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           F      RESH STRATEGIES
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10 Taking Adventism to the Puget Sound | 11 Electric Giving | 32 Where Else Would I Be?
I m a g e s              o f         C r e a t i o n

H     e spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.
                        Psalm 147:16 (NIV)

  “Fog Frost” photographed by Albert Russell of Labanon, Oregon.
                                                                                                         I n              t h i s                        i s s u e

                                                                                                                  4         Read it Again
                                                                                                                            for the First Time

                                                                                                                            Nor thwest Pioneers
                                                                                                                            of Faith
                                                                                                              	 10          Taking Adventism
                                                                                                                            to the Puget Sound

                                                                                                                            Fresh Start
                                                                                                              	11           Electric Giving
                                                                                                               12	          NPUC
                                                                                                               14	          Alaska
                                                                                                               15	          Idaho
                                                                                                               17	          Montana
                                                                                                               18           Oregon
                                                                                                               23	          Upper Columbia
                                                                                                               27           Washington
                                                                                                               30	          College
                                                                                                               31           Adventist Health


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   Where Else
                                                                                                                            Let’s Raise the Bar

     Would I Be?                                                                                               Adventist Community Services has
                                                                                                               expanded to include many ministries.
                                                                                                               Cheryl Brown, center, director of A
                                                                                                               Watered Garden in Everson, Wash.,
                                                                                                               coordinates English as a Second
                                                                                                               Language classes for families in the

                                                                                                               Photos by Heidi Martella and others.
                                                        December 2006, Vol. 101, No. 12
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                                                                                                                      December 2006 • Gleaner                                       
       E d i t o r i a l

                                                  ead It Again
                                                          For The First Time
                                                                  B y      J e r e       P a t z e r
                                     number of years ago our family was having          Complimentary Gift for You
                                     evening worship. We were reading my favorite          The great news is that because of the generous
                                 devotional book, The	Desire	of	Ages, and noticed       donation we received (with some money still to
                                 that it wasn’t being received with the same            be raised) we plan to send a complimentary copy
                                 enthusiastic response from the younger generation.     to each family on our GLeANer mailing list
                                    As I assessed the situation I determined that       just before christmas. And, our local conference
                                 ellen G. White’s writing was not the problem.          presidents are encouraging all of us, as Northwest
                                 Almost without exception her classic phrases and       Adventist members, to read through The Desire	
                                 beautiful insights were timely and contemporary.       of	Ages	during 2007. It only takes two-and-a-half
                                 In reality, the King James Version references          pages per day, on average, to read the entire book
                                 were dating the book. The “thees and thous” and        through in a year. Yes, I know many of us have read
                                 other archaic words unfamiliar to many of today’s      it before, but this new edition gives us an additional
                                 generation were discouraging them from reading         reason to pick it up again and read it with new eyes
                                 these precious christ-centered messages.               and new understanding. Our theme is “read It
                                                                                        Again for the First Time.” As we receive additional
                                 A New Concept                                          donations, we hope to send a complimentary
                                    So we began thinking, working and praying on        edition to nearly 20,000 non-Adventist clergy in the
                                 a concept. Others have attempted rewrites before       Northwest before easter.
                                 or abbreviated versions. This one would merely
                                 be using the New King James Version (NKJV) to          Club-of-the-Month Book
                                 replace the antiquated language. ellen G. White           Not everyone has had the opportunity to learn
                                 did something similar herself. She used the best       to appreciate this book as we have. even when
                                 translation she could find, and then, under divine     ellen G. White was alive she had her skeptics. In
                                 inspiration, commented on it. As we looked at          the 1960s and ‘70s some of her books were used as
                                 today’s available translations we realized that for    “club-of-the-month” books to beat people over the
                                 accuracy and consistency the NKJV worked best.         head. Then in recent years the “red books” have
                                    Using the expertise of Ty Gibson and James          become the “Un-read books” on too many shelves.
                                 rafferty of Light bearers ministry; some               Yet our church would not be what it is today
                                 Laurelwood Academy students’ computer skills;          without this blessing from God. many of us can
                                 Dale Galusha, Pacific Press Publishing Association     testify to the personal and spiritual impact of these
                                 president; matthew mcVane, mcm Design Studio           beautiful presentations on the life of christ.
                                 president; Darrel Tank, a renowned Adventist artist;
                                 and a very generous gift from a donor, we now have     The Best Christmas Gift
                                 the finished product in hand.                             So are we excited? Absolutely! This gives each
    Jere Patzer, North Pacific      When we introduced this new edition at our          of us an opportunity to get involved. You can pray
                                 September Northwest Adventist Leadership               for the success of the project and join together
    Union Conference
                                 convention it was met with enthusiastic applause.      with us as we “read It Again for the First Time.”

    president, writes from       People are truly excited about making this             And you can pick up additional copies through the
                                                                                                                                                 K E Y W O R D

                                 wonderful gift from the Lord available to this         Abc to share with your family or friends. In this
    Vancouver, Washington.       generation. Walla Walla college plans to use it in     violent and uncertain world, what better christmas

                                 bible classes. Others are already considering these    gift could be given than that which The	Desire	of	
                                 as christmas gifts for business associates, family     Ages	contains, the Prince of Peace and the hope of a
                                 members and neighbors.                                 certain future. •

   Gleaner • December 2006
                                       Wo r d S
                           is   tmas            ear
                    C   hr                            ch

B irth Christ

K	 F	 M	 C	 Y	 J	 L	 D	 T	 K	 B	 H	 D	 L	 Q	 S	 R	 M	 T	 R
I	 X	 T	 J	 E	 U	 F	 P	 L	 B	 J	 I	 U	 L	 V	 Z	 H	 W	 R	 A
N	 J	 E	 S	 M	 L	 Y	 V	 R	 O	 N	 R	 G	 H	 P	 E	 S	 O	 J	 B
G	 M	 U	 P	 E	 G	 H	 S	 Q	 N	 G	 B	 L	 Y	 F	 A	 U	 I	 W	 V
H	 S	 K	 E	 E	 O	 G	 V	 K	 L	 Z	 T	 C	 J	 V	 K	 X	 V	 G	 D
E	 W	 M	 B	 B	 F	 J	 E	 K	 J	 W	 D	 F	 O	 H	 T	 V	 T	 Z	 F
R	 C	 E	 C	 Y	 T	 E	 O	 Q	 O	 M	 X	 I	 N	 R	 I	 I	 Z	 D	 N
O	 K	 H	 C	 U	 P	 Q	 X	 Q	 S	 R	 M	 X	 C	 D	 P	 D	 S	 S	 T
D	 O	 E	 K	 E	 L	 D	 T	 Y	 P	 P	 S	 G	 O	 P	 L	 G	 E	 C	 G
D	 V	 L	 R	 J	 Q	 L	 R	 Q	 Y	 K	 X	 J	 T	 B	 Y	 I	 P	 M	 D
X	 X	 H	 S	 D	 Q	 E	 P	 S	 I	 Q	 M	 I	 N	 X	 I	 B	 Z	 B	 T
N	 Q	 T	 F	 B	 G	 J	 D	 X	 N	 E	 M	 E	 S	 I	 W	 G	 P	 G	 B
M	 C	 E	 Y	 N	 K	 R	 R	 O	 I	 V	 A	 S	 U	 C	 A	 M	 E	 L	 S
H	 V	 B	 A	 E	 E	 E	 S	 N	 E	 C	 N	 I	 K	 N	 A	 R	 F	 S	 B
Q	 R	 M	 E	 H	 K	 D	 N	 J	 M	 V	 S	 Q	 G	 R	 E	 F	 Y	 E	 I
Y	 G	 R	 P	 P	 D	 N	 L	 M	 A	 Q	 W	 I	 Z	 Y	 I	 V	 A	 L	 R
N	 X	 E	 Y	 I	 B	 V	 O	 S	 R	 C	 F	 R	 A	 T	 S	 Q	 X	 B	 T
P	 H	 G	 V	 M	 L	 Q	 O	 D	 Y	 T	 Y	 D	 S	 A	 P	 J	 W	 A	 H
S	 O	 P	 S	 L	 E	 G	 N	 A	 S	 A	 I	 A	 U	 T	 J	 O	 L	 T	 F
Y	 B	 M	 V	 X	 V	 J	 R	 F	 V	 M	 N	 U	 Q	 F	 E	 Q	 Z	 S	 P

Angels          Flee                         Joseph             Shepherds
Bethlehem       Frankincense                 KingHerod          Stables
Birth           Gifts                        Manger             Star
Camels          Gold                         Mary               Wisemen
Donkey          Innkeeper                    Myrrh
Egypt           Jesus                        Savior                     Answer key on page 40
                                                           December 2006 • Gleaner              

           hen long-time Adventists hear about
           Adventist Community Services (ACS),
they think “Dorcas” and picture quilting bees or
mounds of used clothes that need sorting and
mending before being given to needy families or sent
overseas. Young believers and academy students
envision canned food drives, yard cleaning or house
painting for the elderly. New members fancy disaster
response and the management of donated goods
during disaster recovery. Each of these pictures is
correct, but increasingly incomplete.
Heidi Martella

                                                                                                                F e a t u r e

                                               community Services was officially titled
                                               the domestic humanitarian church agency
                                               and, in 1973, the international program
                                               was named the Seventh-day Adventist
                                               World Service, now known as the Ad-
                                               ventist Development and relief Agency
                                               (ADrA) International. While ADrA
                                               carries these responsibilities outside of
                                               the United States, AcS continues to be
                                               the agency responsible for the church’s
                                               humanitarian efforts within the United         The warm reception people receive in the
                                               States and bermuda.“To serve the poor          Bonners Ferry Thrift Store has resulted in
                                               and hurting in christ’s name” is the           several customers attending church. Thrift
                                                                                              store ministries provide customers with the
During a learning session at A Watered Gar-    official aim of Adventist community Ser-       dignity of paying for the things they need
den, Fidel Herrera reads a book in English     vices. Adventists throughout the Pacific       and give significant financial assistance to
to his wife, Amparo, and daughter, Melisa.     Northwest are fulfilling that purpose in a     other outreach and service programs.
Naxhiely Mata, a friend, listens in while      variety of ways.
she colors a picture. Whether parents are
reading children’s books in English to their                                                  development and equip community mem-
children, or children are reading to their     Inner City and Urban Social Action             bers with the skills needed to become
parents, A Watered Garden incorporates            At a recent meeting of AcS leaders          self-sufficient. They address problems
intergenerational learning so parents and      from all over the country, a conference        such as hunger, drugs, violence, crime
children can learn English together.
                                               AcS director commented that “my                and unemployment.
                                               conference is very rural—we do not need           As early as 1883, church-organized in-
   AcS refers to any humanitarian service      urban programs.”                               ner city and urban missions were initiated,
activity Adventists are doing for or with         “Let me share with you the definition       which have grown over the years to in-
the community. Only the imagination,           of urban,” grinned the speaker. “It’s wher-    clude the vast array of inner city services
vision and resources of the local church,      ever you have a Wal-mart!”                     we currently provide. Training programs
school and community limit ideas for              everyone at the meeting got the point.      today include understanding the role of
community services. In addition to the         big cities are not the only communities        the church in social justice, management
traditional clothing bank and food pantry,     where there are unemployed, the work-          strategies for nonprofit organizations,
AcS activities include: health screening       ing-poor, uninsured and disadvantaged          community development and fundraising
and education classes, life skills seminars,   populations. AcS Inner city and urban          strategies.
tutor/mentor programs, english as a Sec-       programs offer relief services, engage            Our bozeman, montana, churches part-
ond Language (eSL) classes, transitional       in public advocacy, promote community          ner with other area churches to meet the
housing, medical clinics, children/youth                                                      needs of the homeless through a program
events, thrift store ministries, adult day                                                    called “Family Promise.” Through that
care, soup kitchens, job training, van                                                        partnership, they are not only more ef-
ministry and much more.                                                                       fective in their ministry efforts, they have
                                                                                              developed rich relationships with other
An amazing history                                                                            christians.
   AcS evolved from historical efforts                                                           The Arlington, Washington, AcS cen-
by the Seventh-day Adventist church to                                                        ter signed up to stock a rest area coffee
develop community initiatives. In 1879,                                                       kiosk. During 48-hour shifts, volunteers
the church officially recognized the Dor-                                                     serve a wide variety of beverages, home-
cas Society as its organized community                                                        made cookies and Orowheat bakery items.
outreach program. In 1956, this orga-                                                         Through the donations they receive, this
nized program became the Seventh-day                                                          outreach project has funded many others
Adventist Welfare Service (SAWS) with                                                         but most importantly, the volunteers have
the purpose of strengthening Adventist                                                        had numerous opportunities to pray with
relief efforts.                                                                               travelers and share christ with them.
   As the church grew in developing
countries, the need for international relief                                                  Health Ministries
activities increased, and the church’s         Ron Fleck, M.D., is one of several medical       Since early in our history, Seventh-day
community service endeavors grew to            personnel who volunteer their services at      Adventists have been involved in teaching
                                               the SOS Clinic, one of several ministries
include international fields. As a result,     operating out of Sonbridge in College Place,
                                                                                              people to live healthy lives. With public
SAWS expanded into a domestic and              Washington. Here, he is draining an abscess    health threats increasing from the use of
international program. In 1972, Adventist      on a patient’s elbow.                          tobacco, alcohol and drugs, community

                                                                                                 December 2006 • Gleaner                     
       F e a t u r e

    health screening and education programs                                                      effectively care for those in crisis,
    have become a primary focus for AcS                                                          our disaster response gives Adventists
    since the 1970s.                                                                             a tremendous opportunity to develop
       At the North American Division, AcS                                                       relationships with civic and govern-
    has a strong working partnership with                                                        ment leaders. In 1969, AcS became a
    our health ministries programs and this                                                      charter member of the National Volun-
    is becoming more and more apparent on                                                        tary Organizations Active in Disaster
    the local level. Through AcS in christmas                                                    (NVOAD), now consisting of more than
    Valley, Oregon, church members have                                                          40 organizations. Since 1974, AcS has
    conducted Stop Smoking and eight Weeks                                                       operated in partnership with the U.S.
    to Wellness programs. In Salem, Oregon,                                                      Federal emergency management Agency
    AcS has offered cooking schools, the        At the Yakima ACS Food Bank, most of the         (FemA). One result of that relationship
    Wellspring Diabetes program, a compre-      volunteers are not church members. Just          is that a number of Adventists have been
    hensive cardiac wellness program and        before opening their doors to serve their        tapped by FemA to fill some of their own
    seminars in stress management. In college clients, the volunteers gather for prayer, an      leadership roles.
                                                important time of ministry to the volunteers
    Place, Washington, Sonbridge (housed in     as well as an essential aspect of the bank’s        While the Pacific Northwest has been
    what was formerly a nursing home facility success.                                           relatively free from large-scale natural
    called “Sunbridge”) offers a free medical                                                    disasters, we know that in these last
    clinic in the same building as other minis- caring Place offers immigration assistance       days we can expect disasters to increase
    tries including 12-step programs, a thrift  as well as a transitional housing facil-         and that no part of our country will be
    store, christian radio and christian TV.    ity. Similarly, in everson, Washington, A        immune. meanwhile, our trained mem-
                                                Watered Garden offers classes in english         bers are able to respond to smaller local
    Tutoring and Mentoring Programs as a Second Language (eSL), computer                         disasters (read about the AcS response
       Adventist community Services             literacy, and preparation for the citizenship    to the fire in Hooper bay, Alaska, in the
    strengthened its services in tutoring and   test and the GeD.                                November Gleaner) as well as answer the
    mentoring in response to the Alliance for      In Forks, Washington, church member           call to help in other parts of the coun-
    Youth goal of educational assistance for    Diane cowles goes right into people’s            try. For example, Dennis Olson, North
    disadvantaged children, which was rolled homes to help both children and adults              Pacific Union conference (NPUc) disaster
    out at the Presidents’ Summit for Amer-     learn to read and write. To the amazement        response coordinator, and several other
    ica’s Future in 1997. At that sum-mit,      of one woman’s children, though it took          leaders from the NPUc, were able to give
    Presidents bush, carter, clinton,           her months to do it, she finally learned to      significant leadership in response to
    Ford and Nancy reagan (representing         write her own name!                              Hurricanes Katrina and rita.
    ronald reagan) challenged the nation
    to make children and youth a national       Disaster Response                                Adventist YES Corps
    priority.                                      For more than 100 years the Seventh-             In 1993, Adventist Youth emergency
       The AcS vision to provide tutoring and day Adventist church has provided emer-            Services (YeS) corps emerged from the
    mentoring to children quickly grew to in- gency relief in times of disaster. In addi-        medical cadet corps (mcc). The medi-
    clude adults. In Tacoma, Washington, The tion to filling our scriptural mandates to          cal cadet corps was formed by an act of
                                                                                                 congress in 1861 for youth between 18
     The line forms early outside of the Yakima ACS Food Bank, located adjacent to the
                                                                                                 and 22 years of age to serve a one-year
     35th Avenue Adventist Church. Open every Tuesday morning, they serve an average             term in the Army as wound dressers
     of 125–150 people each week. During the holidays last year, they served as many as          and ambulance attendants.
     225. Intentional about offering spiritual resources and care, in recent years, the bank’s
     ministry has resulted in 15 baptisms, including four in 2006!

   Gleaner • December 2006
                                                                                                                    F e a t u r e

                                                      “ACS continues to be the agency responsible
                                                     for the church’s humanitarian efforts within the
                                                              United States and Bermuda.”

                                                     Expand the scope of community services.       Provide continuing leadership education.
                                                        As the needs of people become increas-        One goal of AcS is to better equip and
                                                     ingly complex, we must adapt and expand       develop our leaders at every level. To
                                                     our strategies. At the local level, we must   effectively respond to the ever-changing,
                                                     continually reassess the needs of our         growing needs in society, they require
                                                     communities to be sure that our programs      fresh inspiration, an ever-expanding vision
Heidi Martella
                                                     are actually meeting those needs, not just    and up-to-the-minute training. These will
                                                     reflecting the things we as a church are      be increasingly available at union, confer-
                                                     used to doing or enjoy doing.                 ence and local church educational events.
       Cheryl Brown, director of A Watered Garden
       in Everson, Wash., coordinates English as a
       Second Language classes for adults in the
                                                     Build collaborative partnerships.             Engaging in The Great
       community. Not only is this a service she        Within the internal church network,        Commission
       provides, but it is also her ministry.        AcS is nurturing more collaborative part-       AcS provides the structure whereby
                                                     nerships with other ministry departments      members can more effectively serve	
       With the mcc no longer functioning,           on the local church, conference, union        christ as He appears in “the least of
       Adventist YeS corps was developed             and division levels. AcS is also increasing   these,” be	christ to a needy, hurting world
       to mobilize youth in community action         involvement and participation in activities   and share christ with all who will listen.
       programs.                                     sponsored by other public, private and          For more information, visit
          Several NPUc churches are consider-        nonprofit organizations to provide hu- or, to find out how
       ing the potential of this particular pro-     manitarian services. AcS will continue to     you can make a difference in your	com-
       gram for implementation with their youth      develop mutually beneficial relationships     munity, contact your pastor or your local
       groups and/or schools.                        with these organizations and will aspire to   conference AcS director. •
                                                     heighten the national
       An amazing future                             awareness of Adventist work in com-           Cheri Corder, Upper Columbia Conference
          building on the success of the past, our   munities.                                     Adventist Community Services director,
       work must continue to grow and change            The synergy that partnerships provide      writes from Spokane, Washington,
       in order to meet the growing and changing     at both the national and local levels helps   with contributions from Byron Dulan
       needs of our society. How can we do this?     us be more effective and grows our vision     and Marilyn Renk, ACS directors for
                                                     of what new things can be done.               Washington and Oregon, respectively.

