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					Scrooge for Mayor – Labor

By: Rachel Henderson &
    Shelby Beasley
               New cities
• As the industrialization of the big cites
  grew, more factories were made.
• With more factories, that meant more jobs
  to be taken by new city workers.
• This may sound nice, but many things
  were horrible..
                    Child labor
• Children were employed at young ages like 6 years old
  for little or no pay.
• Many fell into the machines and were killed on the job, or
• Orphan children forced to work 12-14 hours a day.
• The factory act of 1833 passed by parliament was said
  that children had to at least have 2 hours of school a
  day, children 9 to 13 were allowed to work 8 hours a day,
  14 to 18 couldn’t work more than 12 hours a day, and
  children under 9 couldn’t work at all.
• Even though there were laws passed for age limits to
  working, many children lied to have longer working hours
  for a little bit of more money by asking lawyers to give
  them new false birth certificates with older ages.
            Conditions of Factories
•   Diseases like Typhus, Tuberculosis, Scarlet fever and Yellow fever spread
•   Machinery was not always fenced off and some workers were injured from
    moving parts hitting them.
•   Children often got stuck in between the machines, for they were small
    enough to fit in between the parts and they died because they couldn’t get
•   The factories were often hot and humid, which made workers very sluggish
    (slow), so the factory was more of a dungeon than a work place.
• Factory owners most of the time didn’t pay very
• Their excuse for not paying orphans was that
  they would pay them in food, shelter, and water
• The pay for adults wasn’t much better. They
  were paid little, if any at all.
• Sometimes factory owners could get away with
  not paying people for hard labor
• The owners paid about 1 shilling (or 5 pence).
            What Will Scrooge Do?
• Child labor:                            • Conditions-
•   He will enforce the law that states   •   He will have fans for the
    that you must be at least 9 years         machinery and also the workers
    old to work                           •   He will have cold water on the
•   He will have authorities on the           side so the workers will stay
    side to make sure everyone is             hydrated
    treated fairly                        •   When it is cold, he will have fire
•   He will have fences for the               and jackets ready to use to keep
    children to make sure that they           the workers warm
    keep their distance from the          •   When workers become sick, they
    dangerous machines                        are allowed to go home and still
•   He will give uniforms so that good        get fair pay when they come back
    clothes so hair does not get          •   He will make sure that the factory
    caught in the machinery                   is very sanitary and clean to
                                              prevent diseases from spreading
      What Will Scrooge Do About
• He will have authorities on the side to make sure
  everyone gets fair pay
• He will make a law that states that if the employer does
  not give everyone fair pay, then they will have a fine and
  have to serve time in prison
• He will increase pay and give bonuses to hard workers
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