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Jump on the bandwagon called PACE Express – and get fit and healthy

There are millions of good workouts out there … most of them tell you about the benefits of cardio.

However, this method to do exercise got a massive opponent and turned out as a turn up for the
books. Thanks to inventor-creator-author, Al Sears MD, more and more physicians, fitness trainers
and ordinary people like you, and me understand and use the new science behind successful weight
loss. In his excellent video, Sears underlines the importance of giving higher priority to fat loss. In
reality, we should focus on fat loss instead of losing weight.

The main difference between cardio (that, according to Dr. Sears is dead) and PACE is measured in
time and intensity. 12 minutes three times a week and you are on the right track. Everybody starts
where it still feels good (it depends on the actual health status) and adds every time a bit more to
time as well as intensity of exercise.

Three years ago, at the time of publishing the new method in paper format, PACE was, first of all, a
theory as only some insiders knew of its existence. Thanks to thousands of real success stories, in
these days, PACE spreads like wildfire.

PACE burns fat faster and renews energy while making long-duration exercise a story from the past.
It helps you gradually to change the capacity of your heart, lungs, blood vessels and muscles.

PACE is a part of a complex fat loss system called PACE Express covering theory and practice at the
same time. The 7 Easy Steps to a more youthful body covers the main laws of successful fat loss, the
Healthy Recipes gives you a good starts to cook delicious fat-burning meals. Useful bonuses
complement the core strategy.

As with every type of workout, there are of course risk factors, you need to calculate. Speak with
your physician if you are over 50 or are 25+ pounds overweight. Taking medication (heart, high blood
pressure) or suffering from asthma, emphysema or other lung conditions are also not good to begin
workouts without the help of a health professional. . Extreme overweight is not an obstacle to fat
loss, but it requires extra knowledge and caution. Do not start without reaching out for help. If you

join the PACE community, you can get plenty of useful information and the good feeling of being
among similar people.

Within 6 days, you are ready to start your new lifestyle without depriving yourself. The entire PACE
Express package costs about $60. It may easily turn out as your investment of the year. Thank
yourself later.

To Your Health Success!

Gina Omentor


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