                                                            As is the case with a growing    The NW Disaster Response Institute, held
                                                            number of food banks, clients    at Gladstone this fall, is one of numerous
                                                            of Portland Adventist Com-       training opportunities being offered more
The Lewiston, Idaho, church sponsors a beautiful bou-       munity Services are able to      and more frequently by ACS. Photos from
tique where women who are job hunting (and who have         choose the items they wish to    response efforts following Hurricanes
vouchers from a local agency) get professional outfits.     have for their families.         Katrina and Rita were used in this training.

                                                                                                     December 2006 • Gleaner                     
                                       C h a r l e s                 L .       B o y d
            Taking Adventism to the Puget Sound
                                    b y        D o u g              J o h n s o n

                        hen Isaac Van Horn, the Northwest’s         ters and ellen G. White traveled from california
                        first Adventist minister, left the region   to the Northwest to deal with the crisis. At both
                        the denominational leaders asked            camp meetings, the delegation experienced a bitter
            charles L. boyd to take his place as president of       struggle but succeeded in resolving the problems.
            the North Pacific conference with its five churches     Describing these camp meetings, ellen G. White
            and 123 members. boyd was previously president          wrote, “The work in this conference (North Pacific
            of the Nebraska conference until his transfer to the    conference) was of the same character as the work
            Northwest.                                              above (Upper columbia conference), only more
               During his first year, boyd visited the five         so. We had one of the hardest battles we ever had to
            churches in the Willamette Valley, held evangelistic    engage in,” (Letter, ellen G. White to Uriah Smith,
            meetings and organized the first Adventist church       June 27, 1884).
            in Portland, and spent several months in the Puget         Following the camp meetings, the two ministers
            Sound. He was the first Adventist minister to visit     from the other denominations were removed from
            the Puget Sound and during this stay organized a        membership and the young ministerial assistant
            church in renton and a Sabbath School in Lynden.        sent to Healdsburg college in california to take
               Following the evangelistic meetings in Portland,     some classes. With the problems resolved, the
            the members built a church on a leased lot. boyd        North Pacific conference refocused on their mis-
            urged them to lease the lot for ten years instead       sion and grew rapidly. In the next five years the
            of buying it because Jesus was coming soon. Ten         membership increased from 160 to 627 and the
            years later in 1893 the congregation lost the build-    number of churches from seven to 26.
            ing when the owner refused to renew the lease. The         In the summer of 1886, boyd along with Wil-
            members were disappointed but rallied to put up         liam Potter returned to the Puget Sound region.
            another building where the congregation became          In the four years since boyd’s first visit to the
            known as the Portland central church.                   region, Seattle had grown from around 10,000 to
               In 1882, two ministers from other denominations      42,800. During the summer and early autumn they
            joined the North Pacific conference. Unfortu-           conducted two series of evangelistic meetings,
            nately, they were rushed into ministry within           organized a church and held a camp meeting in
            several months. Within a year they were pulling the     Seattle. The next summer, H. W. reed and J. A.
            sympathies of the members and a young ministerial       burden conducted tent meetings in Tacoma and
            assistant away from boyd as well as promoting the       organized a church.
            teachings of the marion party, a dissident group           In early 1887, the General conference sent the
            from Iowa.                                              boyd and Dores A. robinson families to South Af-
               The situation in the other Northwestern confer-      rica. They were the denomination’s first missionar-
            ence, Upper columbia, was also critical. So the         ies to that continent. •
            california conference sent John O. corliss to assist
            the two discouraged presidents, but he too met with     Doug R. Johnson, Upper Columbia Conference executive
            strong resistance. Next a delegation of six minis-      secretary, writes from Spokane, Washington.

10   Gleaner • December 2006
                                                                                                                      Y o u t h

                                     Electric Giving
   or christmas 2004,                                                                                   as legal action to drive people
richard and Donna Hamann                                                                                to give to the expenses of the
found a way to make their                                                                               church. christian stewardship
entire town happy. Anthon,                                                                              most certainly is not church
Iowa, a community of                                                                                    legislation nor a scheme to
650 people, received an                                                                                 deprive men of their cash. It
unexpected present from this       sign all my checks before they     do but give? If you’ve ever       is the natural consequence of
retired farming couple. The        would be negotiable.               heard the word “stewardship”      an experience with God, the
Hamanns paid the electric bill        richard Hamann went on to       bantered about the church,        natural reaction of the human
for every home and business        explain: “The Lord has been        this is at the heart of what it   heart that has been touched by
in the town of Anthon. The         very good to us, and so have the   means—responding to God’s         the divine spirit.” 2
bills, all due on christmas day,   people of this community, so I     goodness by returning our            When God gets your heart,
totaled $25,000.                   always thought we ought to be      resources to Him.                 He gets your bank account,
   everyone appreciated the        doing something in return if we       In the words of milo           your car, your DVDs, your
surprising and generous gift,      could.”1                           Kauffman, “Stewardship of         wardrobe, your iPod—He gets
and they expressed it with a          richard’s response brings       possessions is the effect of      everything. but you’re still
stack of thank-you cards and       to mind the question of the        God’s saving grace upon one’s     coming out ahead on the deal.
letters. For example, Joyce        Psalmist: “What can I give back    self and his property.... When    After all, you get the best God
corning sent a card that said,     to God for all that He has given   God gets a man with a car He      has to give in the life of His
“Thank you doesn’t seem            to me?” (Psalm 116:12).            gets a car to be used in His      Son, Jesus christ. because of
adequate for your wonderful           In response to God’s            service. Some seem to think       christ you’ve got a mansion
generous gift to the entire        goodness, what else can we         of stewardship as a whip or       in heaven with your name on
town.” Another woman cried                                                                              the welcome mat. And not to
tears of joy at the news.                                                                               worry, the electric bill will be
   but the question everyone                                                                            paid every month! •
asked was: Why? What would
prompt the Hamanns to do such                                                                           1 “With  Love from Both of Us,” The
a thing?                                                                                                Christian Science Monitor (12-27-
   In response, richard referred                                                                        04); “Iowa Couple Pays Electric
to his faith. A longtime member                                                                         Bills,” (12-21-04).
of a country Lutheran church,
he and his wife of 56 years                                                                             2 Milo Kauffman, “The Challenge
wanted to help the townspeople.                                                                         of Christian Stewardship,” Herald
He said, “my philosophy is that                                                                         Press, 1955, pp. 3, 5; as cited at
everything I have is a gift of                                                                
God and what we do with it is a                                                                         outlines/Volume%20D/Files/volD-
gift of God.”                                                                                           25.htm.
   That’s not a bad way to see
stuff—as a gift from God to
be used for God. besides, God
owns it all anyway. Since that’s                                                                        Karl Haffner, Walla Walla
the case, sometimes I wonder                                                                            College Church senior pastor,
how my finances would be                                                                                writes from College Place,
impacted if Jesus had to co-                                                                            Washington.

                                                                                                December 2006 • Gleaner                       11
                  NOrth Pacific UNiON
                 C o n f e r e n c e                         N e w s

                             Christmas Gift for Northwest
                                  Adventist Families
                N    orthwest Adventist families
                will soon be receiving in their
                                                                                                                         the coming year as a time
                                                                                                                         to recommit our lives to
                mailboxes a very special                                                                                 christ and His calling and
                christmas gift: a brand-new                                                                              commission for us all.”
                version of The	Desire	of	Ages.                                                                              These books will also make
                   This freshly updated                                                                                  excellent christmas gifts
                edition replaces the archaic                                                                             for co-workers, neighbors,
                language of the original bible                                                                           friends and extended family
U N i O N

                references with the fresh yet                                                                            members. Additional copies
                familiar feel of the New King                                                                            can be purchased at your local
                James Version. And there are                                                                             Adventist book center, online
                expressive new illustrations by                                                                          at www.adventistbookcenter.
                the renowned contemporary                                                                                com or by calling (800) 795-
                artist Darrel Tank.                                                                                      6955.
                   Local conference leaders        Northwest Adventists are encouraged to read the newly updated
                                                                                                                            For additional information
                are encouraging Northwest          version of The Desire of Ages “again for the first time.”             about how you can participate
                members to use this new book                                                                             in “The Desire of Ages Project”
                as a devotional guide for 2007,    Patzer, North Pacific Union        life and teachings of christ.      write to: Desire of Ages, North
                with the theme “read It Again      conference president. “but we      millions of people around the      Pacific Union conference,
                for the First Time.” A person      felt that updating the language    world from diverse cultures        P.O. box 871150, Vancouver,
                who reads an average of just       of the bible references would      and faiths have described The	     WA 98687-1150, call (360)
                two-and-a-half pages per day       encourage more of our              Desire	of	Ages	as one of their     816-1400 or e-mail, gleaner@
                will be able to read the entire    members to re-engage with this     favorites. Now you will have •
P a c i f i c

                book in a year.                    wonderful resource.”               the opportunity to rediscover it
                   “A lot of us have read             And so you will soon hold       for yourself.                      Steve Vistaunet, NPUC
                this book and gained               in your hands one of the great        “Our prayer,” says Patzer,      assistant to the president for
                great blessings,” says Jere        devotional classics on the         “is that each of us will use       communication

                     New DVD Traces Northwest
                         Adventist History
                              NW Spotlight on Mission Available Now
                T   he Northwest Spotlight	on	
                Mission	DVD was sent in late
                                                   visually portrays the spread
                                                   of this message from the
                                                                                      you’ll want to enjoy
                                                                                      together the humorous,
                October to key leaders in each     Walla Walla Valley to Oregon,      yet pointed “Power
                church in the North Pacific        Washington, Idaho, montana         Pit” segment, a visual
N O R t h

                Union conference (NPUc)            and Alaska, and the growth of      parable about the
                and features a half-hour special   educational institutions and       importance of getting
                report tracing the historical      hospitals. It challenges each of   in shape spiritually.
                highlights of Adventist growth     us to “Share the Light” in new        If you haven’t had
                within the Northwest.              and creative ways.                 the opportunity to see
                  This video report, featured at      Three additional video          this DVD, ask your pastor,
                the Oct. 1 NPUc constituency       segments on the DVD                head elder or Sabbath School
                session, tells the story of how    feature short testimonies and      superintendent for it. •           The new Northwest Spotlight on
                                                                                                                         Mission DVD features historical
                the Adventist message came         experiences in soul-winning.                                          highlights of the last 100 years
                West with a lonely woman, the      And if you or your church have     Todd Gessele, NPUC associate       in the North Pacific Union
                only believer in her family. It    been timid about sharing Jesus,    communication director             Conference.

    12          Gleaner • December 2006
NOrth Pacific UNiON                                                        C o n f e r e n c e                           N e w s

    The Legacy of Verna Clay
W     ithin the Native American than 20 years, the Indian people
culture, genuine greatness is   of the Umatilla reservation
                                                                      families who couldn’t provide
                                                                      much for their children. In
seen in the way people treat    near Pendleton, Ore.,                 her own home, she would
each other. For more                  experienced that kind of        take care of the children of
                                      love and dedication Verna       native mothers who were
                                      clay had for them. It was       hospitalized, and she took food     Verna Clay’s funeral was

                                                                                                                                              N O R t h
                                       with her little acts of        to those whose cupboards were       held in the Long House of the
                                                                                                          Confederated Tribes of the
                                       kindness that she won          bare. The Indian people, whom       Umatilla Indian Reservation. This
                                        the hearts of the entire      she dearly loved, never forgot      funeral was an unusual honor
                                        nation.                       these acts of kindness.             dedicated to her memory and the
                                           She would take                When Verna died Sept. 22 it      service she gave to the Indian
                                         christmas gifts to           was only natural that she would     people there.
                                                                              be honored and her life
                                                                               be celebrated by the       500 people gathered for the
                                                                               Umatilla people in an      occasion. many paid tribute
                                                                               official Long House        to this christian woman and
                                                                               ceremony. more than        told how she had blessed their
                                                                                                          lives. even the reverence of
                                                                             From left: Monte Church,     the drumming used during
                                                                             NPUC Native American         the ceremony was designed to
Respectfully drumming and                                                    Ministries director, Jesse   show respect for the personal
chanting the hymn Amazing                                                    Jones, Cayous tribal

                                                                                                                                              P a c i f i c
                                                                                                          legacy she left. •
Grace, which was Verna                                                       chief, and Ole Olesen,
Clay’s favorite, the Umatilla                                                Milton Church pastor,
tribe members paid their final                                               all participated in the      Monte Church, NPUC Native
respects to Clay.                                                            funeral for Verna Clay.      American Ministries director

                 Congress Passes
          Pension Protection Act of 2006
I  ndividual retirement
Accounts (IrAs) can now be
                                      Would you like to use
                                   this rollover window of
                                                                         You may have already
                                                                      given gifts to a charity up to
                                                                                                             Please check with your
                                                                                                          qualified tax adviser to learn
rolled over to a charity without   opportunity? Here are two          the federal limit, which is         about your IrA charitable
being included in taxable          ways:                              generally up to 50 percent of       rollover tax benefits. contact
                                                                                                                                              U N i O N

income. This benefit is only          An individual would contact     adjusted gross income. You can      your conference Planned Giving
available to individuals 70        the custodian of their IrA         still make a special charitable     and Trust Services department
and a half years or older for      and request an amount to be        gift from the IrA without           or the North Pacific Union
the balance of 2006 and all of     transferred directly to their      exceeding federal limits or         conference at (360) 816-1437;
2007. congress only recently       charity. The amount may be         increasing taxes. The IrA           e-mail
changed the rules for charitable   part of, all of, or in excess      will not increase the taxable       org for more information.
gifts made from individual         of the minimum required            income as it is disbursed           check out for
retirement accounts. These         deduction. The custodian           directly to charity and the         general planned giving ideas. •
tax-free rollover gifts could be   would disperse the funds to        charitable contribution is not
$1,000, $10,000 or any amount      the charity either restricted or   counted against the 50 percent      Gary Dodge, NPUC trust services
up to $100,000 in any one year.    unrestricted.                      ceiling.                            director

                                                                                                December 2006 • Gleaner                          1
               C o n f e r e n c e                            N e w s                              alaska
                                                                                           Adventist and
                                                                  John Kriegelstein     Foursquare Churches
              Jim Bren (left), leader of the 80 Foursquare churches in Alaska and
              pastor of the Skyline Foursquare Church in Anchorage, has invited
              Paul Volk (right), Adventist health lecturer, to return each fall to
                                                                                                      Host Health Talks
              repeat his health seminar for the leaders of his churches.

              T   he Second mile church
              in Anchorage rents from the
                                                      more than 100 people
                                                   showed up each night, with
                                                                                       He also mentioned his own
                                                                                       personal need for a change in
                                                                                                                           the christian community here
                                                                                                                           in Anchorage.
              Skyline Foursquare church.           more than half being members        lifestyle as a christian example       The Second mile church
              While the leaders of both            of the Skyline Foursquare           and so he can minister more         has been challenged to find
              churches have enjoyed a              church. Volk used personal          effectively.                        a permanent home in this
              positive working relationship        stories, testimonies and a lot of      Following the seminar,           growing city due to high
              for the past several years, the      humor to engage the audience        several members of the Skyline      property values. God may
              congregations have never             and help them accept some           church approached the pastor        have another plan, however.
              mixed until recently.                principles that go directly         of The Second mile church           “Perhaps God wants us right
                 On Oct. 22 and 23,                against much of the North           to ask more about his church,       where we are for now!”
              international health lecturer Paul   American (and yes, Alaskan!)        the Sabbath and other church        commented brant berglin, The
              Volk brought both congregations      lifestyle. Jim bren, Skyline        teachings. Perhaps this is the      Second mile church pastor. •
              together to share some of the        pastor, remarked following the      beginning of more events
              latest research in health, along     seminar, “This was great—we         where The Second mile can           Brant Berglin, The Second Mile
              with the bible’s teachings on this   need to do this several times a     share bible truth with those        Church pastor
              life-changing topic.                 year to keep it in front of us!”    who are seeking, even within

                    Office Guest Room
                               Becomes Birthing Room

              W      hen Gideon Donavon
              Kack give his first lusty cry,
                                                   a week overdue, did not wait
                                                   for the family to move into
                                                                                       spirit in
              it was not in a hospital room        their new home; so while his        his church.
              filled with busy doctors or          brothers, Levi, Hiram and           “I love to
              nurses. Gideon, 8 pounds, 14         cyrus, slept in guest room          see people
              ounces, was born in guest room       No. 7, mom and Dad Kack             excited           Gideon Kack, son of Jayna and Donavon
                                                                                                         Kack, entered the world in a guestroom at the
              No. 3 in the Alaska conference       were busy down the hall in          about the
a l a s K a

                                                                                                         conference office. Kacks recently moved to
              office building. Jayna Kack,         room No. 3. At 8:30 p.m.            Lord and          Anchorage to become the pastor of the Hillside–
              Gideon’s mom, was assisted           on Oct. 24, the conference          wanting to        O’Malley church. Pictured, from left: Hiram, Levi,
              by her mom, Judy. Gideon             office guest room became the        share that        Gideon, Jayna, Cyrus and Donavon Kack.
              followed the tradition of two        birthplace of the newest Kack.      love,” stated
              of his older brothers by being          This is a return of the Kack     Kack. “I love evangelism and       have every church member
              born in a home setting.              family to Alaska. Donavon’s         the challenge of ministry here     involved in giving bible
                 Donavon Kack and his              father served in Palmer when        in Anchorage.”                     studies. •
              family recently moved                Donavon was young. besides             In just one month’s time,
              from Libby, mont., to                Libby, Kack has pastored            Kack and his bible worker,         John Kriegelstein, Alaska
              become the pastor of the             in Othello, Wash., and in           Jordan Peck, have started 22       Conference communication
              Hillside–O’malley church in          Dillingham and craig, Alaska.       bible studies “without looking director
              Anchorage. Gideon, already           Kack has a passion to ignite the    for them.” Kack’s goal is to

    1        Gleaner • December 2006
idahO                                                                          C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s
                                                                                                                                             Don Klinger

    Get Ready to ShareHim
E    vangelism is taking
on a new face in the Idaho
                                       Folkenberg’s call that camp
                                       meeting Sabbath. Steve
                                                                          “Boot Camp” trainees spent part of their weekend learning how
                                                                          to conduct their own evangelistic series—with themselves as
conference. Lay members,               mcPherson, Idaho conference
instead of only heading to             president, and Don Klinger,
a foreign country to hold              conference secretary, met          emmett, Idaho. His pastor           by ShareHim, the next time
meetings, are planning                 with churches in different         asked him to demonstrate one        went much smoother. “We’re
meetings for their own                 regions of the conference to       of the sermons for Sabbath          presenting each sermon during
communities. The momentum              give everyone the opportunity      worship service, to give him        prayer meeting,” States said.
began at camp meeting.                 to participate. In September,      a feel for how it worked and        All of the elders of the church
During his Sabbath morning             more than 100 participants         to have a friendly audience.        are learning how to present
sermon, robert Folkenberg              attended an “evangelism boot       States discovered that the          the sermons during prayer
Sr., ShareHim president,               camp” at Gem State Academy         hardest part was coordinating       meeting. States says, “If I can
challenged Idaho conference            that provided training for lay     his words with the graphics,        do this, anyone can!”
members to make evangelism a           members as speakers and            since the series he had didn’t        Idaho conference will
personal priority. They should         support teams. many of these       include sermon notes on a split     celebrate 100 years in
be supporting members who              people have already signed up      screen. He said that comments       service to God in 2007. Our
speak in their own churches,           to be speakers at meetings to be   from the congregation were on       constituency session and camp
not just be supporting members         held in their churches and even    the order of, “The sermon was       meeting theme is “Share the
to a paid evangelist, he said.         in their homes.                    good, the graphics were good,       Light.” That’s just what Idaho
People just like them can do              What they learned in theory     but the speaker sort of stuttered   church members like Newton
it—it isn’t necessary to be            at the camp will soon be           while trying to coordinate          States are doing. •
pursuing ministry as a pastor          put into practice. One set of      everything.” After setting
or a conference- or union-             meetings started in October        things up a little differently      Eve Rusk, Idaho Conference
sponsored evangelist. This new         with many more scheduled for       and using the Truth	For	Today       communication administrative
initiative is called ShareHim          January and February 2007.         split screen series provided        assistant
(                    Fledgling evangelists, armed
   more than 240 Idaho                 with DVDs, scripts, computers,        Eve Rusk
members responded to                   projectors, and DVD players,
                                       are spreading their wings,
                                       trusting that God will provide
                                       the lift they need to accomplish
                                       His work.
                                                                                                                                                 i D a h O

                                          One participant, Newton
                                       States, has preached many
                                       times in his home church in

                                            Newton States, Emmett
                                            Church elder, practiced
                                            his presentation at his       At the camp meeting Sabbath morning worship service, more than
                                            home church and with a        240 people came forward during Robert Folkenberg’s call to make
                                            friendly audience.            evangelism a personal priority.

