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 The weather in Puerto Rico doesn't vary much from season to season. The average annual temperature is 82 degrees
 Fahrenheit, so the high season for tourism is not dictated by the weather as it is in other Caribbean destinations. Winter in Puerto
 Rico is like May in most of the American southeast, with an average temperature hovering around 75 degrees. Most people visit
 in winter, getting away from the freezing temperatures of their home towns in North America.

 Summer brings hotter weather and humidity, and the chance of rain is greater in summer and fall. The hurricane season officially
 lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30 but is no cause to worry. More hurricanes hit the U.S. mainland than Puerto Rico, and with today's
 meteorological technology, there is almost always more than enough warning to take proper precautions. Although crowds can
 be avoided if you stay off the beaten path, the most obvious difference between visiting in the tourist (high) season or the low
 season is the crowds. In some ways, visiting during peak season is beneficial, but if getting away from civilization is your
 vacation goal, the low season might be best.

 High Season: November - April

 Visiting Puerto Rico in the high season of tourism is quite an experience. The most popular tourist areas are filled with hustling,
 bustling vacationers from all over the world, reveling in the beautiful weather and the Caribbean experience. The crowds can be
 exciting, exhilarating, and even a little daunting. This is definitely a time for small groups; singles, couples, or groups of friends
 who can navigate the islands with ease.

 Accommodations and flights should be booked at least two or three months in advance, and sometimes even farther ahead than
 that. Reservations are necessary, transportation is stretched thinner, and tours are generally more crowded.

 Low Season: May - October

 While the high season is exciting, the low season can be more indicative of the true spirit of Puerto Rico. With diminished
 crowds, a less-hurried, more “Caribbean” way of life prevails. The midday temperatures can rise to uncomfortable highs, but the
 Atlantic trade winds keep the mornings, afternoons, and evenings extremely pleasant.

 Traveling in the low season, especially during the months of September and October, can be more affordable and this is the time
 when you will find the best deals. Hotels cut rates from 20 percent to 60 percent, and tours and shops often cut prices to remain
 competitive. Visitors will find easier access to public transportation, tee times and golf courses, tennis courts, water sports, and
 other enjoyable activities. Flights and accommodations often are easier to book during the low season. You may even be able to
 walk into a nice restaurant off the street and eat without a reservation. This is a good time for families to travel, because it's
 easier to keep track of children, and there are fewer crowds to fight. The atmosphere is more cosmopolitan in the low season as
 well because a higher percentage of tourists are European.

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