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    President Felipe Calderón Inaugurates 8th Annual
           Adventure Travel World Summit:
Lauds Adventure Travel as “path to correcting inequalities
             of our country and the world”
(SEATTLE)—November **, 2011—More than 650 tourism industry professionals
from 54 countries gathered in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico October
17-20 for the 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit, which was inaugurated by
Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón—the first head of state to champion adventure
travel as the crux of tourism promotion for an entire country.
  In his opening speech the President addressed the importance of the adventure
travel industry as a restorative force for both the people and land of Mexico and
  “It is an honor to be hosting the eighth edition of the Adventure Travel World
Summit,” stated Calderón “…I believe that if we know how to find, through
adventure travel, the ability to employ those who own the land, woods, rainforests
or deserts, the lakes or lagoons, that we will find a path to correcting the terrible
inequalities of our country and the world.”
  Calderón continued, “Adventure tourism allows us to protect our natural
resources through mechanisms that have also have economic incentives.”
  Calderón and Mexico’s Tourism Secretary, Gloria Guevara, were introduced by
Adventure Travel Trade Association President Shannon Stowell, who addressed the
Summit’s, “Prosper with Purpose” message.
  “We are pleased with President Calderón’s notice to the world that adventure
travel is not only important for Mexico, but for all destinations who are looking for a
competitive edge in the promotion and local prosperity of their land and people,”
stated ATTA President Shannon Stowell. “This is in perfect timing for our mission to
continue moving the leisure travel peg to point at adventure travel worldwide, for
the true betterment of the destination as well as the traveler.”
  Noting the importance of the role of host, Rodolfo López Negrete, Director of
Consejo de Promoción Turística de México, stated, “The Summit has been a
watershed for previous hosting cities’ tourism industries, and we can assure that
Mexico will have the same impact and success.”
  Tourism officials in Mexico, a country typically branded as a sun and beach
destination, are now leveraging the Summit to position the country as a competitive
destination for adventure travelers who typically spend more, stay longer, require
less investment from the host destination and are committed to environmental and
cultural preservation.
  The adventure travel tourism industry has an annual, worldwide economic
impact of $89 billion. The Summit in Chiapas sold out two months ahead of the
event. Registration is now open for the 2012 Summit, which will be held in Lucerne,
Switzerland, at:

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