                                                                                                    December 2006 • Gleaner                        1
                   Leanne Strickland
                 C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s                                   idahO
                    Meridian Idaho Church
                          Celebrates New Church and 30 Years
                H     ow will we ever raise
                enough money to build a
                sanctuary?” It was February
                2004 and the meridian church                                                                             The new Meridian Church is
                had just burned their mortgage.                                                                          complete with landscaping,
                In 1988, they had purchased                                                                              parking lot and sanctuary.
                a corner lot and had built
                a multipurpose room and                                                                                    the new building. One key
                classrooms, which they began                                                                               provision was that the church
                using in 1997. Through a lot of                                                                            had the option of selling their
                hard work, they paid the loan in                                                                           current building. God blessed,
                just over seven years. but now                                                                             and the meridian Friends
                they needed at least $300,000                                                                              church purchased and moved
                more to build a sanctuary. For a                                                                           the building. The meridian
                100-member congregation, that                                                                              church wanted to expand
                number looked formidable.                                                                                  their fellowship hall and add
                   God already had a plan.                                                                                 more classroom space. This
                When they purchased the land       Tim Gray, former pastor, tells the children’s story while Garey Gantz, $80,000 sale meant that they
                for $25,000, He knew that          current pastor, listens with the children.                              would need a mortgage of only
                it would become extremely                                                                                  $50,000 to finish the project.
                valuable in just 15 years. He      in 2001 she was baptized. In          was $1.4 million. The pastor         On Sept. 16, the meridian
                knew that a developer would        march of 2002 she was chosen          said no, more than once, but      church, under the direction
                want the land. And He knew         to chair the building committee. eventually took the proposal           of their pastor, Garey Gantz,
                just the person to lead the        About this same time a developer to the church. The church was          held an open house to give the
                church through the process.        contacted then pastor Tim Gray skeptical as well.                       community the opportunity to
                   carla mace was not an           and told him he had a client who         As they thought about the      see the new miracle building
                Adventist in 1998. She began       would like to purchase the corner offer, the church members             and to celebrate their 30th
                attending the meridian church      where the church was located.         began thinking of all the work    anniversary.
                in January 2000. At the close      Would the church consider             involved in purchasing another       God knew. He knew that
                of russell burrill’s meetings      selling? The price mentioned          piece of property, getting        purchasing that corner lot
                                                                                         permits, etc. The thought of      would be a good investment.
                                                                                         starting all over again was       He knew that a developer
                                                                                         daunting. mace told the           would want the property. He
                                                                                         developer, “We don’t have the     knew that mace wanted to
                                                                                         money, expertise or people to     join the church and use her
                                                                                         build a new church at this time.” expertise to His glory. And
                                                                                            The developer suggested        He knew that the church
                                                                                         that maybe his company            would have a facility valued at
i D a h O

                                                                                         could build a new facility for    $2.5 million to enhance their
                                                                                         the congregation. Later the       witness to their community,
                                                                                         developer made a proposal:        with a total net cash cost
                                                                                         In exchange for the corner        (including the cost of the
                                                                                         lot, they would replicate their   previous facility) of under
                                                                                         existing facility with the        $450,000. Now that’s a miracle
                                                                                         addition of a sanctuary on five return on investment! •
                                                                                         acres, at the developer’s cost.
                                                                                            After much discussion and      Donald A. Klinger, Idaho
                One of the children’s classrooms features a mural painted by a           negotiation, documents were       Conference communication
                member.                                                                  signed and work began on          director

   16           Gleaner • December 2006
MONtaNa                                                                    C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s

 Students Serving Children
  Mt. Ellis Academy Students Host Fall Festival
             for Community Children

M      t. ellis Academy students
organized and hosted a free
                                   children as well as a clean and
                                   safe environment where they        Amber Sheppler, MEA sophomore, paints a face on Monte Wilkins,
fall festival at the elementary    could spend the evening. The       MEE student.
school for local children and      local christian radio station
their families. more than 100      interviewed two academy            When they weren’t participating    maze and inflatable bounce
potential trick-or-treaters        students who were helping with     in those contests, they could      house.
eagerly left the freezing cold     the fall festival and continued    wander around to the different       Students plan to repeat the
and crammed into the half-         to remind listeners about the      student-led booths, including      festival every year, hoping
court gym on Oct. 31 to enjoy      upcoming holiday event.            bobbing for apples, face           that it will continue to grow
the festivities.                      The children were kept          painting, pumpkin painting, dart   and eventually relocate to the
   With outside temperatures       busy as academy students           throwing, football toss, fishing   academy gym. •
in the single digits, parents      coaxed them into various           for prizes and bean bag toss.
were delighted to find a           games such as musical chairs       The favorites of the evening       Keri Newell, MEA GLEANER
warm spot for their costumed       and doughnut-eating contests.      were undoubtedly the cardboard     correspondent

           Lewistown Church
        Shares Jesus Through Singing
K    arl Johnson, Lewistown
personal ministries leader, and
                                      The overall response from
                                   the community is summed up
a small band of nine volunteer     in a note of thanks sent from
carolers braved the cold of a      one of the activity directors:
montana winter to go to homes      “Thank you so much for
in their church’s neighborhood,    sharing your time and talent
singing and handing out            with us. We enjoyed your
inspirational pamphlets and        message and your beautiful
bible study cards. The group,      singing.” While it’s good to
which grew to 22 strong, also      get a letter of thanks, our main

                                                                       Three Churches Camp
sang at two local nursing          goal—to share Jesus and lift
homes. At one facility, Johnson    Him up for others to see—has
presented a moving bible-          seen some rewards already.
based narration/introduction to
each hymn as the group sang
the hymns. Lewistown pastor
                                   One of the “neighbors of the
                                   church” has been attending
                                   regularly since he and his wife
                                                                           Out Together                                                   m O N t a N a
elmer Dow joined the group at
one facility and read the bible
                                   joined our caroling group. •               In the Bear Paw Mountains
passages telling of christ’s
birth. The residents in these
facilities were filled with joy
                                   Penny Horan, Lewistown Church
                                   communication leader               F or a number of years the members in North central montana
                                                                      have enjoyed a weekend of fellowship and worship at a district-
and began to sing songs                                               wide campout. This year the members from Ft. belknap, Shelby
of the birth of our Lord                                                        and Havre were invited to get together at beaver creek
and Saviour.                                                                    Park in the bear Paw mountains for the annual event.
                                                                                elmer Dow, Lewistown/roundup pastor, presented
Karl Johnson, Lewistown                                                        the Sabbath sermon.The district campout has become
personal ministries leader                                                     a much anticipated event that provides a unique
(second from left), and                                                        opportunity for fellowship and nature study. •
carolers present a life-
giving message of Jesus
to the residents of Valley                                                     Leo Beardsley, Havre Church communication leader
Vista Manor.

                                                                                               December 2006 • Gleaner                       1
               C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s

                 Vancouver Church
                 Celebrates Blessings
                    and Miracles
               During New Sanctuary Grand Opening
              V  ancouver (Wash.) church
              members rejoiced and celebrated
                                                 during 2006. It was a wonderful
                                                 time of giving glory to God for
                                                                                     After meeting in their fellowship hall for 18 months, the members
                                                                                     of the Vancouver Church held a grand opening of their newly
                                                                                     completed sanctuary on Sept. 23. Gene Heinrich, assistant pastor,
                                                                                     said, “Building projects are notorious for bringing out the worst in
              during its sanctuary grand         the miracle of this beautiful and   a congregation, however this project brought about a spirit of unity
              opening event on Sept. 23.         functional new building. but        that I think will last into eternity.”
                Don Livesay, Oregon              much more, the members of the
              conference president, said,        Vancouver church showed a true         Leading up to the sanctuary         The members originally
              “The official opening of the       spirit of commission culture.       grand opening event was story       decided to build when they
              Vancouver church sanctuary         The warm friendliness, the spirit   after story of miracles. The        discovered that the cost of
              was one of the most significant    of service and of commitment        church was denied a building        adding much-needed amenities
              events in the Oregon conference    was clearly evident.”               permit for three consecutive        to their former church building
                                                                                     years, but then after an appeal     would be approximately
                                                                                     was won at the Supreme court        $600,000 and even then there
                                                                                     level on a similar land issue the   would be no guarantee of
                                                                                     church faced, county officials      obtaining a permit.
                                                                                     approved the permit without            In 1999, when regular
                                                                                     question.                           Sabbath attendance was 125,
                                                                                        Another miracle: During the      a business meeting with 95
                                                                                     selling of its former property, a   members attending was held,
                                                                                     contact was made that resulted      and a secret ballot revealed that
                                                                                     in a donation and delivery          all but three voted in favor of a
                                                                                     of between 24,000 to 28,000         new building.
                                                                                     yards of dirt, lowering costs          “We felt the Holy Spirit was
                                                                                     from $200,000 to $6,000.            attending us in the decision as
                                                                                        Then maranatha Volunteers        to whether to build or to stay,”
                                                                                     agreed to provide the labor         said Stan Wilson, a long-time
                                                                                     by framing both wings of the        member.
              Wayne Culmore, Vancouver Church senior pastor, spoke during the        building if the permit was             Livesay adds, “It is clear that
              grand opening worship service, which also featured the Oregon          issued by a certain date. The       the dedication and sacrifice of
              Adventist Men’s Chorus.                                                date passed without the permit,     many has resulted in a church
                                                                                     and maranatha issued a second       that is focused on placing God
                                                                                     and then a third and final date.    first and partnering with Him to
                                                                                     The church received the permit      do great things for the kingdom
                                                                                     five minutes before the 4:30        of heaven.” •
O R E g O N

                                                                                     p.m. deadline, and volunteers
                                                                                     of maranatha saved the church       Linda Shaver, Vancouver Church
                                                                                     $60,000 in labor.                   communication leader

              The large lobby of the new Vancouver Church was intentionally
              designed to promote greeting and fellowship before and after the       The baptismal fount is an integral part of the sanctuary design. Don
              worship services.                                                      Wells was the first person baptized in the new baptistry.

    1        Gleaner • December 2006
       Helping the Salem
 With Clothing, Classes and Bibles

S  alem Adventist community
Services has served the Salem
                                   days, she had to leave.
                                   We gave her blankets,
community for many years,          towels, food and clothes.
helping with needs ranging         She was able to obtain a camp                                                      Last year,
from food and clothing to          stove elsewhere as well as a                                                    our volunteers
health classes and a request for   cooler.                                                                         attended the Annual
a bible.                              She had one more request,                                                    Forum held at the
   recently, a russian family      “I would love to have a King                                                    new convention
who had just moved from            James bible. When I went to                                                    center in Salem.
Washington and were looking        Sunday School as a child, I                                                    representatives
for work came in. They had         memorized some verses, and                                                     from state and local
rented a small apartment but       I can’t find them in these new                                                 agencies as well as
had no furniture, except for       bibles.”                                                                       private organizations
one bed for six people. We            We located and gave her a                                                   presented reports of
supplied them with household       King James bible. She also                                                    the local services they
items—dishes, pans, towels         took the card for the Discover	                                               provide. The purpose
and blankets as well as food       bible School. She was told                                                    of the conference is
and clothing. That same day        just to bring the lessons by                                                  to coordinate social
a church member called,            and she wouldn’t have to                                                     services available
offering to donate a table and     mail them. She was overjoyed.      Steve and Melody Richmond         in the area. In November,
                                                                      demonstrate a recipe for
chairs. We helped her contact      “You have just made my day.”       healthful eating during one of
                                                                                                        four of our staff attended the
the family, and she delivered         In addition to helping people   the several cooking classes       conference. This provided
the table and chairs to them.      with some of their basic needs,    sponsored by the Salem            an opportunity to let others
   On another day, a woman         we also provide a number           Community Service Center.         know about our work so we
came in who was homeless.          of classes, including classes                                        can refer clients for services
She had been released from         about managing diabetes and        approximately 25 volunteers       which aren’t available at
prison and had gone to a           cooking classes.                   serving in the various areas—     Salem Adventist community
women’s shelter, but after a          The Salem Adventist             adult and children’s clothing,    Services. •
certain number of                  community Services is              sorting, washing and ironing,
                                   supported by the three             household goods department,       Mark Cockerham, Salem Church
                                   Salem churches—South,              quilting and interviewing         pastor
                                   east and central. We have          clients.

                                                Renk to Retire
                                    M    arilyn K. renk, pictured left, Oregon conference Health
                                    and community Services director, will retire on Dec. 31. Her
                                    future plans include establishing a business of consulting and
                                     event planning. The North American Division will keep renk
                                     involved by coordinating several of their events. rhonda
                                      Whitney, Portland Adventist community Services executive
                                      director, has accepted the invitation to be renk’s successor. •

                                       Linda Schrader, Health and Community Services administrative
              C o n f e r e n c e          N e w s                     OreGON

                    Columbia Adventist Academy
                               Prepares to Enter the Next Century
                                 C    olumbia Adventist
                                 Academy (cAA) is proud
                                                                       Today we are at a similar
                                                                    crossroads. Frankly, our
                                                                                                           The first phase of our “Next
                                                                                                        century campaign” is a new
                                 to offer an educational and        campus is old. The newest           administration building with
                    We find      spiritual experience that is
                                 among the best. They have
                                                                    building on campus was built
                                                                    41 years ago and some of the
                                                                                                        classrooms, labs, library and
                                                                                                        administrative offices. The

                  ourselves      been doing it for 103 years. but
                                 it has not always been easy.
                                    In 1899, the school was
                                                                    others date back to 1935. Our
                                                                    facilities desperately need to be
                                                                    brought up-to-date. Our library
                                                                                                        goal is $5 million. We already
                                                                                                        have 40 percent of that goal
                                                                                                        with just over $2 million. This
               again asking      established by John and Fannie
                                 clark. In 1907, the first class
                                 graduated, making next year
                                                                    is outdated, the classrooms
                                                                    are inadequate and cramped,
                                                                    and it is impossible to update
                                                                                                        is thanks in part to the sale of
                                                                                                        property and the cAA class of
                                                                                                        2006, who raised $74,000 for
               the question      the 100th anniversary of that
                                                                    our technology in our current
                                                                    buildings. We find ourselves
                                                                                                        the campaign as their class gift.
                                                                                                        We are also receiving personal
                                    In 1920, the school was         again asking the question about     donations from alumni,
                  about the      at a major crossroads. It
                                 had been in existence for 21
                                                                    the future of cAA. “Should
                                                                    columbia meet the 21st
                                                                                                        constituent church members
                                                                                                        and friends.

                      future     years. It was the first time a
                                 tough question needed to be
                                 answered. “Should columbia
                                                                       The answer to this
                                                                    question will be defined
                                                                                                           This school’s history is built
                                                                                                        on generosity. Its alumni and
                                                                                                        friends have always stepped up
                   of CAA.       Academy continue in the old
                                 way, or should the conference
                                                                    by commitment. A new
                                                                    investment is necessary to
                                                                                                        to the challenge of ensuring the
                                                                                                        quality of its name.
O R E g O N

                                 get behind the school and put it   bring columbia Adventist               The next century of
                   “Should       in a place where it would stand
                                 with quality schools of like
                                                                    Academy up to the
                                                                    level of other christian
                                                                                                        education at columbia
                                                                                                        Adventist Academy is here.
                                 character?”                        schools. Funding for these          Together, we can write our own
                 Columbia           The answer then was,
                                 “Yes!” The decision was
                                                                    improvements must come
                                                                    from those who most believe
                                                                                                        proud chapter in columbia’s

               meet the 21st     for the academy to continue
                                 to educate youth and teach
                                 them about Jesus in a quality
                                                                    in and have benefited from
                                                                    its mission. “To whomever
                                                                    much is given, much will be
                                                                                                           We can again answer the
                                                                                                        question of the school’s future
                                                                                                        with a resounding “Yes!” We
                 Century?”       setting. What followed
                                 was a series of campus
                                                                    required” Luke 12:48. We have
                                                                    been given much to educate
                                                                                                        can do our part to continue this
                                                                                                        proud tradition. •
                                 improvements which kept            the students in our care. They
                                 columbia competitive with          deserve much—as much as we          Lara Dowie, CAA GLEANER
                                 other christian schools.           can give.                           correspondent

    20        Gleaner • December 2006
OreGON                                                                       C o n f e r e n c e                         N e w s

                                  Pastor Prayer Breakfast
                                     At Portland Adventist Academy
I  t’s the goal of every Adventist
school to work closely with
                                                                                                          with the students, pray with
                                                                                                          them and encourage them.”
their constituent churches. but                                                                              Three more Prayer
if you ask most pastors and                                                                               breakfasts are planned for the
school staff they’ll tell you the                                                                         school year.
job is harder than it sounds.                                                                                rebecca cheek, PAA senior
   Les Zollbrecht, Portland                                                                               and worship committee music
Adventist Academy (PAA)                                                                                   director, was delighted to see
chaplain, saw the need for more                                                                           her pastor at the meeting. “I’ve
dialogue between the churches                                                                             never been a part of something
and his school and specifically                                                                           like that before,” she beamed.
for pastors to interact more                                                                              “I got to pray for my pastor.”
with the students. “So we                                                                                 rebecca’s pastor, Julius Jones
decided to plan a Prayer             Pastors, students and faculty bow their heads and hearts together as of the beaverton church, used
breakfast,” he said.                 the students prayed for their pastors.                               the opportunity to ask for
   early in the morning on Oct.                                                                           prayer for his wife, who has
25, the PAA library was filled       continued with creative             behind the students. Hands were been battling cancer.
with the smells of a hearty          introductions of each person        placed on shoulders and the         Shirley Allen, Sunnyside
breakfast, enough to fed 10          present.                            sounds of young and passionate church associate pastor,
pastors from area churches,             Zollbrecht took over with        voices joined in a chorus of     agreed. “It’s unusual to have
several staff and faculty, and       a report about the spiritual        prayer for their guests.         young people pray for us.
student leaders of the PAA           movement on campus this                Zollbrecht and crosby         Sometimes we pastors get all
worship committee.                   year which led to what was          concluded the meeting with a     prayed out,” she admitted. “To
   With a warm welcome and           perhaps the most touching           call to action. “I encourage you hear them praying for us made
prayer for the meal, charlene        moment of the morning. All 10 to be here among the students          such a wonderful moment.” •
Vizcara, PAA marketing               pastors crowded in a circle as      and staff,” said Zollbrecht.
director, opened the meeting         the students gathered around        “We’ve set aside a pastoral      Liesl Vistaunet, PAA GLEANER
while Gale crosby, principal,        them with the teachers and staff study room where you can meet correspondent

     Oregon Conference Administrative Headquarters
                                                Relocates to Gladstone
T   he sale of the Oregon
conference headquarters in
                                     administrative office
                                     complex. Informational
clackamas was completed              updates are being
                                                                                                                                             O R E g O N
Oct. 11, and the office has          posted at www.
temporarily relocated to the
Holden convention center on            Please note the new
the Gladstone campus. The            contact information for
Adventist book center (Abc)          the conference. Address:
will remain at the clackamas         Oregon conference of
location until the end of April      Seventh-day Adventists,
2007, when a new bookstore           19800 Oatfield road,
will be completed on the             Gladstone, Or 97027;
Gladstone campus.                    phone: (503) 850-3500. •
   construction of both
buildings is ongoing with an         Randy Robinson, Oregon            The Holden Convention Center, on the campus of Gladstone Park
anticipated completion date          Conference vice president for     Conference Center, is serving as the temporary administrative
of may 2008 for the new              finance                           headquarters for the Oregon Conference.

