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James David Rineholt


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									                 Curriculum Vitae

  James David Rineholt

                ACTAR #2211


                   1509 West Street
               Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Office: (410) 626-9996             Fax: (410) 626-9997

    1509 West Street        == TRANSCON CSI ==                                              (410) 626-9996
Annapolis, Maryland 21401              CRASH SCENE INVESTIGATIONS                         Fax (410) 626-9997

                                   James David Rineholt
                                              Curriculum Vitae

                   ACCREDITED by: The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident
                                 Reconstruction (ACTAR #2211)

                                             Relevant Skills:
                             Accepted as an expert witness in court in the following areas:
   Speed Calculation Analysis                           Highway Work Zone Traffic Incident Management
   Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices            Vehicle Dynamics and Characteristics
   Weight Shift and Rollover Analysis                   Time and Distance Computations
   Lamp Analysis                                        Tire Failure Analysis
   Braking Performance                                  Occupant Kinematics

       Reconstruction Experience                            Teaching Experience
   On-Scene Accident Investigation School, Maryland     3 National Capital Region Incident Management
   State Police Academy, Pikesville, MD                 Conference, Virginia Department of Transportation
   Certified in Advanced Accident Investigation,        On-Scene Evidence Recording, Mapping &
   Maryland State Police, Pikesville, MD                Diagramming, Maryland State Police
   Occupant Kinematics and Restraining Devices          International Association for Identification –
   Training School, University of North Florida         Chesapeake Bay Division. Crime Scene Forensic
   Re-Certified in Collision Reconstruction Training,   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Shared
   Maryland State Police                                Technology Program. National Total Station Forensic
                                                        Mapping Training Program
   Certified in Vehicle Damage and Energy               Instructor for the Maryland State Police Advanced
   Relationship in Collision Reconstruction, Texas      Investigation School
   A&M University
   Certified in Applied Physics for Accident            Instructor for the Maryland State Police Collision
   Reconstruction, Texas A&M University                 Reconstruction School
   Certified in Crash Data Retrieval                    Instructor for the Maryland Crash Reconstruction
   IPTM, University of North Florida                    Committee Advanced Investigation School
   Certified in Commercial Vehicle Accident             Instructor for the Maryland Crash Reconstruction
   Investigation, Maryland State Police                 Committee Collision Reconstruction School
                                                        Institute for Law Enforcement Education in association
                                                        with Texas A&M – Texas Engineering Extension
                                                        Service. Pedestrian Crash Reconstruction

                                                        -1-                                      June 1, 2012
Employment History:
2009 to Present:       Reconstruction Expert – TransCon Crash Scene Investigations (CSI)

My duties include providing expert testimony in civil and criminal litigation in the discipline of collision
reconstruction for attorneys, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and private motor carriers.

1987 to 2009:          Maryland State Police – Service Retirement (22 years), Sergeant

2006 to 2009:         Department Collision Reconstruction Program Coordinator
              Maryland State Police Collision Reconstruction Program Coordinator
              Final Review & Approval of Detailed Crash Investigation Reports and Reconstructions
              Case Manager of Detailed Crash Investigation Reports and Reconstructions Reports
              Instructor for Advanced Collision Investigation and Collision Reconstruction
              Instructor for Forensic Mapping – Electronic Total Station and Computer Aided Drafting
              Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria (MMUCC) Review Committee
              Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) Representative
              Collision Reconstructionist

1995 to 2006:         Crash Team
              Statewide Collision Reconstructionist Services
              Instructor for Advanced Collision Investigation and Collision Reconstruction
              Instructor for Forensic Mapping – Electronic Total Station and Computer Aided Drafting
              Instructor Technical On-Scene Collision Investigations
              Commercial Motor Vehicle Post Crash Inspector
              Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Level (CVSA) Level (1) Inspector
              Regional Crash Team Supervisor

1987 to 1995:        Easton Barrack
              Road Patrol
              Barrack Reconstructionist
              Advanced Accident Investigator
              Field Training Trooper
              Salvage Vehicle Inspector

1987:                  Maryland State Police Academy

                                                    -2-                                          June 1, 2012
1985-1987:            Towson State University
                      Criminal Justice Program

1982-1985             Cecil Community College
                      Associate in Arts & Certificate in Law Enforcement
                      Member, Phi Theta Kappa, National Honor Society

Awards, Achievements, Professional Memberships and Publications:

ACTAR Certified (Accreditation Commission For Traffic Accident Reconstructionist) #2211

Accepted as an expert witness in various District and Circuit Courts of Maryland in the fields of Accident
Investigation and Commercial Vehicle Inspections.

