My Life Story by yurtgc548


									My Life Story

 Christopher O’Shea

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               Christopher’s story
   I am looking to go to college but unsure of
    where to attend.
   Should I attend Quinnipiac University or
    Southern New Hampshire University

      Go to Quinnipiac University
                                    Go to Southern New Hampshire University
               Quinnipiac University
    With my arrival at Quinnipiac University I
     have very energetic CIS Professor
    Should Chris stay with his intended major in
     business or switch to CIS

    Continue with a Business Major   Switch to major in CIS
Southern New Hampshire University
   Now I live minutes away from many different
   Instead of doing my work I put all my effort in
    to snowboarding
   Should I get back on the right track or continue

    Get myself back on Track   Forget about College and ride
    Business Major at Quinnipiac
   I end up graduating in 2008 with a Major in
   Should I move out to California to continue to
    run my company with my brother
   Or should I go on to get my masters

          Move to Cali         Get my masters
        CIS Major at Quinnipiac
   I strive to be like Bruce for the rest of my life
   I grow old and never marry because I am never
    able to fulfill all of the things Bruce has

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               Get Back On Track
   I decide to get myself back on track
   Going to the library every night
   I end up meeting a very nice young lady who
    helps me keep myself on track

     Ask the Young Lady on a date   Lose touch after graduation
              Continue Riding
   I decide that school just isn’t worth it for me
   I continue riding and end up receiving a
    sponsorship and am seen on many MackDawg
    Videos and make a fortune doing what I love
    to do

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          Time for my Masters
   I receive my masters but in the me time my
    brother has found someone else to fill my
    shoes while I am gone so even though I have
    more education I don’t have a job anymore

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            Moving out to cali
   I move out to cali and successfully run the
    Auto Detailing business with my brother and
    we both find ourselves nice wives and live
    happily ever after

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On the Date with the nice young lady
   On the date I find out that she is the woman of
    my dreams and we start dating and on
    graduation day I propose to her and we get
    married and live happily ever after

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    End up Graduation without dating
   I end up living in wonder if she would have
    been the one for me

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