                                                                                                 December 2006 • Gleaner                       21
               C o n f e r e n c e                           N e w s

               Milo’s Cornerstone Industry
               Thunderbird Wood Products Offers Jobs
                           for Students
              O     n the campus of milo
              Adventist Academy, just over
                                                  workforce to supplement the
                                                  30 full-time employees, and
              the hill from the cafeteria,        Thunderbird provides training
              sits a long building. This is       and work for the students as
              Thunderbird Wood Products,          well as supplying the sawdust      Lester Bradshaw explains the wood assembly process to Milo
              part of the milo campus             that heats the campus during       student Brian Burnette.
              since 1974. At that time, it        the winter months.
              was Thunderbird Furniture,             milo is one of the only         especially when they work over      expand its line and customer
              with the home office located        academies left with a              the summer months. One of           base. They are also in the
              at Thunderbird Academy in           conference-owned industry          those students is Andy Jones,       process of expanding their
              Ariz. In 2001, the Oregon           that provides jobs for the         a junior from Turner, Oregon.       space to accommodate the new
              conference purchased the            students. mark Starr, manager,     He says, working here “teaches      lines. Starr is excited about
              plant and changed the name to       emphasizes that industries are     you life skills for the future.”    the potential for growth and is
              Thunderbird Wood Products.          an integral part of our schools.      Thunderbird is growing.          looking forward to leading the
                 Thunderbird and milo have        Students can start working         Traditionally, it has specialized   company in the future. •
              enjoyed a mutually beneficial       there at age 16 for minimum        in alder components for
              relationship for more than 30       wage, but are eligible for         cabinets and furniture, but         Lynda Haley, Milo marketing and
              years. milo is able to supply a     bonuses and wage increases,        management is looking to            admissions secretary

                                                                                      Oasis Christian Center
                                                                                          Organizes as a Full-fledged Church
                                                                                     I  n 1996 a small group of
                                                                                     Seventh-day Adventists started
                                                                                                                         membership and a renewed
                                                                                                                         sense of energy to do God’s
                                                                                     worshiping in a living room,        calling for their church.
                                                                                     hoping to appeal to non-              The recognition service
                                                                                     churchgoers. They established       with Don Livesay, Oregon
                                                                                     a nontraditional way of doing       conference president, and
                                                                                     church, with music, drama, and      Al reimche, vice president,
                                                                                     a message, inviting others to       officiating, was casual,
               Livingstone Students Walk                                             “come as you are” just as Jesus
                                                                                     accepts us wherever we are.
                                                                                                                         invigorating, with plenty of
                                                                                                                         “amens” and a sense of true
                                                                                        Over the years Oasis has         connection with each other and
                  To Raise Funds for Diabetes Research                               experienced their share of          with God. •
O R E g O N

              U    nder the leadership of their teachers, Sharon cutz and
              elizabeth Fish, Livingstone Adventist Academy’s middle school
                                                                                     growing pains and turmoil, but
                                                                                     with God’s help, they have a
                                                                                     healthy organization, increased
                                                                                                                         Gary McLain, Oregon Conference
                                                                                                                         assistant communication director
              students learned about walking in the footsteps of Jesus. As a
              part of their bible Outreach class, they participated in the city
              of Salem’s Walk for Diabetes. With the team name “The Good
              Samaritans,” the students along with their family members
              walked the 3.25-mile course.
                 The participants collected a combined total of over $1,500
              worth of donations. One student summed up the experience by
              saying, “I had a good time because we were walking for a good
              cause and had a fun time while doing it.” •

              Elizabeth Fish, LAA middle school teacher

    22        Gleaner •
      UPPer cOlUMBia                                                                C o n f e r e n c e                         N e w s

            Church Growth Coordinator Retires
        A    fter 42 years of service
        in the Adventist church, Jim
                                          Sabbath School and children’s
                                          ministries from 1986 through
                                                                              Division Adult Sabbath School
                                                                              Teacher certification for 2004
                                                                                                                   The Kilmers have three
                                                                                                                grown children, David,
        and Fran Kilmer retired on        1997. During his tenure, his        and 2007.                         Karen and John, and four
        Aug. 1. Kilmer was the church     wife, Fran, partnered in his           His father was a logger in     grandchildren. They thank
        Growth coordinator for the        work.                               Forks, Wash., where Kilmer        the Lord for the privilege of
        Upper columbia conference            Kilmer has a passion for         was born in 1940, one of four     ministering, and they thank
              since 1997. before that     discipling church members           siblings. He graduated from       everyone with whom they have
                 he served as the         into joyous christians and          Auburn Academy in 1959 and        served.
                   director of Adult      has appreciated the blessings       Walla Walla college in 1963.         Kilmer says, “Precious
                                          of church growth—a net              He married Frances Williams,      memories will remain in our
                                          membership gain in Upper            who graduated with a b.S.         minds and hearts as we enjoy
                                          columbia conference of              in nursing from Walla Walla       our ‘golden years.’ These
                                          6,000 members and more than         college. He graduated from        memories include friendly
                                          25 new churches. Kilmer is          Andrews University with a         associations at seminars,
                                          enthusiastic about Sabbath          m.A. in religion, a major         workshops, convocations and
                                          School classes becoming an          and m. Div. in Systematic         federations, as well as going
                                          arena for the Holy Spirit to        Theology and a Ph. D. in          from door to door with some
                                          bring about growth through          religious education.              of you in most of the cities of
                                          dynamic study of the Word.             Together they served           Upper columbia conference.”
                                          And because of this, he agreed      the church in the Oregon             The Kilmers plan to remain
                                          to author the North American        conference where Kilmer           in Spangle and minister closer

                                                                                                                                                      U P P E R
                                                                              pastored for 11 years. He then    to home—spending more time
                                                                              taught biblical languages in      with their grandkids, writing
                                                                              beirut, Lebanon, for a year. In   and gardening. •
                                                  Jim and Fran Kilmer
                                                  retired from the Upper
                                                                              Kenya, Africa, he taught and
                                                  Columbia Conference         pastored for six years before     Kathy Marson, Upper Columbia
                                                  department of church        coming to the Upper columbia      Conference communication
Jon Dalrymple                                     growth on Aug. 1.           conference.                       administrative assistant

                     A New Kind of Happy Hour
                                                                                                                                                      c O l U m b i a
            acation bible School season                                                                         same format as VbS is used,
        may be over, but not in Troy,                                                                           complete with bible stories,
        Idaho. “Why can’t we have it                                                                            crafts, playtime, snacks and
        all year long?” chorused the                                                                            lots of singing. Hunt and
        group led by sisters Yvonne                                                                             Nelson are concentrating on
        Nelson and brenda Hunt.                                                                                 bible verses set to music so
        Hunt had long felt the need to                                                                          the children are singing them
        reconnect with the kids more                                                                            month to month.
        than just once a year, and thus                                                                            Attendance ranges from 15
        the Happy Hour was conceived                                                                            to 25 kids. Instead of saying,
        in her mind.                                                                                            “See you next year,” they now
           Troy is a rural community                                                                            say “See you next month.” With
        with a country church that                                                                              the more frequent contact Hunt
        attracts a vigorous group                                                                               feels they are the children’s
        for VbS. Hunt has added a                                                                               friends, not just their teachers. •
        postlude Happy Hour that
        meets once a month on Sabbath     Kids in Troy, Idaho, have fun at a monthly Vacation Bible School      Elaine Drury, Troy (Idaho)
        afternoon at the church. The      session held throughout the year.                                     Church communication secretary

                                                                                                         December 2006 • Gleaner                          2
            UPPer cOlUMBia
      C o n f e r e n c e                         N e w s

         Music, Melons
         and Ministry
            Anchor Point Outreach
     T   he Anchor Point church
     plant in Stanfield, Ore., wanted
                                        of Anchor Point, donated
                                        watermelons that were served
     to tell people in the community    to the concert attendees.
     about their church and             The “free watermelon” in
     ultimately of God. On Sept.        the advertising helped bring     Toni Eddy helps prepare watermelons at a Lisa Marie Buster
     2, Anchor Point hosted Lisa        people to the concert.           concert at the Umatilla County Fairgrounds.
     marie buster in concert at the        Involved in preparations
     Umatilla county Fairgrounds        for the event were long-time        At the concert, Walker was           Walker said, “I just thought
     in Hermiston, Ore.                 members, non-members             thinking, “What can I do to          ‘why do we as Seventh-day
        Steve Walker, a melon           and brand-new members, all       cultivate goodwill between           Adventists have the audacity
     farmer and active member           in the thick of things. The      the Adventist church and             to think we’re the only ones
                                        camaraderie helped those         other area churches?” So one         God loves? Why can’t we
                                        who are not core members         Sunday morning he called             bridge the gap and show love
                                         yet, or on the fringes, to      several area churches and            to everybody?’” Then he
                                         feel like part of the body of   asked if they would like it if he    added, “It won’t hurt to build
                                         christ in working together.     brought a bin of watermelons         a bridge or two. I want to live
                                         Having the concert on a         to their churches. Surprised         like He’s coming tomorrow,
                                          Saturday night at the county   and pleased, the members of          and I have to believe that some
                                          fairgrounds helped bring in    several area churches enjoyed        of these people are going be in
                                          the mostly “non-member”        picking up a free, delicious         heaven with me; so if they’re
                                           crowd.                        watermelon or two on their           going be my brothers, I better
                                              concertgoers had the       way out of church on several         get to know them and build
                                           opportunity to fill out       Sundays. One churchgoer told         relationships with them.” •
                                           interest cards, with the      Walker, “relations between
     Steve Walker generously donates
     watermelons to other area          option to mark the church        churches would be better if          Claudia Flaiz, Anchor Point
     churches to “build bridges” to     and pastor of their choice for   more people would do things          communication leader
     them.                              further information or study.    like that.”

                                                                                    Harvest Fair
                                                                               At Bonners Ferry Church
                                                                         A    rm wrestling was a high
                                                                         point of the fun and fellowship
                                                                                                              auction and much more. The
                                                                                                              evening finished off with three-
                                                                         at the bonners Ferry church          legged races, tug-of-war and
                                                                         Harvest Fair on Oct. 14. A           arm wrestling. The event raised
                                                                         Sabbath evening vespers              more than $1,200, and all of
                                                                         followed by a potluck soup and       the proceeds went to help with
                                                                         bread supper started off the         medical expenses for a local
                                                                         Harvest Fair. Held in the school     woman who has cancer but no
                                                                         gym, the evening featured            medical insurance. •
                                                                         booths with apple dunking,
     Arm wrestling was a high point of the fun and fellowship at the
     Bonners Ferry Church Harvest Fair on Oct. 14. Strong men Dallas
                                                                         face painting, photo shoot,          Karen Drechsel, Bonners Ferry
     Roberts and Lee Hamrick struggled for approximately six minutes     jumping castle, cake walk,           Church communication leader
     before the match was called as a tie.                               ring toss, as well as a silent pie

2   Gleaner • December 2006
UPPer cOlUMBia                                                               C o n f e r e n c e                           N e w s

   Spokane Valley Celebrates 10 Years
          in New Sanctuary
T   he welcoming shofar
(ram’s horn) trumpet blared
                                                                                                            many hours with volunteer
                                                                                                            labor to create the beautiful
as charles Ferguson, pastor,                                                                                structure.
led the Spokane Valley                                                                                         “We are now approaching
church in worship just as he                                                                                the conclusion of our million-
did 10 years ago when the                                                                                   dollar mortgage…yes, the
doors were opened for the                                                                                   end’s in sight,” says Stan
first time to the new church                                                                                Hudson, current senior pastor.
building. About 400 people                                                                                  “but the Valley church’s best
gathered on Sept. 16 to                                                                                     days are not in its past…they
remember God’s leading in                                                                                   are yet to come. Our mission
building the new structure.                                                                                 statement reads: ‘the Spokane
   “We had many naysayers          The 10th Anniversary Spokane Valley Church praise team led the           Valley Seventh-day Adventist
                                   singing during the celebration of worshiping in their sanctuary for 10
and others felt we shouldn’t       years.
                                                                                                            church is to share the love
relocate, but our small church                                                                              of Jesus with the world in
on Pines and mission was           of “the bean field.” “When we          With fundraising, prayer          preparation for His soon
inadequate to hold the people,”    saw the property and compared       and a team of committed              return.’ That’s why we are
said Ferguson.                     it to the other twenty pieces       members, the vision, “Walking        here!” •

                                                                                                                                              U P P E R
   Gerald Haeger, former Valley    we had seen, we knew this was       in Faith, building in Love” was
pastor, reflected with others on   God’s place for our church          realized. Two men, bob Hayes Curtis Rittenour, Spokane Valley
God’s leading in the purchase      family to build.”                   and Gerald Anderson, worked Church associate pastor

  Kids for Christ Are a Mission Field
                                      A Magnificient Investment
M      ost christians are
familiar with the 10/40
                                   times more likely than adults
                                   to make a lifetime commitment
                                                                       they leave the 8th grade, they
                                                                       later adopt Jesus only 4 percent
                                                                                                               The school is raising funds
                                                                                                            for the new campus on North

                                                                                                                                              c O l U m b i a
Window (a geographic               to God. If children don’t           of the time.                         Government Way in Spokane.
region containing the largest      receive Jesus christ as their          “However, those who               Investing in kids in the 5/13
population of non-christians       personal Savior by the time         embrace Jesus between 5 and          Window gives a potential 32
in the world), sometimes                                               13 years of age keep Him in          percent return on investment.
called the most challenging                                            their hearts for life 32 percent        “more than mental
area of the world for christian                                        of the time. That’s an amazing       discipline, more than physical
mission.                                                               window! That is the ‘5/13            training, an education at
   However, there is another                                           Window,’” explains bryan.            SJA is designed to develop
important mission target: the                                             christian education is at         character and a path toward
5/13 Window, according to                                              the heart of presenting Jesus        a life of blessing and service.
Don bryan, Spokane Junior                                              christ to children during those      It is royalty we serve, for our
Academy (SJA) principal.                                               critical years. SJA has a mission    students are children of the
   “Investment in kids is the                                          of ‘Showing Jesus Always,’           King,” bryan concluded. •
greatest investment you can                                            said bryan. “Our mission is to
make,” bryan said. research        SJA students Matthew Anderson,      provide a place where children       David M. Wallace, SJA GLEANER
                                   Jadin Wolfe and Jadziah Latimer
by the barna research Group        are in the “5/13 Window,”
                                                                       may learn about Jesus and            correspondent
shows that children between        a primary mission field in          experience the love of christ
the ages of 5 and 13 are five      Adventist schools.                  within the school environment.”

                                                                                                  December 2006 • Gleaner                         2
              UPPer cOlUMBia
       C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s

                                                                            New Staff Start at Upper
                                                                              Columbia Academy
                                                                            T     he students weren’t the only Kravig, band; Mel	Wade, IT
                                                                              ones excited about starting       director; Mark	Lockwood,
                                                                              the new school year. Upper        vice principal for finance;
       WWVA’s senior class officers elected at the school’s fall picnic were,
                                                                              columbia Academy’s (UcA)          Lois	Wade, librarian; Scott	
       from left: Rebecca Ortiz, secretary; Brian Unterseher, historian;      faculty and staff were excited    North, marketing/recruitment/
       Julia Hanson, social vice president; Andrew Hellie, spiritual vice     as well, and they welcomed        transportation director; Carmen	
       president; Kandace Bolster, president; Donald Corson, treasurer; Liz several new members into their Slavens, HOPe Taskforce
       Rosas, vice president.                                                 ranks this year.                  and communications; and
                                                                                 According to Jeff bovee,       Matthew	Smith, associate
              WWVA’s Senior                                                   UcA principal, “we are off to     pastor/freshmen bible/Sabbath
                                                                              a very positive and Spirit-filled activities. To see each staff

               Class Officers                                                 year. We have a tremendously
                                                                              strong and talented group
                                                                                                                member’s picture individually,
                                                                                                                their responsibilities and their
      D     o we have to build our
       shelters while it’s raining?”
                                               Survive they did and in the
                                            strength and unity which grows
                                                                              of staff who know the true
                                                                              meaning of being a team.”
                                                                                 New staff members include:
                                                                                                                contact information, go to www.
                                                                                                       and click on “staff.” •

       was the plaintive question           from these types of experiences Chandra	Duckett, math; Kellie	 Carmen Slavens, UCA GLEANER
       asked by one senior on a wet         the class of 2007 elected, at     Humbert, Spanish; Dean	           correspondent
       September afternoon in the           the school’s annual fall picnic,
       backwoods of camp miVoden. the officers who will lead them
       With her classmates she was          through the year.
       about to experience the five-           “This is an awesome class.
       and-a-half days of WWVA’s            Together, we will accomplish
       Senior Survival.                     great things for God and
          “Yes,” was the reply, “and the others,” was the comment
       sooner the better.” With a sigh of made by one member of the
       resignation she and her friends      class. •
       turned and trudged off toward
       the girls’ area, black plastic and Angela Oetman, WWVA                                                                           Mark Janke
       twine in hand to attempt the         GLEANER correspondent
       process of shelter building.                                           Upper Columbia Academy’s 2006-07 faculty and staff.

