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AnnuAl RepoRt Financials


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									  AnnuAl RepoRt

                                                                           fiscal year2008-09

Board of Trustees
                      Financial Summary            July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009
 elizabeth liener

   Executive VP
  linda Johnson

  Vice Presidents
  carol agronin
  Terri schepps
   andy schultz
 Helene schussler
 sheryl Wernick

   laura lacritz

  ron romaner

   linda Blasnik
                      Support and Revenue
 Marc Blumberg
                      Tuition and Fees       $4,095,378      72%
 sharon Blumberg
                      Annual Giving           1,004,182      18%
  esther cohen
                      Investments               191,525       4%
Dr. caren edelstein
                      Special Programming       175,939       3%
  Merrill Kaliser
                      Other                     189,322       3%
   susan Klein
                                             $5,656,346     100%
 Hanna lambert
   sam Noble          Expenditures
  Tara Ohayon         Salaries/Benefits       $3,413,972     59%
 Michael robbins      Financial Aid/Remission 1,033,838      18%
 emanuel rohan        Academic Program           440,761      8%
  ann rosenberg       Facility                   461,846      8%
 alysa schildcrout    Other                      219,771      4%
    lisa siegel       Administrative            185,024       3%
  Nancy skinner                               $5,755,212    100%
    evan smith
 Mark stolovitsky
carole Wolanow
   David Zoller
   Mike Zucker
                      fiscal year2008-09                                    fiscal year2008-09           1
                 Grants and Awards                                         Events                                                          Meyerovitz, Shapiro, Fullerton Families and FPA

Year in Review   The AVI CHAI Foundation                                   Annual Dinner and Auction:                                      Mahra and Kevin ’86 Pailet, Myra & Stuart Prescott,
                                                                             Akiba’s Annual Dinner and Auction honored                       Stephanie & Dan Prescott, Prescott Pailet Benefits LP
                  Grant given in support of new cooperative cost
                  savings ventures among Jewish day schools.                 Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Baila Dubrawsky for their               Barbara and David Radunsky
                                                                             outstanding service to the community. The event               Ruthy and Steven ’72 Rosenberg
                 Sylvan T. Baer Fund administered by the Dallas
                  Jewish Community Foundation                                grossed $294,000 in revenue to support scholarships,          Alysa and Andrew Schildcrout
                  Grant given in support of scholarship funds.               educational materials, programming and professional           The Texas Jewish Post and The Rene and Jimmy Wisch
                                                                             development.                                                    Foundation
                 Gladys Golman/Faye Dallen Education Fund
                                                                           Special thanks to our sponsors who helped make this             Waldman Bros
                  Grant given in support of participation in “Schools        event possible.
                  Attuned” program dedicated to the understanding of                                                                       Annual Dinner and Auction Co-Chairs
                  differences in learning.                                 Summa Cum Laude ($20,000)                                         Sharon Blumberg, Suzy Davidsohn,
                 Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in              Leslie and Howard Schultz                                         Joanna Greenstone, Nicole Schultz
                   Jewish Education                                        Nicole and Andy ’80 Schultz                                     Scholarship Dinner and Raffle:
                  Recipient: Denny Ticker                                  Magna Cum Laude ($12,500)                                         This year’s first Strike it Rich bowling themed event
                 Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas                       Jaynie Schultz ’74 and Ron Romaner                                grossed $174,000 in Scholarship Funds!
                  Recipient of Annual Allocation from the Planning                                                                         Special thanks to our sponsors who helped make this
                  & Allocations Department.                                Honours ($5,000)                                                  event possible.
                 Legacy Heritage Fund                                      Cheryl and Brian Potashnik
                                                                                                                                           Perfect Game Sponsors ($1,500)
                  SMART Board equipment has been generously                Sheryl and Stuart ’78 Wernick
                                                                                                                                           Liz and Robert ‘74 Liener
                  donated to Akiba by Legacy Heritage Fund Limited.        Graduate ($2,500)                                               Stephanie and Dan Prescott
                 Morris P. Newberger Science Foundation                    Lori and Joel ’71 Alhadef                                       Nicole and Andy ‘80 Schultz
                  Grant given in support of science enrichment             Janet and Jack Baum
                  materials.                                                                                                               Wild Turkey Sponsors ($1,000)
                                                                           Linda and Steve Blasnik
                 Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education                                                                            Linda and Steven Blasnik
