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Healey Kia


									                                                    NO MATTER WHAT OTHER AUTO DEALERS, LENDERS OR
                 IN ASSOCIATION WITH
                                                         CREDIT UNIONS HAVE SAID TO YOU RECENTLY
                                                         WE SAY YES!

      C A L L 8 7 7 - 6 3 9 - 7 7 7 9 o r g o t o w ww. K ia C re d it . u s
                            (ref er t o your pi n co de l i st ed nex t ot you r addr ess)


You have been pre-approved for an auto loan for up to $29,932. We want you to know that no matter what other
auto dealers, lenders or credit unions have said to you recently WE CAN HELP!
We have selected Healey Kia a prominent local new car dealer and have authorized them to process this loan on
our behalf for you. They will provide you with your loan status as well as terms and conditions. Millions of dollars
worth of inventory is on hand, priced to meet the terms of your approval. Choose a car, truck, or SUV from 2005 to
2012. Upon loan activation, You will just sign and drive away.

Can you walk into a new car dealership pre-approved to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle?
Yes, you can. You should know that your pre-approval status is not easily achieved. But with your current financial record, our
decision was really very simple. You have already been pre-approved for an auto loan for up to $29,932.

Will I have to speak to anyone?
NO YOU WILL NOT! You determine your pre-approval amount by following these easy steps below.
The hard work you have put into maintaining good financial standing demonstrates an admirable level of financial
responsibility. We have a very different kind of approach, we are prepared to handle the initial transaction entirely by phone,
in only a few minutes. In fact, we’re light years ahead of your typical finance sources.

Where am I Pre-Approved to go?
We have already done 90% of the work for you. We have contacted Healey Kia authorized them to
process your auto loan. This guarantees you Credit Union pricing, a low monthly
payment, and highest trade equity without the hassle of haggling. YOU TRULY SIGN AND DRIVE!

                           Authorized Dealer:
                                                                                  THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER
                             Healey Kia                                           AND IS SET TO EXPIRE WITHIN
                 130 Temple Hill Rd, Vails Gate NY 12584                          THE NEXT 72 HOURS UNLESS
                             854-565-7159                                          YOU FOLLOW THESE EASY
                                                                                     STEPS. DO NOT DELAY.
             You must ask for Dennis Thomas
    Call our Automated             Enter your Secure                 Write in your loan                 Visit your
  System any time 24/7 at
                                  Pin Code listed next                amount below                      Authorized
 1-877-639-7779                     to your address
            Or go to:                                                                                     Dealer

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