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                          Paul Watson Not The Only Canadian Wanted In Costa Rica

       Source: The Investigative Colonist
       Dated: Jun 27, 2012

       Canadian man wanted in Costa Rica after being indicted on four counts of felony fraud.

       Washington, DC June 27, 2012 -- A Canadian man identified as Bruno Saligari of Prince George, BC is
       sought by Interpol after a red notice alert had been issued internationally by Costa Rica stemming from a
       string of felony fraud charges from 2009.

        According to sources, Mr. Saligari was in fact arrested and detained in Cancun during a vacation he had
       planned for himself in March 2012.

       Eyewitnesses described the event as concerning when Air Canada flight AC1858 - bound for Cancun,
       Mexico from Vancouver, British Columbia, was told to wait on the tarmac upon arrival.

        Eyewitness accounts describe Bruno Saligari being removed from the plane escorted by Mexican
       immigration authorities and detained.

        Since September 11, 2009 and the terror attacks against the US, flying has become more of a privilege
       rather than a choice. If authorities find even the slightest reason why you should be considered possible
       suspect, you're likely to find trouble.

       In the case of Bruno Saligari however, being added to the "no fly list" was a direct result of his Interpol
       Red Notice Alert.

        Saligari has been indicted in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica on four counts of felony fraud involving a property
       dispute involving two other Canadians - one of which recently passed away under suspicious

       Currently Mr.Saligari remains in Canada after Mexican officials subsequently deported the man back to
       Canada as apposed to extraditing him to Costa Rica to stand trial on the crimes he is accused of.

        According to immigration records, Mr.Saligari has never entered the country of Costa Rica to face trial and
       according to our sources he currently does not hold legal council in that country despite his many
       indictments that, if convicted, could bring over 37 years in Costa Rica prison.

        Mr. Saligari has declined to comment on the case.

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Description: Since September 11, 2009 and the terror attacks against the US, flying has become more of a privilege