Member of the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Inc. (NAPARS)
Member #36133

Member of the Maryland Association of Traffic Accident Investigators. (MDATAI)

Member of the American Bus Association (ABA)

Member of the Professional Society of Forensic Mapping (PSFM)

Received “2000 Installation Trooper of the Year” Traffic Operations Section– Crash Team.

Received “Maryland House of Delegates Official Citation” in recognition of exemplary services and
dedication beyond the call of duty. Traffic Operations Section – Crash Team.

Received “Maryland Sate Police Superintendent’s Salute” in recognition of outstanding public service for the
October 2 to 24, 2002 sniper shootings.

Received “Maryland State Police Superintendent’s Salute” in recognition of service Traffic Operations
Section – Crash Team. December 2002

Received "The Maryland State Police Superintendent's Commendation Award" in 2005 for the service as a
Crash Team member at Maryland’s largest crash involving fatalities.

Received “The Maryland Transportation Authority Police Chief’s Commendation” for reconstruction services
2004 through 2005.

Received “NHTSA Safety Champion Award” recognition from The National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration for fatal motor vehicle reconstruction services. November 20, 2009.

                                                  -3-                                         June 1, 2012
                                         Appendix A

Listing of Classes and Seminars Attended:

* 5-12 ITS America 22nd Annual Meeting & Exposition. May 22, 2012 – Emergency Responders Day.
Topics included: National Update on Traffic Incident Management, Next Generation 911 Assists First
Responders, Work Zones, ITS, and Traffic Incident Management, ITS Tracking Secondary Crashes, Latest
Accident Investigation Technologies and Traffic Incident Management Technologies Special Session.
National Harbor, Maryland.

* 02-12 Federal Airbrake Certification – certified by NAVISTAR, USA, Baltimore, Maryland.

* 01-12 Temporary Traffic Control Managers Course Certification and MUTCD on Uniform Traffic Control
Devices certified by the State of Maryland State Highway Administration, Hanover, Maryland.

* 11-11 Compliance Safety and Accountability Seminar – Motor Carrier compliance review of applicable
federal filings, federal and state laws, and financial responsibility requirements established by the US
Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Annapolis, MD.

* 03-11 Advanced Collision Reconstruction With CDR Applications provided by Accident Analysis &
Reconstruction Inc. and Crash Data Specialists, LLC. Training included: Advanced mathematical solutions
for conducting speed and crash pulse evaluations, Analyzing CDR data in context of conventional collision
reconstruction, Overview of pre-crash data sources and recorded crash pulse data, Calculating impulse delta-
V, PDOF, and impact & post impact velocities from CDR Data. 5-day course of instruction. ACTAR CEUs:
36. Glen Burnie, MD.

* 12-10 Leica Geosystems Forensic Mapping course, specialized training for Leica C10 Scan Station and
Leica Cyclone software for determining distances and angles during practical field exercises. Cartography
skills for used at traffic highway collisions, crime scenes and other investigations. ACTAR CEUs: 24.
Annapolis, MD.

*10-10 2010 MdATAI Combined Annual Conference – Commercial Vehicle Conspicuity Systems, Sudden
Acceleration, Low Light Forensic Photography, Dynamic Crash Testing (CMV Under-Ride), Human Factors,
Vehicle Headlight Systems, Pictometry & New Applications for Imagery, Underride Impact Speed, Heavy
Truck Rollover, Energy / Thermodynamics. ACTAR CEUs: 18. Ocean City, MD.

