Document Sample
					                                8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
                         INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE
                            SDVOSB AT A GLANCE
                                       As of May 10, 2012

AAA Business Solutions, LLC                  SDVOSB         *Office Furniture
500 Glass Road                               GSA            *Office Products
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9407                                   *Artwork
Telephone: (877) 556-4222                                   *Stamps
Fax: (412) 787-3180                                         *Business Cards
URL:                                *Imprinting Services
GSA Schedule: GS-28F-0006W                                  *Envelopes

ABC Data Entry, Inc.                  SDVOSB                *Data Entry Services
311 North Aberdeen Street             SDB                   *Microfilm/Fiche Conversion
Suite 200-D                           GSA                   *Data Conversion
Chicago, IL 60607-1250                                      *Data Capture
Telephone: (312) 455-1199                                   *Data Processing
Fax: (312) 455-1195                                         *Document Scanning
URL:                                   *Litigation Document Processing
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0313W & GS-03F-0148V                  *Electronic Document Storage
                                                            *Cloud Computing
                                                            *Fulfillment & Mailing Services

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                               8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
ABM Federal Sales, Inc.                SDVOSB   *Bar Code Supplies
5 Research Park Drive                           *Copier Supplies
Saint Charles, MO 63304-5685                    *Document Destruction
Telephone: (800) 266-5020                        Equipment
Fax: (800) 729-4454                             *Magnetic Media
URL:                         *Paper, Labels & Transparencies
                                                *Printer/Fax Supplies
                                                *Printer Ribbons

AB Supply-Connection                   SDVOSB   *Mobile Management SW
1135 Terminal Way                               *Device Management
Suite 106                                       *Security Management
Reno, NV 89502-2143                             *Employee Management
Telephone: (775) 626-0259                       *Cost Management
Fax: (866) 734-9598                             *Vendor Management
URL:                 *Wireless Invoice Optimization

Academy Partners, Inc.                 SDVOSB   *IT Security
DBA: Academy Technology                GSA      *IT Storage
5130 Bonita Road                                *Unified Communications
Suite C                                         *Consolidation & Virtualization
Bonita, CA 91902-2000                           *Business Technology Optimization
Telephone: (619) 475-1527
Fax: (619) 475-4462
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0136V
                             8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Addx Corporation                       SDVOSB     *PMO Support
4900 Seminary Road                     GSA        *Acquisition Management Support
Suite 570                                         *Financial Strategy & Planning
Alexandria, VA 22311-1860                         *Strategic Human Capital Mgmt.
Telephone: (703) 933-7637                         *Workforce Planning & Analytics
Fax: (703) 933-7638                               *Workforce Development
URL:                             *Organization Development
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0349N                        *Knowledge Management
                                                  *Cost Benefit Analysis & Financial
                                                  *IT Portfolio Management
                                                  *Capital Planning & Investment
                                                  *Enterprise Architecture
                                                  *Records Management
                                                  *Information Assurance
                                                  *PKI & Identity Management

Ads On Things, LLC                     SDVOSB     *Logo Items
6303 East Brainerd Road                GSA        *Promotional Items
Chattanooga, TN 37421-3939
Telephone: (888) 893-7100
Fax: (423) 899-8832
GSA Schedule: GS-03F-0008T

Advanced Resource Technologies, Inc.   SDVOSB      *Information & Network Security
1555 King Street                       SDB         *IT Operations & Management
Suite 400                              GSA         *Program Management & Logistics
Alexandria, VA 22314-2738                          *Help Desk Services
Telephone: (703) 682-4740                          *Web Development & Management
Fax: (703) 682-4819                                *Web Hosting
URL:                             *Database Design
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-5349H & GS-07F-5863P (Note: *Document Management Services
 Not SDVOSB on this Schedule)                      *Certification & Accreditation
                                                   *FISMA Reporting
                                                   *Security Testing & Evaluation
                                                   *Security Architecture Planning
                             8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Advanced Systems Design, Inc.                  SDVOSB    *Legacy Mainframe Programs
2915 Kerry Forest Parkway                8(a)      *PC/Server Applications
Tallahassee, FL 32309-7803               3/31/2017 *Web-based Software
Telephone: (850) 385-5129                          *Server/Network Design &
Fax: (850) 385-1934                                 Implementation
URL:                               *Server/Operating System Migration
                                                    And Upgrades
                                                   *Data & Network Security
                                                   *Customer Support & Help Desk

Advanced Systems, Inc.                   SDVOSB     *Microsoft Gold Partner
8280 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive         VETS       *Cisco Partner
Suite 725                                           *Symantec Partner
Fairfax, VA 22031                                   *Oracle Partner
Telephone: (703) 218-3360                           *Sun Partner
Fax: (703) 218-3644                                 *Systems Engineering
URL:                             *LAN/WAN Analysis & Design
VETS GWAC: GS-06F-0508Z                             *Wireless Networking
                                                    *Database Integration
                                                    *Software Development
                                                    *IT Security
                                                    *Certification & Accreditation
                                                    *Program Management
                                                    *Networking & Communications

Aegis Lighting & Energy Solutions, LLC   SDVOSB     *Lighting Products
10908 Strang Line Road
Lenexa, KS 66215-2322
Telephone: (877) 976-7999
Fax: (816) 746-1310

Agape Consulting, Inc.                   SDVOSB     *Team Building
4868 Alamanda Drive                      SDB
Melbourne, FL 32940-2323
Telephone: (321) 749-4323
Fax: (321) 242-6368
                             8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
AGI Mission Support Services Inc.    SDVOSB      * Audiovisual Installation
850 Sligo Ave Suite 200              8(a)        * Cable Installation
Silver Spring, MD 20910-4703         8/21/2018   * System Design & Implementation
Telephone: (803) 233-3707                        *Administrative Support
Fax: (803) 753-8044                              *Video Teleconferencing
URL:                           *COOP Support
POC: Timothy M. Young, President                 *IT Project Support

Allagash Group, LLC                  SDVOSB      *Internet Publishing & Social
3819 Hunt Manor Drive                              Networking
Fairfax, VA 22033                                *Website Design Services
Telephone: (847) 921-1191                        *Computer-Based Professional
Fax: (703) 991-3224                                Training
URL:                       *Systems Integration
                                                 *Public Relations Service
                                                 *Graphic Design & Branding
                                                 *Marketing Consulting
                                                 *Strategic Planning & Business
                                                   Management Consulting
                                                 *Video Production
                                                 *Media Buying
                                                 *Direct Mail Advertising
                                                 *Specialty Advertising Services

Alliance Micro                         SDVOSB    *Office Supplies
4124 Walney Road                       GSA       *IT Supplies
Chantilly, VA 20151                              *Printer Toner & Ink
Telephone: (703) 421-8300                        *Printer Service
Fax: (703) 421-0054                              *Printing Solutions
URL:                       *Toner & Media Products
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0303R & GS-07F-0066T       *IT HW & SW
                                                 *PCs & Notebooks
                                                 *Critical Power & Air Conditioning
                                                 *Data Center Implementation
                                                 *Printer Services, Break Fix,
                                                   Managed Printer Services
                                 8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Allied National, Inc.                   SDVOSB      *Office Machines
13270 Capital Street                    GSA         *Vacuums
Oak Park, MI 48237-3107                       *Floor Cleaning Machines
Telephone: (248) 543-1232                           *Paper Shredders
Fax: (800) 730-5696                                 *Fax Machines
URL:                      *General Office Equipment
GSA Schedules: GS-02F-0113P, GS-07F-9396S &
 GS-25F-0113L (Note: Not SDVOSB on this Schedule)

Allied Network Solutions, Inc.           SDVOSB     *Value-Added Reseller
1358 Blue Oaks Blvd.                     GSA        *Systems Engineering
Suite 200                                           *Network Installation
Roseville, CA 95678-7014                            *Network Management
Telephone: (916) 774-2670                           *IT Infrastructure Support
Fax: (916) 774-2654                                 *IT Security Implementation
URL:                                 *Project Management
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0529S

All-Star Consulting, LLC                 SDVOSB     *Call Center
3710 Commerce Drive                                 *Help Desk
Building 1001                                       *Break/Fix Service
Halethorpe, MD 21227-1653                           *Maintenance & Continuity
Telephone: (443) 543-7828                           *IT Staffing
Fax: (410) 242-7166                                 *IT Infrastructure Services
URL:                   *Value-Added Reseller

All USA, Inc.                        SDVOSB   *Value-Added Reseller
DBA:                        SDB
253 Cheatham Street
Bruceton, TN 38317-1811
Telephone: (615) 537-1058
Fax: (615) 537-2592
                               8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Alpha Technology Group, Inc.             SDVOSB     *Facilities/Infrastructure Const.
4658 Leonardtown Road                    8(a)       *Transmission Networking Sols.
Waldorf, MD 20601-3672             3/5/2013   *Telephone Switching Systems
Telephone: (301) 632-5581                GSA        *Converged Networks
Fax: (301) 632-5582                                 *Voice Mail Systems
URL:                            *Copper/Fiber Optic Cable
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0286S                           *Outside Plant Cabling
                                                     *Tower & Antenna Structure
                                                     *Pole Line Construction
                                                     *Uninterruptible Power Supply
                                                     *Systems Integration
                                                     *Networking Solutions
                                                     *Network Administration
                                                     *Desktop Support
                                                     *Database Management
                                                     *Information Assurance
                                                     *Hosted 24/7 Call Center Services
                                                     *Video Display & Surveillance
                                                     *Help Desk

American Cybernetic Corp.              SDVOSB        *Program & Project Management
1 Research Court                       GSA           *Acquisition Management
Suite 450                                            *Quality Management
Rockville, MD 20850-6252                             *Feasibility Assessment
Telephone: (301) 216-3810                            *OMB Exhibit 300
Fax: (301) 765-1836                                  *Earned Value Management
URL:                            *IV&V
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0193N & GS-10F-0442R           *SOA
                                                     *Systems Engineering
                                                     *Security Certification
                                                     *Requirements Analysis
                                                     *Help Desk
                                                     *Systems Administration
                                                     *Security Administration
                              8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
American Product Distributors, Inc.   SDVOSB      *Office Supplies
8350 Arrowridge Blvd.                 SDB         *Industrial & Janitorial Supplies
Charlotte, NC 28273-5755              GSA         *Copier Machines & Supplies
Telephone: (704) 522-9411                         *Business Machine Ribbons
Fax: (704) 525-1975                               *Inkjet & Laser Toner Cartridges
URL:                      *Business Machine Rolled Papers
GSA Schedules: GS-21F-0089V& GS-02F-0144R         *Business Cards, Envelopes &
                                                  *Copier & Cut Paper

American Sanitary Products, Inc.      SDVOSB      *Odor Control Products
408 Headquarters Drive                GSA         *Air Purifiers
Suite 9                                           *Ozone Equipment
Millersville, MD 21108-2552
Telephone: (410) 729-2033
Fax: (410) 729-3454
GSA Schedule: GS-07F-5870P

Americom Automation Services, Inc.    SDVOSB      *Cable & Wiring Services
151 S. Walnut Street                  8(a)        *Network Design
Suite C6                              8/12/2013   *Voice & Data Cabling
Las Cruces, NM 88001-2617                         *Video Conferencing
Telephone: (575) 373-9292
Fax: (575) 373-9499

AMPS, LLC                             SDVOSB      *Program & Project Management
658 South Columbus Street                         *Business Strategy & Financial
Alexandria, VA 22314-4156                          Management
Telephone: (703) 420-5233                         *Operations, Logistics, & Supply
Fax: (312) 275-7902                                Chain Management
URL:                        *Energy Management & Sustainment
                                                  *Policy & Regulatory Compliance

AMV Technologies                      SDVOSB      *Management Consulting Services
9812 Falls Road                       SDB         *Operations Research
Suite 114-195                                     *Project Management
Potomac, MD 20854-3976                            *Technology Consulting Services
Telephone: (202) 455-0268
Fax: (301) 576-3790
                            8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Analytical Research, LLC                     SDVOSB      *Contract Management &
4401 Wilson Blvd.                      8(a)        *Risk Management
Suite 1120                             2/27/2013   *Financial Management
Arlington, VA 22203-4194                           *Conference & Event Planning
Telephone: (703) 465-7850                          *Technical Writing
Fax: (703) 465-7851                                *Database Support

Anchor Archives Document Storage Corp. SDVOSB      *Document Storage
375 Roberts Road                                   *Digital Imaging
Suite D                                            *Document Shredding
Oldsmar, FL 34677-4914                             *Offsite Records Storage
Telephone: (727) 943-9290                          *Secure Shredding
Fax: (727) 943-5214

AOC Solutions, Inc.                    SDVOSB      *Card Management & Payables
14151 Newbrook Drive                   GSA           Systems
Suite 200                                          *Government Financial Management
Chantilly, VA 20151-2279                     *Credit Card Payment Gateway
Telephone: (703) 234-6300                          *Call Center Services
Fax: (703) 234-6301                                *Knowledge Management & Training
GSA Schedule (Note: Not SDVOSB on Schedule): GS-00F-0070M

Aptive Resources, LLC                  SDVOSB      *Strategic Planning
2308 Mt. Vernon Avenue                             *IT Strategy & Transformation
#219                                               *IT Governance & Organization
Alexandria, VA 22301-1328                          *IT Compliance Management
Telephone: (703) 740-8787                          *Enterprise & Solution Architecture
Fax: (703) 740-8787                                *IT Program Management &
URL:                         Integration
                             8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Ashante Fe Education Limited            SDVOSB      *Education Services
DBA: Lawler Association                 HUBZone     *Computer Training
5106 Boulder Drive                      SDB         *eLearning
Oxon Hill, MD 20745-3713                            *IT Training
Telephone: (301) 793-7971                           *Conference Planning
Fax: (301) 630-8016                                 *Meeting Planning
URL:                    *Research & Evaluation
                                                    *Training Event & Exposition
                                                    *Writing & Editing
                                                    *Organizational Management
                                                    *Web Development
                                                    *Administrative Support
                                                    *Succession Planning
                                                    *Workforce Management
                                                    *Knowledge Management
                                                    *Pre-Employment Screening
                                                    *Help Desk Services