                                                                           Sharon ’85 and Marc Blumberg
                  (PEJE) School Improvement Journey                                                                                        Suzy and Kipp Cohen
                                                                           Dana and Ari Feinstein
                  Two- to three-year grant, which includes support for a                                                                   Forest Lane Pediatrics, LLP
                                                                           Toni and Harold Gernsbacher
                  “whole school” assessment and coaching in the first                                                                      Kahn Mechanical Contractors
                                                                           Joanna and David Greenstone
                  year, with the opportunity for further support in the                                                                    Skibell Fine Jewelry
                                                                           Carole Ann and Dr. Jay Hoppenstein
                  second and third years.                                                                                                  The Texas Jewish Post
                                                                           Lisa and Carlos Ido, Leon and Sheri Ido, Vivi and Mike
                 The Howard and Leslie Schultz Family Foundation             Martin                                                        Scholarship Event Co-Chairs
                  Grant given in support of Akiba programs.                Annie ’91 and Gavin Kam                                         Ellen Avraham
                 Grants given through Funds at the Dallas Jewish           Liz and Robert ’74 Liener                                       Hilary Bernhardt
                   Community Foundation
                  The Carol and David Agronin Family
                     Charitable Foundation                                     Parent-Teacher Association – 2009-2010 Update
                  The Joel and Lori Alhadef Tzedakah Fund
                                                                               The Akiba PTA got the school year off to a “cool” start with a tasty ice cream social to welcome everyone back
                  The Susan Lay and Anthony Atwell Foundation                  to school. Students and their families visited with old and new friends while enjoying a tasty treat (on a VERY
                  The Janet and Jack Baum Philanthropic Fund                   hot day). Sukkot and Chanukah were celebrated by festive dinner celebrations at the school with fun activities
                  The Rabbi Murray and Roberta Berger Family                   including a scavenger hunt, bounce house, cookie decorating and arts & crafts tables. On Grandparents/Special
                  Tzedakah Fund                                                Friends Day, guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast followed by student entertainment and programming in the
                  Linda and Steven Blasnik                                     classrooms. The Akiba PTA has been very successful in their fundraising efforts this year. Two major events include
                  The Sharon and Marc Blumberg Family Trust                    the Sally Foster Wrapping Paper/Gift Sale and the Akiba Book Fair.
                  The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation                       In an effort to support new programming at the school, the Akiba PTA donated $11,000 to the Discovery
                  The Randy and Lisa Fleisher Philanthropic Fund               Afterschool Program. These monies will go towards purchasing sporting equipment, musical instruments, art
                  The Jeff and Judy Kogutt Family Tzedakah Fund                supplies and other items that will help improve and grow this exciting new program.
                  The Sam and Irene Kogutt Philanthropic Fund                  The PTA’s goal is to enrich the educational experience of parents, students, and teachers. The PTA organizes
                  The Dr. Laura Lacritz Family Philanthropic Fund              fundraisers, provides programming, promotes school spirit, and serves as a link to the school community.
                  The Mahra and Kevin Pailet Philanthropic Fund
                  The Radunsky Family Tzedakah Fund
                  Irma M. Reisberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                                                               PTA Board
                  The Shirley and Erven Rovinsky Philanthropic Fund            Co-Presidents:                             Suzy Cohen and Shannon Hoffman
                  The Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund            Advisor:                                   Amy Doty
                  The Samantha Lauren Sweet Fund                               Secretary:                                 Hilary Bernhardt
                  The Connie C. and Hyman C. Tolmas                            Treasurer:                                 Orly Fass
                     Philanthropic Fund                                        Gemilut Chasadim Club:                     Melissa Wainman and Annie Kam
                  The Wernick Family Philanthropic Fund                        Chair of Student Activities - Preschool:   Jennifer Wellington and Julie Goldberger
                  The Jeff and Bonnie Whitman Charitable Foundation            Chair of Student Activities - K-8:         Michelle Levine
                  The Wohlstadter Foundation                                   Room Parent Coordinator - Preschool:       Jennifer Weinstein
                  The Reuben and Sara Wolfson Scholarship Fund                 Room Parent Coordinator - K-8:             Peta Ann Silansky
                 Grants given through Funds at the Jewish                      Teacher Advisor:                           Dr. Debbie Greene
                   Federation of Greater Dallas
                  The Ron Romaner and Jaynie Schultz                              Grateful to Barbie Furman & Peta Silansky, co-
                    Philanthropic Fund
                  Mrs. Helen R. Waldman                                            chairs of Grandparents & Special Friends Day!

