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Most of the fri investor are forien investors but that kept
him out of Prenote Issue,but it is clear that they will not
see the file Prenote Issua.If you are doing this then it will
be create the thing which we have to note that
some envestor who were beloimg from hongkong are
envest money on bond & Indian government seceurity in
india. So they are warn to india that if you were not taken
any decision and if it will brought through gaar then we
will reduce our envestnemt in Indian market. They want
clearity now about here is nothing in lond term capital
gain & there is tax on short term capital gain which are
applied by looking there income & earnings.According to
them remove these confussions if there is little increases in
stt it is ok ,& apply the taxes on rate of stt by doing this all
the creteing problems like investor is earning or not
earning,why they are earning can be solve.on which rate
tax will be applied these all problem also be cleared.

Thanking you

Abhay kumar

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