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									During these difficult economic times, don’t forget to...

Your HeAltH!
Investing in preventative care for you and your family is the single most important investment you can make.
Preventive health care is about maintaining good health habits and getting periodic screening for specific health problems. Many diseases can be effectively treated when detected early. Early detection and effective treatment is always the best course of action! Millions of Americans are looking for ways to cut costs, but cutting back on your health is one cut-back that just doesn’t make sense. The cost of cutting back on your medical care could be catastrophic—so even in these difficult economic times—make your health a priority. In addition to proper nutrition, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper control of any diseases or disorders (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are critically important). Periodic screening for specific problems is a vital part of preventative care. Important screen procedures include: • Regular physicals Pap smear—cervical cancer screening • Mammography and breast self-examination • Prostate cancer screening and testicular self-examination • Cholesterol screening • Colon cancer screening • Regular eye exams Keep immunizations up-to-date. Remember that adults should receive periodic boosters for diseases such as tetanus. If you are either older than 65 or have significant heart or lung problems, you should consider receiving an influenza vaccine during the fall and winter season, as well as a pneumonia vaccine.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

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This patient education program is funded entirely with private resources; no public funds have been used.

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