*10-10 Forensic Mapping Class Professional Society of Forensic Mapping – Introduction to the use of
electronic measuring devices (Electronic Total Station) in forensic mapping. History, Theory and Collision
application. ACTAR CEUs: 6. Ocean City, MD.

*10-10 Nighttime – Low Light Photography Practical Applications. ACTAR CEUs: 2. Ocean City, MD.

                                                 -4-                                        June 1, 2012
*05-10 ARC/CSI Crash Conference 13 Real World Crash Testing – Light Filaments Forensic Evaluations;
Low Speed Crash Analysis; Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction; Commercial Motor Vehicle Forensic
Inspection for the Reconstructionist; PDOF and Angle Development Over Time; Impact speed and Post-
Collision Speedometer Readings; Accelerometers and Other Devices Used For Skid and Other Testing For
the Reconstructionist – Beyond the Drag Sled; Conspicuity Sheeting, Retro Reflective Tape Wear; GPS: The
Overlooked EDR?; Using Motion Equations in Accident Reconstruction; OnStar’s Automatic Crash
Response; Crash Tests Data Review; Speed or Acceleration from Video Frames; CMV Acceleration Study;
Commercial Vehicle Testing; Motorcycle/Moped Testing; Low-Speed Crash Testing; Pile-up Testing; and
Head-On Collision Testing. Las Vegas, NV.

*05-10 2010 Defense Litigation Seminar – DeCaro, Doran LLP. Specialized legal defense topics and
Updates. The use of the internet (Facebook, Twitter, etc..), Pro Se Litigation, Maryland, Virginia, District of
Columbia Updates, Damage Caps & Release Agreements, Experts & Junk Science Redux, Medical Terms
and Conditions, Tort Reform, and Forensic Engineering. Greenbelt, MD.

*11-09 Maryland State Highway Administration Temporary Traffic Control – Traffic Manager’s Training
Certification Course. This one-day eight hour course provides Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) training
to Traffic Managers (TM) required on projects on the State highway system. This course is designed for field
supervisors and crew leaders. The course includes fundamentals of Temporary Traffic Control (TTC), SHA’s
TTC related standards and specifications, TTC typical applications, etc. Certification received. Baltimore,

* 11-09 and 10-09 Maryland Motor Truck Association – Safety Management Council Meeting. Presentation
on the implementation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Comprehensive Safety Analysis
2010 (CSA 2010) program. FMCSA initiative to improve large truck and bus safety and ultimately reduce
commercial motor vehicle (CMV)-related crashes, injuries and fatalities. Introduction of a new enforcement
and compliance model that allows FMCSA and its State partners to contact a larger number of carriers earlier
in order to address safety problems before crashes occur. Training provided by Glenn Kern – Maryland State
Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Division. Baltimore, MD

* 10-09 NAPARS Joint Conference – Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Crash Testing and Braking
Efficiency Testing. CMV Electronic Data – Electronic Control Module, Newton’s Laws in respect to Inertial
Reference Frames, CMV Conservation of Momentum, Rotational Forces, Integration of Aerial Photography
& Forensic Mapping, Airbrakes, Adjustments and Stopping Ability of CMV, ECM Reports and Hours of
Service Compliance, Software Analysis of ECM Data. Ocean City, MD.

* 10-09 Maryland State Police / Maryland Crash Reconstruction Committee – Commercial Vehicle
Reconstruction Training. Dynamic testing of vehicle acceleration and braking efficiency. Verification of
brake force calculations for speed analysis. Largo, MD.

* 07-09 IPTM Univ. of North Florida, Human Factors for Collision Reconstruction. Courses included:
Eyewitness Reliability; Simple and Complex Perception-Reaction Times with Field Exercise; Driver, Vehicle
and Roadway Characteristics; Daytime and Nighttime Field Testing, Baltimore, MD.