2                AKIBAaNNual repOrT
Ways to Give | Supporting Akiba enhances the many

                                                                                                                                                    Ways to Give
programs, technology, equipment and facilities on
our campus. Some of these options offer tremendous
financial and tax advantages to the donor. Donations
can be allocated to any of our various funds or
endowments. Arrangements can also be made for the
creation of a new fund or endowment.

Donate Online www.akibaacademy.org
Make a Gift by Phone 214.295.3412

Planned Giving
Life Insurance | Life insurance is a unique way to give
                                                              Corporate Matching Gifts | Many employers will
to the school by naming Akiba as the beneficiary of
                                                              match your gift to Akiba. Simply submit a matching
the policy. A gift of life insurance may be in the form
                                                              gift form, usually available from your human resources
of a new policy, an existing policy that is paid up or for
                                                              department, along with your gift to Akiba.
which premiums are payable.

Bequests | A gift to Akiba, made through a bequest,
allows you to retain use and control of your assets              Operational funds
during your lifetime while demonstrating an enduring             General Fund: Supports general operating expenses.
commitment to Akiba. A bequest through a will or                 Scholarship Fund: Provides tuition assistance.
codicil can provide a perpetual gift to Akiba’s programs         Annual Fund: Annual appeal for contributions to help bridge the gap between
                                                                   tuition and actual operating expenses.
or endowment.                                                    Pre-School Fund: Supports pre-school operating expenses.
                                                                 The Next Generation Fund: Supports pre-school tuition assistance through JEI
Retirement Plans | Designating Akiba as the                        (Jewish Educational Initiative) as well as other preschool mission appropriate
beneficiary of a retirement plan is another tax efficient          ventures.
way of giving to Akiba. Charitable giving through IRA’s          Library Fund: Supports library needs (i.e. new books, equipment).
                                                                 Sports Programs Fund: Supports program needs (i.e. equipment, coaching).
can avoid major income and estate taxes.                         The Darryl Lazarow z”l Sports Scholarship Fund: Provides financial
                                                                   assistance for sports and fitness programs.
Charitable Remainder Trust | A charitable                        Teaching Initiative Fund: Supports training and professional development for
remainder trust allows transfer of assets (e.g. stock, real        faculty.
estate) which can then be sold without being subject to          Technology Fund: Underwrites technology programs and equipment.
                                                                 Hot Lunch Subsidy Fund: Underwrites hot lunches for families in need.
capital gains taxes. You and/or your beneficiaries enjoy
                                                                 Uniform Subsidy Fund: Underwrites uniforms for families in need.
the income from the trust for life. The remainder value          Ari Weiss Israel Programs Memorial Fund: Underwrites Israel programming.
passes on to Akiba when the trust terminates.                    Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund: Supports various projects including creative
                                                                   new programming and scholarship initiatives.

immediate Giving                                                 *For Endowment Funds, please refer to page 18 of this report.