Asyncrob Corporation                     SDVOSB      *Cabling Services
DBA: Asyncrob & Associates               8(a)        *Document Management Services
3057 Nutley Street                 2/27/2013  *Electronic Data Filing Systems
Suite 522                                            *Staffing Services
Fairfax, VA 22031-1112                               *Network & Internet/Information
Telephone: (703) 591-6455                             Security
Fax: (703) 591-3555                                  *PBX & Key System Installation
URL:                                *Telecommunications Audit Program
                                                     *Telecommunications Single Source
                                                      Procurement Management
                                                     *Telecommunications Mgmt.
                                                      Software Design
                                                     *Telecommunications RFP Services
                               8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
A-Team Solutions                       SDVOSB      *Management Consulting
8265 Rippling Branch Road              8(a)        *Information Technology Consulting
Laurel, MD 20723-1074                  9/20/2014   *Program and Project Management
Telephone: (703) 224-8243                          *Staff Augmentation
Fax: (202) 517-9172                                *Strategic, Business, Action, &
URL:                         Contingency Planning
                                                   *Process & Productivity Improvement
                                                   *Systems Alignment
                                                   *Leadership Systems
                                                   *Organizational Assessments &
                                                   *Performance Measures
                                                   *Program Audits, Evaluations
                                                   *Facilities and Move Management
                                                   *Business Analysis

Atlantic Systems Group, Inc.           SDVOSB      *Computer Security
295 Barnes Blvd.                                   *Information Assurance
Suite A
Rockledge FL 32955-6770
Telephone: (321) 243-4170
Fax: (321) 821-0409

Avisar, Inc.                           SDVOSB      *Software Engineering & Application
2111 Wilson Blvd.                      8(a)          Development
Suite 700                              5/18/2015   *Information Assurance & Security
Arlington, VA 22201                                *Data Processing & Archiving
Telephone: (703) 351-5036                          *Systems Integration
Fax: (703) 660-8715                                *Network Engineering & Operations
URL:                             *Help Desk and End-User Support
                                                   *Strategic Communications,
                                                    & Training
                                                   *Program Management, Operations &
                            8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Axiom Corporation                         SDVOSB     *Information Assurance
3565 Piedmont Road                  8(a)      *Help Desk Support
Suite 125                           9/30/2017 *Disaster Recovery
Atlanta, GA 30305-4613                        *IV&V
Telephone: (404) 995-8880                     *Technical Staff Outsourcing
Fax: (404) 995-8887                           *Program/Project Management
URL:                       *Strategic Planning
                                              *Executive Administration
                                              *Training (leadership, technical,
                                                Organizational, diversity)
                                              *Team Building
                                              *Executive Coaching
                                              *Professional Development
                             8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Bar Code Equipment Service, LLC      SDVOSB   *Bar Coding Equipment
DBA: BCES                            SDB      *Point of Sale Equipment
315 3rd Avenue North
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250-5601
Telephone: (904) 249-3862
Fax: (904) 247-3862

Bazaco, Inc.                         SDVOSB   *Information Sharing Environment
DBA: eFederal Systems                           (ISE) Development
2140 Wampee Drive                             *Systems Architecture
Pinopolis, SC 29469-5060                      *Design & Implementation
Telephone: (866) 337-9448                     *Web 2.0 Development
Fax: (866) 337-9448                           *Web Development & Hosting
URL:                  *Help Desk Services
                                              *Office Build-Outs (including IT/
                                                Telephone Systems)

Bellamy Management Services, LLC     SDVOSB   *Metrics & Scorecards
901 D Street, NW                     SDB      *Budget Execution
Suite 1009                                    *Data Entry
Washington, DC 20024-2149                     *Strategy Mapping
Telephone: (202) 359-6551                     *Management Development Training
Fax: (202) 863-2710                           *Knowledge Management
URL:                          *Technology Procurement
                                              *Database Management
                                              *Network Solutions
                                              *Computer Systems Design Services
                                              *Web Development & Admin.
                                              *Graphic Design Services
                                              *Program Management
                                              *Requirements Analysis
                                              *Strategic Planning
                                              *Document Management
                                              *Technical Writing
                                              *Event Planning
                              8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Best Enterprises, LLC                 SDVOSB    *Telecommunications Products
6989 North 55th Street                GSA       *IT Products
Suite D
Oakdale, MN 55128-1724
Telephone: (651) 779-1022
Fax: (651) 779-1029
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0278P

Best Value Technology, Inc.           SDVOSB    *Acquisition Support
15855 Parnell Court                   GSA       *Cost/Price Analysis
Haymarket, VA 20169-1667                        *Source Selection Tool
Telephone: (703) 229-4200                       *Network Design & Mgmt.
Fax: (703) 229-4229                             *Web Application Development
URL:                               *Database Administration
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0417T                      *Hosting Services
                                                *HW/SW Break-Fix
                                                *Call Center/Help Desk/Desktop
                                                *Business Process Reengineering
                                                *Program Management
                                                *Requirements Development

BNF Technologies, Inc.                 SDVOSB   *Database Creation & Maintenance
2461 South Clark Street                GSA      *Help Desk & Operation Support
Suite 600                                       *Data Entry, Scanning, & Imaging
Arlington, VA 22202-3823                        *Web-Base Applications
Telephone: (703) 413-4510                       *User Manuals
Fax: (703) 413-4322                             *Business Process Reengineering
URL:                              *Work-Flow Analysis
GSA Schedules: GS-25F-0041N & GS-10F-0420N      *Acquisition & Logistics Planning
                                                *Records & Document Management
                                                *Document Conversion

Bradford Media Systems, LLC           SDVOSB    *Broadcast Television & Studio
610 Potomac Valley Drive              SDB        Management
Fort Washington, MD 20744-6752                  *Distance Learning Technologies
Telephone: (301) 839-6748                       *Video Production
Fax: (301) 839-6748                             *Multimedia Management
URL:              *Event Planning
POC: John B. Jones, CEO & President                   *Media Hosting
                                                *Technical Staffing
                              8(a) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Bravo Company                         SDVOSB      *Program & Project Management
12805 Brushwood Terrace                           *Business SW Application Devel.
Potomac, MD 20854-3055                            *Software Development Support
Telephone: (301) 309-6975                         *Business Process Reengineering
Fax: (301) 309-6975                               *OMB Exhibit 300 Support

BrilPro, Inc.                         SDVOSB      *Program & Project Management
4031University Drive                  SDB         *PMO Support
Suite 200                                         *Web Portal & Application Devel.
Fairfax, VA 22030-3409                            *Software & Database Lifecycle
Telephone: (571) 321-2016                          Support
Fax: (703) 815-1024                               *Systems Engineering
URL:                              *Procurement/Acquisition Support

B3 Solutions, LLC                     SDVOSB      *Acquisition Support
1225 West Beaver Street               8(a)        *Contract Close-Out
Suite 108                             2/16/2016   *Human Capital Management
Jacksonville, FL 32204-1415           GSA          Support
Telephone: (904) 695-4241                         *Human Resources Staffing
Fax: (904) 695-4241                               *Human Resources Policy & Program
URL:                           Support
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0298T                        *Program Management Support
                                                  *Data Center Operations
                                                  *Video Conferencing
                                                  *Network Operations Centers
                                                  *Logistics & Facilities Support
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Cain-Hill Contracting, Inc.                SDVOSB      * General Contractor
5950 Symphony Woods Road             8(a)      * Interior/Exterior Demolition
Suite 160                            7/1/2011  * Environmental Abatement
Columbia, MD 21044-3402
Telephone: (410) 740-0805
Fax: (410) 740-0806
POC: Andra Cain, President

Calloway & Associates, Inc.          SDVOSB      *Financial Management Services
8961 Harvest Oaks Drive              W/O         *Financial Accounting
Suite 201                            8(a)        *Financial Planning
Raleigh, NC 27613                    2/23/2014   *Business Process Reengineering
Telephone: (919) 847-5454                        *Management Consulting Services
Fax: (919) 844-5211                              *Asset Management Services
URL:                            *General Ledger & Financial
POC: Cassandra Johnson                                  Statement Preparation

Capital Consulting Corporation         SDVOSB    *Conference Planning & Mgmt.
2810 Old Lee Highway                   SDB       *Exhibit Services
Suite 200                              W/O       *Publication Services
Fairfax, VA 22031-4331                 GSA       *Writing, Editorial, Production &
Telephone: (703) 876-0400                         Document Preparation Support
Fax: (703) 496-0496                              *Strategic Planning
URL:                          *Media Outreach & Assessment
GSA Schedules: GS-07F-0560T, GS-07F-0561T &      *Video Production
 GS-10F-0148U                                    *Graphics & Document Production

Capture Office Product               SDVOSB      *Break room Supplies
712 S. Oregon Ave.,                              *Restroom Supplies
Suite 200                                        *Cleaners & Chemicals
Tampa, FL 33608                                  *Cleaning Supplies
Telephone: (888)512-0456 ext 507                 *Floor Maintenance
URL :                      *Facility Maintenance
POC: Kim Sievert                                 *First Aid Supplies
                                                 *Mailroom Supplies
                                                 *Safety & Security
                                                 *Wastebasket & Liners
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

CC&C Management Services, LLC    SDVOSB     *Relocation Planning Services
4405 East-West Highway           8(a)       *Move Management Coordination
Suite 108                        12/29/2017 *Office Relocation
Bethesda, MD 20814-4532                     *Furniture
Telephone: (301) 654-5100 x314              *Interior Design
Fax: (301) 654-5101                         *Warehouse Logistics
URL:                        *Asset Management
POC: Felton Miller, CEO                     *Facility Management
                                            *High Density Storage
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Central Research, Inc.                    SDVOSB     *Document Imaging
506 Enterprise Drive                      8(a)       *Deaths/Incarcerations Databases
Suite 200                                 10/25/2016 *Value-Added Reseller
Lowell, AR 72745-9632                     GSA
Telephone: (479) 419-5455
Fax: (479) 419-5461
GSA Schedule: GS-23F-0320P

Centuria Corporation                 SDVOSB           *Software Development Full
21000 Atlantic Blvd.                 GSA               Lifecycle Support
Suite 710                            VETS             *Systems Engineering
Dulles, VA 20166-2499                                 *Test & Evaluation
Telephone: (703) 435-4600                             *Program Management
Fax: (703) 435-9974                                   *Supply Chain Management
URL:                                 *Help Desk
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0164P & VETS GWAC:

Client/Server Software Solutions, Inc.      SDVOSB      *CMMi Level 3
DBA: CSSS.Net                               W/O         *Systems Engineering, Architecture
3906 Raynor Parkway                         8(a)          and Integration
Suite 201                                   5/13/2012   *Information Security/Assurance
Bellevue, NE 68123-6053                CMMi 3     *Software/Applications Development
Telephone: (402) 393-8059                   GSA         *Database Management/Development
Fax: (402) 393-1825                         VETS        *Network/Desktop Operations
URL:                                         Support
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0748M & VETS GWAC:                *Certification & Accreditation

CLMS, LLC                              SDVOSB         *Program Management Support
3923 16th Street South                 W/O            *Strategic Planning
Arlington, VA 22204-5020               GSA            *Earned Value Management
Telephone: (703) 629-3231                             *Software & Application Support
Fax: (703) 485-1368                                   *Systems Engineering
URL:                                  *Legacy System Modernization
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0590K & GS-10F-0206U            *Staff Augmentation
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
CMark International, Inc.              SDVOSB      *Food Service Equipment
DBA: Commercial Marketing              GSA         *Facility Support Products
9570 Two Notch Road                                *Food Services
Suite 4
Columbia, SC 29223-4309
Telephone: (803) 699-4940
Fax: (803) 699-7128
GSA Schedules: GS-27F-0032N, GS-29F-0003V,
 GS-07F-0439K, & GS-07F-0329N

Coact, Inc.                            SDVOSB      *Certification & Accreditation
9140 Guilford Road                     GSA         *Common Criteria Evaluations
Suite N                                            *Cryptographic Module Testing
Columbia, MD 21046-2587                            *Personal Identity Verification
Telephone: (301) 498-0150                            Testing
Fax: (301) 498-0855                                *Information Security Services,
URL:                                   Testing, Consulting & Training
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0625S

COGENT Infotech Corporation            SDVOSB      *Consulting
2581 Washington Road                   HUBZone     *Solutions Engineering
Suite 232                              8(a)        *Outsourcing
Pittsburgh, PA 15241                   3/26/2018
Telephone: 412-835-2700 Ext. 12
Fax: 412-774-1515
POC: Justin Acord

Cogent Solutions, LLC                   SDVOSB    *Management & Technical Consulting
325 Wallace Street                HUBZone *Software Engineering
Suite B                                 8(a)      *Application Development
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-3122     1/12/2016  *Network Engineering
Telephone: (540) 372-7707               GSA       *Network Management
Fax: (866) 251-5079
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0157P
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Collins Consulting, Inc.             SDVOSB     *IT Help Desk Support
999 Plaza Drive                      GSA        *Call Center
Suite 240                                       *Network Operations
Schaumburg, IL 60173-5404                       *Asset Inventory Services
Telephone: (847) 337-7450                       *Asset Remarketing & Disposal
Fax: (847) 805-4783                             *IT Staff Augmentation
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0237M

Compumatics, Inc.                    SDVOSB     *Information Assurance
DBA: Compumatics Group, LLC               GSA          *Enterprise Architecture
8231 Old Courthouse Road             VETS       *Knowledge Management
Suite 255                                       *SOA
Vienna, VA 22182-3829                           *Content & Records Management
Telephone: (703) 748-4545                       *Lean Six Sigma Consulting &
Fax: (703) 748-4550                               Training
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0056U & VETS GWAC:

Computer Security Consulting, Inc.   SDVOSB     *Information Assurance
509 Tracy Lane                       SDB        *FISMA/NIST Review & Reporting
Suite 1B                             GSA        *Certification & Accreditation
Warrensburg, MO 64093-3216                      *Security Architecture
Telephone: (816) 463-3014                       *Network Security Design
Fax: (800) 788-3615                             *SDLC
URL:                           *Security Program Development
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0197T                      *Disaster Recovery
                                                *Data Center Consolidation
                                                *Portfolio Management
                                                *Enterprise Architecture
                                                *Capital Planning & Investment
                                                *Counter Terrorism Training
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Continental Contracting, Inc.        SDVOSB     * General Construction
5817 Leslie Avenue                              * Design Build
Norfolk, VA 23518                               *Electrical Services (In-House)
Telephone: 757-560-4164
Fax: 757-545-8658

Convergence Global Strategies, LLC   SDVOSB     *Organizational Change
4402 East Janice Way                            *Talent Management
Phoenix, AZ 85032-8511                          *Competency Development
Telephone: (602) 796-4675                       *Strategic Planning
Fax: (480) 443-0163                             *Problem Solving
URL:                      *Knowledge Transfer
                                                *Corporate Wellness

Cooper Photonics, Inc.               SDVOSB     *System Design Solution
1100 Mercantile Lane                 8(a)       *Systems Quality Assurance
Suite 115A                           10/22/2013 *Information Assurance &
Largo, MD 20774                                   Security Services
Telephone: (301) 583-4635                       *Telecommunications &
Fax: (866) 301-3007                               Networking
URL:                         *Business Services