                                                   -5-                                          June 1, 2012
* 06-09 ARC/CSI Crash Conference: Crash Testing, Commercial Vehicle Dynamics Factors in Collision
Reconstruction, Car Tires v. Truck Offset Turns, Air Brake Fundamentals & Advanced Technology plus Air
Brake performance – details from testing, Death Investigations & their Psychological Effect on Police
Officers and Reconstructionist, A Common Sense Approach to Explaining Real World Acceleration Values,
Braking Efficiency of Motorcycles, CSF with SUV’s in Double Steer Maneuvers, Critical Speed Evaluation,
Practical Applications of Accelerometer Data for Accident Reconstructionist, Estimation of Vehicle Speed
and Trajectory Based on Video from a Vehicle Mounted Camera, Evaluating a Nightmare response, Optics,
Lighting an Visibility for the Forensic Investigator, iWitness Photogrammetry Demo, Human Factors Testing,
Crash Data Review and ALM Review of data. Las Vegas, NV.

* 03-09 MCRC Crash Reconstruction Conference: Conspicuity, Photogrammetry in Crash Reconstruction,
Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Update, Commercial Motor Vehicle Engine Control Data, Human Factor Issues,
Investigation of Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions and Traffic Signal Collisions Investigations.
Baltimore, MD.

* 10-08 NJAARS (New Jersey Association of Accident Reconstructionists) Annual Joint Conference.
Crash Testing; Lateral Pole Impacts; Airborne Testing; Critical Speed; Perception Reaction Times; Crash
Data Retrieval (CDR) for Commercial Vehicles & Buses; Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine and Driving; CDR
Updates; and CAD Zone Overview. Atlantic City, NJ,

* 10-08 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Control Module (ECM), and Detroit Diesel Diagnostic (DDEC)
Link/DDEC Training. Training included both classroom instruction, as well as “hands-on” exercises. Dallas,

* 07-08 Applied Physics for Accident Reconstruction instructed by Dr. Bruno Schmidt. Baltimore, MD.

* 05-08 CDR Data Analyst Certification Course presented by Collision Safety Institute. General legal
considerations (criminal and civil) related to CDR data admissibility; Types of data collected; Understanding,
identifying and dealing with anomalous data from GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicle CDR reports. Millersville,

* 10-07 Maryland Transportation Technology Transfer Center focus on Work Zone Design at University of
Maryland. Courses included: Manuals and Standards; Fundamental Principles of Traffic Control;
Human Factors; Component Parts of a Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Zone; Traffic Control Devices;
Traffic Control Plan (TCP) and Strategies; Review of MD Standards. College Park, MD.

* 10-07 NYSTARS (New York State Accident Reconstruction Specialists) Annual Joint Conference.
Investigating Eccentric Collisions, Crash Testing by the Collision Safety Institute (CSI), Occupant
Kinematics in Rotational Collisions, Investigating Collisions at Signalized Intersections, Injury Patterns and
Mechanics of Injury, Crash Data Retrieval Update, Crash Testing Review and Analysis. Binghamton., New

* 09-07 IPTM Univ. of North Florida, Inspection and Investigation of Commercial Vehicle Crashes.
Courses included: Classroom Instruction; Field Acceleration & Brake Testing; Inspection. Baltimore, MD.

                                                   -6-                                         June 1, 2012
* 06-07 ARC/CSI Conference Crash Testing, Hit and Run Investigation, Smart Drive System Crash Data,
Investigating Snowmobile Crashes, Seat Belt Effectiveness and Injury Correlation, Mechanism of Air Bag
Injuries, Traffic Reconstruction at Traffic Signal Intersections, European Reconstruction Techniques, Human
Factors Beyond Perception Reaction Time, Investigating Nighttime Pedestrian Collisions, Momentum
Analysis Workshop, Complex Analysis Workshop, Reprogrammed Powertrain Control Modules and Crash
Analysis, Crash Test Analysis: Solutions and Review, Angular Velocity Analysis of SUV Collisions, The
Effects of Sample Rates and Averaging Methods on Accelerometer Based Skid Testing in Accident
Reconstruction, Review of Low Speed Crash Tests and the Effect of Restitution. Las Vegas, NV.

* 09-06 Advanced Collision Reconstruction provided by Accident Analysis & Reconstruction Inc. Training
included: Conservation of Linear/360 Momentum; Vectors Law of Sines and Cosines; Delta V, Restitution
and Closing Speed; PDOF; Braking Efficiency. Glen Burnie, MD

* 12-05 Advanced Collision Diagramming 3D & 3D Animation, presented by Visual Statement, Inc.
Riverdale, MD.

