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If you run a hospital, you don’t want to hire a nurse with a history of stealing pills.

Your neighborhood bank wouldn’t look kindly on employing someone who’d run a
                      pyramid scheme.

                           No, if you’re in charge of a company, you want to know
                           about your employee’s past performance, and sometimes
                           that means knowing whether they’ve ever been in trouble
                           with the law.

                           A company like Fit 2 Work can help you figure that out. If
                   you are a business owner, you know the importance of
background checks. A background check can be the buffer between hiring a good
employee and a bad one. There are laws that protect criminals in all states and
countries, however you want to be sure that you know what and who you are
dealing with in all circumstances.

In this day in age, background checks should be as standard as the application
process. You want to include it not only with any new employee that you might be
hiring, but also and contractor or business that you are working with. Do you really
want to hire and accountant that has a 200 credit score with a history of theft? No –
and you should be aware of that situation if it should present itself to you.

Part of the Melbourne-based Mercury Group of companies, fit2work provides a
variety of criminal and financial background checks.

Keep your business secure by using fit2work to run Australian criminal history
checks on all current – and future employees.

You can also run international criminal checks with over 170 countries, search
employment histories, find out if employees have proper work visas, or run credit
and bankruptcy checks.

When you use fit2work, you’ll have a safe, easy and secure way to find out who’s
working for you. The name of the company is reflective of the mission – we want to
help you insure that everyone who works for your company or organization is “fit to
work” at your company. We also want to help keep your staff and employees
comfortable that the people working there are not criminals and have passed a
criminal background check.

Fit2Work will also help ensure that the process is streamlined; you should not have
to be bothered with all of the paperwork and documentation that goes along with it.
Let Fit2Work handle all of the details.
                            Fit 2 Work
Fit2work's team are always helpful when responding to enquiries about the system
or any system changes and updates. They have the flexibility to modify and improve
the system to make life easier for their customers.”
You can find them on-line at or call them at 1300 575

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Description: The name of the company is reflective of the mission we want to help you insure that everyone who works for your company or organization is fit to work at your company.