                                                      Republic Family Baptized
                                         S   abbath, Sept. 23, was a very
                                         special day for Jake, Lynda,
                                                                            the	Wounds series. They agreed
                                                                            to go through the series, which
                                                                                                                 (then Dempsey) attended during
                                                                                                                 some of that time as a child.
                                         and Shelby Wheaton as they         took nearly two years. because       mccombs also performed Jake’s
                                         officially joined the republic     of the healing that occurred         and Linda’s wedding.
                                          church family through baptism.    in their lives, they decided to         Jake works at boise cascade
                                             The story begins when Lynda    proceed with bible studies and       and as an answer to prayer
                                          was a child and attended the      baptismal studies with Dan and       has been given Sabbaths off.
                                          church with her parents, Ken      Linda. During this time Shelby,      Lynda has driven a school bus
                                           and Diane Dempsey.               11, prepared and presented a         for the curlew School District
                                              more recently, after Lynda    sermon at the church.                for several years, but this year
                                          attended an Eight	Weeks	to	          rick mccombs, currently           she will be home schooling
      From left: Dan and Linda           Wellness class, she began coming   pastoring at the Deer Park and       Shelby, who is in the sixth grade.
      Hovanski, stand in support of      to prayer meetings at Dan and      chewelah churches, came              Shelby’s desire is to be a pastor. •
      newly baptized members, Lynda,
      Shelby and Jake Wheaton, with
                                         Linda Hovanski’s home. Dan         to republic to perform the
      Rick McCombs, the pastor who       and Linda then invited Jake and    baptisms. mccombs pastored at        Darlene Clark, Republic Church
      baptized them, in the rear.        Lynda to go through the Binding	   republic in its early years. Lynda   communication leader

26    Gleaner • December 2006
WashiNGtON                                                                    C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s

    “Picture” God at Work
 Photography Ambassadors Capture
      Portraits at Country Fair
T   he country fair theme,
“ribbet, ribbet—come and
                                     cameras, and an affordable
                                     bulk ink delivery system for
exhibit,” led three churches on      the simple photo printer, 40
the North Olympic Peninsula in       volunteer photographers
Washington state (Forks, Port        captured more than 700
Angeles and Sequim) to use a         portrait images in four days.       Several of the 40 volunteer photographers print a guest’s photo and
new tool to connect with more        The 5x7 photographs shared          make a friend at the same time.
than 35,000 locals and tourists      the message, “A gift to bring
who attend the fair.                 joy and God’s	strings	       “This tool allowed us to          And next year’s plans? A
   recalling a ministry idea         attached,” and provided church      dialogue positively with those     new background, a different
shared by the renton church,         phone numbers for further           who wouldn’t stop to talk with     theme exalting the Lord, and
these churches decided to            contact.                            us in previous years, those who    enthusiastic visitors expected
photograph visitors and present         A clear produce bag filled       are apathetic or hostile to our    back to capture a repeat
the prints immediately as a          with religious and health           health and spiritual messages,”    souvenir—and to be touched
gift. “All creatures Great and       resources was the perfect place     reported Paul Vivier, Port         by God’s “photography”
Small—the Lord God made              to protect the photographs for      Angeles/Forks pastor.              ambassadors. •
them All!” became the theme          the trip home. many visitors who       reluctant fairgoers coaxed
that tied the frogs (ribbet!) with   declined the photo opportunity      into taking a picture with         Kathy Nixon, Port Angeles Church
the truth of God as creator.         but accepted the bag to carry       their child or spouse ended up     communication leader
   Using two catchy jungle           their fair loot also carried home   leaving the booth with smiles
backgrounds, two donated             the truth-filled literature.        and thanks.

                            Bursting at the Seams
                   North Cascade Church Grows From Beginners to Youth

                                                                                                                                               W a s h i N g t O N
T   he North cascade church
is growing and starting to burst
                                     for the children to enjoy,
                                     from little backpacks filled
                                                                         teaching beginners when she
                                                                         was in academy.
at the seams! The beginners/         with sandwiches and water to           This fall the church also
cradle roll class recently           take hiking to a glow-in-the-       opened its new Youth center
welcomed its 34th regularly          dark moon and stars for each        in the recently purchased
attending member.                    little one to hold. each item       property adjacent to the
   Leader Joan Smith                 teaches the children about the      current church building.
has more than 40 years               wonderful world that God has        High school students have a
of experience teaching               provided for them.                  place to go to talk, worship,
beginners, with 31 of those             “I’ve always loved the           play music, and spend time
years at North cascade. She          little ones,” Smith said, and       together learning more about
has a large collection of props      explained that she began            Jesus. This 5-acre plot will
                                                                         also provide space for future
The new Youth Center next to the North Cascade Church provides a         church growth.
place for students at Skagit Adventist School to worship God in an          Youth taskforce co-             Joan Smith, beginners Sabbath
open environment.                                                        pastors Nick Snell and Filip       School leader and the children
                                                                                                            welcome Jenna Bielas, the 34th
                                                                         milosavljevic are studying the     Sabbath School member.
                                                                         bible with several students
                                                                         from Skagit Adventist School,      beginners to youth. What an
                                                                         and have made community            exciting time! •
                                                                         outreach their main focus.
                                                                            Yes, our church is bursting     Lisa Knudsen, North Cascade
                                                                         at the seams with growth from      Church communication secretary

                                                                                                                             • Gleaner              2
                       C o n f e r e n c e                          N e w s

                          Team of Twelve
                           Builds Two Churches, Raises
                                Money for Bibles
                       E    xciting things happen
                       on a mission trip when the
                                                          two churches over six days.
                                                             In partnership with
                       majority of the participants are   maranatha Volunteers
                       skilled construction workers       International, the mission
                                                                                             Even with a small team, the Peru mission group accomplished a lot.
                       or experienced mission             team led the last currently        “If we had additional people,” said Nessy Pittau, trip coordinator, “we
                       trip participants. Instead of      planned building expedition in     would have gotten in each other’s way.”
                       building one church in Peru,       Peru.
                       the Washington conference             After finishing the Las            “It would have been               of the church members don’t
                       mission trip team worked on        Joyas church in cuzco ahead        very difficult for the locals        have their own bibles and it is
                                                          of schedule, the team of 12        to get those trusses up by           apparent that they are not rich
                                                          decided to help the Pisca          themselves,” said John               people.”
                                                          cucha church to roof their         Freedman, Washington                    In response to e-mail and
                                                          half-finished adobe structure.     conference president. “We            online requests, the team raised
                                                          The church is located near the     gave the locals a big boost. It      $500.
                                                          train tracks leading to machu      is amazing what our presence            “God really pulled
                                                          Picchu. The members had            does to represent God to the         our team together,” said
                                                          been working on building this      people.”                             Andersen, who kept a daily
                                                          church without any outside            Once in Peru, the team            mission trip journal at http://
                                                          help.                              discovered another pressing
                                                                                             need: bibles and hymnals in          “We accomplished so much
                                                          Church members built a small       Spanish and Quechua.                 with such a small group of
                                                          dam in a nearby river so Omar         “The churches have very           people.” •
                                                          Grieve and John Freedman,
                                                          garbed in green rubber hip         few bibles and hymnals,”
                                                          waders, could perform a            explained carla Andersen, a          Heidi Martella, Washington
                                                          baptismal service.                 mission trip participant. “many      Conference communication intern
W a s h i N g t O N

                                                          Roadside Ministry
                                   Community Service Center Stocks Refreshments and Serves Prayer
                      W      hen the Arlington, Wash.,
                      Adventist community Service
                                                             Over a 48-hour shift,
                                                          volunteers serve quite a variety
                                                                                             their camper after it was
                                                                                             impounded. Another time, a
                                                                                                                                 been to church in years. Still
                                                                                                                                 others stop by to encourage us
                      center signed up to stock a         of beverages. Ladies from the      truck driver had a heart attack,    and thank us for what we are
                      rest Area coffee Kiosk, they        church also make homemade          and one of the volunteers, a        doing.”
                      planned to use this opportunity     cookies and purchase Orowheat      registered nurse, was able             Since 2004, the kiosk
                      as a fundraiser, but God had        bakery items.                      to help him until medical           proceeds from 31 shifts have
                      other plans.                           many travelers who come         personnel arrived.                  funded relief aid, mission
                         “The Lord started sending us     through are just too tired to         “We have been able to            trips, a mobile disaster relief
                      all kinds of people asking for      keep driving, and will stop        share Jesus with people who         trailer and community services
                      prayer, needing help or requiring   to chat and wake up. many          would probably never darken a       training. •
                      medical attention,” said Diane      times, they ask for prayer after   church door,” ball said. “Other
                      ball, president of the Snohomish    sharing about their travels or     people tell us they were raised     Diane Ball, ACS leader, with Heidi
                      Federation of Adventist             family problems.                   Adventist, went to an Adventist     Martella
                      community Services (AcS) and           recently, volunteers helped     academy or graduated from one
                      director of the local AcS center.   a homeless family retrieve         of our colleges, but have not

       2             Gleaner • December 2006
                                                                                C o n f e r e n c e                              N e w s

    Bringing the Joy of
    Camp Back Home
  Families Learn How to Affirm a Child’s                                  Families at the Fall Family Retreat got involved in all the activities,
                                                                          including working in the dining hall. Here Kyler Soper helps to
           Decision for Baptism                                           decorate the tables with fall leaves.

S   unset Lake camp is
providing a new support
                                     Family retreat in October
                                     allowed several families to
                                                                          has helped him to become more
                                                                          receptive to the gospel.”
                                                                                                                experience alive all year,” said
                                                                                                                David Yeagley, youth director.
network for parents of campers       experience together how to              The program with camp              “It’s important to provide
who want to prepare for              maintain that excitement for         songs, drama, a treasure hunt,        resources to parents to help them
baptism.                             Jesus at home.                       a barn party, and cowboy              support their child’s decision to
   Summer camp is typically             As one parent said, “my son       campfire stories was more than        accept Jesus christ.” •
a high energy time, and often        used to ask me to tell him about     just a fun time though.
that energy decreases once           Jesus, but recently he seemed           “We wanted to teach families       Heidi Martella, Washington
a camper returns home. Fall          to lose interest. This weekend       how to keep that summer camp          Conference communication intern

                                                                           Mysteries of the Deep
                                                                            AAA Students Earn Scuba Certification
                                                                          T   he ocean has been guarding
                                                                          many mysteries since the
                                                                                                                director. “Providing this class
                                                                                                                is important because it offers
                                                                          beginning of time. For the            students the chance to enjoy a
                                                                          past two-and-a-half months,           lifetime sport.”
                                                                          however, students at Auburn              Over the past 20 years that
                                                                          Adventist Academy have been           the class has been offered,
                                                                          shedding light on some of these       numerous young people have
                                                                          deep dark secrets by attending        earned P.e. and college credits

                                                                                                                                                    W a s h i N g t O N
Using sign language, Deaf people visit with Bunny Hovey and Nancy
Brown at the DeafNation Expo in Seattle.
                                                                          scuba class.                          as well as becoming certified
                                                                             “Once you’re underwater, you       scuba divers.
                                                                          are pretty much weightless,”             Lizzy Altman, sophomore,
 Sharing Christ with the Deaf                                             said morgan Waldrip, a junior
                                                                          taking the class.
                                                                                                                shares why taking the class was
                                                                                                                meaningful to her. “Getting my

M      ore than 2,300 Deaf
people attended the DeafNation
                                        Attendees from across the
                                     nation also had the opportunity
                                                                             Participants begin learning
                                                                          and practicing their diving
                                                                          techniques at the academy’s
                                                                                                                scuba certification made me
                                                                                                                excited, because now I have
                                                                                                                more opportunities to enjoy
expo in Seattle, Wash., this fall.   to sign up for a free outreach       miller Aquatics center.               what God has made.” •
   DeafNation travels around         magazine subscription and               This class, taught from
the United States, hosting           bible studies.                       August to October, allows             Karissa Rogers, AAA junior and
expos in various cities,                With approximately 6 million      students the opportunity to           student writer
celebrating Deaf culture.            Deaf people in North America,        make four ventures into the
   Nancy brown of Seattle,           this is a huge mission field right   open ocean. Students took
and Jim and bunny Hovey of           here at home. Sadly, at this time    their first open water dive at
Adventist Deaf ministries,           roughly 5 percent attend church      redondo beach, Wash., to see
based in mesa, Ariz., staffed a      anywhere, whether Adventist,         the ocean from an entirely new
booth and distributed pamphlets,     Lutheran, baptist, catholic or       perspective.
outreach magazines, New              otherwise. •                            “Scuba diving is a good
Testaments and two DVDs—                                                  opportunity for our academy
Final	Events	and Our	World	a	        Esther M. Doss, Adventist Deaf       because the Puget Sound
Theater, a two-hour program in       Ministries public relations and      is one of the top cold water          The AAA scuba class prepares to
sign language explaining The         development director                 diving spots in the world,”           do an open water dive in Puget
Great controversy.                                                        said bob Kilgore, athletics           Sound.

                                                                                                       December 2006 • Gleaner                           2
                 Walla Walla cOlleGe
                 C o l l e g e                      N e w s

                   WWC Welcomes New Faculty Members
                                                    F  ıve people have joined the
                                                    Walla Walla college faculty
                                                                                          undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                          marketing for more than 26
                                                                                                                              in library science from the
                                                                                                                              University of London, and
                                                    this year:                            years. Leblanc completed his        is completing her thesis for
                                                       Linda	Ivy, assistant               master’s and doctoral degrees       a master of education from
                                                    professor of psychology,              at the University of Arizona.       the University of Southern
                                                    completed her undergraduate           He and his wife, Linda, have        Queensland. melgosa and
                                                    and doctoral studies at the           five horses, five kittens and two   her husband, Julian, have two
                                                    University of Oregon. She             dogs.                               children, claudia, 19, and
                                                    teaches graduate-level classes           Mary	McClay, assistant           Andrew, 16.
                                                    in the School of education            professor of nursing, teaches          Julian	Melgosa, dean of
c O l l E g E

                                                    and Psychology. Ivy has a son,        mental health nursing on the        the School of education and
                                                    chris, and two cats.                  Portland campus. She has a          Psychology, completed his
                                                       Ronald	LeBlanc, visiting           master’s degree in nursing          doctoral studies at Andrews
                                                    professor of marketing, is a          from the University of mary         University. most recently,
                                                    professor emeritus at Idaho State     in bismark, North Dakota, and       melgosa served as president
                                                    University, where he taught           15 years teaching experience.       of the Adventist International
                                                                                          mcclay and her husband,             Institute of Advanced Studies
                                                                                          bruce, have two adult children,     in the Philippines. •
                                                    New WWC faculty, from left: (front)
                                                    Julian and Annette Melgosa (rear)     Johanna and Douglas.
                                                    Mary McClay and Linda Ivy. Not           Annette	Melgosa, periodical      Kristi Spurgeon, WWC GLEANER
                                                    pictured: Ronald LeBlanc.             librarian, has a master’s degree    correspondent

                       A Day in the Life of a
                         College Student
W a l l a

                           Experiencing Family Weekend
                P  arents, grandparents and
                siblings descended upon the
                                                    opportunity to join daughters
                                                    monique and erin at the
                                                                                          freshman nursing
                                                                                          major Stephanie
                Walla Walla college (WWc)           weekend events.                       elder, couldn’t
                campus in late October for a           Les and Sandy Fong, from           arrive early
                whirlwind of activities centered    Sacramento, calif., were              enough to sit in
                on Family Weekend.                  among the parents seen in             class, but hopes
                                                                                                               Eric Ashley
                   First held at WWc more than      classrooms Friday morning             she’ll be able to
                10 years ago, Family Weekend        as Family Weekend kicked              next year, since
                is an opportunity for parents       off with Take-Your-Parents-           Stephanie has                       Byron and Pam Palmer, from
                and other family members to         to-class Day. “We enjoyed             classes from one of mcGill’s
W a l l a

                                                                                                                              Sonora, Calif., join their son
                visit their student at college,     listening to the professor and        former professors.                  Jonathan in class during Family
                and catch a glimpse of what         his lecture even though we               Other weekend activities         Weekend at WWC.
                modern college life is all about.   didn’t totally understand the         included a special vespers
                   For José and Sylvia Acosta,      subject matter,” said Sandy,          presented by returned student       number of departments also
                the weekend was the perfect         whose son, Greg, is a senior          missionaries, dinner with the       opened their doors on Sunday
                chance to experience the            electrical engineering major.         new college president, the          morning for department tours
                college life their daughters        “We are just glad that we don’t       Sabbath-closing ceremony            and open houses. •
                enjoy. José works at WWc,           have to take the exams!”              “evensong,” and a breakfast
                and although he didn’t have            christina mcGill, from Days        attended by the students,           Kristi Spurgeon
                far to travel, he enjoyed the       creek, Ore., and mother of            parents and professors. A

    0          Gleaner • December 2006
adveNtist health                                                                        H e a l t h                  N e w s

                                     Faithful Servant
          WWGH Recognizes Medical Technician for Living the
                      Hospital’s Mission
M       ost days, Tomi Horn
doesn’t feel like a missionary.
                                      “She has a very spiritual
                                   aspect to her work,” says co-
                                                                    in supernatural spirits,
                                                                    Shamanism and ancestor
                                                                                                      christian church on the island.
                                                                                                      Her husband’s father was a
   For the past 25 years, this     worker and same-day surgery      worship.                          Seventh-day Adventist, and
2006 mission Achievement           coordinator Lauri rootvik.          As a teen, a christian         when the couple moved to the
Award recipient has served         “She’s like the behind-the-      broadcast on the island’s         U.S., Tomi became interested
as a central processing            lines warrior who just calmly    only radio station caught her     in the church’s teachings. “I
technician at Walla Walla          and humbly does her job, day     attention. Tomi was intrigued     wanted to follow the bible and
General Hospital (WWGH),           in and day out. Whatever her     and sent away for a bible study   the bible only,” she says. Soon
the Adventist Health hospital      hand finds to do, she does to    correspondence course being       she was baptized.
in Walla Walla, Wash. She          the glory of God.”               offered. “I knew God lived           Today, her faith is

                                                                                                                                          a D v E N t i s t
sterilizes medical equipment          Tomi’s path to christianity   in heaven, and I longed to do     inseparable from her work
and prepares instruments in        and WWGH started on the          right,” she recalls.              and she draws daily strength
the surgical suites. Virtually     Japanese island of Okinawa          “What I learned stayed in      from the words of her favorite
anything used in patient care      where she was born and           my heart.”                        bible text, Isaiah 41:10: “Do
is first cleaned and disinfected   raised. Like many Okinawan          She married an American        not fear, for I am with you; do
by Tomi.                           families, hers practiced                     soldier and the two   not be dismayed, for I am your
   It’s tough, important           a religion rooted                                  attended a      God.”
work helping keep surgery                                                                                Over the past 25
patients, and the hospital                                                                            years, Tomi’s seen it all.
itself, infection free. but                                                                           She’s witnessed massive
her job doesn’t allow many                                                                            technological advances and
opportunities to interact with                                                                        weathered many changes in
those she serves. Still, in her                                                                       health care. Through it all,
own quiet way, Tomi stands                                                                            she’s felt God’s leading, both
out.                                                                                                  in her own life and at WWGH.
   In honoring her with this                                                                          “This is a place that believes in
award, hospital ceO morre                                                                             prayer,” she says. “That’s why
Dean acknowledges Tomi’s                                                                              I always come back.”
commitment to quality work,                                                                              She admits that being
her giving spirit and her                                                                             recognized for mission
unwavering dedication to                                                                              achievement still baffles and
serving God by serving                                                                                amazes her. “I don’t work
patients. “And then there’s                                                                           directly with patients,” she
                                                                                                                                          h E a l t h
that smile of hers,” he adds.                                                                         says. “but my prayer is that
“Outstanding.”                                                                                        everyone somehow sees christ
   And he’s right. It’s one                                                                           in me. In that way, I know I’m
of those unforgettable,                                                                               contributing.” •
make-your-day smiles.
   Tomi’s professionalism                                                                             CMBell Company
tells you her work matters;
her smile lets you know you
matter. It’s a compelling
combination—one that                                                                                  Through conscientious work,
                                                                                                      quiet acts of kindness and a
reflects WWGH’s mission                                                                               radiant smile, medical technician
of restoring peace, hope                                                                              Tomi Horn seeks to reflect Christ
and health as christ did.                                                                             at Walla Walla General Hospital.