Creative Business Soultions          SDVOSB     *Accounting/Training
11712 Brookeville Landing Ct.        HUBZone    *Financial Reporting
Mitchelleville, MD 20721                        *Budgeting
Telephone: (301) 509-9954                       *Resource Management
Fax: (301) 218-2979                             *Business Process Reengineering
URL:                           *Program/Project
POC: Robert Palmer, CEO                               *Pre-Post Contract
                                                *Strategic Planning
                                                *Information Technology
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
CPS Professional Services, LLC           SDVOSB    *Learning & Development
8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive   GSA       *Process Engineering
Suite 350                                    *Advisement & Deployment Svcs.
Fairfax, VA 22031-4513                       *Coaching & Mentoring
Telephone: (571) 282-4024                    *Organizational Development
Fax: (571) 282-4936                          *IT Consulting
URL:                          *Concept of Operations (ConOps) &
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0146V                     COOP Planning & Development
                                             *Program Management & PMO Svcs.
                                             *Business Case Development
                                             *Event Planning
                                             *Acquisition Support
                                             *Lean Six Sigma & Six Sigma
                                              *Quality Process Training
                                              *Succession Planning
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Craig Technical Consulting, Inc.            SDVOSB       *Systems Engineering
DBA: Craig Technologies                     W/O          *Software Design &
2133 Upton Drive                      8(a)        *Modeling & Simulation
Suite 126-305                         11/7/2011   *Training Analysis & Delivery
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-6758    VETS       *Program/Project Management
Telephone: (321) 453-2719             STARS       *Information Assurance
Fax: (321) 784-7030                               *Network Administration
URL:                         *Legacy Data Migration
VETS GWAC: GS-06F-0526Z & STARS GWAC:             *Web Portal Design & Development

Crystal IT, Inc.                       SDVOSB     *Access Control
3701 West Anthem Way                   SDB        *Computer Security Solutions
Suite 203                                         *IT Security
Anthem, AZ 85086-0466
Telephone: (623) 251-6428
Fax: (623) 328-8163

C Watkins & Associates, Inc.         SDVOSB       *Software Life Cycle Mgmt. (SLCM)
DBA: CWI                             GSA          *Telecommunications/Network Svcs.
23 Griswold Court                    VETS         *Configuration Management
Sterling, VA 20165-6212                           *Client Support Administration (CSA)
Telephone: (703) 444-1625                         *Database Design
Fax: (703) 444-2931                               *Data Warehousing
URL:                          *Integration Support
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0228M & VETS GWAC:           *IV&V
 GS-06F-0509Z                                     *Server Support
                                                  *Help Desk Support
                                                  *Network Support/Security
                                                  *Information Assurance & Protection
                                                  *Certification & Accreditation
                                                  *E-Business Support
                                                  *PMO Support
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Cyberspace Technologies International         SDVOSB     *LAN/WAN Systems Integration
1007 Oak Hill Road                                *Value-Added Reseller
Suite E                                           *Systems Administration
Lafayette, CA 94549-3812                          *Cable Planning
Telephone: (925) 284-5882                         *Data Conversion
Fax: (925) 284-8868                               *Network Systems Design
URL:                            *Distance Learning
                                                  *IT Project Management

Cydecor                                 SDVOSB      * IT Strategy and Consulting
525 North Tyron Street                  8(a)        * Enterprise Content
Suite 1700                              2/17/2013   * Document Management
Charlotte, NC 28202-0200                            * Professional Program Management
Telephone: (704) 333-6297                           * IT Contract Staffing
Fax: (704) 333-7016                                 * Language Translation and
URL:                           Interpretation
POC: Nader Elguindi, President & CEO
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

DCA Management Services, Inc.        SDVOSB    *Facilities Support Services
DBA: DCAMSI                          GSA       *Office Relocation Services
4451 Brookfield Corporate Drive                *Office Relocation Move
Suite 250                                       Management Services
Chantilly, VA 20151-1724                 *Packing and Crating
Telephone: (703) 961-0190                      *Postal Service
Fax: (703) 961-0196                            *Private Mail Centers
GSA Schedule: GS-33F-0040P

DCS Infrastructure, LLC              SDVOSB    *Wastewater Treatment
3239 Route 112                                 *Storm Water & Erosion Control
Suite 4D
Medford, NY 11763-1432
Telephone: (631) 294-7924
Fax: (631) 924-0332

Definitive D & V, Inc.               SDVOSB    *LAN/WAN & Telecommunications
411 3rd Street North                 W/O        Equipment
Suite 200                            GSA       *Polycom Reseller
Waite Park, MN 56387-1078                      *Plantronics Headsets
Telephone: (320) 529-0145
Fax: (320) 529-0143
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0264P
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Demi Systems, LLC                    SDVOSB     *Intrusion Detection Systems
23321 Triple Crown Drive             HUBZone    *CCTV Surveillance Systems
Ruther Glen, VA 22546-3487           SDB        *Access Control Systems
Telephone: (540) 498-0959                       *Perimeter Radar Surveillance
Fax: (540) 498-0959                             *Alarm Monitoring
URL:                        *Physical Security
                                                *Voice & Data Networks
                                                *Fiber Optics Networks
                                                *Network Security
                                                *Video Conferencing
                                                *Command Display Centers
                                                *Multimedia Systems

Done Deal General Construction &     SDVOSB     * Architectural Services
 Electrical, Inc.                    8(a)       *Design Development
1001 Prince Georges Blvd.            10/18/2013 *Construction Documents
Suite 450                                       *Permitting
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774                        *Electrical Services
Telephone: (301) 249-5959                       *Mechanical Services
Fax: (301) 399-8534                             *General Construction

Drayton, Drayton & Lamar, Inc.         SDVOSB   *Database Solutions
1100 North Glebe Road                  SDB      *Help Desk/Call Center Services
Suite 650                              GSA      *Network Solutions
Arlington, VA 22201-5721               VETS     *Program Management
Telephone: (703) 741-7000                       *Quality Management
Fax: (703) 741-7038                             *Software Development
URL:                             *Systems Integration
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0061L, GS-10F-0167S, &     *Web Services
 VETS GWAC: GS-06F-0411Z                        *Business Process Reengineering
                                                *Management Consulting
                                                *Program Office Support
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Duluth Travel, Inc.                  SDVOSB   *Travel Management Services
2860 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.      GSA      *Travel Agency
Suite 1000
Duluth, GA 30097-7906
Telephone: (770) 813-9895
Fax: (770) 813-8303
GSA Schedule: GS-33F-0008R

DW Freight, Inc.                     SDVOSB   *Air Cargo
15551 East Batavia Drive             SDB      *Ground Trucking
Suite D                                       *Warehousing
Aurora, CO 80011-4669                         *Logistics Management
Telephone: (303) 367-2542
Fax: (303) 340-3806

Dynamic Technology Systems, Inc.     SDVOSB   *Requirements Definition
5285 Shawnee Road                    GSA      *System Design & Development
Suite 500                                     *Implementation Support
Alexandria, VA 22312                          *System Maintenance
Telephone: (703) 379-4800                     *Enterprise Content Management
Fax: (703) 379-4901                           *Database Management
URL:                          *Workflow & Collaboration
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-5059H                    *Software Development
                                              *Electronic Publishing
                                              *Web Site Design
                                              *Legacy System Integration
                                              *Section 508 Compliance

DYNANET Corporation                  SDVOSB   *Software Development
8182 Lark Brown Road,                GSA      *Infrastructure Operations &
Elkridge, Maryland 21075                        Management
Telephone: (443) 661-1403                     *Program Management
Fax: (443) 661-1408                           *Health IT
GSA Schedule: GS-35F5863H
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Emesec, Inc.                                SDVOSB     * Information Assurance
12801 Worldgate Drive                 W/O        * Regulatory Compliance
Suite 500                             8(a)       * IA Strategies
Herndon, VA 20170                     3/1/2014   * HIPAA Security
Telephone: (703) 871-3973                        * e-Security Professional Services
Fax: (703) 969-2382                              * Identity Management
URL:                              * Regulatory Compliance
POC: Maria C. Horton, President/CEO              * Forensics
                                                 * Emergency Management Services
                                                 * Incident Response
                                                 * PKI Implementation
                                                 * Biometric Devices
                                                 * Contingency/Disaster Recovery
                                                 * Risk Analysis
                                                 * Vulnerability Remediation
                                                 * Secure VTC
                                                 * Capital Security Planning

E-9 Corporation                       SDVOSB     *Program/Project Management
6507 Wynema Court                     GSA        *Intelligence Support
2nd Floor                                        *Financial Management
Alexandria, VA 22315-5928                        *Full Life Cycle Development
Telephone: (703) 994-2774                        *Content Management
Fax: (703) 339-0053                              *Logistics Support
URL:                      *Training Coordination
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0377S                       *Network Engineering
                                                 *Telecommunications Support
                                                 *Help Desk Services
                                                 *Operations & Maintenance Support
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Enterprise Furniture Consultants, Inc.   SDVOSB      *Office Furniture
608 Folcroft Street                      HUBZone     *IT Furniture (Racks/Consoles)
Suite L                                  8(a)
Baltimore, MD 21224-2945                 1/23/2019
Telephone: (410) 342-0630                GSA
Fax: (410) 342-0631
GSA Schedule: GS-28F-0023U

Eskridge Research Corporation                  SDVOSB     *Financial Management
7900 Cranford Farm Circle                8(a)       * Planning, Programming, Budgeting,
Lorton, VA 22079-2149                    10/22/2013   & Execution (PPBE) Process
Telephone: (703) 550-3650                           *Program Support
Fax: (703) 550-3651                                 *Systems Engineering
URL:                                 *Technology Assessment
POC: Jeff Eskridge, President/CEO

Evolution Technologies, Inc.             SDVOSB      *Information & Network Security
2325 Dulles Corner Blvd                              * Operations & Maintenance
Suite 500                                            * Program Management & Logistics
Herndon, VA 20171                                    * Help Desk Services
Telephone: (540) 539-4759                            *Web Development * Management
Fax: (703) 654-6001                                  *Certification & accreditation
URL:                               *Information Systems Security
POC: Lee Tincher                                      (ISSO) services (Federal
                                                      Accredited personnel)
                                                     *Database Design
                                                     *Business Intelligence solutions and
                                                     *FISMA Reporting
                                                     *Security Testing & Evaluation
                                                     *Security Architecture Planning

Exegistics, Inc.                         SDVOSB    *Supply Chain Management
1040 South Milwaukee Avenue                        *Program Management
Suite 105                                          *Performance Management
Wheeling, IL 60090-6375                       *Warehouse Management
Telephone: (847) 657-9713                          *Facilities Management
Fax: (888) 703-5510
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Federal Support Services, Inc.              SDVOSB     *Construction Management
12915 Jones Maltsberger Road                           *General Construction
Suite 400                                              *Abatement Services
San Antonio, TX 78247-4255
Telephone: (866) 499-0393
Fax: (210) 495-3302

Federated IT, Inc.                          SDVOSB      *Network Design & Architecture
1200 G Street, NW                    8(a)         *Secure Virtualization
Suite 800                                   10/20/2015 *Data Center Operations & Migration
Washington, DC 20005                                    *Server and Desktop Support
Telephone: (202) 434-8959                               *Messaging Services & Web Server
Fax: (202) 478-2950                                       Support
URL:                                *Enterprise Management &
POC: Kyle von Bucholz, CEO                                Operations
                                                        *Storage Area Network Solutions
                                                        *Web Portal Technology
                                                        *Software/Applications Development
                                                        *Database Management & Data
                                                          Mining Solutions
                                                        *Information Assurance
                                                        *Vulnerability Assessments
                                                        *Secure Network Architecture
                                                        *Web Portal Security
                                                        *Intelligence Analysis
                             8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
FedStore Corporation, Inc.               SDVOSB      *Enterprise Network Infrastructure
1 Research Ct. #450                                  *Cyber/Physical Security
Rockville, MD 20850                                  *Storage Management & Architecture
Telephone: (240)715-4320                             *WAN Acceleration
Fax: (877)887-9665                            *Virtualization/Cloud Computing
URL:                                *Videoconferencing
POC: Kevin Geoghegan                                 *Program Management
                                                     *Data Warehousing
                                                     *Network Security
                                                     *Network Management
                                                     *Network Design
                                                     *Storage Area Networks
                                                     *Backup Solutions

1st JMG & ASSOCIATES, LLC                SDVOSB     *Program/Project Management
12006 Brandywine Road                    6/12/2015  *Virtualization
Clinton, Maryland 20735           8(a)         *Network Assessment/Enhancement
Telephone: (301) 782-7340                           *Information Assurance/IT Security
Fax: (301) 782-7341                                 *Document Mgmt. & Conversion
URL:                              *Design & Implementation
POC: Milton Goodman                                 *Systems Integration
                                                    *Acquisition Support (Equipment,
                                                      Supplies, Services)
                                                    *Data Conversion
                                                    *Helpdesk/Call Center
                                                    *Funding capability
                                                    *Network Architecture

Four Points Technology, LLC              SDVOSB     *COOP & Disaster Recovery
5160 Parkstone Drive                     GSA        *Requirements Development
Suite 190A                                          *Business Impact Analysis
Chantilly, VA 20151                                 *Network Management
Telephone: (703) 955-2859                           *ITIL
Fax: (877) 671-0279                                 *HW & SW Products & Services
URL:                                *Installation & Deployment
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0553P                          *Asset Recovery
                                                    *Seat Management
                                                    *Imaging & Asset Management
                                                    *Information Assurance
                                                    *Software Development
                                                    *Value-Added Reseller
                                                    *HP, Dell, BMC & Others
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Freedom Systems, LLC             SDVOSB    *Leadership, Training &
8475 Hallie Rose Street          SDB         Management Consulting
Alexandria, VA 22309-4517                  *Infrastructure Architecture
Telephone: (571) 229-9256                  *Document Management
Fax: (703) 619-0053                        *Records Management
URL:             *Program & Project Management
                                           *System Development Life Cycle
                                           *Seat & Service Management
                                           *Help Desk
                                           *Legacy Integration
                                           *Data Center Design, Ops. & Maint.
                                           *Database Administration
                                           *System Operations Support

Freeport Technologies, Inc.      SDVOSB    *Videoconferencing
470 Springpark Place             GSA       *Collaborative Conferencing
Suite 100                                  *Operation Call Centers
Herndon, VA 20170-5258               *Secure Videoconferencing
Telephone: (571) 262-0346
Fax: (571) 262-0402
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0664R

Fulcrum Vets, LLC                SDVOSB    *Consulting Services
3060 Route 97                              *Information Solutions
Glenwood, MD 21738                         *Engineering Services
Telephone: (410)857-0647                   *Systems & Assets
URL:                   *Value-Add Services
                                           *Computing Services
                                           *Business Infrastructure
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Gem/Laser Express, Inc.              SDVOSB     *Toner Cartridges
45929 Maries Road                    GSA        *Ink Cartridges
Suite 180                                       *Printers, Faxes, Plotters &
Dulles, VA 20166-9299                             Copiers
Telephone: (703) 709-7140                       *Factory Certified Technicians
Fax: (703) 709-7139                             *Xerox Authorized Dealer
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0237R