Cash | A cash donation is the most common and
simplest to initiate. These contributions are of great
importance as they are immediately available for
                                                              ThAnk yOU TO ALL OUR DOnORS
projects.                                                     fOR yOUR SUPPORT.
                                                              The Development Office has made every effort to
Securities or Stocks | Gifts of appreciated securities        ensure that lists of donors and contributors are
or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of
                                                              both complete and accurate. To request changes, or
giving. In most cases, your gift of appreciated securities
                                                              for more information on giving opportunities, call
which have been held for more than one year will
                                                              214.295.3400 or email Marilyn Rutner, Director of
entitle you to a tax deduction for the fair-market value
                                                              Development, mrutner@akibaacademy.org.
of the securities, while bypassing capital gains taxes.
This gift enables donors to contribute far more than
would otherwise be possible.

                                                                                                            fiscal year2008-09                                3
                 L et there Be Light AnnuAL Fund dOnOrS
Annual Fund     Shining Star                         Alysa and Andrew Schildcrout
                                                     Helene and Jeff Schussler
                                                                                             Laura and Ezra Burstein
                                                                                             Suzy and Kipp Cohen
                                                                                                                                   David and Heather Behr
                ($30,000+)                                                                                                         Estrella and Ruben Bengio
                Linda and Steve Blasnik              Vivian and David Steinborn              Grace and Howard Denemark             Charlotte and Harry Benson
                Leslie and Howard Schultz            Ruth and David Tobin                    Marina and Oleg Denisov               Rabbi Murray and Roberta Berger
                Nicole and Andy ‘80 Schultz          Sandra and David ‘71 Veeder             Aviva Hopkovitz, MD and Fred Dunsky   Kari and Jed Bernstein
                                                     Helen ‘71 and Shami Waldman             Janis and Dan Gail                    Barbara and Mel Bernstein
                                                     Sheryl and Stuart ‘78 Wernick           Dana and Brad Gaswirth                Sarah and Jacob Birnbaum
                                                     Carole and Joram Wolanow                David Glatstein                       Stacy and David Blank
                ($11,000 – $29,999)                  Karen and Mike ‘71 Zucker               David Goldfarb ‘93                    Vivian and Bernard Blashka
                Ruthy and Steve ‘72 Rosenberg                                                Sharon and Bert Goldman               Rebekkah and Michael Blashka
                                                     Glimmer                                 Judah Greenberg ‘96                   Mr. and Mrs. Alan Block
                Glow                                 ($600 – $1,199)                         Zachary Greenberg ‘99                 Rabbi Menachem and Rivkie Block
                ($1,200 – $5,999)                    Carol and Steve Aaron                   Dr. Debbie and Ron Greene             Dr. Bernard and Naomi Bloom
                Lori and Joel ‘71 Alhadef            Anonymous                               Nancy and Philip Greilich             Lauryn and Jason Bloom
                Diane and Jerry Benjamin             Jordana ‘88 and Josh Bernstein          Grace Bascope and Dan Gruen           Nancy and Jay Blumberg
                Cal Donsky                           Sharon ‘85 and Marc Blumberg            Atara and Danny Guttman               Philip Bogart ‘86
                Pam and Jeff Fine                    Charles and Gerry Cristol               Angela and Gary Horowitz              Laura and Roger Burke
                Reena and Jeff Greenberg             Jeffrey Hoffman and Jaine Fraser        Harry Kabler                          Judy Carr
                Joanna and David Greenstone          Arlene and Louis Navias                 Kim and Merrill Kaliser               Janeen Chattaway
                Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein       Sherri and Mickey Radoff                Talia and Daniel Keyes                Heidy and Jorge Cheirif
                Linda and Murray Johnson             M.B. Duke Rudman                        Susan and Alan Klein                  Marcie and Steven Coben
                Dr. Mordecai and Doris Klein         Lisa and Charles Siegel                 Judy and Jeff Kogutt                  Esther Cohen
                Liz and Robert ‘74 Liener            Jeff and Nancy Skinner                  Michelle and Brian Kravitz            Rabbi Herbert and Meryl Cohen
                Amy Sigman and Gavin Melmed          Barbara and Sheldon Stein               Tonya and Albert Lampert              Rabbi Stanley and Sandra Cohen
                Steven Natinsky ~ in memory of       Mark and Gail Stolovitsky               Michelle and Steve Levine             Alan and Rabbi Heidi Coretz
                  George J. Natinsky                 Lisa and David Strobel                  David Lipsitz and Vivian Block        Margaret and Verne Cotton
                Ann and Michael Ochstein                                                     Ann and James Martin                  Marilyn and Paul Daitch
                Mahra and Kevin ‘86 Pailet           Spark ($250 – $599)                     Carla McGee and Ilene Smoger          Michael and Susan Davidoff
                Sonia and Homero Rivas                                                       Audree and Alan Meyer                 Linda Wisch Davidsohn
                                                     Carol and David Agronin ~ in honor of
                Caron and Bennett Robinson             Liz Liener                            Ester and Harold Perl                 Suzy and Reuben ‘87 Davidsohn
                Terri and Richard ‘74 Rohan          Ray and Gabriela Aronowitz              Karen Lee and Michael Pollak          Hana and Mike Degani
                Jaynie Schultz ‘74 and Ron Romaner   Rachel and Matthew Berke                Stephanie and Dan Prescott            Michele and Neil ‘82 Degani
                Yossi and Melanie Rudomin            Hilary and Desmond Bernhardt            Lili and Simon Raphael                Marni and Meyer Denn
                                                                                             Rabbi Adam and Sari Raskin            Dena and Steve Denn
                                                                                             Donald and Lea Robinson               Ruben and Sandra Dickter
                                                                                             Debbie and Sid Scheinberg             Susan Donnenfield
                                                                                             Sheldon and Terri Schepps             Amy ’85 and Tim Doty
                Annual Fund Leadership                                                       Sarina and Harry Schick               Mr. and Mrs. Donald Drizin
                                                                                             Sue and Greg Schwartz
                2008-09                                                                      Debbie ‘77 and Randy Shulkin
                                                                                                                                   Rabbi Zvi and Aida Drizin
                                                                                                                                   Rabbi Mendel and Baila Dubrawsky
                Annual fund Co-Chairs                                                        Tracey and Shane ‘92 Stein            Dr. Caren Edelstein
                                                                                             Krista and Craig Weinstein            Eleanor and Leon Eidels
                Lea Robinson
                                                                                             Brandee Weston                        Larry and Leah Rae Elewitz
                Alysa Schildcrout
                                                                                             David and Harriet Whiting             Gail and Marty Elsant
                Helene Schussler                                                             Bonnie ‘71 and Jeff Whitman           Ashleigh and Daniel Emmett
                Miranda Winer                                                                Miranda and Lee Winer                 Rachel and Michael Emmett
                Grandparent Annual                                                           Mr. and Mrs. G. Zahler                Dia and Barry Epstein ~ in honor of Liz
                                                                                             Jack S. Zoller                           Liener, Rabbi Silver and Dr. Millican
                fund Chairs
                                                                                                                                   Sylvia and Bill Epstein
                Joram and Carole Wolanow                                                     Candle ($18 – $249)                   Norm and Helen Fass
                Alumni Annual fund Chair                                                     Gianina and Shimon Abouzaglo          Orly and Oren Fass
                                                                                             Dahlia and Gil ‘85 Abramov            Lili Feingold
                Marc Kesner ‘88
                                                                                             Melissa and Baer Max Ackerman         Sheila and Steven Fenyves
                Grade Captains                                                               Mollie Aczel                          Debra Weinberger and Steve Files
                Gabriela Aronowitz                   Karen Pollak                            Golrokh, Avraham and Shady Adhamy     Emily Fine
                Tara Ohayon                          Sarina Schick                           Ira and Mireille Allen                Alan Finkelman
                Melissa Lampert                      Miriam Tannenbaum                       Maxine and Ronald Alschuler           Dawn and Judd Fisher
                Vivi Martin                          Melissa Wainman                         Rebecca and Moish Aronow              Mark and Laurel Fisher
                Dory Petsrillo                                                               Rose Aronowitz                        Gittel and Daniel Fishman
                                                                                             Ellen and Eli Avraham                 Carol Fitzerman
                                                                                             Amy and David Baynash                 Lisa and Randy Fleisher
4             AKIBAaNNual repOrT
                                                                      Gayle D. Roth                       Janyce and Jacob Steinbrecher

