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                                       CHAPTER II

                      REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE

        This chapter deals with some previous related research findings, some

pertinent ideas, resume, theoretical framework, and hypothesis.

A.    Previous Research Findings

        The previous research finding to reading comprehension are described as

     follows :

                            Hasan (1994:4) also conducted a research on reading

     comprehension, stressing on the impact of PKG approach to the students of junior

     high school especially in takalar. After doing the treatment, he found out that the

     students who were treated with PKG approach had a better achievement (53,95)

     than that of were with non - PKG approach who only gained 37,56

        Sari (1995:5) conducted her research on the use of pictures in teaching

     reading and found out that the second year students of SMP Hikmah Ujung

     Pandang were fair in reading comprehension. It was proved by the mean scores

     obtained from their reading text which was only 6,30 for text with pictures and

     5,66 for text without pictures.

        Warda (1995:4) conducted a research on the effectiveness of pictures in

     reading comprehension of the sixth grade students primary school. She found out

     that the achievement of the students who were given text with black and white

pictures gained better score than the students who were given text with color

pictures and without pictures. This was proved by the fact that the students were

given text with black and white pictures got 3,84 mark which was greater than the

students who were given text with color pictures (3,23 mark) and the students

without pictures (2,96 mark).

   Fitri Fajar ( 1996:7 ) conducted the result of data analysis showed that if

students were taught by using communicative tasks their reading comprehension

was not better then when they were taught by using other technique.

   Amirullah ( 2000:4 ) the difficulties encountered by the second year students

of SLTPN 2 Takalar reported that the second year students still have low

achievement in reading comprehension and the students still encounter

difficulties in finding main idea in passage.

   From the previous finding above, the writer using communicative tasks a

media in teaching reading because communicative tasks are hypothesized as one

way to improve students’ activity in reading class. Besides, this research has

difference with previous finding above. Therefore they need many exercises and

interesting material to improve their reading. In this case, the teachers are

expected to give many exercises and use many kinds of techniques or method in

reading class and also the interesting material.

B. Some Pertinent Ideas

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Description: Previous Research Findings