’s
access to birth control and reproductive            a group called the Optimum Population           come to the conclusion that his gruesome
health they’re talking about more than              Trust to come up with a “cost-benefit           practice of killing unborn babies is healing
condoms and birth control pills. It almost          analysis of reducing carbon emissions.”         the planet and thus all mankind. He said to
universally means that abortion is a critical       The study equated human beings with the         an Esquire magazine reporter that abortion
element of their strategy.                          derogatory term of “emitters.” The title of     “is highly consistent with helping people be
         One of the most extreme examples           the study is “Fewer Emitters, Lower             responsible citizens of the planet.” What
of this earth-worship theology is the               Emissions, Less Cost.” Their finding was        planet does he live on?
Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.                that for every seven dollars spent on “basic              No doubt Mr. Hern has found it
According to them, all of the earth’s               family planning”—by their own definition        hard to gain the acceptance of his peers and
environmental problems would disappear if           this includes abortion—they would cut           society when, according to his website, his
we followed their plan—but then, so would           carbon dioxide emissions by more than one       “specialty” is late-term abortions through
all of mankind: “Phasing out the human              ton. This proposed solution, they say,          the 8th month of pregnancy. By joining
race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will           should be considered a “primary method”         countless other modern-day hucksters
allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good           of solving global warming.                      selling their products as helpful to the
health.” Before you dismiss the misguided                     Lest you think America is going to    environment, regardless of their value, Mr.
link between abortion and global warming            let the British have all the glory labeling     Hern hopes to eclipse the ghastly reality of
as some “wing-nut” segment of environ-              humans a plague on the earth, Oregon State      his bloody trade.
mentalism, take note that the National              University weighed in. Its research says the              Being good stewards of the
Wildlife Federation, Audubon Society,               best thing you can do for the environment is    environment is a noble idea. However, not
Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife,                 to not have any children at all. According      everyone is on the same page as to how that
Environmental Policy Institute, Friends of          to their report, “Reproduction and the          can effectively be done, including the
the Earth and the Cousteau Society all              Carbon Legacies of Individuals,” we’re          reality of global warming. But we should
subscribe to the view that people are a             responsible for the carbon footprint of our     all agree the intentional killing of innocent
major threat to the environment, even if            descendents. They say going childless is        unborn babies cannot ever be an acceptable
their answer isn’t wiping out the entire            more “green” than a lifetime of recycling.      strategy for a better world. If abortion is
population.                                                   My more entrepreneurial readers       part of the environmental equation, we
         Recently so-called mainstream,             are probably wondering if abortionists have     won’t be “green,” we’ll be stained red from
green-advocacy experts are jumping on the           yet caught on to this trend. The answer         the blood of our children. a
abortion bandwagon. A September 19, 2009            would be yes. They don’t call it the
editorial in the British medical journal            abortion industry for nothing. Warren Hern
Lancet said, “There is now an emerging              operates an abortion facility in Boulder,

                                                                                              OCTOBER 2009      LIFE ISSUES CONNECTOR          7
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                                                                      CINCINNATI, OHIO
                                                                      PERMIT NO. 7001

                                          1821 W. Galbraith Rd.
     IN THIS ISSUE                        Cincinnati, OH 45239

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