Geo-Med, LLC                           SDVOSB   *Medical Supplies
478 East Altamonte Drive               GSA      *Hand Sanitizers
Suite 108
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701-4622
Telephone: (877) 865-0400
Fax: (866) 862-8825
GSA Schedules: GS-07F-0359T & V797P-4850A

Gerretson, LLC                       SDVOSB     *Information Assurance
8705 Yellow Bird Court                          *Software Development
Laurel, MD 20723-1255                           *Network Operations
Telephone: (301) 704-8036                       *Security Needs Analysis
Fax: (410) 321-4780                             *Security Audits
URL:                          *Certification & Accreditation
                                                *Network Analysis
                                                *Application Development

Gettle, Dale La Vern                 SDVOSB     *Recycled Toner Cartridges
DBA: Deja’Vu Laser Services          GSA        *OEM Toner Cartridges
10311 Woodberry Road
Suite 305
Tampa, FL 33619-8018
Telephone: (813) 661-2282
Fax: (813) 661-2250
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0047T
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Golden Key Group, LLC                   SDVOSB   *Human Capital Resource Mgmt.
6728 Cedar Spring Road                  W/O      *Talent Acquisition/Management
Centreville, VA 20121-2145                       *Program/Project Management
Telephone: (703) 815-0290                        *Workforce & Succession Planning
Fax: (703) 266-0215                              *Strategic Recruiting Recruitment
URL:                       Branding
                                                 *Diversity Hiring Initiatives
                                                 *Staff Augmentation
                                                 *Contract/Acquisition Support
                                                 *Organizational Development
                                                 *Leadership Development
                                                 *Federal HR Training Courses
                                                 *Soft Skills Training Courses

Government Business Consultants, Inc.   SDVOSB   *Market Assessment
DBA: GBC                                         *Marketing Strategy
3300 Buckeye Road                                *Contract Close-Out
Suite 850                                        *Contract Compliance/Management
Atlanta, GA 30341-4242
Telephone: (404) 252-5551
Fax: (404) 529-4537

GS2 Enterprises                         SDVOSB   *Printing
DBA: Source One Communications                   *Direct Mail Advertising
4210 Mason Lane
Sacramento, CA 95821-3027
Telephone: (916) 484-1008
Fax: (916) 484-1007

Guarantee Business Systems, Inc.        SDVOSB   *Value-Added Reseller
1230 Eagan Industrial Road                       *Servers
Suite 160                                        *Data Storage
Saint Paul, MN 55121-1293                        *Point of Sale Systems
Telephone: (651) 686-1444
Fax: (651) 688-6160
                             8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Halo-8, LLC                             SDVOSB   *Medical Supplies & Equipment
648 Poplar Springs Lane                 SDB      *Security Equipment
Lexington, KY 40515-6082                         *Fire/Rescue Equipment
Telephone: (859) 312-6603                        *Industrial Safety Supplies
Fax: (859) 523-8530

Hampton Road Technologies, LLC          SDVOSB    *e-Learning
DBA: H R T                                        *Instructional Design
97 Post Street                                    *3D Simulations
Newport News, VA 23601-3949                 *Multimedia
Telephone: (757) 595-0219                         *Interactive Training
Fax: (757) 246-1805                               *Distance Learning
URL:                              *Learning Management Systems

Harambee Enterprises, Inc.              SDVOSB   *Janitorial Supplies
450A West Hackley Avenue                SDB      *Office Supplies
Muskegon, MI 49444-2060                          *Janitorial Services
Telephone: (231) 215-4129
Fax: (231) 739-2181

Harris Group Promotions & Supply, LLC   SDVOSB   *Office Products
10049 Midlothian Turnpike               SDB      *Promotional Items
Suite D                                          *Graphic Design Services
Richmond, VA 23235-3606                          *Screen Printing
Telephone: (804) 272-2994                        *Office Furniture
Fax: (804) 272-2352                              *Direct Mail Advertising

Heritage Paper Company, Inc.            SDVOSB   *Paper
122 West Shore Road                     SDB      *Office Supplies
Denville, NJ 07834-1574                 GSA      *Office Furniture
Telephone: (941) 795-6200
Fax: (941) 795-6201
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0078R
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Hi Tech Services, Inc.               SDVOSB     *Data & Cyber Security
8320 Old Courthouse Road             GSA        *Encryption Deployment &
Suite 500                                         Customization
Vienna, VA 22182-3869                           *IT Operations & Support Svcs.
Telephone: (703) 752-6476                       *IV&V
Fax: (703) 752-0266                             *Application System Devel.
URL:                           *Systems Integration
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0509K                      *Help Desk & Contact Services
                                                *IT Products Supplier

HMR Tech, LLC                          SDVOSB   *Network Management
1225 South Clark Street                SDB      *Computer Operations Support
Suite 1450                             GSA      *Help Desk
Arlington, VA 22202-3425               STARS    *Document Scanning & Conversion
Telephone: (703) 416-8200                       *Video Teleconferencing
Fax: (703) 416-7798                             *Application Development
URL:                            *Acquisition Management
GSA Schedule: GS-23F-0080V & 8(a) STARS GWAC:   *Requirements Analysis
 GS-06F-0308Z                                   *Knowledge Management
                                                *Strategic Planning
                                                *Financial Management Support

Hoffman Technologies, Inc.           SDVOSB     *Value-Added Reseller - IT
500 Giuseppe Court                   GSA        *Office Supplies
Suite 3                              VETS       *Office Products
Roseville, CA 95678-6308
Telephone: (888) 484-4426
Fax: (916) 782-3821
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0060T
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Homeland Office Products and           SDVOSB     *Office Furniture
 Equipment, Inc.                       GSA        *Project Management (Furniture)
DBA: Homeland Office Furniture (HOF)              *Design Support Services
10 Cordage Park                                   *Storage & Warehousing
Suite 228                                         *Installation Services
Plymouth, MA 02360-7318                           *Site Inspections
Telephone: (781) 829-0397                         *Move Planning Services
Fax: (781) 829-0398                               *Reconfiguration Services
URL:                       *Product Training
GSA Schedule: GS-28F-0037R                        *Furniture Leasing & Rentals
                                                  *Carpeting & Flooring
                                                  *Moveable Walls
                                                  *Window Treatments
                                                  *Wall Art & Signage

Homeland Security Construction Corp.         SDVOSB    *General Construction
2501 51st Avenue                       SDB       *Design/Build
Hyattsville, MD 20781-1204                       *Construction Management
Telephone: (301) 772-4009                        *Mechanical/HVAC
Fax: (301) 772-7021
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation      SDVOSB     *Earned Value Mgmt. System (EVMS)
1225 South Clark Street                GSA        *Integrated Master Planning &
Crystal Gateway 2, Suite 1300          VETS         Integrated Master Scheduling
Arlington, VA 22202-4383                          *OMB-300 Capital Planning & IT
Telephone: (703) 209-6275                           Investment
Fax: (703) 935-1063                               *Exhibits & Tradeshows
URL:                             *Program/Project Management
GSA Schedules: GS-23F-0072R, GS-23F-0071R,        *Database Development
  GS-10F-0450P, & VETS GWAC GS-06F-0527Z          *SOA
                                                  *SharePoint Integration
                                                  *Records Management
                                                  *Linguist Work
                                                  *Intel Analyst
                                                  *Technical Writing & Editing
                                                  *Help Desk Support
                                                  *Recruiting & Staffing
                                                  *Call Center Management

Indicium Technologies, Inc.            SDVOSB  *Enterprise Storage
DBA: Innovative Solutions Technology       SDB       *Storage Infrastructure Design
150 East Burr Blvd.                    W/O     *Data Center Services
1st Floor                                      *Storage Management
Kearneysville, WV 25430-4793                   *Enterprise Architecture
Telephone: (703) 945-8265                      *Information Assurance
Fax: (708) 777-7645                            *Security Information Event
POC: Jamila Jones-Fleet, President               Management (SIEM)
                                               *Records Management
                                               *Continuity of Operations (COOP)
                                               *Disaster Preparedness
                                               *Business Continuity
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Information Systems Security Solutions, Inc.     SDVOSB       *Information Systems Strategy
45150 Business Court                       8(a)          Governance
Suite 500                                  8/26/2013   *Information Systems Integration
Sterling, VA 20166                               *Business Intelligence
Telephone: (703) 707-8400                              *Knowledge Management Solutions
Fax: (703) 707-8441                                    *Information Sharing, Collaboration
URL:                                    *SharePoint Development &
                                                       *Social Media Strategy
                                                       *Web-Based Content Management
                                                       *Database Design
                                                       *Secure Software Development
                                                       *Information Technology Assessment
                                                       *Information Assurance
                                                       *Compliance Management
                                                       *Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
                                                       *Continuity of Operations
                                                       *Identity Management & Public Key
                                                       *Business Transformation Services
                                                       *Earned Value Management
                                                       *Network Infrastructure

Information Systems Solutions, Inc.       SDVOSB      *Systems Engineering
51 Monroe Street                          W/O         *Systems Integration
Rockville, MD 20850-2421                              *Network Services
Telephone: (301) 924-0563                             *Telecommunications
Fax: (301) 251-5103                                   *VoIP
URL:                                   *WAN Solutions
                                                      *Help Desk (Tier 1 and 2)
                                                      *Systems Administration

Information Technology Coalition, Inc.        SDVOSB    *Certification & Accreditation
DBA: IT Coalition                         GSA     *Data Center Operations
4713A Eisenhower Avenue                           *Information Security
Alexandria, VA 22304-4805                         *IT Engineering
Telephone: (703) 894-4444                         *SOA
Fax: (703) 894-4445                               *Systems/Network Engineering
URL:                          *Active Directory Migration/PKI
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0626V                        *Project Management
                                                  *Earned Value Management
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Insight Technical Services                SDVOSB      * IT Consulting
14625 Baltimore Avenue                    HUBZone     * Network Design
Suite 225                                 8(a)        * Network Administration
Laurel, MD 20707-4902                     1/20/2013   * Staff Augmentation
Telephone: (301) 257-2434
Fax: (202) 318-3216
POC: Jermaine Booker, President

Intelligent Information Technology        SDVOSB      *Project Management
 Solutions, LLC (IITS)                    HUBZone     *Enterprise Business Solutions
1090 Vermont Avenue                       8(a)        *Business Intelligence/Analytics
Suite 800                                 2/12/2012   *Systems Design, Development &
Washington, DC 20005                                    Maintenance
Telephone: (202) 326-5247                             *Records Management
Fax: (202) 347-7145                                   *Project Planning Services
URL:                                  *Imaging Services
POC: Felipe Wright, CEO/Principal                     *Hardware Integration Services
                                                      *Network Relocation
                                                      *Cable Management
                                                      *Fiber Installation
                                                      *Structured Cable
                                                      *Mail Room Services

Interactive Government Holdings, LLC            SDVOSB     *Advertising
406 1st Street, SE                        SDB       *Interactive Multimedia
3rd Floor                                           *Graphic Design
Washington, DC 20003-1856                           *Web Development
Telephone: (202) 549-0355                           *Photography
Fax: (202) 315-3029                                 *Video Production

Internal Computer Services                SDVOSB    *Cyber & Network Security
2910 Hungary Spring Road                            *Hardware and Software
Richmond, VA 23228                                    Maintenance Support
Telephone: (804) 672-1009                           *Network Support
Fax: (804) 672-1053                                 *Help Desk Support
URL:                              * Managed Services
POC: Eric M. Sundin                                 *Cisco VOIP Select Partner
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0315T                          *Web Contend Privacy
International Training Consortium, Inc.         SDVOSB    *HR Training
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
DBA: ITC/ITCI                         SDB   *Acquisition/Contracts Training
14225 Bauer Drive                           *IT Training
Rockville, MD 20853-2343                    *Soft Skills Training
Telephone: (301) 428-0670
Fax: (301) 972-3906
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Intervox Group                     SDVOSB   *Call Center
345 East Blithedale Avenue                  *Business Process Outsourcing
Mill Valley, CA 94941-1094                  *Customer Contact Center
Telephone: (415) 925-1515                   *Inbound/Outbound Call Center
Fax: (267) 821-1313                         *Outsourced Services
URL:                  *Management Consulting Services
                                            *Business Services

IP Data Solutions, LLC             SDVOSB   *Data Storage
21319 Golf Estates Drive                    *Virtualization
Laytonsville, MD 20882-1935                 *Hardware Maintenance
Telephone: (301) 807-8414                   *IT Consulting
Fax: (301) 216-2521                         *IT Staff Augmentation
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Jaffe Associates, Inc.               SDVOSB   *Public Relations
1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW                    *Integrated Marketing
Suite 700                                     *Strategic Communications
Washington, DC 20004-3024
Telephone: (970) 471-1223
Fax: (970) 926-4142

JASZ Technology, Inc.                SDVOSB   *Web Design
3901 Barrett Drive                   SDB      *Software Solutions
Suite 100                            GSA      *Section 508 Compliance
Raleigh, NC 27609-6523                        *Web Development
Telephone: (919) 647-9441                     *Search Engine Optimization
Fax: (919) 647-9442
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0688V

JIS Technologies, LLC                SDVOSB   *Electrical Sales & Service
201 West Broad Street                SDB      *Environmental Solutions
Suite 304                                     *Remediation
Richmond, VA 23220-4268                       *Asbestos Removal
Telephone: (818) 339-6122                     *Construction
Fax: (478) 471-3745                           *Renewable Energy
URL:                         *Energy Surveys
                                              *Solar Solutions

JJR Solutions, LLC                       SDVOSB    *Qbase SW Reseller
2601 Commons Blvd.                           *Data Exploitation Mgmt.
Suite D                                      *Data Discovery & Conditioning
Dayton, OH 45431-3831                        *Data Vocabulary Creation
Telephone: (937) 912-0288                    *Data Processing & Transformation
Fax: (937) 912-0299                          *Open Standard Business Rule
URL:                     Generation
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Juniper Strategy, LLC             SDVOSB   *Information Assurance
6701 Democracy Blvd.              GSA      *Certification & Accreditation
Suite 300                                  *Vulnerability Assessment
Bethesda, MD 20817-1572                    *Intrusion Detection
Telephone: (301) 571-9387                  *Security Policy
Fax: (509) 267-2389                        *Security Design & Implementation
URL:              *Operation Security Support
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0576U                 *Security Awareness Training
                                           *Physical Security
                                           *Strategic Planning
                                           *Business Process Management
                                           *Change Management
                                           *SLM Consulting
                                           *Program/Project Management
                                           *PMO Design & Implementation
                                           *Exhibit 300 Planning
                                           *Project Turnaround
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

