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									                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - BUTLER EAGLE 3

Man pleads guilty to DUI                                                                                                                                                         AUTO, INC.

He crashed                     for the judge.
                                  “I’m sorry for you and
                                                                   The collision with Muhl’s
                                                                vehicle shattered Peak’s
                                                                                                 hours community service.
                                                                                                   The judge accepted the
                               your family,” Muhl said,         pelvis, and he’s been            defendant’s request to
car, injuring                  facing Peak.
                                  According      to     court
                                                                through surgery and thera-
                                                                py since then.
                                                                                                 delay the start of his
                                                                                                 prison time until June 15.
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other driver                   records,     the     collision      “All of which has not           Muhl’s defense attorney,                    •Direct Repair Facility For Most Major Insurance Co.

By Kim Paskorz
                               occurred at Routes 19 and
                               422 in Muddy Creek Town-
                                                                helped,” Peak said. “The
                                                                doctor told me my only
                                                                                                 Charles Porter made that
                                                                                                 request during Tuesday’s                                   724-287-2737
Eagle Staff Writer             ship on Aug. 29.                 option now would be a full       hearing because he said                     253 Sunset Dr.•Butler Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
                                  Court records indicate        hip replacement, but con-        the 3-year-old son of Muhl’s
   Charles Peak was gather-    the bridge linking the two       sidering I am only 32 years      girlfriend had died two
ing donations for an           roads was being replaced,        old, they are not willing to     days earlier.                               EAGLE WANT ADS BRING RESULTS
injured friend the morning     and there was construction       do a replacement at this

                                                                                                                          FINALLY, RELIEF!
a drunken driver collided      when Muhl’s car left its         time. My only option for
head-on with his car, caus-    lane and collided head-on        now is to live with the
ing his pelvis to shatter.     with Peak’s vehicle.             everyday pain of it.”
   “You know what they            According      to     court      Peak said his injury
say: No good deed goes         records, Muhl told investi-      caused him to lose the
                                                                                                                        After suffering from back pain for over 20 years I
unpunished,” Peak said         gators at the scene of the                                                             got a MRI that showed severe disc problems. I
                                                                union welding job he’d had
Tuesday outside the court-     collision that he was trav-
room of Butler County          eling home from a fishing
                                                                since high school. And he                             could not play with my great grand daughter or
                                                                now helps support his wife                            sleep at night because of the pain I was in. I had
Judge William Shaffer.         trip at Neshannock Creek.        and three children only
   Moments earlier in the      He claimed he’d drank            with social security dis-                             done the shots and therapy with temporary relief but
courtroom, the other driv-     “some wine at a bon fire                                                               I wanted something permanent.
                                                                ability payments.
er, 31-year-old Jason J.       the night before.”
Muhl, of Pittsburgh, was          But according to court           “Those are the major                                 After finishing my care with Dr. Ram Parikh DC I
sentenced to 5 years in        records,     tests    showed     things that have happened,
                                                                but it’s the small things that                        have been sleeping every night, I don’t take any
Butler County’s Intermedi-     Muhl’s blood alcohol level
ate Punishment Program.        was 0.197 percent, more          no one thinks about that          pain medication and I am enjoying playing with my great grand
   Muhl, who pleaded guilty    than double the state limit      have, and are, and will con-      daughter. I am so thankful for the DRS systems.
                                                                tinue to affect me,” Peak
to drunken driving, will
serve the first 14 days of
                               of 0.08 percent.
                                                                said. “The riding bikes,            If you want to live PAIN FREE, without surgery, call RAM’S SPINAL
                                  Court officials said this
the program in the Butler      is Muhl’s second DUI con-        playing ball, riding horses,      CARE at 724-431-4444 for a consultation with Dr. Ram Parikh D.C.
County Prison. Then, he’ll     viction in a decade.             going on hikes, or long           Please mention this ad and receive your exam for $25.                                                                 1115828

spend 76 days on house            The collision, according      walks and many other
arrest with electronic mon-    to court records, happened       everyday activities with my
itoring. And the remainder     at 9:24 a.m.                     family I am limited on doing               Get the garage of your dreams...                                                                 24’x28’
                                                                                                          CALL THE
of the program will be on         Peak, a Lawrence Coun-        because of my injury.”
probation.                                                         Peak said he did not
                                                                                                       GARAGE EXPERTS!
                               ty resident, said he’d spent
   When given an opportu-      that Sunday morning gath-        seek restitution from Muhl
nity to speak in the court-    ering money from collec-         because he plans to sue
room, Muhl said he             tion jugs for a friend who’d     him.                                       WE BUILD ALL SIZES
learned about the serious-     recently suffered a severe          In addition to the IPP          All garages include: Concrete Foundation with
ness of Peak’s injuries only   head injury in a quad acci-      program, Muhl must pay
when Peak outlined them        dent.                            $1,500 in fines and serve 100          Floor and Curb (Not a Pole Foundation),
                                                                                                           Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding,                                                                    24’x24’
                                                                                                     8 Foot Walls, 16’x7’ Steel Insulated Doors.
Pa. Senate OKs bill to limit abortion coverage                                                    FULLY INSURED - FINANCING AVAILABLE
   HARRISBURG — The            did not debate the measure       already restricts taxpayer
state Senate on Tuesday        before voting Tuesday,           funding for abortion cover-
                                                                                                        20X20            22X22             24X24           24X32
approved a bill to ban
abortion coverage from
                               although in comments on
                               the Senate floor later, Sen.
                                                                age, and that this bill goes
                                                                farther by restricting abor-
                                                                                                      10,382 11,484 13,176 16,577
                                                                                                                     $                 $               $

policies obtained through      Larry Farnese, D-Philadel-       tion coverage in private
health insurance exchanges     phia, said the bill is meant     policies.                                                              Rt.8 • Valencia                                                      24’x32’
that are to begin in 2014      to stop women in Pennsyl-           A number of other states
under last year’s landmark     vania from getting a legal       are considering identical
federal health care law —      abortion.                                                          PA6897
                                                                or similar bills, while at
a move that opponents say        The federal Department         least five others — Idaho,                                                        FREE
is a planned attack on legal   of Health and Human Serv-        Kentucky, Missouri, Oklaho-                                                    ON-SITE
abortion in Pennsylvania.      ices has said the step is                                                                                      ESTIMATES
                                                                ma and North Dakota —             Garage Builders llc
   The bill, which passed      allowed under the law, but       have approved one.
37-12, goes to the House of    some abortion rights pro-                                                                More photos available on-line:

Representatives. Senators      ponents say federal law             By The Associated Press            * Prices are based on level lot and material cost as of 6/8/11. Excavation, build-up and local codes may cost extra.


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