                                                                                                                                               Annual Fund
                                                                      Judith and Israel Rov               David and Susan Sternblitz
                                                                      Hilda and David Rozemberg           Shelley and Steve Sternblitz
                                                                      Carolyn and Alex Rubenstein         Marcy and Neal Stollon
                                                                      Dora and Cary ‘72 Rudberg           Judy and Harry Stolovitsky
                                                                      Marilyn and Michael Rutner          Robin and Evan Stone
                                                                      Fay and Murray Rutner               Gertrude and Norbert Strauss
                                                                      Abigail and Yoni Ruttenberg         Cheryl and Cyril Sulski
                                                                      Pam and Mickie Sallmander           Ruth and Buck Summers
                                                                      Rochelle and Jason Samuels          Rabbi Meir and Miriam Tannenbaum
                                                                      Vickie and Glenn Schachar           Caren and Bob Tate
                                                                      Marilyn and Donald H. Schaffer      Joel Taurog
                                                                      Sydelle Schechtman                  Dmitriy Teplitskiy
                                                                      Marcia and Murry Schildcrout        Rabbi and Mrs. Emanuel Terenyo
                                                                      Rabbi Hanan and Ayala Schlesinger   Mark and Rachel Thieberg
                                                                      Rabbi Jeremy and Rachel Schneider   Denny and Gary Ticker
Helen Fogel                          Denise Liebermann                                                    Connie and Hyman Tolmas
                                                                      Marcelle and Stan Schnitzer
Steven and Rebekah Fowler            Aaron Liener ‘05                                                     Jeanie Tolmas
                                                                      Dorit and Joseph Schonbrunn
Sandy and Myron Friedman             Sarah Lipinsky ‘99                                                   Razieh and Abraham Toobian
                                                                      Naomi and Jeffrey Schrager
Roza and Nathan Frumkin              Brooke and Gary Livingston                                           Mary Turner
                                                                      Sherry and Sheldon Schrager
Barbara and Allan Furman             Nancy and Edward Lowey                                               Corinne Tycher
                                                                      Myra and Irwin Schussler
Martha Geller                        Jenette and Jeff Lurie                                               Stacy and Kenneth Uzick
                                                                      Sharon and Steve Schwartz
Miriam and Paul Geller               Leora Lurie                                                          Candy Vaz
                                                                      Jeff and Leah Secunda               Melissa and Shane Wainman
Jay Gewertz                          Gail and Bob Mabel
                                                                      Shelly and Steve Serota             Chris Walker
Rena Gibson                          Lynne Malkoff
                                                                      Rita and Constantine Shakhmeyster   Kate and George Waters
Julie and Steven Goldberger          Bernard and Faige Meller
                                                                      Marcia and Mark Sherman             Miriam and Bill Webb
Bridget Grant                        Sandra and Edward Melmed
                                                                      Stanley and Norma Siegel            Angela and David Weber
Shari and Aaron Handler              Fay Migdol
                                     Kathy ‘76 and Phil Miller        Sandra and Gerald Sigman            Rabbi Jay and Sharon Weinstein
Sherry and C.D. Haun
                                     Beverly and Mike Millican        Peta and Gary Silansky              Jennifer and Marc Weinstein
Karen and Marcos ‘88 Hazan-Cohen
Deedy Herbert                        Robyn ‘78 and Richard Mirsky     Maureen and Joe Silansky            Barbara and David Weiss
Bernie Hirsch                        Helaine and Jack Molad           Frank and Simone Silberlicht ~      Judy Wheeler
                                     Liz and Edward Morris               in honor of Alyssa and Andrew    Joan and Bernard White
Rosalyn and Irvin Hirsch
                                                                         Schildcrout                      Judy Wisch
Rabbi Joe and Abby Hirsch            Sue and Jeffrey Morris
                                                                      Haya Silver                         Rene Wisch
Leni and Roy Hirschberg              Kyle and Christie Morris
                                     Janice Schwarz and Ed Mullins    Miriam Silver ‘05                   Barbara Wolanow
Kathleen Hoffman
                                     Rabbi Benji and Ayelet Myers     Rabbi Zev and Shifra Silver         Larry Wolfe
Janet and Jeff ‘78 Hoppenstein
                                     Janice and Charles Myers         Carole and Norman Silverman         Tessa and Martin Wolfson
Stacey and Russell ‘84 Hoppenstein
                                     Daniel Naor                      Debbie ‘77 and Garry Smith          Rabbi Howard and Annette Wolk
Ginger and Mike Jacobs
                                     Libe and Jose Newman             Eli and Osnat Snir                  Kathy Woolston
Jack Jacobsen
                                     Aida and Sam ‘82 Noble           Donna and Phil Soroky               Kim Wright
Annette Jayson
Gloria and Jack Kadmon               Fran and Norman Ochstein         Sandy and Bill Spett                Rabbi Chaim and Rachel Yaffe
Anita and Lyle Kaliser               Joey and Tara Ohayon             Ruth and Eli Spirer                 Sarah and Dror Yahalom
Annie ‘91 and Gavin Kam              Linda Oksner                     Jennifer Squires                    Cantor Itzhak and Leah Zhrebker
Ginger Karren                        Ayala and Michael Oster          Sarah Sue Stauffer                  David Zoller
Evelyn Kern                          Sara and Wylie Pearson
Cristal and Marc ‘88 Kesner          Rabbi Ari and Meira Perl
Sylvia Gayle and Stuart Klein        Vanessa Pollard
Melinda and Jeffrey Kollinger        Debra Polsky                                                         NOTE: The Development Office has
                                     Rebecca and Will Posten                                               made every effort to ensure that
Mark and Carol Kreditor
                                     Emily ‘91 and Jay ‘81 Prengler                                        lists of donors and contributors
Bernice and Buddy Kulick                                                                                   are both complete and correct. If
Ranessa and Stanley Labovitz         Michelle Prengler
                                                                                                           changes need to be made, please
Elimelech and Ettie Lachterman       Dr. and Mrs. Ivan L. Reed                                             call us at 214.295.3400.
John Lacritz                         Marcella and Albert Reva
Laura Lacritz ‘81                    Maria Reva
Rachel and Brian Ladin               Monica and Max Ribald
Sara and David Laizerovich           Jennifer and Michael Robbins
Hanna and Raymond Lambert            Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Robinson
Melissa and Larry Lampert            Michelle Rodenberg
Linda and Gregory Leftin             Carla Romaner
Helena and Peter Leftin              Andrea and Stuart Roosth
Orit and David Leitman               Deborah and Arlen Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Lestz               Michael Rosenberg
Rosa and Jozef Levi                  Ariela Rosenberg Brafman ‘00