KI Computing                          SDVOSB      *Windows Server 2008/2003
663 Lane 9                            GSA         *Windows XP/Vista/7
Powell, WY 82435-9188                             *PC Repair & Maintenance
Telephone: (307) 754-4354
Fax: (866) 492-9738
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0122V

Kilda Group, LLC                     SDVOSB    *Program Management
1116 West Street,                GSA     *Transformation & Transition
Suite A                                          Management
Annapolis, MD 21401                            *Facilitation & Training
Telephone: (410)990-1819
Fax: (443)603-1238
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0314T

Kingdomware Technologies, Inc.       SDVOSB   *Web/SW Application Development
11186 Bel Aire Court                 SDB      *Database Development
Waldorf, MD 20603-5941           GSA     *Requirements Analysis
Telephone: (301) 705-5178                     *Integrated Systems Design
Fax: (301) 705-5178                           *Networking Products
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0206K

KMS Enterprises, Inc.                 SDVOSB    *Organizational Planning
4550 Forbes Blvd.                     SDB       *CMMi Training
Suite 140                             GSA       *CMMi Appraisals
Lanham, MD 20706-4421                     *IV&V
Telephone: (301) 429-5155                       *Network/Systems Administration
Fax: (301) 429-1019                             *Conference/Event Management
URL:                            *Promotional Products
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0277S

Knighto, LLC                         SDVOSB       *Construction Management
DBA: Knight Solutions                HUBZone *Site Work & Underground Pipe
33 West Queens Way                   8(a)           Installation
Suite C                              3/22/2019    *Building Product Installation
Hampton, VA 23669-4183           GSA       *Facilities Management
Telephone: (757) 727-7844                         *Geothermal Heat Pumps
                       8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Fax: (703) 669-9767                          *Radiant Heating/Cooling Systems
URL:            *Window Replacement
GSA Schedules: GS-30F-0013V & GS-30F-0009W   *Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance
                                             *Janitorial Services
                                             *Construction Clean-Up
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Knight Point Systems, LLC            SDVOSB      *IT Strategy Consulting
1775 Wiehle Avenue                   GSA         *IT Assessment
Suite 101                                        *Enterprise Architecture
Reston, VA 20190-5109                            *IT Governance
Telephone: (703) 307-5926                        *Incident Response & Emergency
Fax: (571) 266-3106                                Management
URL:                         *Business Continuity
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0646S                       *Program Management Office
                                                 *Application & Database Devel.
                                                 *Release Management
                                                 *Data Migration
                                                 *Data Center Optimization
                                                 *Network Services
                                                 *Cyber Security
                                                 *Storage Optimization

Komplete Systems Integrators, Inc.   SDVOSB      *Records Management
3330 Cumberland Blvd.                8(a)        *Document Imaging & Hosting
Suite 500                            7/24/2011   *Data Capture
Atlanta, GA 30339-5995                           *Records Archiving
Telephone: (443) 995-9111                        *Document Destruction
Fax: (678) 827-0944                              *Document Storage

KPaul Properties, LLC                  SDVOSB    *Hardware Software Solutions
DBA: Tekmentum                         GSA       *Maintenance Services
5701 Fortune Circle South Drive                  *Help Desk & Call Center
Suite K                                            Management
Indianapolis, IN 46241-5534                      *Network/System Administration
Telephone: (317) 271-1793                        *Network/System Engineering
Fax: (317) 271-5084                              *Web Design & Development
URL:                           *Application Development
GSA Schedules: GS-21F-0095U, GS-35F-0052U,       *Solutions Life Cycle Management
 GS-02F-0123T                                    *Server Virtualization
                                                 *Database Administration
                                                 *Technical Architecture Development
                                                 *Rapid Notification in Support of
                                                  COOP & COG
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Lamar Strong Associates                    SDVOSB      *Organization Analysis &
DBA: L S A                           8(a)        *Strategic Planning
9521 5th Place                       2/23/2017   *Program Management
Lorton, VA 22079-2728                            *Change Management
Telephone: (703) 967-9730                        *Risk Management
Fax: (703) 690-1026                              *Force Management Analysis
URL:                              *Human Resource Consulting
                                                 *Staffing Studies/Requirements
                                                 *Database Management
                                                 *Network Management
                                                 *Content Management
                                                 *Information Assurance
                                                 *Network/Data/Server Security
                                                 *Web Design
                                                 *Help Desk Support

Lamination Service, Inc.             SDVOSB      *ID Badge Systems & Supplies
DBA: LSI                                         *ID Badge Printers
2950 Brother Blvd.                               *Badge Management Systems
Suite 103                                        *Badge Holders
Bartlett, TN 38133-8943                          *Promotional Products
Telephone: (800) 737-3032                        *Wide Format Printing
Fax: (901) 795-4074

Laser Re-Nu International, Inc.      SDVOSB      *Office Supplies
4120 North 20th Street               GSA         *Hardware Supplies
Suite C                                          *Imaging Supplies
Phoenix, AZ 85016-5912                           *Toner Cartridges
Telephone: (800) 878-9015                        *SW & Computer Peripherals
Fax: (602) 437-4033                              *Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
URL:                           *Protective Security Supplies
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0058N
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Leader Development Institute           SDVOSB     *Soft Skills Training
2655 Halleck Drive                     GSA
Whitehall, PA 18052-3826
Telephone: (405) 812-1127
Fax: (888) 474-8534
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0116V

Logistics Systems, Inc.                SDVOSB    *Integrated Logistics Mgmt.
1100 G Street, NW                HUBZone *Logistics Engineering
Suite 410                              8(a)      *Warehouse Operations & Inventory
Washington, DC 20005-7426              1/25/2014   Management
Telephone: (202) 347-0821              GSA       *Program & Project Management
Fax: (202) 347-1746                              *Strategic Planning
URL:                       *Supply Chain Management
GSA Schedules: GS-10F-0054U & GS-10F-0347U       *Web Design & Management
                                                 *Help Desk Operations
                                                 *Enterprise Architecture Planning
                                                 *Certification & Accreditation
                                                 *Network Design & Development
                                                 *Systems Life Cycle Mgmt.
                                                 *Database Design & Implementation
                                                 *Records Management
                                                 *Staffing Services

Logistics 2020, Inc.                   SDVOSB    *Logistics Planning
13203 North Enon Church Road               GSA         *Deployment Operations
B Wing                                           *Supply Support & Warehousing
Chester, VA 23836-3122                     *Transportation Support
Telephone: (804) 708-0042
Fax: (804) 748-0029
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0373P
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Lunarline, Inc.                  SDVOSB   *Information Assurance
1875 I Street, NW                GSA      *Information Security
Suite 500                                 *Certification & Accreditation
Washington, DC 20006-5425                 *Risk/Vulnerability Assessments
Telephone: (202) 429-5533                 *E-Government
Fax: (202) 315-3003                       *E-Authentication
URL:                    *Encryption
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0241S                *Configuration Management
                                          *Security Requirements Analysis
                                          *Security Training
                                          *Incident Response
                                          *Critical Infrastructure
                                          *SLC/SDLC Support
                                          *Wireless Security
                                          *Security Policy
                                          *Penetration Testing
                                          *Physical Security Assessments
                                          *Continuity of Operation
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Machinery & Technology Group, LLC     SDVOSB       *Packaging Equipment
26 Elizabeth Street                                *Forklifts
South River, NJ 08882-1368                         *Conveyors
Telephone: (732) 254-2199                          *Lab Equipment
Fax: (732) 651-8882

MacTree, LLC                           SDVOSB      *Wood Product Manufacturing
DBA: Crab Works Food                   SDB         *Janitorial Services
409 East Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858-1854
Telephone: (919) 820-0374
Fax: (888) 786-1552

Maden Tech Consulting, Inc.            SDVOSB     *Network Engineering
DBA: Maden Technologies                SDB        *Systems Engineering
2110 Washington Blvd.                  GSA        *Wired & Wireless
Suite 200                              Commits     Telecommunications
Arlington, VA 22204-5713                          *Classified Network Support
URL:                            *Migration Services
GSA Schedule (Note: Not SDVOSB on Schedule):      *Help Desk
 GS-35F-4955G & COMMITS GWAC:                *Network Operations & Security
 CM130105CT0031                                    Center
                                                  *Database Management
                                                  *Web Services

Mainstreet Technologies, Inc.          SDVOSB      *Network Installation & Migration
1645 Ridgely Street                    SDB         *Wireless Integration/Cabling
Suite 100                              GSA         *Systems Integration
Baltimore, MD 21230-2004                           *Project Management
Telephone: (410) 347-1277                          *Application Support
Fax: (410) 347-1288                                *Network Security Services
URL:                           *Disaster Recovery
GSA Schedule (Note: Not SDVOSB on Schedule):       *Certification & Accreditation
 GS-35F-0474K                                      *Staffing Services
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Major Decision Consulting              SDVOSB     *Critical Decision-Making
5409 Jonquil Court                                *Leadership Training
Middleton, WI 53562-1212                          *Historical Research
Telephone: (608) 821-0410                         *Process Improvement
Fax: (608) 836-2160                               *Program Evaluation

Management and Technology Solutions, Inc.   SDVOSB    *Data Warehousing
DBA: MTS Group                          GSA     *Data Entry & Transcription
124A East Broad Street                          *Data Cleansing
Falls Church, VA 22046-4530
Telephone: (703) 534-9635
Fax: (703) 534-4863
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0212S & GS-10F-0106U

Management Support Technology, Inc.     SDVOSB    *ITIL Service Desk/Helpdesk
DBA: M S T I                            GSA         Support
9990 Fairfax Blvd.                                *Enterprise Desktop Systems
Suite 300                                         *Network Management
Fairfax, VA 22030-1720                            *Application Development
Telephone: (703) 385-5841                         *Database Development
Fax: (703) 385-5843                               *Web Portal Development
URL:                             *Acquisition Management Support
GSA Schedules: GS-25F-0113M, GS-35F-0188K,        *Program Planning & Analysis
 GS-33F-0007T, GS-23F-0265N, GS-10F-0258K,        *Training & Curriculum Development
 and GS-10F-0387L                                 *Asset Mgmt. & Logistics Support
                                                  *Library Support Services
                                                  *Electronic Records & Document
                                                  *Content Management
                                                  *Program/Project Management
                                                  *Strategic Planning

Maverick Solutions, LLC                SDVOSB     *Oracle Training
8521 Six Forks Road                               *Oracle Consulting Services
Suite 108
Raleigh, NC 27615-5293
Telephone: (919) 844-2000
Fax: (919) 882-9443
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
MediaNow, Inc.                         SDVOSB   *Digital Signage Systems
One Maple Avenue                       GSA      *LED Displays & Billboards
Suite 1 E                                       *LED Trucks & Trailers
Netcong, NJ 07857-1116                     *HDTV Displays
Telephone: (973) 347-2155
Fax: (973) 215-2121
GSA Schedules: GS-03F-0038S & GS-35F-0800N

Micro Systems Consultants              SDVOSB     *Database Management
DBA: Microsystems Automation Group     GSA        *Systems Integration
2785 Hartland Road                                *Web/Internet Solutions
Falls Church, VA 22043-3529                       *Value-Added Resellers
Telephone: (703) 538-0807                         *Application Development
Fax: (703) 538-0809                               *Performance Management
URL:                                 *Project Management
GSA Schedule (Note: Not SDVOSB on Schedule:       *IV&V
 GS-35F-5037H                                     *SOA
                                                  *Risk Management
                                                  *Storage Area Management
                                                  *Systems Integration
                                                  *Knowledge Transfer
                                                  *Web Applications

MicroTech                             SDVOSB      *Video Conferencing
8330 Boone Blvd.                      8(a)        *A/V Integration
Suite 600                             6/10/2014   *Secure Switching
Vienna, VA 22182                                  *IT Services
Telephone: (703) 637-3222                         *Unified Communications
Fax: (703) 637-3200
POC: Tony Piacente
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Millennium Corporation            SDVOSB      *Program Management
1421 Jefferson Davis Highway      8(a)        *Earned Value Management
Suite 810                         3/6/2015    *Risk Management
Arlington, VA 22202                           *Contract Management Support
Telephone: (703) 436-1343                     *Contract Close-Out
Fax: (703) 412-9493                           *Capabilities & Requirements
URL:                     *Anti-Terrorism Documentation
                                              *Distance/Distributed Learning
                                              *Web-Based Training
                                              *Certified Ethical Hacker
                                              *IT Strategy & Policy Development
                                              *Information Assurance
                                              *Help Desk Support
                                              *Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Millennium Ventures, Inc.               SDVOSB     *Videoconferencing
7975 Monticello Drive                       *Multimedia Communication
Atlanta, GA 30350-4532                      *Meeting Presentation Systems
Telephone: (770) 351-9846                   *Remote Control Automation
Fax: (770) 351-9846                         *Lighting & Shading Control
URL:              *Interactive Whiteboards
                                            *Digital Signage
                                            *Remote Control Automation

Mindbank Consulting Group, LLC    SDVOSB      *IT Consulting & Staffing
11400 Commerce Park Drive         GSA         *Temporary Placement
Suite 110                                     *Temp to Perm
Reston, VA 20191-1549                         *Outplacement Services
Telephone: (703) 287-0520
Fax: (703) 761-3049
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-5283H

MSDS Consultant Services, LLC           SDVOSB      * Management Consulting
7431 Old Alexander Ferry Road     8(a)         * IT Consulting Services
Suite 217                         2/14/2014    * Professional Training Services
Clinton, MD 20735                       * Curriculum Development
Telephone: (240) 318-0143                      * Systems Integration
Fax: (480) 247-4015                            * IV&V
POC: Daryl Corley, President
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Namtek Corp.                          SDVOSB     *Temp to Perm IT Staff
19 Puritan Drive                      GSA          Augmentation
Suite D                                          *Information Assurance Training
Bedford, NH 03110-6046                     *7x24 Monitoring & Help Desk
Telephone: (603) 488-6608                        *3rd Party HW & OS Support for
Fax: (603) 488-6601                                Systems & Storage
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0367V

Nationwide IT Services, Inc           SDVOSB     *Database Design
4600 G Pinecrest Office Park Drive    GSA        *Development Implementation
Alexandria, VA 22312-1461                        *Management Consulting Services
Telephone: (703) 750-0453
Fax: (703) 750-0453
GSA Schedule : GS-35F-0539U

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation        SDVOSB      *Enterprise Collaborative
1350 Edgemont Avenue                              Software
Suite 2100                                       *Project Planning
Chester, PA 19013-3934
Telephone: (610) 619-7443
Fax: (610) 874-8250