                                                                                            December 2006 • Gleaner                           1
     P e r s p e c t i v e

              Where Else
                 Would I Be?   by S u s a n C h e r n e

2   Gleaner • December 2006
                                                                                              P e r s p e c t i v e

C           hristmas is a time to bring
            the whole family together, to
share great fellowship, share great food,
make heart-stirring memories all while
                                               how could I? Where else could I be but
                                               there with my child? How could I sleep
                                               when he suffered? In the wee hours of
                                               the morning, I heard his little voice in the
                                                                                              knows about, but you suffer. Does it feel
                                                                                              as if it will not end, that the dawn is so far
                                                                                              away? When will the dawning of the Son
                                                                                              be? Oh, Jesus, the night is so long, where
celebrating the reason for the season.         dark, heavy with fatigue and sadness, say      are you? Oh, Jesus, I just can’t do it any-
However, oftentimes, bringing the whole        softly to me, “Mommy, the night is soooo       more, my suffering is so great. Jesus—do
family together can also result in a differ-   long. When will it be over? When will          you feel Him close? Where do you think
ent kind of sharing, a sharing that can run    the sun come up?” My heart was gripped         He is? What do you think Jesus is doing
through the whole family like wildfire.        with grief for his pain. All I could say       during your darkness? In your mind, does
The worst diagnosis and the one that can       was, “soon, sweetie, soon.”                    He seem so far away, disinterested and,
grind the festive activities to a sudden          I heard him quietly get up to make          yeah, He’s out there, but He’s not right
halt is the sharing of the dreaded stomach     the now all-too-familiar trek back to the      here where you need Him to be. As you
flu. It hit us hard.                           bathroom, so I waited for him, sitting         lay in bed, do you whisper in the dark, in
   Traveling fast through the family, we       at the end of the bed. As he returned,         exhaustion and great sorrow, “Jesus, the
were all filled with fear and trepidation,     without a word he flung himself into my        night is soooo long.”
wondering who would be next. We bleached       arms and hugged me tighter than he ever           My friend, you are His baby, His sweet
and sanitized everything in an effort to       has. He held me with all his might, and        little child. Where else would He be? He
prevent the continued spread, but much to      he whispered, “Mommy, I love you.” We          is there, He is not indifferent. His heart
our dismay, it hit my 9-year-old son.          just held each other. I held my baby as        is gripped with sorrow just as yours is
   As bedtime approached and he was            long as he needed. Indeed, the night was       when you watch and listen to your child
feeling sicker and sicker, we knew that        long. Morning came. He finally slept. The      suffer. In the darkness, run to Him. Run
the night was going to be long. Doctors        night had passed.                              into His arms and hold onto Him tighter
will tell you that as the day progresses and      I lay in bed thinking about the suffer-     than you ever have, whisper “I love you”
night begins to fall, children’s illnesses     ing of my sweet child. The only thing I        and listen, listen to Him softly say, “I
get worse and fevers go higher. I do not       could do for him was to be there, hold         love you too.” Hear Him say, “My child, I
understand the reason, but that is exactly     him, comfort him, wash his face, wipe          am here. I am so sorry you are suffering,
what happened. As I lay in the bed next to     his brow, assure him that he was not           but I AM HERE.” I will never leave you
my little boy, listening to him writhing in    alone during the darkness of the night. I      nor forsake you. I will hold you, I will
pain and suffering, my heart felt so heavy     thought of my Jesus.                           comfort you, I will wash your face and
at my inability to make it better. Over and       Sometimes, I feel like my little boy.       wipe the sweat from your brow. I will be
over he would visit the bathroom, losing       I’m exhausted with the trials that I face.     with you until the darkness is past, and
whatever was left in his stomach, while all    I’m tired. The burdens of this world are       the morning has come. I will give you
I could do was offer encouraging words         too great. I don’t know what you suffer,       rest. I promise. My heart is so heavy at
and try to comfort him the best I could. He    but I know that all people do. No one is       your suffering, but I am with you, even to
would finally lie back in bed only to have     exempt in this scarred creation. What is       the end of the age. I love you. Where else
it all repeat again.                           your night? It may be no different than        would I be? •
   My brain and body were so tired, the        what many people suffer—a death in the
bone tired that you experience taking care     family, the loss of a job, divorce, trouble    Susan Cherne, a health care attorney and
of a sick child or walking the floors with     with your children, lost friendships, lone-    currently a stay-at home mom, writes from
a new baby. I just wanted to sleep. But        liness... It may be a “night” that no one      Eugene, Oregon.

                                                                                                December 2006 • Gleaner                        
                                               M i l e s t O N e s
                                            Hugh coy married madeleine      retired at 72 years of age in good   editorial positions in these places.
                                         Douma may 26, 1946, in Lincoln,    health.                              Now retired, bob still leads
                                         Neb. They have both spent their       The Davidson family includes      SAGe, the seniors’ ministry he
                                         careers teaching and working for   Anne reeves of Seattle; Janette      started, and carrol has an active
                                         Adventist academies and Union      Davidson of Prescott, Ariz.; a       ministry for families of gays and
                                         college. They have touched many    step-grandchild and 2 great-         lesbians.
                                         young people’s lives and are now   grandchildren.                          The Grady family includes
                                         retired in Walla Walla.                                                 robert bruce Grady of Santa
                                            The coy family includes         Fischer 50th                         rosa, calif.; David and Karla
                                         Linda and Jerry Wernick of            George and Thelma Fischer         Grady of Dallas, Ore.; Paul Grady
      Wayne and Lillian Coppernoll
                                         Polebridge, mont.; Jo and Tom      celebrated their 50th wedding        of Seattle; and 10 grandchildren.

     Coppernoll 60th                     Lee of Angwin, calif.; and 4
                                                                            anniversary with a reception on
                                                                            July 16 at the central church        Jones 90th
        Wayne and Lillian coppernoll                                        fellowship hall in Spokane, Wash.     mary Jones celebrated her 90th
     of Gresham, Ore., celebrated                                              George Fischer married          birthday with a small family party
     their 60th anniversary with all                                        Thelma estes July 7, 1956, in      in her hospital room at Adventist
     their children and families on                                         colville, Wash. George served      medical center in Portland, Ore.,
     Oct. 20, with a luncheon aboard                                        in the U.S. Army, then went into   on June 11, 2006.
     the Willamette Star Yacht. They                                        the construction field installing     mary Necker was born
     are members of the Sunnyside                                           automatic fire protection systems  June 15, 1916, in cabin creek
     church in Portland.                                                    in commercial buildings. Thelma    country, mont., to russian/
        Wayne coppernoll married                                            stayed home to raise their         German immigrant parents,
     Lillian Schoepflin Oct. 20, 1946,                                      children. They are now retired     Johannas and Paulina (Knopp)
     in moscow, Idaho. Wayne worked                                         and living near Davenport, Wash.,  Necker. She moved to college
     as foreman at Harris Pine mills          Hugh and Madeleine Coy        and are active with their church   Place, Wash., in the early 40s
     Furniture Factory and Auburn                                           and family.                        where she met and married cecil
     Adventist Academy Furniture
     Factory. After living in coeur
                                         Davidson 75th                         The Fischer family includes
                                                                            carleen and Todd Gow, Newman
                                                                                                               Jones. They moved to Hillsboro,
                                                                                                               Ore., in 1950 and then in 1961
                                            earl and Irene Davidson
     d’Alene, Idaho, for 18 years they                                      Lake, Wash.; Deb and Arlen         moved to Laurelwood, Ore. In
                                         celebrated their 75th wedding
     moved to Portland, Ore., where                                         Schroetlin, Spokane; and 4         1963, they bought a “ma & Pa”
                                         anniversary on Aug. 27 in
     Lillian worked for Walla Walla                                         grandchildren.                     grocery and gas station in St.
                                         Prosser, Wash., with an open
     college School of Nursing for                                                                             Helens, which they ran for 10
     more than 16 years as secretary
     to the dean. Wayne managed
                                         house reception at the Prosser
                                         Senior center.                     Grady 50th                         years. cecil passed away in 1992.
                                            earl r. Davidson married Irene       bob and carrol Grady          mary moved to Portland in 1997
     a lumber company until their                                             celebrated their 50th wedding    where she volunteered at Portland
                                         e. Sanderson on Aug. 27, 1931,
     retirement in 1995. They were
                                         in colville, Wash. earl is a retired anniversary, Aug. 26 at the SAGe Adventist community Services.
     active in the Newberg church for                                         Northwest convention in Hope,       The Jones family includes
                                         electrician and Irene has been a
     many years and Wayne dedicated                                           british columbia, canada, and    connie and Terry Ness of
                                         career homemaker. They moved
     himself to raising funds and                                                                              Portland; a grandchild, 3 step-
                                         to Prosser in 1949. earl worked at with a family reunion at the
     building the new church there.                                           Oregon coast. They are members grandchildren and 5 step-great-
                                         the Hanford Nuclear Project. He
        The coppernoll family                                                 of the bellevue (Wash.) church. grandchildren.
     includes Ann and ed Johnson of                                              robert b. Grady married
     Vancouver, Wash.; Jerry and Pam                                          carrol J. mcbroom Aug. 26,         Lofftus 50th
     coppernoll of Seattle; Ken and                                           1956, in riverside, calif., and     Walter and Annette Lofftus
     Karen coppernoll of mcminnville,                                         returned to be the first youth   celebrated their 50th wedding
     Ore.; Linda Whitted of Fairview,                                         pastor there a year later. After anniversary at their daughter’s
     Ore.; 12 grandchildren and 12                                            pastoring and building a new     home in berren Springs, mich.,
     great-grandchildren.                                                     church in Victorville, calif.,   on Oct. 6.
                                                                              they were called to departmental    Walter Lofftus married
     Coy 60th                                                                 leadership in Hawaii, Southeast  Annette Kinney Oct. 6, 1956, in
        Hugh and madeleine coy                                                Asia Union, Far eastern Division Vancouver, Wash. Walter drove
     celebrated their 60th wedding                                            and the General conference       a truck delivering milk and ice
     anniversary on may 26, in Walla                                          before coming to Washington      cream for Sunshine Dairy for
     Walla, Wash., with an evening                                            conference as trust director.    39 years. Annette taught nursing
     reception.                                                               carrol worked in secretarial and for Walla Walla college at the
                                             Earl and Irene Davidson

     Gleaner • December 2006
                                           M i l e s t O N e s
Portland Adventist convalescent      Waianae, Hawaii; 2 grandchildren    Ore.; merrill and Jody Osborne      center in the Human resources
center for more than six years.      and 5 great-grandchildren. Her      of crooked river ranch, Ore.;       Department and as a secretary
Since then she has been vol-         Luce family includes Linda and      Derrill Osborne of Abelene,         in administration at Loma Linda
unteering at various Adventist       ed bauer, of Sequim; marilyn        Texas; and Liza Osborne of          University medical center. The
schools. They are now living in      and Jim mcNamera of Sequim;         Portland; 14 grandchildren and 13   last 10 years before retirement,
their motor home and spend two       Loren Luce of carlsburg, Wash.;     great-grandchildren.                they worked at the Adventist
to three months with each of their   Larry and Jana Luce of Harken                                           Health System corporate office in
daughters, where they have space     Heights, Texas; Dan and Julie       Paulsen 50th                        roseville, calif. They retired in
to park the motor home.              Luce of bothell, Wash.; rick and       bob and carol Paulsen            the Portland area in 2006.
   The Lofftus family includes       Delray Luce of bothell; Joe and     celebrated their 50th wedding          The russell family includes
Judy and roger Worley of Orcas       charlene Luce of Port Angeles,      anniversary with a reception        David and Debbie russell
Island, Wash.; Denise and Joseph     Wash.; 19 step-grandchildren and    hosted by their children July 30 in of Gresham, Ore.; cheri and
Kidder of berrien Springs, mich.;    13 step-great-grandchildren.        the Puyallup church where they Dan Wolcott of boring, Ore.;
Lucinda Lofftus of Santa rosa,                                           are members.                        Jon russell of Portland; and 4
calif.; and 4 grandchildren.         Osborne 60th                           bob Paulsen married carol        grandchildren.
                                        Howard and monta Osborne         baartz June 3, 1956, in Wyocena,
Luce 90th                            celebrated their 60th wedding       Wis. Always a salesman, bob         Ward 60th
   esther Luce celebrated her        anniversary with a party hosted     started Action Awning co., with        charles and margarete Ward
90th birthday all summer. First in   by their children on Aug. 4 at      a partner in 1965. He bought        celebrated their 60th wedding
caldwell, Idaho, and later in Lake   mcGregor Lake near marion,          out the business in 1975. carol     anniversary with an open
Sutherland, then in michigan,        mont.                               was bob’s secretary, providing      house on Sept. 24 in Portland,
a small dinner party with close         Howard Osborne married           great stability for the business.   Ore. They are members of the
family on her real birthday and      monta church on Aug. 4, 1946,       members of ASI and maranatha Gresham church.
finally with her church family in    in Fresno, calif. Howard farmed     since 1985, bob and carol have         charles r. Ward married
Sequim, Wash.                        in chico and marysville, calif.     been involved in their local        margarete A. Krikson on Sept.
   esther Douglas was born in        and operated with his father a      church and many mission projects 23, 1946, in Portland. charles
murphy, Idaho, on Aug. 28, 1916,     wholesale produce business. In      throughout the world.               was a doughnut maker and route
the oldest of eleven children.       1949, Howard left the farm and         The Paulsen family includes      driver for a doughnut company,
She grew up in Parma, Idaho,         produce business and spent the      Diane and Lauren meharry,           and then a purchasing agent and
and married Dwight evans in          next 11 years in school earning     Dean and Debbie Paulsen, Doug inventory control manager for
1935. They moved to Santa            a b.S. at PUc and an m.D. at        and Sylvia Paulsen and Dawn         United medical Labs. He has
cruz, calif., where they raised      Loma Linda University. He           and Dan Heilbrun, all living        been a head elder, Pathfinder
their daughter, Helen, and were      practiced medicine in Portland,     in the Puyallup area, and 8         director, youth, earliteen and
members of the Santa cruz            Ore., for 30 years. He has been     grandchildren.                      junior leader. margarete has been
church for 40 years. Dwight          an elder at the mt. Tabor church                                        a primary leader, VbS leader,
passed away in 1983 in Parma,        for 46 years. monta worked as a     Russell 50th                        greeter, Pathfinder instructor
where they lived for a short time.   psychiatric technician so Howard       Dave and maylene russell         and both were active in a family
In 1986, esther married Schuler      could go to school. After three     celebrated their 50th wedding       quartet.
Luce of Sequim, Wash., where         of their daughters became rNs,      anniversary on June 11 with a
they resided until Schuler passed    monta went back to school           reception hosted by their children
away in 2004. esther remains         and earned her rN degree. She       at the Sunnyside church in
an active member of the Sequim       wanted to be a nurse so that she    Portland, Ore. They are members
church. During the 50s esther        could be her husband’s nurse as     of the rockwood church in
had her own housekeeping             they planned to go to the mission   Portland.
business and eventually managed      field. They made many trips to         Dave russell married maylene
the housekeeping department          the marshall Islands to serve the   mccartney June 11, 1956, in
for Santa cruz community             people there.                       Takoma Park, md. They met
Hospital. She has worked as a           The Osborne family includes      while attending Walla Walla
seamstress most of her life. She     Les and Pam Osborne of              college. Dave spent seven years
                                                                                                                 Margarete and Charles Ward
has a ‘Dorcas’ heart and is always   Lebanon, Ore.; Sue and mike         teaching in academies and 32
busy helping others either through   robley of clackamas, Ore.;          years in health care. maylene
Adventist community Services or      Tom and carolyn Osborne of          was a homemaker while their            The Ward family includes
on her own.                          estacada, Ore.; Patty and mike      three children were young and       Jeffrey and Shirley Ward of
   esther’s evans family includes    christenson of Portland; Jeenie     then worked as a secretary for      Portland; and 2 grandchildren.
Helen and David escobar of           and Glenn balkins of corvallis,     Portland Adventist medical

                                                                                                   December 2006 • Gleaner                       
                                                   W e d d i N G s
     BLISS–WARD—chelsea L. bliss        is the daughter of edward and        D. Lockwood were married Oct.      Place, Wash. Priscilla is the
     and michael J. Ward were mar-      Lana Fletcher. michael is the son    1, 2006, in battle Ground, Wash.   daughter of Larry b. and cynthia
     ried June 16, 2006, in cannon      of Gilda Stark and mike J. and       They are making their home         moore. Geoffrey is the son of
     beach, Ore. They are making        Amy Stark.                           in Vancouver, Wash. Aimee is       bob and eileen Stuart.
     their home in college Place,       GOTARDI–GESSELE—                     the daughter of Les and Keri       SCHWISOW–AYLSWORTH—
     Wash. chelsea is the daughter of   Veruschka W. Gotardi and Todd        (Fulton) Langston. Darren is the   becky Schwisow and Will
     Sandy bliss. michael is the son    J. Gessele were married July 19,     son of Keith and Yanny (Faber)     Aylsworth were married June
     of Ken and carla Ward.             2006, in Longview, Wash. They        Lockwood.	                         25, 2006, in brightwood, Ore.
     CHRISTIANSON–CONAHAN—              are making their home in Oregon      MIHOK–WOLCOTT—Juliana              They are making their home in
     Wendy christianson and Jeriel      city, Ore. Todd is the son of Glen   mihok and Kristofer Wolcott        moscow, Idaho. becky is the
     conahan were married June          and marybeth Gessele.                were married Sept. 8, 2006, in     daughter of edwin A. and cherie
     11, 2006, in Amity, Ore. They      GREINER–GROSSMANN—                   Devon, Alberta, canada. They are   A. (courser) Schwisow. Will is
     are making their home in           Kristen Greiner and Jamie            making their home in Lacombe,      the son of ronald J. and Gayle
     mcminnville, Ore. Wendy is         Grossman were married July 30,       Alberta, canada. Juliana is the    m. (Jarrett) Aylsworth.	
     the daughter of Harry and Judy     2006, in maple Valley, Wash.         daughter of Antal and Audrey       SMITH–CAMP—Stephanie Smith
     Sargeant. Jeriel is the son of     They are making their home in        mihok. Kristofer is the son of     and ryan camp were married
     brenda Nyhart.                     Puyallup, Wash. Kristen is the       Dan and cheri Wolcott.             July 9, 2006, in Woodland, Wash.
     FLETCHER–STARK—madelyn             daughter of becky and Stephen        MOORE–STUART—Priscilla b.          They are making their home in
     L. Fletcher and michael r. Stark   beckfield. Jamie is the son of       moore and Geoffrey m. Stuart       Ooltewah, Tenn. Stephanie is
     were married Sept. 3, 2006, in     Steve and michelle Grossmann.        were married Aug. 19, 2006, in     the daughter of Sam and carol
     chehalis, Wash. They are making    LANGSTON–LOCKWOOD—                   milton-Freewater, Ore. They are    Smith. ryan is the son of David
     their home in Seattle. madelyn     Aimee r. Langston and Darren         making their home in college       and marla camp.