                                                                                                                fiscal year2008-09                      5
                    G iFtS tO deSignAted FundS
Designated Gifts     Restricted Gifts                 In Memory of:                      Deedy Herbert
                                                                                         Rabbi Adam and Sari Raskin
                                                      Leila Achenbaum
                     Akiba Academy Alumni               Liz and Robert ’74 Liener        Lisa and Charles Siegel
                     Sarina Schick and Ronit Gordon   Rae Block                          Nancy and Jeff Skinner
                       – Saphira Jewels                                                Abraham Prengler
                                                        Carla Romaner
                     Dahlia Abramov – Holy Hats                                          Leslie and Howard Schultz
                                                        Liz and Robert ’74 Liener
                     Andy ’80 and Nicole Schultz –                                     Phyllis Putter
                       Concession Stand                 Irene and Sam Kogutt
                                                        Shirley and Bob Zlotky           Andrea and Stuart Roosth
                     Akiba Academy Alumni               Lori and Zola Blicker          Aryeh Stames
                      Dues                            Dorothy Climent                    Liz and Robert ’74 Liener
                     Joel Alhadef ‘71                   Liz and Robert ’74 Liener      Vivian Zucker
                     Julie Blasnik ‘03                Maurice Bernard Fluxman            Liz and Robert ’74 Liener
                     Sarah Blasnik ‘05                  Andi Bonner                      Andrea and Stuart Roosth
                     Judah Greenberg ‘96                Esther and Jaime Hazan-          Marilyn and Michael Rutner
                     Zachary Greenberg ‘99              Cohen
                                                                                       In Honor of:
                     Aaron Liener ‘05                 Rhea Fay Fruhman
                                                                                       Justine ‘08 and Danielle
                     Benji Liener ‘08                   Madelyn Schepps
                     Robert Liener ‘74                Arthur S. Goldberg
                                                                                          Shelly and David Lurie
                     Steven Rosenberg ‘72               Leslie and Howard Schultz
                                                                                       Shea Doty and Zachary
                     Jason Sandler ‘93                  Liz and Robert ’74 Liener         Bernstein’s Chumash
                     Andy Schultz ‘80                 Ollie Goldfarb                      Ceremony
                     Debbie Shulkin ‘77                 Susan Lay and Anthony             Linda Wisch Davidsohn         Preschool                        Fund at Large:
                     Shane Stein ‘92                    Atwell Foundation              Kelly and Jim Herman’s                                            Carol and Steve Aaron
                                                                                                                        Rachel and Brian Ladin
                     Bonnie Whitman ‘71                 Jackie and Steven Freedman        Marriage                                                       Gianina and Shimon Abouzaglo
                                                        Abraham Goldfarb                  Audree and Alan Meyer                                          Dahlia and Gil ’85 Abramov
                     Ari Weiss Israel Programs                                                                          Scholarship fund
                                                        Joe and Gloria Kirven          Yakir Hirsch’s birth                                              Karen and David Abramson
                       Fund                             Maxi-Lift Inc.                    Liz and Robert ’74 Liener
                                                                                                                                                         Lori and Joel ’71 Alhadef
                     Haiya Naftali ~ in honor of        Mincey-Carter, PC              Dr. Murray Johnson               Susie Avnery
                       Mira Roosth                                                                                                                       Ms. JC Puckett and David Allen
                                                        Frada and Alan Sandler            Andrea and Stuart Roosth      Hagit & David Hoffman            Bonnie and Jonathan Almog
                     Dalia Romaner Camp                 Madelyn Schepps                Kim Kaliser’s birthday           Yoosef & Faye Lavi               Sara and Jerry Alperstein
                      Scholarship ~ in honor            Leslie and Howard Schultz         Nicole and Andy ’80 Schultz   Shula Lavie                      Rebecca and Moish Aronow
                      of Dalia Romaner’s Bat          Paula Olenberg Greenblatt        Liz Liener                       Zelene and Robert Lovitt         Gabriela and Ray Aronowitz
                      Mitzvah                           Judy and David ’76                Nora and Lionel Silverfield   Barbara and David Radunsky       Naomi and Raz Asoulin-
                     Liz and Robert ’74 Liener          Benjamin                       Robert Liener’s New Office       Irma M. Reisberg Memorial           Handelman
                     Mahra and Kevin ’86 Pailet         Jaynie Schultz ‘74 and Ron        Building                        Scholarship Fund               Stacy and Darren Barnett
                     Leora Lurie                        Romaner                           Debbie and Sid Scheinberg     Mrs. Marcus Rosenberg            Amy and David Baynash
                     Mari Williams                    Guillermo Guzman                 Jacob and Ari Robinson           Shirley and Larry Strauss        Madalyn and Rick Begley
                     Sharon Balaban and Paul Buxt       Liz and Robert ’74 Liener         Judy and Mel Selzer           Sylvan T. Baer Fund              Diane Belcher
                     Carol and David Agronin          Esther Jacobs                    Shalva Rosenberg                   Administered by the            Alan Berk
                                                        Sharon and Murray Cohen           Carol & David Agronin           Dallas Jewish Community
                                                                                                                                                         Jordana Berk
                                                        Sue and Larry Emmer                                               Foundation
                     General fund                                                      Mr. and Mrs. J Savariego                                          Merilu and Zvi Berkovitch
                                                      Alan Birk Kuper                                                   Avner and Carol Wolanow
                     Donations                                                            Gail and Mark Stolovitsky                                      Kari and Jed Bernstein
                                                        Liz and Robert ’74 Liener                                       Carole and Joram Wolanow
                                                                                       Alex and Josh Schnitzer                                           Bill Binder
                     Albertson’s                      Ginger Kuper                        Barbara Schnitzer             In Memory of:                    Stacy and David Blank
                     Central Market                     Liz and Robert ’74 Liener      Andy Schultz                     Dorothy Climent                  Rebekkah and Michael Blashka
                     Safeway                          Darryl Lazarow                      Tammy Rich                      Dora ‘72, Cary, Zev ‘00,       Linda and Steve Blasnik
                     Target                             Amelie Richards                   Carla Romaner                   Laura ‘03 and Rachel ‘09       Laurie and Zola Blicker
                                                        Shirley and John Lee           Emma Stein                         Rudberg                        Sharon ’85 and Marc Blumberg
                                                      Aubrey Lazarus                      Fay and Jack Brickman         Rae Block                        Seth Bracken
                                                        Maureen and Hilton Israelson   David Zoller’s Bar Mitzvah         Linda and Murray Johnson       Nancy and David Brickman
                                                      Paul Lowengrub                      Liz and Robert ’74 Liener     Vivian Zucker                    Elinore and Ben Brown
                                                        Liz and Robert ’74 Liener                                         Linda and Murray Johnson       Michelle and Arbe ‘82 Cohen
                                                      Sophie Monderer                  hot Lunch                                                         Gary and Carol Cohen
                                                        Ellen and Eli Avraham                                           In Honor of:
                                                                                       Program                          Jack and Dina Bengio’s
                                                                                                                                                         Howard Cohen
                                                        Debra Greene                                                                                     Shay and Kineret Cohen
                                                                                       Melanie and Yossi Rudomin          wedding
                                                                                       The Samantha Lauren Sweet          Linda and Murray Johnson       Suzy and Kipp Cohen
                                                                                         Fund                           Ruthy and Steven Rosenberg       Meirav Bronshtein-Cohen and
                                                                                                                          ’72 on the occasion of Purim      Shimon Cohen
                                                                                       Library fund                       Lenny and Lois Brafman         Kim and Rob Coretz
                                                                                       Dora ‘72, Cary, Zev ‘00, Laura   Keri Roth and Devin Roth’s       Lauren and Ben Daitch
                                                                                         ‘03 and Rachel ‘09 Rudberg       Marriages                      Michele and Neil ’82 Degani
                                                                                         ~ in memory of Raymond           Rabbi Joe and Abby Hirsch      Dena and Steve Denn
                                                                                         Suttle                         Rachel Siegel’s ‘09 Graduation   Ivonne Dickter
                                                                                       Dorys Sussman ~ for Rose           from Akiba                     Aviva Hopkovitz and Fred
                                                                                         Abram’s Bat Mitzvah              Lisa and Charles Siegel           Dunsky