Network Management Resources, Inc.         SDVOSB     *Business Consulting
DBA: NMR Consulting                    SDB     *Emergency Planning &
201 Defense Highway                    GSA      Preparedness Training
Suite 200                                      *Program Management
Annapolis, MD 21401-8943                       *Leadership & Management Seminars
Telephone: (410) 573-0080                      *Business Continuity & Disaster
Fax: (410) 573-0024                             Recovery Planning
URL:                     *Critical Infrastructure Protection
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0007V & GS-35F-0688J     *Enterprise Risk Assessments
                                               *Application Development
                                               *Database Administration
                                               *Data Storage Solutions
                                               *Help Desk Services
                                               *Network Design & Support
                       8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
                                           *Information Assurance
                                           *Software & Hardware Maintenance
                                           *Security Policy Assessments
                                           *Green System Integration

Northstar Solutions Group       SDVOSB    *Program Management Services
2669 Shillington Road           GSA       *Business Process Transformation
Reading, PA 19608-1758              *Systems Implementation
Telephone: (202) 391-8703                 *Staff Augmentation
Fax: (978) 202-1812
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0099U
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Oak Grove Technologies, LLC            SDVOSB   *Training
7200 Stonehenge Drive                  GSA      *Information Technology
Suite 310                                       *Strategic Communications
Raleigh, NC 27613                               *Analytic & Intelligence Svcs.
Telephone: (919) 278-2224                       *E-Learning Solutions
Fax: (202) 517-9168                             *Curriculum Development
URL:                       *Instructor-Led Training
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0315P & GS-02F-0065V      *Solutions Architecture
                                                *Website Design/Development
                                                *Help Desk Support
                                                *Program Management Support
                                                *Research & Analysis
                                                *Counterintelligence Services

Offspring Soultions                        SDVOSB     *Application Modernization
4031 University Drive,               8(a)      *Infrastructure Modernization
Suite 200                            7/1/2014  *Government Business Optimization
Fairfax, VA 22030                    GSA
Telephone: (703)277-7752
Fax: (703)991-1480
GSA: GS-35F-04575

Omega Security International         SDVOSB     *Enterprise Architecutre Consulting,
2677 Prosperity Avenue,                           Development & Implementation
Suite 530                                       *Program Management
Fairfax, VA 22031                               *Administrative Support Services
Telephone: (703) 891-6630                         & Records Management
Fax: (703) 891-6638                             *Workforce Development
URL :                           *Information Technology
                                                *Facilities Management

Open Technology Group, Inc.          SDVOSB     *Application Development
8403 Colesville Road                 SDB        *Network Infrastructure
Suite 760                            GSA        *SharePoint Services
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3368                    *Project Scheduling & Control
Telephone: (301) 588-1600                       *Help Desk
Fax: (301) 588-1601                             *Intranet & Portal Development
URL:                              *Telecom Audit Support
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-4421G
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Operational Solutions, LLC             SDVOSB     *Foreign Language Translation
1666 Village Green                         *Written Translation
Crofton, MD 21114-1234                     *Live Interpreters (language)
Telephone: (410) 940-9244                         *Over the Phone Interpreting
Fax: (443) 782-0215                               *American Sign Language
URL:              *Voice-Over Artists
                                                  *Cross-Cultural Market Research
                                                  *Language Consulting
                                                  *Multilingual Training
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Optimization Consulting, Inc.    SDVOSB    *Systems Development
DBA: O C I                       SDB       *Enterprise Architecture Planning
1506 North Capitol Street, NW              *Database Management
Suite 100                                  *Data Warehousing
Washington, DC 20002-3344                  *Security
Telephone: (202) 745-0099                  *Disaster Recovery
Fax: (202) 745-0094                        *Project Management
URL:              *Help Desk Services
                                           *System Maintenance
                                           *HW & SW Integration
                                           *Staff Augmentation

Out of the Box, LLC              SDVOSB    *Data Management Solutions
5305 Cimarron Road, NW               *Software Application Devel.
Albuquerque, NM 87120-2342                 *Hardware/Asset Inventory SW
Telephone: (505) 702-5091                  *Content Management Services
Fax: (505) 212-0710                        *Graphic Design
URL:                *Touch-Screen Kiosk Programming
                                           *PC/MAC Security Configurations
                                           *Network Design
                                           *Data Recovery & Data Forensics
                                           *Disaster Recovery Planning
                                           *Business Process Reengineering
                                           *Quality Assurance
                                           *Change Management
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Patriot Innovations                        SDVOSB     *Information Assurance
9861 Broken Land Parkway             SDB       *Information Security
Suite 150                                      *Certification & Accreditation
Columbia, MD 21046-3030                        *Privacy Management
Telephone: (410) 456-9812                      *Security Program Performance
Fax: (866) 223-7568                              Reviews
URL:                        *System Security Plans
                                               *Security Assessment & Reporting
                                               *Security Reporting & Compliance
                                               *Networking & Telecommunications
                                               *Legacy Telephone Systems
                                               *Wireless Networking
                                               *Systems Integration
                                               *IT Assessment & Evaluation

Peart Hannon Consulting, LLC         SDVOSB      * Database Modeling
806 Landmark Drive                   8(a)        * Database Maintenance
Suite 126                            9/23/2013   * Data Warehousing
Glen Burnie, MD 21061                            * Network Security
Telephone: (410) 766-8610                        * Network Management
Fax: (410) 766-0949                              * Network Design
URL:                        * Storage Area Networks
POC: Mike Peart, President/CEO                          * Backup Solutions

Penobscot Bay Media, LLC               SDVOSB    *Information Visualization
DBA: Pen Bay Media                     W/O       *Enterprise GIS
51 Mechanic Street                     GSA       *Application Development
Suite 31                               VETS
Camden, ME 04843-1557
Telephone: (703) 270-8480
Fax: (207) 236-4977
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0321R & GS-10F-0246R &
 VETS GWAC: GS-06F-0546Z
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Picco Enterprise, LLC               SDVOSB   *Batteries
DBA: Batteries Plus
4005 Capistrano Trail
Austin, TX 78739-4314
Telephone: (512) 981-8003
Fax: (512) 280-2425

Plan B Government Systems           SDVOSB   *Virtualization
16701 Melford Drive                 GSA      *Mobile Virtualization Platform
Suite 300                                    *Disaster Recovery Planning
Bowie, MD 20715-4306                         *Storage, Back-Up, and Recovery
Telephone: (301) 860-1006                    *Networking Solutions
Fax: (301) 860-1005                          *Microsoft Solutions
URL:                        *Security Solutions
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0237V

Planmatics, Inc.                    SDVOSB  *IT Capital Planning & Investment
2400 Research Blvd.,                GSA       Control Support
Suite 150                                   *System & Process Optimization
Rockville, MD 20850                         *Technology Introduction
Telephone: (301)987-7441                       Assessment & Change
Fax: (301)987-7423                       Management
URL:                     *Intelligent Resource Scheduling
                                            *Forecasting Systems Development

Planning, Inc.                      SDVOSB   *Retirement & Financial Planning
5510 Cherokee Avenue                GSA       Training
Suite 120                                    *Leadership Training
Alexandria, VA 22312                         *Executive Education
Telephone: (703) 256-4220                    *Executive Coaching
Fax: (703) 642-1088                          *Leadership Assessment
URL:                    *Succession Planning
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0002R                   *Cybersecurity Training
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Pointman Security Group, Inc.            SDVOSB    *Security Consulting
DBA: Premier Risk Mitigation                       *Security Services
869 Imperial Drive                                 *Threat/Vulnerability Assessment
Mohnton, PA 19540-8841
Telephone: (610) 413-1336
Fax: (866) 303-5666

Powerband Consulting Group, Inc.         SDVOSB    *Infrastructure Design & Mgmt.
13707 Crownsgate Way                               *LAN/WAN/MAN Integration
Germantown, MD 20874-4424                          *Help Desk & Call Center Mgmt.
Telephone: (202) 684-7076                          *Network Administration
Fax: (202) 684-7016                                *Network Operations & Security
URL:                               Management
                                                   *Software Engineering & Devel.
                                                   *Project Management
                                                   *Internet/Web E-Design & Devel.

Premier Technical Services Corporation   SDVOSB    *Systems Engineering
312 East Main Street                     HUBZone   *Value-Added Reseller
Luray, VA 22835-2030                               *Information Management
Telephone: (540) 743-5700                          *Database Engineering
Fax: (540) 743-4448                                *VoIP Solutions
URL:                               *Data Center Facility
                                                   *Telework Facility

Presentation Media Corporation               SDVOSB    *Audio-Visual Equipment
DBA: Presentation Media                          *Video Equipment
10555 Guildford Road                             *Projection Screens
Suite 119                                        *Projector Equipment
Jessup, MD 20794-9110                            *Multimedia & Video Displays
Telephone: (877) 285-6300                        *Audio-Visual Services
Fax: (301) 470-6309                              *Video Digitization
URL:                           *Photo Scanning
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Printer & Fax World, Inc.            SDVOSB    *Service & Repair of Printers,
15 South Hope Street                 HUBZone    Faxes, Projectors, & High
Hampton, VA 23663-1746           GSA      Speed Scanners
Telephone: (757) 249-1007
Fax: (757) 249-1008
GSA Schedule: GS-25F-0001R

Professional Solutions1, LLC            SDVOSB    *Program & Analytical Support
DBA: Professional Solutions                       *Operations & Training Support
4807 B Eisenhower Avenue                          *IT Support Solutions
Alexandria, VA 22304-4832                         *IT Training
Telephone: (703) 823-2696                         *Emergency Preparedness
Fax: (703) 823-2698                               *Operations Assurance
URL:                              *IT Project Management
                                                  *Capital Planning & Investment
                                                  *Enterprise Architecture
                                                  *Information Assurance
                                                  *Network Administration
                                                  *Database Administration
                                                  *Help Desk

Proverbs 31 Investments, LLC            SDVOSB    *Promotional Items
DBA: Gateway Strategic Sourcing         SDB       *Printing
10095 Washington Blvd.                  W/O       *Uniforms
Suite 528                                         *Break Room Supplies
Laurel, MD 20723-1963                             *Computer Supplies
Telephone: (240) 784-0430                         *Office Furniture
Fax: (240) 786-5195                               *Awards & Decorations
URL:             *Flags, Banners & Streamers
                                                  *T-Shirts & Apparel
                                                  *Toner Cartridges
                                                  *General Office Supplies
                                                  *Presentation Products
                                                  *Janitorial Supplies
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Quality Professionals International, LLC   SDVOSB     *Lean Six Sigma Consulting
8145 Grahamson Lane                        SDB
Charlotte, NC 28269-7169
Telephone: (704) 875-1585
Fax: (704) 948-3949

QUEST Consulting, LLC                      SDVOSB    *Cybersecurity Consulting
12113 Nebel Street                             *Penetration Testing
Rockville, MD 20852                                  *Vulnerability Scanning
Telephone: (301) 760-7604                            *Web Application Security Training
Fax: (704) 841-8021                                  *Executive Cybersecurity Consulting
URL:                    *Incident Response
POC: Micah Tapman                                    *Forensics
                                                     *Electronic Discovery
                                                     *Indentity Management
                                                     *Active Directing Design
                                                     *Microsoft Exhange Design
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

RedHawk IT Solutions, LLC            SDVOSB      *Expert Consulting
2689 Maple Ridge Drive               8(a)        *Business Process Reengineering
Woodbridge, VA 22192-3826            2/25/2018   *Training Services
Telephone: (703) 490-9192                        *Enterprise Management
Fax: (703) 490-9193                              *Storage
URL:                           *Networking
                                                 *Mobile Systems

RGB Alliances, LLC                         SDVOSB      *Business Management
6725 Santa Barbara Court                         *Requirements Analysis
Suite 103                                        *Root Cause Analysis
Elkridge, MD 21075-5852                    *Process Improvement
Telephone: (843) 324-2734                        *Project & Application Mgmt.
Fax: (866) 337-9448                              *Systems Integration
URL:                        *Software Engineering
                                                 *Program Management & Support
                                                 *Database Management
                                                 *IT Assessment & Staff Capabilities
                                                 *Project Staffing
                                                 *Technical Writing & Editing
                                                 *Bandwidth Management
                                                 *Software Integration

Rivera Consulting Group, LLC         SDVOSB      *IT Services
760 SR 311                           HUBZone     *Business Processing Reengineering
Sellersburg, IN 47172                8(a)          Solutions
Telephone: (812)246-4055             6/27/2014   *IT R&D
Fax: (812)246-4996
POC: Joey Rivera

Rividium, Inc.                       SDVOSB      *Global Governance
7663 Coppermine Drive                SDB         *Enterprise Architecture
Suite 7615                                       *SOA
Manassas, VA 20109-2668                          *Biometrics Systems
Telephone: (703) 366-3900                        *Data Strategy
Fax: (703) 366-3910                              *Information Security
URL:                            *Identity Management
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Roebuck Precision Machine, Inc.      SDVOSB    *Industrial Products
1111 South George Street             HUBZone   *Cutting Tools
Suite A                              SDB       *Office Furniture
Goldsboro, NC 27530-6816             GSA       *Material Handling Equipment
Telephone: (919) 735-3172
Fax: (919) 734-7919
GSA Schedule: GS-21F-0074W

Roscoe Allen Company                 SDVOSB    *Modular Buildings
197 Cotton Drive                     HUBZone   *Custom Modular Construction
Ocilla, GA 31774-2339                SDB
Telephone: (229) 468-3103
Fax: (229) 468-3115
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Sarum, LLC                            SDVOSB        *Information Assurance
6104 West Melody Court                              *Certification & Accreditation
Fredericksburg, VA 22407-8387               *IV&V
Telephone: (703) 348-8440                           *Regulatory Compliance
Fax: (703) 348-8430                                 *Vulnerability Management
URL:                               *Penetration Testing
                                                    *Security Planning
                                                    *Risk Assessment

SBG Technology Solutions, Inc.              SDVOSB      *Professional Support
2 Brittany Lane                        8(a)      *Program Management
Stafford, VA 22554-7687          12/21/2015 *Administrative Services
Telephone: (540) 658-1311              GSA       *Organizational Management
Fax: (540) 658-1359                              *Counter-Narcoterrorism Programs
URL:                               *Studies & Analysis
GSA Schedule: GS-10F-0237W                       *Network/Systems Integration
                                                 *Product Development Systems
                                                 *Logistics Engineering
                                                 *Physical Security Systems
                                                 *McAfee Security Systems Provider

