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									Why we (Borland) are investing in CMMi
       Presented by: CJ Human, European Product Line Manager

     Borland’s acquisition of CMMi capability (TeraQuest)
           Our Mission & where CMMi fits in
           Why acquire TeraQuest?
           Our CMMi goals
           Future plans (external & internal)
           CMMi roll-out & integration
           Ensuring success with CMMi
     Questions & Answers

    Maximizing the Business Value of Software

          It’s not just about doing it faster
              It’s about doing it better
          It’s not just about getting the software done
              It’s about getting it deployed & used
          It’s not just about doing software right
              It’s about doing the right software

    Borland’s Vision

       Continue to build software for software people
       Continue to serve the needs of software creators
       Broaden our outreach to help “other” software people

       We call this vision Software Delivery Optimization

            Software Delivery Optimization is about
             driving business value from software.

    Borland Says

       “If you’re in business, YOU’RE IN SOFTWARE".

       “Turn off the bits, turn off the lights”.

       “Software MUST become a core competency”.

       “You’ve got to “Get Good At Software””.

    “Getting Good” at Software translates into

                             Software Delivery

                Maximize                             Spend
                      Accelerate               Quality
                       Delivery     Mitigate

    The Borland Mission

            Software Delivery Optimization:
            The transformation of software development to
            an accelerated, yet disciplined approach that
            aligns teams, technology and process to
            maximize the business value of software.

    How CMMi fits into our strategy

    Software delivery as a managed business process
    CMMi adds process expertise to Borland’s products, which provide customers
        with a complete solution for optimizing cost performance, quality, time-
        to-market and productivity.
    Service Organisations such as TeraQuest brings process-focused intellectual
        property, including courses, knowledge bases and methods that directly
        support Borland’s current and future product offerings.

    How is this significant to our customers?
    The acquisition of TeraQuest provides Borland and TeraQuest customers with
        integrated technology and process solutions that span executive to
        individual developer roles.
    An integrated solution that aligns the people, processes, and technologies
        within the software lifecycle can help customers address the cultural
        changes required to migrate software development to a more managed
        business process.

 Unique value & Competitive differentiator

     Will CMMi help us to compete better?
     Yes! TeraQuest’s proven success in helping enterprises improve
        their software processes will be a significant differentiator
        for Borland, a company already well known for its technical
        excellence and customer-driven agenda.

     TeraQuest’s process improvement services can integrate
        immediately with Borland’s ALM suite to help IT executives
        realize the full potential of process and technology
        improvement investments.

 Who is TeraQuest
 25 Person Global Process & CMM Consultancy:
       Team includes 2 co-authors of CMM: Bill Curtis & Charlie Weber and 11 SEI Certified Lead
        Assessors – 2nd largest concentration worldwide. Average consultant with 20+ years of experience

 Appraisal Services
       Business Process
       Application Development

 Advisory Services
       Quick-starts
       Process improvement
       Ongoing implementation

 Education Services
       30+ Courses
       Workshops on process management

 Extensive Process & CMM IP:
       Rich catalog of IP in a well structured ‘Process Asset Library’ (PAL) – includes 30+ courses and

 Borland & TeraQuest Strategic Alignment

     TeraQuest adds process consulting solutions to Borland’s best of breed ALM
        technologies to accelerate business value capture

     Key benefits to BORL include:
            Addition of recognized industry leaders in the CMM and process consulting space including
             the co-author of the CMM, Bill Curtis & the co-author of CMMI & SW-CMM, Charlie Weber
            Ability to deliver CMM & Process Assessment and implementation services with a team of SEI
             Certified Lead Assessors that is larger than any other software company in the world – have
             delivered 220+ assessments in 15 countries
            Incorporation of a rich library of IP and Process related assets that include a catalog of 30+
             courses and workshops which will significantly enhance Borland University and Borland
            Strategic Alliance with Gartner for over 3½ years

     Key benefits to TeraQuest include:
            A broad customer platform to extend its reach worldwide – ability to leverage over 8,000+
             paying maintenance customers and 3M+ developers to spread the process message
            Ability to provide end to end solutions to process consulting recommendations by including
             best of breed technology
            Provides the necessary resources to extend and enhance strategic growth areas such as the
             Business Maturity Model, Measurements, & Agile Maturity Model

Enhancing The Services ‘Stack’

     The TeraQuest team and IP rapidly accelerate the growing number of resources and expertise in the
     process offering and will dramatically enhance Borland University & Borland Accelerate content

                                                                         Strategy Seminars, Workshops & Assessments – SDO Strategy, Process, CMM, SOA

                                                                                               Process Development & Deployment Services
                                    Standard – Premium – Premium Plus

                                                                                                                                                                             Knowledge Base / Methods / Tools
                                                                                (Developing, extending & deploying software development processes across the enterprise)
      Technical Support Offerings

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Borland Accelerate
                                                                                                        Technical Account Management
                                                                            (On-site dedicated resource to manage deployments, migrations, evangelism, program management)

                                                                                                    Application & Data Migration Services
                                                                                                          (Requirements -- Modeling -- SCM)

                                                                                                              Quick-Start Programs
                                                                            (Education, Mentoring, Install, Configuration & Recommendations – Requirements, Modeling, SCM)

                                                                        Borland University – Role Based Product & Solution Blended Learning & Certifications

Rollout Strategies

     Internal “Webinars” on key topics
          Sales Approach
          CMMI 101 Training
          Improvement Roadmap/Service Bundles
     Marketing is managing awareness events & content
          Executive Breakfasts
          Public Webinars
          Whitepaper creation
          New Presentations & Recorded Sessions for public download
     Services Portal ( updated with TQ Process content in Q105
          Source of information for existing customers

 Integration plans

     TeraQuest’s seasoned consultants will become part of Borland’s
       new Process Optimization Practice.

     TeraQuest’s process asset library will be incorporated into
       Borland’s Accelerate knowledge base and will immediately add
       30+ new offerings to the Borland University catalog.

     TeraQuest executives will also work closely with Borland’s
       worldwide services and product development teams to enhance
       the process component of Borland’s future products.

     Creation of Chief Process Officer position.
 A Process Optimization Practice

     A newly created group within our Professional Services Org.

     The Process Optimization Practice is focused on helping clients
        make software delivery a managed process.
     Using CMMI, the new practice will help customers transform
        their organization’s processes to address critical business
        needs that will help optimize cost, schedule, quality and
        customer satisfaction.
     Also focused on addressing our internal need for Process
     By empowering the POP, we are ensuring CMMi success

 Technology Agnostics

     CMMI-based process appraisals should be technology
         agnostic, how will Borland retain objectivity?
     Borland intends to ensure that the new Process Optimization
         Practice remains independent and objective in its assessments
         and recommendations, and focused on providing customers
         value-driven solutions.
     All appraisers are bound by a code of conduct with the Software
         Engineering Institute.
     Borland’s Process Optimization services will continue to support
         customers that have multi-vendor tool environments much
         like it supports multi-platform environments and a variety of
         development processes.

 Ensuring success with CMMi

     Success (or not!) will depend on:
     Management participation
     People Empowerment
     Understanding the Business Drivers
     Involvement in Process review & approval
     Measuring the Process, not the people
     Implement Measures, not Targets
     Automate at every opportunity
     Avoid Bureaucracy at every opportunity
     Informal & Formal Training
     Communicating the “What’s in it for me?” factors

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