6                  AKIBAaNNual repOrT
Caren Edelstein                  Harold Lerner                       Marilyn and Donald Schaffer      Barbara and David Weiss           Communities Foundation of

                                                                                                                                                                          Designated Gifts
Nicole and Joshua Emmett         Robert Lestz                        Debbie and Sid Scheinberg        Sheryl and Stuart ’78 Wernick        Texas
Orly and Oren Fass               Darlene and Sid Lestz               Sheldon and Terri Schepps        Bonnie ‘71 and Jeff Whitman       Fidelity Foundation Matching
Debra Weinberger and Steve       Leslie and Marshall Lestz           Babs Schnitzer z”l               Debra and Ben Williams               Gifts to Education
  Files                          Rosa and Jozef Levi                 Stephen Schnitzer                Judy Wisch                        First Data Foundation
Laura and Richard Fine           Leah and Sam Levi                   Dorit and Joseph Schonbrunn      Carole and Joram Wolanow          Global Impact
Alan Folz                        Michelle and Steve Levine           Nicole and Andy ‘80 Schultz      Nicole and Darren Wolfe           Tenet Healthcare Foundation
Steven and Rebekah Fowler        Naomi and Bob Levinson              Leslie and Howard Schultz        Linda and Michael Wolfson         Wachovia Foundation
Jaine Frasier and Jeff Hoffman   Denise Liebermann                   Helene and Jeff Schussler        Ilana Zeltzer and David
Sandy and Myron Friedman         Doug Liebman ‘71                    Carmella and Sol Schwarz            Yalovsky                       Gifts In kind
Janis and Dan Gail               Liz and Robert ’74 Liener           Marci and David Serota           Jerry and Iris Zahler             Donation of Headmaster
Dana and Brad Gaswirth           Jenette and Jeff Lurie              Charlene and Zohar Shamir        Katherine and Warren Zahler         Evaluation Services – David
Marsha and Ron Gaswirth          Leora Lurie                         Ellen and Douglas Sheena         David Zoller                        Cegelski, Dynamic Growth
David Glatstein                  Anna McFarland                      Alison Wyll and Brian Sherman                                        Strategies
                                                                                                      Kim Zoller
Julie and Steven Goldberger      Faige and Bernie Meller             Lisa and Charles Siegel                                            Donation of Creative Services
Haia and Murray Goldenberg                                           Rabbi Zev and Shifra Silver                                          – Suzi Berman, D Media
                                 Amy Sigman and Gavin                                                 Science
Rabbi Maury and Malka               Melmed                           Nancy and Jeff Skinner                                             Library & Reference books
  Grebenau                       Kathy ’76 and Phil Miller
                                                                                                      Department                          – Vivian and David Steinborn
                                                                     Daniella and Evan Smith
Nancy and Philip Greilich        Christie and Kyle Morris                                             Carol Newberger Weinstein ~       Preschool Toys – Abigail and
                                                                     Naoma Smith
                                                                                                        in honor of Denny Ticker          Jeffrey Olyan
Ethel Gruen                      Janice Schwarz ‘73 and Edwin        Donna and Phil Soroky
                                    Mullins                                                                                             Smart Board – Dalia Romaner
Grace Bascope and Dan Gruen                                          Stephanie and Eric Spett
                                                                                                      Summer Camp                         and Zak Schultz
Atara and Danny Guttman          Rabbi Benji and Ayelet Myers        Ruth and Eli Spirer                                                Stained Glass Wall Hanging –
Marcy Helfand                    Daniel Naor                         Sarah Sue Stauffer               Scholarships                        Leigh Richter
Naomi and Monty Herson           Arlene and Louis Navias             Tracey and Shane ‘92 Stein       Nicole and Andy ‘80 Schultz       Water Slide, Slip-n-slides and
Bess Hoffman                     Abigail and Jeffrey Olyan           Vivian and David Steinborn                                           Air Hockey Table – Liz and
Shannon and Michael Hoffman      Sharon and Donald O’Quinn           Hilary and Josh Stern            Teaching Initiative                 Robert ’74 Liener
Jaine Frasier and Jeff Hoffman   Ayala and Michael Oster             Susan and David Sternblitz       fund Donation
Carole Ann and Jay               Sara and Wylie Pearson              Shelley and Steve Sternblitz
                                                                                                      Carol and David Agronin ~ in                 *of blessed memory
  Hoppenstein                    Dory and Ira Petsrillo              Lisa and David Strobel             memory of Rae Block
Janet and Jeff ’78 Hoppenstein   Stephanie and Dan Prescott          Cheryl and Cyril Sulski
Stacey and Russell ’84           Sherri and Mickey Radoff            Helen and William Sutker
  Hoppenstein                                                                                         The next
                                 Lili and Simon Raphael              Daphne and David Sydney
Harry Kabler                     Tami and Ari Rauch                                                   Generation fund
                                                                     Rabbi Meir and Miriam
Ann Kahn                         Gloria and Lionel Reiman               Tannenbaum                    In honor of Shalva Rosenberg
Meital and Nir Kamisa            Sol Reubin                          Joel Taurog                        and Maurice Kanter
Ginger Karren                    Sonia and Homero Rivas              Michal and Eitan Tchwella          Judy and Jeff Kogutt
Kane and Joel Katz               Jennifer and Michael Robbins        Sue and Chuck Tilis                Irene and Sam Kogutt
Susan Jayson and Steve           Vali and Emanuel Rohan              Connie and Hyman Tolmas            Jaynie Schultz ’74 and Ron
  Kaufmann                       Jaynie Schultz ‘74 and Ron          Razieh and Abraham Toobian         Romaner
Carol Keiser                        Romaner                          Sandra and David ‘71 Veeder        Leslie and Howard Schultz
Michelle and Brian Kravitz       Shirley and Erven Rovinsky          Melissa and Shane Wainman        In memory of Rae Block
Carol and Mark Kreditor          Debbie and Uri Rozemberg            Jackie and Steve Waldman           Ruthy and Steve ’72
Rachel and Brian Ladin           Mary Ruback z”l                     Krista and Craig Weinstein         Rosenberg
Hanna and Raymond Lambert        Dora and Cary ‘72 Rudberg           Helga and Gerardo Weinstein
Tanya and Al Lampert             Abigail and Yoni Ruttenberg         Rabbi Jay and Sharon             Matching Gifts
Faye and Yoosef Lavi             Pam and Mickie Sallmander              Weinstein                     Abbott Laboratories
Linda and Gregory Leftin         Diana Salopek                       Jennifer and Marc Weinstein      Alliance Bernstein Foundation