SDV Security, LLC                     SDVOSB        *Security Management Solutions
5406 Tinkers Creek Place              SDV             (Physical Security)
Suite 23                                            *HSPD-12 Solutions
Clinton, MD 20735-1482                              *Intrusion Detection & Notification
Telephone: (202) 359-1592                           *ID Management & Card Management
Fax: (301) 297-7214                                 *Physical Assess Control Systems
URL:                            *CCTV
                                                    *Computer & SW Security
                                                    *Information Security
                                                    *Asset Tracking Mgmt. Systems
                                                    *I-PIV Technology
                                                    *Risk Assessment Services
                                                    *Perimeter Vulnerability
                                                    *Security Audits & Vulnerability
                                                    *Video Content Analysis
                                                    *Disaster Response Planning
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
SDV Solutions, Inc.               SDVOSB   *Value-Added Reseller
133 Waller Mill Road              GSA
Suite 100
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2989
Telephone: (757) 903-2068
Fax: (757) 282-7650
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0333S

Securitycafe, LLC                 SDVOSB   *Cyber Security Architecture
6394 Phillip Court                           Planning
Springfield, VA 22152-2800                 *Information Assurance
Telephone: (571) 216-6410                  *Program & Project Management
Fax: (571) 222-1157                        *Security & Systems Engineering
URL:                  *System Development Lifecycle
                                           *Process Improvement
                                           *Forensics (Encase & Netwitness)
                                           *Network Design & Development
                                           *IT Governance
                                           *Risk Management
                                           *Business Continuity
                                           *Certification & Accreditation

7 Delta, Inc.                     SDVOSB   *Value-Added Reseller
8161 Maple Lawn Blvd.             SDB      *Accessibility Solutions
Suite 420                         GSA      *Application Architecture
Fulton, MD 20759-2570                      *Certification & Accreditation
Telephone: (301) 598-0706                  *Continuity of Operations
Fax: (443) 393-4800                        *Disaster Recovery
URL:                        *EUD Break-Fix Maintenance
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0359V                 *Program/Project Management
                                           *IT Recycling/Disposal Services
                                           *IT Staffing
                                           *Help Desk
                                           *Security Architecture
                                           *System & Performance Testing
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Silver Star Communications, LLC        SDVOSB     *Low Voltage Technologies
6531 Boundary Run Drive                           *Radio Frequency Subject Matter
Mechanicsville, VA 23111-6296                 Experts
Telephone: (804) 417-7715                         *Program/Project Management
Fax: (703) 783-0212                               *Wireless Engineering Services
URL:                        *IT Systems Engineering

Skyline Ultd, Inc.                     SDVOSB      *Systems & Network Engineering
16333 South Great Oaks Drive           GSA         *Information Assurance
Suite 121                                          *COOP & Disaster Recovery
Round Rock, TX 78681-3661                          *Programming & Operations
Telephone: (703) 373-2333                          *Planning Analysis & Design
Fax: (703) 671-0400                                *Supply & Value Chain Management
URL:                          *Program Management
GSA Schedules: GS-00F-0001U & GS-07F-5457R         *Staff Augmentation

Solutions 4, Inc.                      SDVOSB      * Computer Training Services
1634 Central Parkway                   8(a)        * Custom Computer Programming
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1604              9/24/2012   * Computer System Design
Telephone: (513) 702-7262                          * Computer Facilities Management
Fax: (513) 648-0968                                * Disaster Recovery Services
URL:               * Management Consulting Services
POC: Jerry C. Adams, President                           * SAP Software, Training

Space Systems Development, Inc.        SDVOSB      *Professional Engineering Services
DBA: SSDI                                          *Acquisition & Life Cycle Mgmt.
2345 North Academy Place
Suite 214
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-1681
Telephone: (719) 434-7258
Fax: (719) 434-7259
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Sphinx Consultant & Associates (SC&A, Inc)     SDVOSB     *Information Technology
1800 NE Loop 410                         8(a)      *Physical Security Solutions
Suite 411                                9/11/2012 *Administrative & Facility
San Antonio, TX 78217                               Management
Telephone: (210) 804-2160                          *Staffing Support
Fax: (210) 804-2169                                *HIPAA Training
URL:                     *Consultant Services
POC: Johnnie Flores, President                            *Industrial Security Training
                                                   *Worker’s Compensation
                                                   *Background Investigation

St. Michael’s Inc.                         SDVOSB     *Business Process
1655 North Fort Meyer Drive                           *Financial Management
#700                                                  *Financial Systems Support
Arlington, VA 22209                                   *Enterprise Resource Planning
Telephone: (703) 463-9463                             *Internal Controls
Fax: (607) 428-3849                                   *Performance Measurement
URL:                            *Metrics Analyses

Strategic Consulting Alliances, LLC       SDVOSB  *Security Analysis
230 West 8th Street                   HUBZone *COOP and Emergency Ops. Mgmt.
Front Royal, VA 22630-3506                SDB     *Integration & Implementation
Telephone: (703) 989-7658                         *Telecommunications Solutions
Fax: (703) 729-4407                               *Facilities Management/Operations
URL:                            *General Construction
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc.     SDVOSB      *Strategic Transformation
3 Bethesda Metro Center                  8(a)        *Customer Relationship Management
Suite 700                                9/23/2013   *Business Process Improvement
Bethesda, MD 20814                       SDB         *Project Management
Telephone: (301) 961-4890                            *Technology Integration
URL:                            *Change Management &
POC: Leslie W. Barnett                                Organizational Performance
                                                     *Learning & Performance Design &
                                                     *Professional Coaching

Strategy and Management Services, Inc.   8(a)        *Contract and Acquisition Mgmt.
8117 Lake Park Drive                     SDVOSB      *Strategic Planning & Execution
Alexandria, VA 22309-1211                W/O         *Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Telephone: (703) 969-7949                1/23/2019   *Business Process Design,
Fax: (703) 969-7949                                   Reengineering & Management
URL:                                *Program and Project Mgmt.
POC: Staci L. Redmon, President & CEO                *Administrative Support
                                                     *Event Planning & Meeting
                                                     *Staffing & Staff Augmentation
                                                     *Test and Evaluation
                                                     *Systems Engineering & Integration
                                                     *Enterprise Architecture &
                                                     *Technology Transition Planning
                                                     *SW & HW Reseller

Sullivan Cove Consultants, LLC                 SDVOSB      *Management Consulting
401 East Pratt Street                    SDB         *Legal Services
Suite 1622                               GSA         *Mediation, Alternative Dispute
Baltimore, MD 21202-3048                              Resolution
Telephone: (410) 547-1919                            *Human Resource Services
Fax: (410) 685-3453                                  *FOIA Services
GSA Schedule: GS-23F-0181S

Sun Devil Productions                    SDVOSB     *Commercials
1475 North Scottsdale Road                          *Video Production
Suite 269AA                                    *Documentaries
Scottsdale, AZ 85257-3504
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Telephone: (480) 880-1815
Fax: (480) 884-1888

System Technology Solutions, Inc.   SDVOSB   *Technical Design
16602 Willow Run                    SDB      *Program Management
San Antonio, TX 78247-1117                   *Security Services
Telephone: (210) 490-7744
Fax: (21) 490-7766
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

TAG Services Corporation             SDVOSB   *Program/Project Management
1300 Cara Drive                      SDB      *IV&V
Suite 102                                     *PMO Support
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-5438                 *Strategic Planning
Telephone: (301) 778-7170                     *Business Process Improvement
Fax: (443) 492-0007                           *Information Analysis
URL:                         *Financial Reporting
                                              *Financial Operations Support
                                              *Software Engineering
                                              *Enterprise Application Integration
                                              *Technology Architecture
                                              *Database Management
                                              *Data Migration
                                              *Enterprise Technology Migration
                                              *Network Management
                                              *Helpdesk Support

Talon Office Products, LLC           SDVOSB   *Office Products
810 Cromwell Park Drive              SDB      *Office Furniture
Glen Burnie, MD 21061-2562                    *Printing & Graphic Services
Telephone: (800) 747-4357                     *Data & Voice Network
Fax: (800) 917-6278                            Infrastructure Design
URL:                          *Water Coolers
                                              *Advertising Specialties

Talon Safety, LLC                    SDVOSB   *Safety Program Development &
699 Willow Dell Drive                           Management
P.O. Box 1030                                 *29 CFR 1960 Supervisory &
Senoia, GA 30276                                Employee Safety Training
Telephone: (770) 599-3430                     *Facility Inspections & Program
URL:                        Audits
                                              *OSHA Authorized 10 & 30 Hour
                                                General Industry Trainer
                                              *HAZCOM & HAZWOPER Training

Tcoombs & Associates, LLC            SDVOSB   *Program & Project Management
DBA: TCAssociates, LLC &             8(a)     * Enterprise Vulnerability &
                      8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
TSystems Group                 1/23/2012    Compliance Assessments
8241 Backlick Road                         *Computer Network Defense
Suite K                                    *Forensic Security
Lorton, VA 22079                           *Digital Imaging & Content
Telephone: (703) 339-9373                   Management
Fax: (703) 339-9377                        *Records Management
URL:                 *Call Center & Help Desk Services
POC: Tony Coombs, CEO                             *Telecommunications Services
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
TDB Communications, Inc.               SDVOSB     *Temporary Staffing
10901 West 84th Terrace                GSA        *Project Management
Overland Park, KS 66214-1631                      *Records Management
Telephone: (913) 327-7400
Fax: (913) 287-8794
GSA Schedules: GS-03F-0099W, GS-07F-5937R,
 & GS-10F-0230W

Technatomy Corporation                SDVOSB      * Application Development
3900 Jermantown Road                  8(a)        * Project Management
Suite 420                             10/8/2012   * Program Management Support
Fairfax, VA 22030-4900                CMMi 3        Services
Telephone: (703) 268-5525                         *CMMi Level 3
Fax: (703) 268-5530                               *Project Compliance
URL:                           *Life-Cycle Documentation
POC: Nadeem Butler, President & CEO                      *Requirements Gathering
                                                  *Software & Database Application
                                                  *Data Management
                                                  *Business Area Analysis
                                                  *Infrastructure Management
                                                  *Help Desk
                                                  *Portal Migration Support
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Technical and Project Engineering, LLC SDVOSB    *Acquisition Support
DBA: TAPE                              W/O       *Contract Close-Out
8300 Greensboro Drive                  GSA       *Program Management
Suite 800                                        *Earned Value Management
McLean, VA 22102-3661                      *Risk Analysis
Telephone: (703) 924-5020                        *Strategic Planning
Fax: (703) 971-3673                              *Strategic Communications
URL:                            *Certification & Accreditation
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0285W & GS-10F-0026S       *Remediation
                                                 *Security Policy
                                                 *Database Administration
                                                 *Systems Administration
                                                 *Web Development
                                                 *Network Support

Technology for Tomorrow, Inc.           SDVOSB      *IT Hardware/Software Sales
122 Clifford Court                      8(a)        *IT Maintenance
Canton, GA 30115                        1/2/2017    *Breakfix Support
Telephone: (703) 881-7781                           *IT Staffing
Fax: (703) 881-7797                                 *Asset Disposal
URL:                          *IT Training
                                                    *Office Supplies
                                                    *Office Furniture
                                                    *Printing & Embroidery
                                                    *Hardware Tools/Lumber

Tech Provision, LLC                     SDVOSB      *Virtual & Cloud Technologies
2350 Daybreaker Drive                               *Legacy IT Modernization
Park City, UT 84098-5880                      *Data Center Consolidation
Telephone: (202) 255-7981
Fax: (435) 649-5869
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
TeraCore, Inc.                       SDVOSB      *Program/Project Management
2325 Dulles Corner Blvd.             8(a)        *Business Process Re-engineering
Suite 500                            5/28/2012   *Strategic & Organizational Planning
Herndon, VA 20171                                *Performance Management
Telephone: (703) 788-6661                        *Capital Planning & Investment
Fax: (770) 234-5065                                Control
POC: Brian Kendrick, VP                          *Case Studies
URL:                            * Workforce Transformation
                                                 * Requirements Management

Texcel, Inc.                         SDVOSB      *Value-Added Reseller
23220 Chagrin Blvd.                  8(a)        *Unified Communications
Suite 202                            3/5/2016    *Storage Solutions
Cleveland, OH 44122-5409                         *Servers
Telephone: (216) 514-1818                        *Power Cooling
Fax: (216) 514-1817                              *Printing & Imaging Solutions

The Human Factor                     SDVOSB      *Organizational Development
134 WagonWheel Court                 GSA         *Executive Coaching
Marlton, NJ 08053-4718                           *Strategic Planning
Telephone: (856) 596-5945                        *Change Management
Fax: (856) 988-0287                              *Malcolm Baldridge Award Criteria
URL:                   *Leadership Training
GSA Schedule: GS-02F-0092U                       *Management Training
                                                 *Communication Skills Training
                                                 *Individual Skill Development

The McConnell Group, Inc.            SDVOSB      *Project Management
1901 Research Blvd.                              *Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Suite 502                                        *Logistics
Rockville, MD 20850-3168                         *Strategic Staffing
Telephone: (301) 309-8310
Fax: (301) 309-8314
                             8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
The Middlesex Group, LLC               SDVOSB      *Enterprise Architecture
3157 North 19th Street                 GSA         *Portfolio Management
Arlington, VA 22201-5103                           *Systems Engineering
Telephone: (703) 547-1472
Fax: (703) 525-2840
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0334U

The Odin Group                         SDVOSB      *Strategic Planning & Organizational
11914 Fallen Holly Court               SDB           Development
Suite 100                                          *Business/Operational Analysis
Great Falls, VA 22066-1231                         *”Lean” Operations, Performance
Telephone: (703) 999-8994                            Improvement, Process Engineering
Fax: (703) 430-9137                                *Capital Planning/Portfolio Planning
URL:                            *New Business Development
                                                   *Enterprise Engineering &
                                                   *Information Sharing & Collaboration
                                                   *Capability-Based Engineering
                                                   *Cyberspace Engineering
                                                   *Information & Communications
                                                     Technology (ICT) Management

The Ravens Group, Inc.                 SDVOSB    *Human Resources Support &
4640 Forbes Blvd.                      GSA        Training
Suite 300                                        *Logistics & Facilities Management
Lanham, MD 20706-1894                      *Financial Resource Management
Telephone: (301) 577-8585                        *Professional Staffing & Support
Fax: (301) 577-9097                              *Contract Close-Out
URL:                      *Asset Management
GSA Schedules: GS-23F-0046W, GS-07F-9303S,       *Configuration Management
 & GS-10F-0456N                                  *Business Process Reengineering
                                                 *Program & Project Management
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
TISTA Science & Technology Corp.        SDVOSB      *Cyber Security
6701Democracy Boulevard,                8(a)        *Information Assurance
Suite 201                               8/10/2016   *CIO & PMO Support
Bethesda, MD 20817
Telephone : (301)404-5567
Fax : (866)286-9310
POC : Ahmed R. Ali

