Monster by yurtgc548


  Assignment 12:
Quiz, Pages 49-92
 Ingroups of four, use a piece of
 construction paper to write down
 (neatly) in different color pens five
 important things that happened in
 Speak on the following pages .
       Group 1: 49-57         Group 3: 67-75
       Group 2: 58-66         Group 4: 76-84
                        Group 5: 85-92
           Questions 1-3 (of 10)
1.   What were the results of the
     mascot naming election?
2.   How does Melinda describe
     herself in relation to her
3.   What was Melinda going to tell
     her mom and dad “right then and
     there,” and what motivated her
     to consider telling them?
           Questions 4-6     (of 10)

4.   Why does Melinda’s dad get angry
     with her when she is sealing
     envelopes in his office?
5.   When Ms. Connors meets with
     Melinda, she gives her a print-out of
     her report card. What is her GPA,
     and what is the underlying reason
     for her grades?
6.   How does Melinda describe Mr.
     Freeman’s room and rules?
           Questions 7-9     (of 10)

7.   To what is Melinda referring when she
     thinks to herself, “I’ll need brain
     surgery to cut it out of my head”?
8.   Who is IT referring to when he passes
     by Melinda and says, “Freshmeat,” and
     why does IT cause her to feel
9.   What did Melinda do to herself that
     causes her mom to engage in “tough
           Question 10   (of 10)

10. Whatis IT’s full name, and
  when he twirls Melinda’s
  ponytail in his
  fingers, how
  did she react?

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