Bequests                                                        Cumulative Giving
Thank you to those who have notified Akiba                      Akiba thrives with the long lasting support of our friends. On an annual basis, every gift helps enrich
that they have made a provision for our                         curriculum, improve facilities and reward outstanding faculty. We are always appreciative of these
school in their estate plans:                                   gifts as they are essential to Akiba.
Liz and Robert ’74 Liener                                       We would like to recognize those few individuals who have made significant gifts not once or twice,
Terri and Richard Rohan                                         but consistently over the past five years or longer. These generous friends have molded and shaped
Shirley and Erven Rovinsky                                      our past and our future.
Leslie and Howard Schultz
                                                                Linda and Steve Blasnik                              Jaynie Schultz ‘74 and Ron Romaner
Nicole and Andy Schultz
                                                                Cheryl and Brian Potashnik                           Leslie and Howard Schultz
Jim and Suzy Schwartz
                                                                Ann and Marcus* Rosenberg                            Nicole and Andy ‘80 Schultz
Lisa and Charles Siegel
                                                                Ruthy and Steven ‘72 Rosenberg                       Sheryl and Stuart ‘78 Wernick
Carole Wolanow
David Zoller                                                    *of blessed memory

                                                                                                                                      fiscal year2008-09                               7
                    C reAte A JewiSh LegAcy                                       Akiba Academy of Dallas Endowment Fund

Endowment Funds                                                                    Established in 1980 to support Akiba’s general activities
                                                                                   including operating and programming expenses.
                                                                                  Akiba Academy Athletic Endowment Fund
                                                                                   Established in 2007 to support Akiba’s athletic programs.
                                                                                  Akiba Academy Scholarship Endowment Fund
                                                            Lisa and Charles
                                                                                   Established in 2007 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                                                            Siegel, parents at     program.
                                                             Akiba Academy
                                                                                  Akiba Alumni & Former Students Endowment Fund
                                                             established           Established in 2006 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                                                             their legacy gift     program.
                                                              in 2010. An         The Akiba Foundation
                                                              active leader         Established in 2010 to support Akiba’s general activities
                                                               in the Jewish        including operating and programming expenses.
                                                        community, Lisa has         2009–2010 donors:
                                                                                    Leslie and Howard Schultz
                    served on Akiba’s Board of Trustees for the past 3 years.
                                                                                  The Sylvia and Bill Epstein, MD Endowment Fund for Akiba
                    The Siegels have three children: Rachel, an Akiba               Established in 2007 to secure the future continuity of Akiba.
                    graduate and student at Yavneh Academy, Evan and              The Sam and Irene Kogutt Permanent Scholarship
                    Rosie, both Akiba students in 6th and 3rd grade                 Endowment Fund
                    respectively. The Siegels are members of Shearith Israel        Established in 2007 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                                                                                    program. 2008–2009 donors:
                    and Charles is a Partner at Waters and Kraus, a plaintiffs
                                                                                    Sam and Irene Kogutt
                    practice law firm.
                                                                                  Harold & Leah Pollman Educational & Religious Lecture
                    What special circumstances or life experiences led             Endowment Fund
                                                                                   Established in 2005 for the purpose of sponsoring lectures or
                    you to participate in the Create a Jewish Legacy
                                                                                   other educational or religious presentations.
                    program? | “We have had children attending Akiba
                                                                                  Margot Rosenberg Pulitzer Endowment Fund of Akiba
                    Academy since 1996, and each and every year has
                                                                                   Established in 2003 in honor of Margot Rosenberg Pulitzer.
                    been a gift to our family in immeasurable ways. We
                                                                                   Supports Akiba’s general activities including operating and
                    have watched our children grow from the warmth and             programming expenses. 2008–2009 donors:
                    nurturance of the pre-school, to develop into responsible      Karen and Mike ’71 Zucker ~ In memory of Aryeh Stames,
                    and respectable young adults who feel empowered by               Phyllis Putter, Paula Olenberg Greenblatt, Sophie Monderer,
                    their strong sense of Jewish heritage to make the world a        and Ginger Kuper
                    better place. We are so grateful to the many teachers and      Robin Zucker ~ In memory of Vivian Zucker
                    administrators who have created this special learning          Arnold Bier ~ In memory of Vivian Zucker
                    environment, and think that a bequest to this program          The Whitman Family ~ In memory of Ruth Romaner
                    is a way to continually express our appreciation, even        The Shirley and Erven Rovinsky Akiba Academy Endowed
                                                                                    Scholarship Fund
                    when we won’t be here to say it ourselves.”
                                                                                    Established in 2007 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                                                                                    program. 2008–2009 donors:
                    What are your dreams for the future of Jewish
                                                                                    Shirley and Erven Rovinsky
                    education in general, and Akiba in particular? |
                    “We credit the day school environment with ensuring           Putter-Sukenik Scholarship Fund for Single Parents
                                                                                   Established in 2006 to assist single parents by providing
                    the vitality of our Jewish culture like no other experience
                                                                                   scholarships for their children to attend Akiba.
                    can. We are so grateful that our children are learning in      2008–2009 donors ~ in memory of Phyllis Putter:
                    an environment where care, concern and respect are the         Leslie and Howard Schultz
                    centerpieces of their day-to-day education. This bequest       Jaynie Schultz ’74 and Ron Romaner
                    represents our hope for the continuity of these experiences   Sandra & David Veeder Family Scholarship Fund
                    for years to come, and that it will help build upon the        Established in 2007 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                    visions of those whose dreams and investments opened           program.
                    our doors so many years ago.”                                 The Reuben and Sara Wolfson Scholarship Fund
                                                                                    Established in 1985 to support Akiba’s tuition assistance
                    For more information about Create a Jewish Legacy, contact      program.
                    Marilyn Rutner at 214.295.3412.

8                 AKIBAaNNual repOrT

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