* 06-05 ARC/CSI Conference. Crash Testing and Skid Testing involving Commercial Vehicles,
Pedestrians, and Car-to-Car; Pedestrian Crash Reconstruction; Pedestrian Crash Injury and Analysis;
Evaluation of Damage and Energy in Crashes; Influence of Visibility on Driver Response, Air Bag
Deployment and Development, Child Safety Seat Issues in Crash Reconstruction, Crash Data Retrieval
System Developments. Las Vegas, NV.

* 06-05 MapScenes In-Service including: New CAD Interface, MapScenes Animation, 3-D Surfacing,
Forensic Mapping of Crime Scenes, Forensic Mapping Total Station Data/Measurement Validation & Court
Acceptance. Las Vegas, NV.

* 10-04 Criminal Litigation in Accident Reconstruction, DNA in Accident Reconstruction, Excel and
Spreadsheets for Accident Reconstruction, Electronic Crash Data Recorders – Update, NHTSA Early
Warning Reporting Regulations – MATAI Joint Conference. Ocean City, MD.

* 04-04 Motorcycle Collision Investigation, Crush Analysis in Vehicle Reconstruction, Left Turn and Gap
Acceptance Crashes, Commercial and School Bus Collision Reconstruction, Human Factors in Vehicle
Collision Reconstruction, Work Zone Accidents, Truth Analysis: Assessment of Written Statements,
Occupant Injuries in Reconstruction Cases, – Institute for Law Enforcement Education. Champion, PA.

* 10-03 NJAARS Joint Conference Class – Crash Testing, Pole Crash Testing, New Lighting Technology,
Pole Impacts, Canon-Digital Photography, Mercedes-Benz New Car Technology, Impact Factors Influencing
Pattern of Injury, Digital Photography Legal Issues, Bio-Mechanics, Test Data & Damage Analysis.
Atlantic City, NJ.

* 08-04 Maryland State Police Computer Crimes Division: Introduction to Computer Crimes Investigations.
Testing-Out required, successfully completed. Baltimore, MD.

* 04-03 Vetronix Crash Data Retrieval System user certification course presented by PA DOT/ Collision
Safety Institute. Testing-Out required. Allentown, PA.

                                                 -7-                                        June 1, 2012
* 01-03 Computer Collision Reconstruction Simulation user certification course for PC-Crash. Baltimore,

* 09-03 2003 NAPARS Annual Joint Conference. Ocean City, MD.

* 05-02 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Special Issues in Crash Reconstruction. Hanover,

* 04-02 2002 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education, Traffic Institute for Police
Services 14th Annual Law Enforcement Conference on Contemporary Topics in Reconstruction. Champagne,

* 10-01 ASE / Community College of Baltimore County Automotive Suspension & Steering certification.
Testing-Out required. Baltimore, MD.

* 10-01 Collision Reconstruction Re-Certification School, Maryland State Police. Pikesville, MD.

* 07-01 U.S. D.O.T., CVSA Re-Certification Course. Easton, MD.

* 06-01 PhotoModeler Pro (Basic & Advanced Training Workshop), Photogrammetry Software Training by
DeChant Consulting Services, Inc. EOS Systems Authorized Instructor. Baltimore, MD.

* 05-00 Hazardous Material Cargo Tanker Inspection Course hosted by the University of Missouri
Extension Division / U.S. D.O.T. OMC National Training Center. Baltimore, MD.

* 11-99 Vehicle Damage and Energy Relationship in Collision Reconstruction hosted by Texas A&M
University, Texas Engineering Extension Service, Law Enforcement & Security Training Division.
Davidsonville, MD.

* 07-99 AutoCAD Training at the Autodesk Training Center at the Community College of Baltimore,
County. Catonsville, MD.

* 07-99 U.S. D.O.T., CVSA Re-certification course. Easton, MD.

