Our Campus Safe Campus by dffhrtcv3


									Our Campus: Safe Campus

  Bryant Stratton Downtown Campus

Responsibility for Safety
   Look around the room
   Think of everyone who sets foot on our
   What if we all said, “someone else will
    keep me safe”
   Our goal for today is to improve the
    safety on this campus for everyone!

The Reality of Campus Life
   More sexually related crimes occur in
   Crimes on college campuses do mirror
    the general population at large
   About 9% of the crimes committed on
    college campuses are violent crimes
    (rape, murder, aggravated assault)
   Risk on our campus

“Shots Fired: When Lightening Strikes”

    Write down 3 emotions you felt as you
     watched this DVD
    Start to form your own survival
     mindset-”what would I do here, now?”

Responses to Film
How do you feel?
 Key points:

     Get out
     Hide Out
     Take out shooter

NEW: Code RED Procedures
   Anyone who senses danger (sights, sounds, gut
    instinct): Pick up the RED phone in the hallway for
    the Academic Office or make others aware to make
    the page
   Get into a safe area!!!
   Listen for: “Attention, Attention, Attention
    Code Red, Code Red, Code Red”
   If you are in a safe area, call 9-911 on a campus
    phone OR use cell phone. Give operator info on what
    you saw, heard and where it is occurring
   *Make sure it is Onondaga County 911*

Code RED Procedures:
Hallways, Classrooms, Offices
   If in hallway or public area, run to nearest room or
    office, stay calm
   In a classroom: lock door (lock from inside), turn off
    lights, pull the shade
   Move everyone out of range of the door/windows,
    spread out, get behind/under safe objects
   Silence cell phones or pagers
   Remain quiet, only whisper a plan of attack or escape
   Do not move until instructed to do so
   If police enter, show hands, make no sudden moves
   Goal is NOT to evacuate as in a fire drill

Code RED Procedures: Dorm
   Make sure everyone is in a room
   Stay calm
   Do not move unless directed to by an official
   If situation is in dorm: attempt to get
    everyone out of immediate area (if hostage
    situation, follow demands)
   Stay away from windows
   Spread out in the room
   Barricade room doors
Practice Safety Measures
   2 Drills during the week of ?????on
    Code RED
   Don’t look like a “victim”
   Threats from within and outside-we
    MUST wear ID badges!
   There is no such thing as an “idle”
    threat-trust your gut instinct
   “Snitching” is good communication
    when it comes to saving lives
   There are lots of people here to help-but we
    need your help in this, too
   Make a personal commitment to follow the
    rules and Code of Conduct at all times
   If something doesn’t feel right, it probably
    isn’t-communicate this
   Our Campus=Safe Campus, it’s up to
    everyone to make this happen!

Thank You!
   Make sure you signed in
   Certificate of Completion-looks great in
    the Portfolio!


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