3Links Technologies, Inc.                     SDVOSB      *Telecommunications Help
8701 Georgia Ave                         HUBZone      Operations
Suite 705                                GSA         *Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs)
Silver Spring, MD 20910                  8(a)        *Secure & Non-Secure-TS/SCI Level
Telephone: 301-588-8292            12/12/2015 *Site Operations & Management
          866-588-8292                        *On-Site Studio Operations
Fax: 301-588-8294                             *Video Production & Editing
URL:                      *Facilities Management
POC: Bouchra Braiber                                 *Space Planning
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0336V                           *Help Desk
                                                     *Occupational Safety

Tomorrow’s Solutions Today (TST)        SDVOSB      *Information Security
4956 Wyaconda Road                      8(a)        * Web Hosting
Rockville, MD 20852-2244                2/9/2013    * Data Warehousing
Telephone: (301) 881-8050                           * Data Link Systems
Fax: (301) 881-4113                                 * E-Commerce
URL:                                 * Secure Development Services
POC: Kevin Dziekonski, President                    * Secure Email
                                                    * Information Technology Services
                                                    * Business Process Reengineering
                                                    * Program Management
                                                    * Application Development
                                                    * Custom & COTS-based Systems

Topgallant Partners, LLC                SDVOSB      *Project Management
75 Gilcreast Road                       SDB         *Strategic Planning
Suite 200                               GSA         *Business Process Reengineering
Londonderry, NH 03053-3566                          *Network Engineering
Telephone: (603) 216-2084                           *Software Engineering & Design
Fax: (603) 216-2085                                 *Workforce Planning
URL:                    *Performance Measurement Devel.
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0575P                          *Financial Management Support
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
                                                  *Software Engineering
                                                  *Help Desk

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions         SDVOSB    * Enterprise Engineering
2111 Wilson Blvd.                      8(a)      * Enterprise Architecture
Suite 700                              6/28/2013 * CRM Consultants
Arlington, VA 22201                              * Enterprise Engineering
Telephone: (703) 527-8088                         * ERP Consultants
Fax: (703) 527-6808                               * Infrastructure Protection
URL:                      *Business Process Reengineering
POC: Jerry W. Torres                              * Strategic Planning
                                                  *Project Management
                                                  *Organizational Development

Total Media, Inc.                      SDVOSB     *CD Duplication
21947 US Highway 19 North              GSA        *DVD Duplication
Clearwater, FL 33765-2359                         *Media Equipment
Telephone: (727) 723-3090                         *Duplicators, Printers, Towers
Fax: (727) 723-3161                               *Flash Drive Copiers, Recorders
URL:                        *Printing Supplies
GSA Schedules: GS-02F-0274P & GS-02F-0157V        *Degaussers
                                                  *Tape Media

Townsend Management Group, LLC         SDVOSB     *Management Consulting Services
DBA: Townsend Consulting Group         SDB        *Business Process Reengineering
2121 South Oneida Street               GSA        *Quality Management
Suite 110                                         *Benchmarking
Denver, CO 80224-2550                             *Diversity Training
Telephone: (303) 758-9149                         *Conference Management
Fax: (303) 759-9615
GSA Schedules: GS-10F-0182J & GS-10F-0094J

TPI, Inc.                              SDVOSB    *Enterprise Modernization Services
2650 Jamacha Road                      GSA       *Configuration Management Services
Suite 147-13                               *Document & Records Mgmt.
El Cajon, CA 92019-4319                    *Content Management
Telephone: (619) 270-9533                        *Integration & Collaboration
Fax: (619) 270-9616                              *Custom Development
URL:                             *Consulting Services
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0298L                       *Project Management
                                                 *Network Architecture

Transcendence, Inc.                  SDVOSB      *Staffing & Augmentation Services
600 South Court Street               HUBZone     *Virtual Network Environment
Suite 319                            8(a)        *Help Desk Services
Montgomery, AL 36104-4106            2/15/2014   *Telecommunications & Computer
Telephone: (866) 382-3344                         Facilities Management Services
Fax: (334) 460-4460                               Training
URL:                       *Systems Integration

Trevor L Newman, LLC                 SDVOSB     *Contract Close-Out
DBA: Leonard-Newman Unlimited        W/O        *Acquisition/Contract Mgmt. Support
222 New Road                         8(a)       *Business Process
Suite 107                            6/10/2013  *Technical & Professional
Linwood, NJ 08221-1280                      Documentation
Telephone: (609) 788-4761
Fax: (609) 788-4763

Tropical Environmental, Inc.         SDVOSB      *Asbestos, Lead, & Mold Abatement
10976 Fairbluff Avenue               SDB         *Asbestos Inspections
Huntley, IL 60142-9046
Telephone: (224) 569-3277
Fax: (224) 569-3278

True Communications, Inc.            SDVOSB      *Maintenance
23475 Rock Haven Way                             *Engineering
Suite 255                                        *Antenna Installation
Dulles, VA 20166                                 *Wi-Fi & WI-Max Installation
Telephone : (571)313-5219                        *Project Management
Fax : (571)313-5225                              *Network Engineering
URL :                           *Energy Management

Trusant Technologies, LLC            SDVOSB      *Program/Project Management Office
8840 Columbia 100 Parkway            GSA          Support
Suite 120                                        *Facility Planning
Columbia, MD 21045-2154                          *Construction Management
Telephone: (410) 997-5400                        *Force Protection Consulting
Fax: (410) 997-5688                              *Data Center & Mission-Critical
                       8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
URL:                     Facilities Implementation
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0749R             *IT Project Management & Analysis
                                       *IT Process Methodology
                                       *Enterprise Content Management
                                       *Enterprise Application Integration
                                       *Web & Custom Software Devel.
                                       *Database Software Devel.
                                       *Strategic Contingency Planning
                                       *IT & Non-IT Disaster Planning
                                       *Communications Planning
                                       *Continuity of Operations (COOP)
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Unisource Building Maintenance, Inc.   SDVOSB       *Janitorial Services
8600 Mosquero Circle                   SDB          *Facilities Maintenance
Austin, TX 78748-5264
Telephone: (512) 796-0426
Fax: (512) 796-0426

Universal Business Solutions           SDVOSB       *Application Development
4080 McGinnis Ferry Road               8(a)         *Application Integration
Suite 803                              11/15/2013   *E-Security Consulting
Alpharetta, GA 30005-3948              GSA          *Infrastructure Support
Telephone: (770) 416-9900                           *IT Staffing
Fax: (770) 416-931
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0109V

Universal Understanding, Inc.          SDVOSB       *CISCO Products & Services
200 West Forsyth Street                HUBZone      *CISCO Gold Partner
Suite C900                             GSA          *Networking Products
Jacksonville, FL 32202-4349                         *Data Storage
Telephone: (904) 309-5501                           *VoIP
Fax: (240) 220-8086                                 *Wireless Solutions
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0282U

URSA Navigation Solutions, Inc.        SDVOSB       *Value-Added Reseller
616 Innovation Drive                   GSA          *Advanced Engineering Solutions
Chesapeake, VA 23320-3826                           *Application Development
Telephone: (757) 312-0790                           *Website Development
Fax: (757) 312-0795                                 *Financial Resource Mgmt.
URL:                                *Information Assurance
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0450W, GS-10F-0310T,          *Enterprise Content Mgmt.
 & GS-10F-0196W (Not SDVOSB on this Schedule)       *Program & Project Mgmt.
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
USA FutureTech, Inc.                 SDVOSB      * Information Technology Services
2891 New Hanover Square Road         8(a)        * Supply Chain Management
Gilbertsville, PA 19525-9673         1/23/2012   * E-Collaboration, Training & Change
Telephone: (610) 326-2918                          Management
Fax: (610) 326-2918                              * Process Reengineering
POC: Billy Dunlap, President                     * Imaging & Document Management
                                                 * Mobile Decontamination Systems

Utility Systems Solutions, Inc.        SDVOSB    *Energy Related Services for Steam,
DBA: U S 2                             SDB        Hot Water, or Air
3030 L B J Freeway                     GSA       *Pumps
Suite 700                                        *Humidifiers
Dallas, TX 75234-7763                            *Steam Generators
Telephone: (214) 722-7508
Fax: (214) 722-7676
GSA Schedules: GS-07F-0121T & GS-03F-0100T
                            8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Vanguard Office Supplies, LLC        SDVOSB     *Office Supplies
DBA: Vanguard Supplies                          *Office Furniture
18 Lyman Street                                 *Office Equipment
Suite 262
Westborough, MA 01581
Telephone: (800) 757-4909
Fax: (866) 330-0948

Veritiss, LLC                              SDVOSB    *Intelligence Support Services
1897 Preston White Drive,            8(a)      *Security Management & Law
Suite 200                            1/6/2018    Enforcement
Reston, VA 20191                     WOSB      *Human Resources Management &
Telephone: (703)391-9270                         Administration
URL:                    *Logistics Management
POC: Harry P. Allen                            *Language Services
                                               *Information Technology Services

Verus Government Solutions, LLC      SDVOSB     *Staff Augmentation
11708 Slatestone Court                          *Executive Search
Suite 201
Potomac, MD 20854-2099
Telephone: (301) 742-9000
Fax: (301) 294-7418

Vetegrity, LLC                       SDVOSB     *Application Development
2012 Renard Court                               *Data Warehousing & Analytics
Suite P                                         *Custom Reports & Dashboards
Annapolis, MD 21401-6761                        *Networking/Security
Telephone: (410) 224-0002                       *System Integration
Fax: (410) 224-0229                             *Storage & Storage Area Networks
URL:                          *HW/SW Solutions
                                                *Network or Security Operations
                                                *Information Assurance
                                                *Certification & Accreditation
                                                *Cyber Support
                                                *Computer & Network Forensics
                                                *Tactical Radio/LMR
                         8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Veteran Computer Consultants, LLC      SDVOSB   *Middleware Solutions
1717 DeKalb Street                              *B2B and EAI Integration
Norristown, PA 19401-5416                       *Quality Assurance
Telephone: (484) 919-4000                       *IT Training
Fax: (610) 275-2483                             *Software Development
URL:         *Computer Sales
                                                *Accept SmartPay Cards

Veteran Enterprise Technology             SDVOSB     *Systems Design
 Services, LLC                       GSA      *Test & Evaluation
DBA: VETS                            VETS     *Electronics Maintenance
3949 Pender Drive                             *CAD/CAM
Suite 105                                     *Strategic Planning
Fairfax, VA 22030-6027                        *Warehouse Operations/Management
Telephone: (703) 738-6337                     *Program & Process Management
Fax: (703) 880-7128                           *Project Planning
URL:                         *Process Engineering & Redesign
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0067W & VETS GWAC:

Veteran Logistics, Inc.              SDVOSB     *Toner Cartridges
3611 Dalbergia Street                GSA        *Office Products
San Diego, CA 92113-3812                        *Janitorial Supplies
Telephone: (619) 450-6880
Fax: (888) 838-5647
GSA Schedule: GS-21F-0094W
                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Veteran Solutions, Inc.                 SDVOSB     *HUMINT/Security Training
9634 Pennsylvania Avenue                8(a)       *Logistics/Maintenance Systems
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772                4/2/2016     Management
Telephone: (301) 599-5511                          *Logistics Requisition Management
Fax: (301) 599-5570                                *Law Enforcement, Force Protection
URL:                        and Anti-Terrorism
POC: John T. Chenery, President & CEO              *Security Management & Threat
                                                     Vulnerability Assessments
                                                     Operations & Analysis
                                                   *Finance/Resource/Records Mgmt.
                                                   *Contract Management/Close-out
                                                   *Management & Human Resource
                                                   *Business Process Reengineering

Veterans Enterprise Technology       SDVOSB        *Program Management
 Solutions, Inc.                     GSA           *Access Control/Security
2057 Woodford Road                   VETS          *Acquisition Support
Suite 200                                          *Contract Close-Out
Vienna, VA 22182-5029                              *Acquisition Training
Telephone: (703) 801-8171                          *Application Development
Fax: (866) 320-0911                                *Systems Integration
URL:                              *ERP
GSA Schedules: GS-35F-0603V & VETS GWAC:           *IV&V
 GS-06F-0532Z                                      *Curriculum Development

Veterans Imaging Products, Inc.               SDVOSB     *Computer Products
744 North Industrial Drive              GSA       *Security Devices
Elmhurst, IL 60126-1129                           *Furniture
Telephone: (630) 834-0540                         *Toner
Fax: (866) 602-8260                               *Janitorial Supplies
URL:                      *Office Supplies
GSA Schedule: GS-14F-0005L
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE
Vision Technologies, Inc.               SDVOSB    *Staff Augmentation
530 J. McCormick Drive           GSA        *Network Administration
Suite G                          VETS       *Network Security
Glen Burnie, MD 21061-8200                  *Deployment
Telephone: (410) 424-2183                   *Wireless Systems
Fax: (410) 424-2208                         *Data Center Services
URL:                     *Security Systems
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0581R &                *CCTV & Access Control Systems
 VETS GWAC GS-06F-0535Z                     *Audio-Visual Systems
                                            *Video Teleconferencing
                           8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Wilson Business Integrators, Inc.   SDVOSB      *Continuity of Operations
DBA: The Wilson Group               8(a)        *Bioterrorism Exercises
2443 Fair Oaks Blvd.                11/7/2011   *Vulnerability Analysis
Suite 366                                       *Operational Recovery Planning
Sacramento, CA 95825-7684                       *Physical, IT & Data Security
Telephone: (916) 973-9000                       *Response Center Operations
Fax: (916) 973-9021                             *Emergency Staffing Database
POC: Bruce R. Wilson, President

Wymond Associates, LLC                    SDVOSB       *Program Management
6022 Fort Hunt Road                 GSA          *Software Development
Alexandria, VA 22307-1203                        *Enterprise Management
Telephone: (703) 309-1099                        *Information Management
Fax: (703) 229-0531                              *Systems Integration
URL:                       *IT Service Consulting
GSA Schedule: GS-35F-0186U
                        8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Xtreme Solutions, Inc.           SDVOSB   *Systems & Software Engineering
1170 Peachtree Street            SDB      *Development & Systems Admin.
Suite 1200                       W/O      *Database Management
Atlanta, GA 30309-7673                    *IT Architecture
Telephone: (404) 885-6031                 *Networking
Fax: (770) 703-3681                       *Telecommunications & Cable
URL:                 Solutions
                                          *Network Operations & Quality
                                          *Project Management
                                          *Staffing Services
                                          *Infrastructure Systems Support
                                          *Cyber Security

                          8(A) FIRMS AT A GLANCE

Zavda Technologies, LLC                  SDVOSB     *Counter-Terrorism &
11400 Glen Dale Ridge Road         W/O          Analysis
Glenn Dale, MD 20769               8(a)        *Database Administration
Telephone: (240) 523-6253          8/12/2017   *Enterprise Network Management
Fax: (240) 266-0597                            *Systems Engineering
URL:                             *Technical Program/Project
POC: Dr. Stacy Trammell, AIS                    Management

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