* 03-99 Maryland Society of Surveyors Spring Technical Conference on Accident and Crime Site
Surveying. Baltimore, MD.

* 06-98 U.S. D.O.T., CVSA Re-certification course. Baltimore, MD

* 10-97 Human Factors in Traffic Safety Course. Baltimore, MD.

* 08-97 U.S. D.O.T., CVSA Re-certification course. Baltimore, MD

* 07-97 1997 North Western Univ. National Traffic Homicide and D.W.I Conference. Chicago, Ill.

* 04-97 Society of Automobile Engineers (S.A.E) Conference. Washington, D.C.

* 03-97 U.S. D.O.T. Investigation Techniques for Motor Vehicle Crashes involving Air Bags. Towson, MD.

                                                -8-                                       June 1, 2012
* 02-97 Mass Transit Administration of Maryland Air Brake System Training hosted by the Maintenance
Training Department. Baltimore, MD.

* 12-96 Bus Reconstruction Course. University of North Florida Institute of Police Technology and
Management (IPTM). 5-Day course of instruction. Annapolis, MD.

* 11-96 Nikon Total Station School on Familiarization. Waterloo, MD.

* 11-96 Occupant Kinematics Course. Baltimore, MD.

* 10-96 U.S. D.O.T. Motor Coach Inspector Training Course. Havre DeGrace, MD.

* 09-96 Forensic Examination and Medical Evidence in Vehicular Homicide Prosecution at
the Institute for Public Safety, Inc hosted by the Maryland State Highway Administration. Baltimore, MD.
* 06-96 U.S. D.O.T. CVSA Level I, In-Service / Rectification Course.

* 06-96 U.S. D.O.T. Basic Hazardous Materials Inspection Course hosted by the University of Missouri
Extension division. Baltimore, MD.

* 05-96 Pedestrian Bicyclist Accident Reconstruction. Texas A&M University System hosted by the
Engineering Extension Service. 5-Day course of instruction. Millersville, MD.

* 03-96 Occupant Kinematics Course focusing on the impact of occupants during the collision. Baltimore,

* 01-96 Causation Analysis School on Fatigue & Complex XNS, Highway Design, Alcohol & Drugs, and
Human Factors. Pikesville, MD.

* 12-95 MJC & Associates Forensic Mapping course. Specialized course for Police on Sokkia electronic
total station, data collector and MAP software for determining distances and angles on the horizontal &
vertical-plane. Including: remote heights, off-set distances and other Cartography skills for use at
Traffic highway collisions, crime scenes and other investigations. 5-Day course of instruction Glen Burnie,

* 09-95 Applied Physics for Accident Reconstruction Course. Texas Engineering Extension Service. The
Texas A&M University System, Criminal Justice Academy. 5-Day course of instruction. Baltimore, MD.

* 06-95 U.S. D.O.T., North American Standard Level-1 Course. Baltimore, MD.,

* 06-95 Eighth Annual Maryland Traffic Engineers Conference (MTEC). Baltimore, MD.

* 04-95 Eighth Annual Maryland DWI and Vehicular Homicide Conference. Baltimore, MD.

* 02-95 Anti-Lock Braking System Workshop. Baltimore, MD.

* 11-94 Maryland Police Training Commission Instructor Certification, Harford Community College. 5-
Day course of instruction. Bel Air, MD.

                                                  -9-                                        June 1, 2012
* 09-94 Commercial Motor Vehicle Conference. Annapolis, MD.

* 05-94 Special Problems in Reconstruction Workshop. Pikesville, MD.

* 05-94 Collision Analysis and Reconstruction In-Service, given by The Maryland State Police. Pikesville,

* 01-94 Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Certification Training, given by The Maryland State
Police. 5-Day course of instruction. Pikesville, MD.

* 09-91 Accident Reconstruction Certification, given by The Maryland State Police. Pikesville, MD.

* 05-91 Advanced Accident Investigation Certification, given by The Maryland State Police. Pikesville, MD.

* 06-87 Accident Investigation Techniques Training, given by The Maryland State Police. Pikesville, MD.

                                                - 10 -                                     June 1, 2012

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