                                                         a t             r e s t
     ADAMS—George r., 75; born          rickey, Spokane, Wash.; brother,     Las Vegas, Nev.; Donna miller,     FERRELL—Freda m. (Wilhelm),
     Feb. 22, 1931, Glendale, calif.;   Gordon; 4 grandchildren and 7        Woodland, Wash.; 12 grandchil-     92; born march 29, 1914, Hamar,
     died march 8, 2006, Woodland,      great-grandchildren.                 dren and 23 great-grandchildren.   N.D.; died Aug. 27, 2006,
     Wash. Surviving: wife, clara       CLARK—ruth (Dougherty), 75;          DUNHAM—Herbert b., 82; born
                                                                                                                centralia, Wash. Surviving: son,
     c. (beckner), Kalama, Wash.;       born Aug. 26, 1930, Tillamook,       Sept. 24, 1923, Detroit, mich.;    richard L., centralia; daughter,
     sons, ronald, Vancouver, Wash.;    Ore.; died Aug. 27, 2005, moses                                         beverly J. mccready, Longview,
                                                                             died Sept. 7, 2006, Grants Pass,
     Dennis, Woodland; and 3 grand-     Lake, Wash. Surviving: sons,                                            Wash.; brothers, Harold
                                                                             Ore. Surviving: wife, elaine
     children.                          Norman, Jamestown, N.D.; Virgil,                                        Wilhelm, Post Falls, Idaho; Lee
                                                                             D. (bartlett); sons, Thomas,
     ANDERSON—Alice (bokovoy),          moses Lake; daughters, Doreen                                           Wilhelm, Spokane, Wash.; sister,
                                                                             Sacramento, calif.; James,
     95; born July 28, 1911, ruso,      brizendine, Spokane, Wash.;                                             Phyllis craig, Hillsboro, Ore.; 8
                                                                             Sunny Valley, Ore.; daughter,
     N.D.; died Aug. 28, 2006, Walla    Sylvia Gibson, moses Lake; Nina                                         step-grandchildren and 12 step-
                                                                             Jeannie Powell, merlin, Ore.;
     Walla, Wash. Surviving: brother,   Summers, Walla Walla, Wash.;                                            great-grandchildren.
                                                                             brother, Philip, Salem, Ore.; 2
     Alex bokovoy, Denton, Texas.       Virginia ramsey, Falling Waters,     grandchildren and 2 great-grand-   FITCH—marvin L., 89; born
     AVEY—m. Orabel (mcGhee),           W.V.; 19 grandchildren and 7         children.                          Nov. 4, 1916, Dinuba, calif.;
     84; born Aug. 13, 1922, Peell,     great-grandchildren.                                                    died Oct. 17, 2006, renton,
                                                                             EVERETT—Norman F., 91; born
     Wash.; died Sept. 14, 2006,        CLAY—Verna (Thornton-                                                   Wash. Surviving: wife, ruby L.
     Shelton, Wash. Surviving: sons,                                         June 3, 1915, New Westminster,     (maxwell), Federal Way, Wash.;
                                        Wisbey) Jeske, 84; born march        british columbia, canada; died
     Gene, Hoonah, Alaska; Tim,         30, 1922, milnor, N.D.; died                                            son, byron, Seattle; daughters,
     Shelton; daughters, candy                                               Oct. 2, 2006, Ferndale, Wash.      marveen Potter, renton; maxine
                                        Sept. 21, 2006, Walla Walla,
     Johnston, brinnon, Wash.;                                               Surviving: wife, Kathleen          morris, Auburn, Wash.; Karen
                                        Wash. Surviving: son, David
     maryLynn Avey, Shelton; 8                                               (Smith); daughters, Sandra         Kangas, Des moines, Wash.;
                                        Jeske, Walla Walla; stepson,
     grandchildren and 3 great-grand-                                        Anderson, Surrey, british          cheryl covey, Federal Way; 10
                                        James clay, Lynden, Wash.;
     children.                          daughters, Janet Gilliland,          columbia, canada; and Peggy        grandchildren, 15 great-grand-
                                        Vancouver, Wash.; Kathleen           mcAlpine, custer, Wash.            children and 3 great-great-grand-
     BOYES—William, 92; born Dec.
     4, 1913, edmonton, Alberta,        Parker, Walla Walla; brothers,       FELLOWS—Georgiann (bister),        children.
     canada; died Sept. 13, 2006,       Donald Wisbey, Netarts, Ore.;        83; born April 8, 1923, Olympia,   FOX—Silas, 89; born July 12,
     coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Surviving:   Delbert Wisbey, roseburg,            Wash.; died April 28, 2006,        1917, banner elk, N.c.; died
     wife, Helen (madson); son, Jim,    Ore.; sisters, Dorotha Knapp,        Woodland, Wash. Surviving:         Oct. 7, 2006, Federal Way, Wash.
     Hayden, Idaho; daughter, Allie     colville, Wash.; Della Holifield,    sons, Gordon and Stephen.          Surviving: wife, Lillian (Pratt);

6     Gleaner • December 2006
                                                        a t              r e s t
son Fred, St. Helena, calif.;        JONES—mary (Necker), 90;            Giddings, Siletz, Ore.; 8 grand-     river, Ore. Surviving: husband,
daughter, beverly Hastings,          born June 15, 1916, cabin creek     children and 5 great-grand-          bill, St. Paul, minn.; son, Kevin,
Auburn, Wash.; 7 grandchildren       country, mont.; died June 20,       children.                            St. Paul; mother, Katherine
and 2 great-grandchildren.           2006, Portland, Ore. Surviving:     MCLEAN—Ora Lewis, 84; born           (money) eastham, White
GRAY—m. ruth (Schultz), 87;          stepson, Alvin Jones, evans, Ga.;   Jan. 28, 1922, beaver crossing,      Salmon, Wash.; sisters, Judy
born Sept. 24, 1918, Harrington,     stepdaughter, connie (Jones)        Neb.; died Sept. 14, 2006, Walla     Waldrip, Fall creek, Ore.; Nancy
Wash.; died Sept. 18, 2006,          Ness, Portland; brother, Dan        Walla, Wash. Surviving: wife,        manly, Juneau, Alaska; and
college Place, Wash. Surviving:      Necker, Amity, Ore.; a grand-       Avis (erickson); son, ron,           brother, bill eastham, Ketchikan,
husband, Harold; daughter, Anna      child, 3 step-grandchildren and 5   Littleton, colo.; daughters,         Alaska.
Gray, college Place; brother,        step-great-grandchildren.           Sharon Thayer, bozeman, mont.;       PRICE—Irene m. (Ogden)
robert Schultz, Vancouver,           JONES—mearl r., 78; born            Shirley Sabin, Walla Walla;          rowe Jones, 85; born Nov. 29,
Wash.; sister, evelyn Wesslen,       Jan. 17, 1928, clayton, Idaho;      brothers, ernest, Keene, Texas;      1920, Prosser, Wash.; died Sept.
Hayden Lake, Idaho; and 3            died Sept. 24, 2006, Spokane,       Orlin, Siloam Springs, Ark.; sis-    27, 2006, Walla Walla, Wash.
grandchildren.                       Wash. Surviving: wife, Linda        ters, Lois roemer, Hinsdale, Ill.;   Surviving: sons, robert rowe,
                                     (mcKinze); sons, Doug, Walla        mary Harriss, Orlando, Fla.; 7       eugene, Ore.; carl Jones, St.
HAMILTON—Orville H., 94;
                                     Walla, Wash.; rick, Davenport,      grandchildren and 3 great-grand-     Helens, Ore.; clifford Jones,
born may 27, 1912, Williston,
                                     Wash.; Tom, Spokane; daughter,      children.                            elko, Nev.; stepsons, ernie
N.D.; died Aug. 26, 2006, Twin
Falls, Idaho. Surviving: wife,       Darla Williams, college Place,      MONTANYE—Lila J. (Sargent)           Jones, Walla Walla; clarence
edith (Spady); son, ronald,          Wash.; 5 grandchildren and 3        Lansing, 104; born Nov. 16,          Jones, castle rock, Wash.;
Twin Falls; daughter, Donna          great-grandchildren.                1901, molson, Wash.; died            ralph Jones, milton-Freewater,
Schoonhover, Pleasant Hill, Ore.;    KESLER—milton F., 88; born          Aug. 11, 2006, Yakima, Wash.         Ore.; Dale Jones, creswell,
6 grandchildren and 13 great-        Nov. 25, 1917, Grants Pass, Ore.;   Surviving: stepson, mike             Ore.; daughters, Dorothy (Jones)
                                     died march 28, 2006, Grants         montanye, Goldendale, Wash.;         Sears, San Diego, calif.; cheryl
                                     Pass. Surviving: wife, Yvonne G.    daughters, Joy (Lansing)             (Jones) Grant, college Place,
HARRIS—clifton r., 94; born                                                                                   Wash.; brother, raymond Ogden,
                                     (Steele); sons, mervin, Newbury     cadwallader, Selah, Wash.;
April 28, 1912, Fairfield, mont.;                                        Deelite (Lansing) Whidden,           Dallas, Ore.; sisters, Anna Atkins
                                     Park, calif.; byron, Volcano
died Oct. 5, 2006, Fairfield.                                            Forks, Wash.; stepdaughters,         and bernice chaffee, both of
                                     Village, Hawaii; daughters,
Surviving: wife, betty (Duffy);                                          Virginia (montanye) edin,            Lebanon, Ore.; Helen Dauncey,
                                     Joyce Jacobs, brooksville, Ohio;
sons, Philip and Keith, both                                             Arlington, Wash.; Verona             Grandview, Wash.; Hazel
                                     Frances Sevel, Fresno, calif.; 9
of Fairfield; daughter, Louella                                          (montanye) Schnibbe, brewster,       Smith, Oakland, calif.; esther
                                     grandchildren and 4 great-grand-
Schultz, Fairfield; 11 grandchil-                                        Wash.; sister, Winifred Taplett      Thompson, cheney, Wash.; 14
dren and 7 great-grandchildren.                                          Thomas, Wenatchee, Wash.; 11         grandchildren, 16 step-grandchil-
                                     MANN—milo m., 76; born
HONEYSETTE—Lloyd G., 87;                                                 grandchildren, 7 step-grandchil-     dren, 10 great-grandchildren and
                                     Jan. 4, 1930, Los Angeles; died                                          25 step-great-grandchildren.
born April 18, 1919, Alanson,                                            dren, 26 great-grandchildren, 16
                                     Sept. 17, 2006, brookings,
mich.; died Aug. 11, 2006,                                               step-great-grandchildren and 28      RAZE—Doris I. (French), 95;
                                     Ore. Surviving: wife, Vernadell
Salem, Ore. Surviving: wife,         (Jordan); sons, michael,            great-great-grandchildren.           born Nov. 5, 1910, Lansing,
evelyn (Squier); daughter, Janice    brookings; milo, maui, Hawaii;      NEUFELD—raymond D., 85;              mich.; died Sept. 22, 2006,
Lewis, Auburn, Wash.; and sister     daughters, margaret “maggie”        born Jan. 14, 1920, Waldheim,        Grants Pass, Ore. Surviving:
Anna Kuebler, charlevoix,            mann, brookings; marilyn            Saskatchewan, canada; died           son, mark e., Frankfort, Ky.;
mich.                                Gildersleeve, Wrangell, Alaska;     Oct. 8, 2006, Lewiston, N.Y.         daughter, Janice A. Nelson,
HOUSTON—June L. (States), 79;        brother, Guy, Valdosta, Ga.; sis-   Surviving: wife, myrtle (blabey);    Grants Pass; 4 grandchildren and
born June 12, 1926, cambridge,       ters, mina beth Halbert, Yakima,    sons, robert, Lewiston; Henry,       5 great-grandchildren.
Idaho; died April 29, 2006,          Wash.; carmelita cardenas,          Pensacola, Fla.; daughters, betty    REED—H. earl, 95; born Nov. 9,
Ontario, Ore. Surviving: daugh-      roseburg, Ore.; 8 grandchildren     Nick, Lewiston; and Patricia         1909, blachley, Ore.; died may
ters, Sandy micheli, Vale, Ore.;     and 5 great-grandchildren.          Scwab, chattanooga, Tenn.            9, 2005, Albany, Ore. Surviving:
Linda Hillard, Payette, Idaho;       MANN—Vernadell (Jordan),            PARANTO—Frances e. (Sutter),         sons, Daniel, Albany; Thomas,
Shirley Taylor, Ontario, Ore.; 4     71; born Dec. 2, 1934, Harbor,      91; born Jan. 12, 1915, mott,        Tenino, Wash.; stepdaughter,
grandchildren and 5 great-grand-     Ore.; died Oct. 10, 2006,           N.D.; died June 18, 2006,            Janet Anderson, Snohomish,
children.                            brookings, Ore. Surviving:          Tooele, Utah. Surviving: adopted     Wash.; sisters, bessie Harris,
IVERSON—ettine (Norman),             sons, michael, brookings;           daughters, marlene Kennedy,          Wapato, Wash.; Dorothy Schook,
76; born Nov. 12, 1929, Norman,      milo, maui, Hawaii; daugh-          bremerton, Wash.; Penny Lewis,       Portland, Ore.; elizabeth ross,
Okla.; died Aug. 15, 2006,           ters, margaret “maggie”             batesville, Ark.; Kay Singletary,    Vancouver, Wash.; 2 grand-
riverside, calif. Surviving:         mann, brookings; marilyn            Tooele; 10 grandchildren and 9       children, 3 step-grandchildren,
daughters, Jeri barnhill, San        Gildersleeve, Wrangell,             great-grandchildren.                 a great-grandchild and 3 step-
rafael, calif.; Sherri Travillion,   Alaska; brother, elmer Jordan,      PLEBAN—Linda K. (eastham),           great-grandchildren.
riverside; 2 grandchildren and 2     brookings; sisters, Joyce           53; born Feb. 15, 1953, Yakima,      SEYMOUR—J. michael, 60;
great-grandchildren.                 Phillips, Harbor, Ore.; Jeanette    Wash.; died Aug. 9, 2006, Hood       born April 22, 1946, cornwall,

                                                                                                   December 2006 • Gleaner                         
                                                          a t                 r e s t                                  B i r t h s
     Ontario, canada; died Sept. 5,      sister, beatrice Fisher, Puyallup,    1918, Pierre, S.D.; died June           BIELAS—Jenna Kristine was
     2006, Nampa, Idaho. Surviving:      Wash.; Patt Jorgensen, Spokane,       2, 2006, Lakewood, Wash.                born Aug. 22, 2006, to Joe and
     wife, Anita (Thaute); son,          Wash.; 20 grandchildren, 37           Surviving: roderick c. Denney,          Jennifer (rowland) bielas,
     rodney, Denver, colo.; and          great-grandchildren and 10            Spanaway, Wash.; daughter,              bellingham, Wash.
     daughter, Katee Seymour,            great-great-grandchildren.            Sharon reis, Puyallup, Wash.; 5         BOGGS—elliott r. was born
     Nampa.                              STEEN—barbara H. (Durkin),            grandchildren and 3 great-grand-        march 25, 2006, to Nat A. and
     SLACK—Loretta m. (King), 78;        83; born Sept. 18, 1922, buhl,        children.                               Lisa (crumb) boggs, Olympia,
     born Aug. 20, 1928, St. Louis,      Idaho; died Sept. 6, 2006,            WESSMAN—carl, 96; born April            Wash.
     mo.; died Sept. 29, 2006, boise,    college Place, Wash. Surviving:       24, 1910, coburg, Germany;              BRYAN—Audrey c. was born
     Idaho. Surviving: son, John b.,     sons, Greg, Walla Walla, Wash.;       died Oct. 5, 2006, Walla Walla,         Jan. 28, 2006, to Alex and Nicole
     Nampa, Idaho; daughter, bonnie      Gary, New Port richey, Fla.;          Wash. Surviving: wife, Louise           (Ward) bryan, roswell, Ga.
     S. Sweet, Nampa; brothers,          daughters, Jan Leroy, Walla           (bosse); son, carl, meridian,           CONDIE—erika Lynn was born
     Dewey King and melvin King,         Walla; carol DeSepio, Los             Idaho; daughter, Lois Kasner,           July 13, 2006, to Theron and
     both of caldwell, Idaho; ernest     Angeles; 10 grandchildren and 4       Athens, Ga.; 4 grandchildren and        Tracie (Wolff) condie, caldwell,
     King, Lake Isabella, calif.; sis-   great-grandchildren.                  5 great-grandchildren.                  Idaho.
     ter, Juanita mertins, caldwell; 4   STEWART—Donald L., 83;                WHITE—richard A., 29;
     grandchildren, 5 step-grandchil-                                                                                  DIETRICH—Lily Isabelle was
                                         born Aug. 9, 1923, Little rock,       born Nov. 25, 1975, Lindsay,
     dren and 2 great-grandchildren.                                                                                   born Oct. 9, 2006, to Shawn
                                         Ark.; died Sept. 2, 2006, Grants      calif.; died July 21, 2005,             e. and Heather r. (enders)
     SMICK—bernita (rasmussen)           Pass, Ore. Surviving: wife, m.        Paradise, calif. Surviving: wife,       Dietrich, college Place, Wash.
     miller, 78; born Dec. 19, 1927,     Joy (Hicklin); daughters, Sherry      HollieAnne r. (Sherman);
     berkley, calif.; died Sept. 15,     rose, eureka, calif.; Kathy                                                   HORNE—Noah r. was born
                                                                               parents, ronald A. and Kay F.
     2006, coeur d’Alene, Idaho.         Herndon, Grants Pass; Karen           (eggers) White, Paradise.               July 11, 2006, to matthew and
     Surviving: daughters, Karen         cerione, columbia, md.; Gail                                                  rebekah (Wells) Horne, milton-
                                                                               WICKLUND—ruth T.
     ryan, manzanita, Ore.; Kathryn      Stevenson, Athol, Idaho; 11                                                   Freewater, Ore.
                                                                               (Lessman), 96; born Aug. 20,
     boss, coeur d’Alene; sister,        grandchildren and 7 great-grand-                                              KRIEGELSTEIN—Katelyn J.
                                                                               1910, Jordan Valley, Ore.; died
     Gertrude Long, Longmont,            children.                                                                     was born Sept. 27, 2006, to
                                                                               Sept. 21, 2006, Sequim, Wash.
     colo.; and 5 grandchildren.         THOMPSON—Helen L.                                                             Kellsie and Danielle (King)
                                                                               Surviving: son, Gary, Damascus,
     SMITH—Grant L., 66; born            (Tremper), 68; born Feb. 5,                                                   Kriegelstein, beaverton, Ore.
                                                                               Ore.; daughters, Linnea balkan,
     Feb. 17, 1940, Seattle; died        1938, Washingtonville, N.Y.;          Sequim; Nancy Parkins, radium           LOKEN—Savannah rae was
     Sept. 15, 2006, Puyallup, Wash.     died Aug. 4, 2006, Tacoma,            Hot Springs, british columbia,          born Sept. 14, 2006, to Kevin
     Surviving: wife, bonnie (Hunt);     Wash. Surviving: husband,             canada; sister, Alice Lessman,          and Portia (bidleman) Loken,
     bonney Lake, Wash.; stepson,        Ken; son, eric N., edmonds,           enterprise, Ore.; 13 grandchil-         Auburn city, Wash.
     Daniel Hunt, Puyallup; brother,     Wash.; daughter, Lucinda H.           dren and 9 great-grandchildren.         MCEWEN—Jason S. was born
     Sam, bend, Ore.; sisters, rita      coffey, redmond, Wash.; broth-                                                Sept. 9, 2006, to Zach mcewen
     Pritchard, Sequim, Wash.;           ers, Daniel Tremper, Freeport,                                                and Samantha clifton, college
     charlotte Feaster, Spokane,         maine; charles Tremper, Union              G U I D e L I N e S                Place, Wash.
     Wash.; and 3 step-grandchildren.    Springs, N.Y.; Kenneth Tremper,
                                                                                                                       MCKEONE—conner Todd was
     SPENCER—Wayne, 82; born             Fresno, calif.; and Norman
                                         Tremper, Lakeport, calif.              The	required	forms	for	Family	         born Aug. 29, 2006, to Scott
     Oct. 2, 1923, caldwell, Idaho;                                             listings	are	available	at	www.         and Nicole (margal) mcKeone,
     died Aug. 21, 2006, John Day,       TORKELSEN—L. Dean, 83;
                                                                      	by	clicking	         Portland, Ore.
     Ore. Surviving: wife, Grace         born Jan. 7, 1923, ruthven,            on	Contributors’ Information           NELSON—Wylie S. was born
     (Pearson), monument, Ore.; son,     Iowa; died Aug. 20, 2006,              (in	the	left	panel).	You	simply	
     Leland, monument; 8 grandchil-      college Place, Wash. Surviving:                                               Sept. 3, 2006, to Jacy and Amber
                                                                                scroll	down	to	find	a	printer-         (martin) Nelson, renton, Wash.
     dren and 15 great-grandchildren.    wife, caroline (Wright) Kellogg;       friendly	PDF	file	you	can	
                                         son, ron Torkelson, Antioch,                                                  PERRY—Wyatt D. was born
     STARR—marjorie (maddux),                                                   print	out.	If	you	don’t	have	a	
     90; born April 22, 1915,            calif.; stepson, Kevin Kellogg,                                               June 24, 2006, to Dean and
                                                                                computer,	have	someone	else	
                                         Pasco, Wash.; daughter, Pat                                                   mardi (Klein) Perry, Pasco,
     Spokane, Wash.; died Jan. 7,                                               print	out	the	form	for	you.	Then	
                                         Torkelsen, riverside, calif.;                                                 Wash.
     2006, Quincy, Wash. Surviving:                                             fill	in	the	information	and	mail	it	
     sons, Arthur “bud” Starr,           stepdaughter, Karen (Kellogg)          to	GLEANER Family, PO Box              ROWLAND—megan elise was
     roseburg, Ore.; George Starr,       Klug, Salem, Ore.; foster-daugh-       871150, Vancouver, WA 98687.	          born march 22, 2006, to Jeff and
     Winston, Ore.; eugene Starr,        ter, Andie Jefferson, riverside;       Or	you	can	log	in	and	fill	out	        Sara (Keszler) rowland, Sedro-
     rogue river, Ore.; daughters,       brothers, max, Portland, Ore.;         the	appropriate	form	online.	          Woolley, Wash.
     Shirley ringering, ephrata,         Arlee, Ashland, Ore.; 3 grand-         Step-by-step	how-to	instructions	      SCHWARCK—Taylan conner
     Wash.; Sharon Loughran,             children, 2 step-grandchildren         are	available	under	Tips	for	          was born June 24, 2006, to Nate
     bonney Lake, Wash.; Gloria          and 2 great-grandchildren.             Authors,	at	the	same	location,	to	     and Jenny (branam) Schwarck,
     roberts, Angwin, calif.; brother,   WARDLOW—Leone N.                       help	you	through	the	process.          Anacortes, Wash.
     Paul maddux, Yuma, Ariz.;           (Denney), 88; born Feb. 26,

     Gleaner • December 2006
                               a N N O U N c e M e N t s
N O R t h PA c I F I c                 Travis Johnston, Laura Lawrence,           at Singing christmas Tree in             at (360) 335-0141. Sunnyside
UNION                                  Tammy L. Legg, Selena marson,              Vancouver, Wash. Jan.	20—                church is located at 10501 S.e.
                                       Shauna mcGhghy, richard                    church service and potluck in            market Street, Portland, Ore.,
Offerings                              mcGinley, Durant muth, becky               Seaside, Ore., and attendance at a       (503) 252-8080.
  Dec.	2—Local church                  Nuxoll, Jessie Olson, matthew              barbershop Quartet performance
budget; Dec.	9—Inner city*             Olson, matthew Patnode, Leslie             i n t h e ev e n i n g . F o r m o r e   Adventist Singles Activity
(World budget); Dec.	16—Local          Petersen, Sherry Petersen, John            information, call Wynn Knowling             Dec.	16—The beaverton
church budget; Dec.	23—Local           reeser, Jeanie rose, Gertrude              at (503) 343-9548.                       Adventist Singles sponsors
conference Advance; Dec.	30—           rosencrntz, Jerald rothchild,                                                       With christ You Are Not Alone.
Local church budget. Thirteenth        Keith rothchild, Daniel                    Retired Workers’ Fellowship              bring a dish to share at the church
Sabbath Offering Overflow;             rutherford, Trudi rutherford,                 Dec.	5—The monthly potluck            fellowship dinner at 12:45 p.m.
Dec.	23—east-central Africa            Derek Sayles, cherie A. Shaw,              of the Oregon retired Workers’           Then help us bless the elderly
Division.                              melissa r. Skaggs, Troy Smith,             Fellowship will be held at noon.         with singing nearby at 3 p.m.
                                       Stacey Taylor, Juanita “marie”             The Larson Family will share             Stick around for a White elephant
  *Special materials Provided
                                       Toth, Lance Trickey, Andreau               some christmas bible stories,            Gift exchange and bring a special
Special Days                           Turner, Gerald Turner, Joe D.              told in the first person by people       Holiday dish or dessert for a
  Dec.	2—bible Sabbath.                Van doren, Kathy Y. Van doren,             dressed in character. All Adventist      potluck supper at the beaverton
                                       robin m. Van doren, Terry S. Van           retirees are welcome to join us.         church fellowship hall at 5 p.m.
WA L L A WA L L A                      doren, Darrell Wageman, Duane              bring food and your own table            This event is open to all singles.
                                       Wageman, Lucille (mcGhghy,                 service. remember, we meet in            Your supervised children are
cOLLege                                                                           the cafeteria at the Gladstone           welcome. each person should
                                       barker) Way, and eva Williams.
Calendar of Events                     If you have any information about          conference center, 19800                 bring a wrapped gift worth
   Dec.	2,	3,	7,	9,	10—The WWc         these members, please contact              Oatfield road, Gladstone, Ore.           between $5 and $10. Also please
Drama Department presents “The         carol Forshee, caldwellchurch@             For more information, call the           bring a cash donation for the Give
busie-body.” All performances                                 Jorgensons at (360) 423-1612.            a Goat to a Family in ethiopia
begin at 8 p.m. in Village Hall.                                                                                           project. Let’s pool our donations
                                       Bonners Ferry 75th                         Friday Night Vespers and                 this year. For only $40, through
Tickets are available at drama.                                                   Bible Study or (509) 527-2382. Dec.	       Anniversary                                                                         ADrA, we can buy a goat for a
                                         Dec.	16—The bonners Ferry                  Dec.	8—This Adventist Singles          disadvantaged family in ethiopia,
8—Join WWc for the free annual                                                    activity is resuming at Sunnyside
christmas concert at 6 p.m., with a    church will celebrate its 75th                                                      which will provide a sustainable
                                       anniversary. The church is six             church on the second Friday              resource! See
repeat performance at 8 p.m., in the                                              evening of each month at 7 p.m.
Walla Walla college church. Dec.	      miles north of town on Highway                                                      Questions, please contact Tom
                                       95. Sabbath School begins at 9:30          refreshments and fellowship to           at: (503) 684-7971; e-mail tom.
14—christmas vacation begins.                                                     follow. For information, contact:
   If you know a student who           and worship at 11 a.m. with max                                           ; or charlotte at
                                       Torkelsen II, Upper columbia               Doug Deboer at (503) 253-6922,           (503) 579-9549 or go to www.
would like to begin classes at                                          , or Linda
WWc in January, please call            conference president. A potluck                                           , then to the
the Office of enrollment at (800)      dinner will follow in the school. A                                                 Singles Page.
                                       program of historical highlights,
                                       blessings and music follows at              Can’t remember                          Sharon Christmas Concert
                                                                                                                              Dec.	22—The Sharon church
                                       1:30 p.m.
IdAhO                                                                                                                      invites you to their annual
Caldwell Missing                       ORegON
                                                                                     the date for                          christmas choir concert on Friday
                                                                                                                           evening at 7 p.m., featuring The
   The caldwell church would
like to make contact with the
                                       Sunnyside Adventist                              that concert?                      Inspirational and Youth choirs. In
                                       Church Events                                                                       addition to presenting uplifting
following missing members:
                                         Dec.	2—Advent Trombone                                                            gospel christmas selections there
Joe Aguardo, Gregory D. André,
                                       choir, 4 p.m.; Dec.	9—Portland                                                      will be audience participation to
robert e. baatz, Steven Paul
babb, elizabeth D. babb, Sara
                                       Adventist Academy band and                     Search online                        help us all remember the reason
Linda beckman, benjamin T.
                                       choir concert, directed by Linda
                                       Neel, 3 p.m.; Dec.	16—The	
                                                                                           by event at:                    for the season. This is an event
                                                                                                                           to which you may invite family
booth, Lucien brinkerhoff,             Messiah, directed by Travis                                                         and friends. The Sharon church
Aaron burton, Juan G. casias           Hatton, 4 p.m.; Dec.	22—25th                                                        is located at 5209 Ne 22nd Ave.,
Jr., esther castro, rosa chavez,       A n n u a l Fa m i l y c h r i s t m a s
                                                                                            Portland, Ore. For information,
robert collins, Natali congleton,      Program, presented by Lloyd                                                         contact (503) 287-7649 or see
Vicki cook, carol J. couch, bob        Wescott, Friday, 7 p.m. Sunnyside                                         
couch, Daniel couch, Tommy             church is located at 10501 S.e.
couch, Juanita P. eastman,             market St., Portland, Ore.; (503)                                                   PAA Alumni Homecoming
Angela edgerly, christi edwards,       252-8080; www.sunnyside-sda.                                                           Feb.	23–24,	2007—Portland
Karen emery, Noma L. evans,            org.                                                                                Adventist Academy is anxious
Jeremy Franklin, Julie Hawley,                                                                                             to be sure all alumni, students
Susan Horn, Lloyd Hurles, David        Oregon SAGE Seniors                                                                 who attended, and former staff
T. Jarnes, Jon “Worth” Johnston,         Dec.	3—Lunch and attendance                                                       are aware of this date for the

                                                                                                                December 2006 • Gleaner                          
                                   a N N O U N c e M e N t s
     2007 Alumni weekend. every           Spokane Falls community            University “Path of the Just”                             will be honored. For information
     graduating class ending with         college) while the new campus      mission Project; Jan.	7–25—                               contact the alumni office at (402)
     a “2” or “7” will be honored.        is under construction. contact     ecuador mission Trip; Feb.	                               486-2503,
     Watch for more information in        David Wallace at (509) 325-1985,   11—Valentine banquet at La                                or 3800 South 48th St., Lincoln,
     the PAA Alumnotes or mailed or 1888      Quinta Inn, Tacoma; March	                                Ne 68506.
     invitations                          N. Wright Drive, Spokane, WA       18–25—Hawaii cruise. contact
                                          99224.                             Joan Libby at (253) 681-6008,                             SWAU Alumni Homecoming
     CAA Alumni Homecoming                                         , or see                               April	12–15,	2007—Alums and
        April	6–7,	2007—columbia                                                                                                       friends are invited to participate
                                          WA s h I N g t O N       
                                                                                                                                       in the 25th-year reunion concert
     Adventist Academy invites all
     alumni to join us on campus for    Sky Valley Reunion                   Young Adult Prayer and                                    of the Keene Camerata, April 14,
     Alumni Weekend. The graduating        Attention Sky Valley Alumni!      Study Retreat                                             2007, at Southwestern Adventist
     classes ending ending in “7” will  An alumni association is being         March	2–4,	2007—Join young                              University’s Homecoming
     be honored. We will also be        started and we would love            adults 18–30 for at weekend                               Weekend. The graduating classes
     celebrating the 100th anniversary  to have your information for         of prayer, praise, and bible                              ending in a “2” or “7” will be
     of cAA’s first graduating class,   a newsletter. A reunion for          study at Sunset Lake camp.                                honored. For information, please
     1907. For information contact Lara anyone who attended or taught        reserve your place by e-mail at                           contact or see
     Dowie at (360) 687-3161, ext. 17,  at Sky Valley Adventist School       YAPrayerAndStudyretreat@                        
     or           in monroe, Wash., will take place
                                        next summer. Please contact Gina                                                               Glendale Nursing Alumni
     Master Guide Club                  beierle for more information at      WOR L d c h U Rc h                                           May	6–9,	2007—Glendale
        The riverside church in, 19705                                                                            Sanitarium & Hospital School
     Washougal, Wash., officially bothell-everett Hwy # 426,                 Union College Alumni                                      of Nursing Alumni are invited
     started a master Guide club bothell, WA 98012.                          Homecoming                                                to a reunion at Leoni meadows
     in October. Anyone interested                                              April	5–8,	2007—Alumni,                                in california. For information,
     in joining is encouraged to Missing Members                             friends and former faculty are                            please contact Lenna Lee chase-
     contact Pastor Walter mancia          The Washington conference         invited to meet me at the rock                            Davidson, ’45, at 18902 e. 108th
     at right church would like to contact              Pile. The classes of ’37, ’47, ’52,                       St. North, Owasso, OK 74055 or
     away.                              the following missing members:       ’57, ’67, ’77, ’82, ’87, and ’97                          (918) 272-6037.
                                        maria Aguilar, chin Aldana,
     U P P e R c O L U m b I A Jose Alfredo, brenda Alvarez,
                                        manuel Alvarez, maria                                                            ris
                                                                                                                                       Wo r d S
     Rockey Seminar                     Alvarez, Tranguilino Amador,
        Feb.	3–4,	2007—“Acceptance Lucila Amaru, Jorge L. Anaya,

                                                                                         � irth �hrist
     Obsession”—the second part of marylee Anaya, Soledad Anaya.
     The Journey seminar series. All of If you know the location of these
     us yearn to be accepted by God, members, please contact Janeth
     our parents, siblings, spouse, carnduff at (253) 681-6008.
     children, or friends. This seminar
     helps us understand rejection and Jere Franklin Seminar                              K F    M C Y J        L D T K B H D L Q S                                 R M T R

     be released from its grip so we       Dec.	 8–10—The belfair                         I   X T J       E U F      P         L B J         I   U L V Z H W R A

                                        church will present Jere Franklin,                N J    E S      M L Y V R O N R G H P                                  E S     O J        B
     can experience acceptance. The                                                       G M U P         E G H S              Q N G B L Y F                     A U I       W V
                                        author of “You can Survive.”
     seminar begins Sabbath morning                                                       H S    K E E O G V K L Z T C J                                     V K X V G D
                                        Potluck on Sabbath at 7:30 p.m.
     at 9 a.m. in college Place, Wash.                                                    E W M B B F           J    E K J              W D F              O H T V T Z F
                                        For more information, contact
     For information or to register, go                                                   R C E C Y T E O Q O M X I                                        N R I    I    Z D N
                                        Dena meigs, (360) 275-4788.                       O K H C U P           Q X Q S                 R M X C D P                 D S      S      T
     to or call                                                   D O E K E L D T Y P                           P    S   G O P           L G E C G
     toll-free (888) 800-0574.          Journey to Bethlehem                              D V L R J           Q L R Q Y K X J                              T B Y I       P   M D
                                           Dec.	8–10—bethlehem is                         X X H S         D Q E P              S   I    Q M I              N X I    B Z B T
     Spokane Jr. Academy
                                        closer than you think. come                       N Q T F         B G J      D X N E M E S                           I   W G P       G B
                                        enjoy an interactive, hands-on                    M C E Y N K R R O I                           V A S              U C A M E L S
        Spokane Junior Academy                                                            H V B A E E E S                      N E C N I                   K N A R F         S      B
                                        experience complete with a cast
     (SJA) invites alumni to register                                                     Q R M E H K D N J                        M V S         Q G R E F               Y E I
                                        of costumed townsfolk, live
     at the Web site,,                                                        Y G R P         P   D N L M A Q W I                              Z Y I    V A L R
                                        animals, music, and adventure on                  N X E Y I           B V O S              R C F         R A T S            Q X B T
     to receive news about and
                                        the campus of Auburn Adventist                    P   H G V M L Q O D Y T Y D S                                      A P    J    W A H
     view the changes taking place Academy. bring the whole family.                       S   O P     S   L E G N A S                   A I      A U T J            O L T F
     at your K–10 school. SJA is in Dress warmly. Tours leave every                       Y B M V X V J              R F           V M N U Q F                   E Q Z S            P
     major transition. Having spent 15 minutes nightly from 6–9 p.m.                      Angels               Flee                          Joseph                     Shepherds
     67 fruitful years on cleveland For more information, call (253)                      Bethlehem
     Avenue, SJA is temporarily 833-5853.                                                 Camels

     enjoying school on the beautiful                                                     Egypt                Jesus                         Savior                              Answer key on page 40

     campus of mukogawa Fort Washington SAGE Seniors                                                                                                             DECEMBER 2006 • GLEANER                 5

     Wright Institute (just west of        Dec.	26–Jan.	7—La Sierra

0   Gleaner • December 2006
                                                             a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
                                                                                                                                            ADULT CARE
                Sunset Table                                                Local Conference                                                READY TO RELAX?          Apartments
December            1         8         15        22         29                Directory                                                    and rooms available for healthy,
ALASKA CONFERENCE                                                   ALASKA
Anchorage  3:51             3:43       3:40      3:42        3:49
                                                                    Ken crawford, president; Jim Kincaid, secretary.
                                                                                                                                            active seniors. Florida Living
Fairbanks  3:01             2:48       2:41      2:41        2:50
Juneau     3:13             3:08       3:06      3:08        3:14   6100 O’malley road, Anchorage, AK 99507-7200.                           Retirement Community, 13.5
Ketchikan  3:21             3:17       3:16      3:18        3:24   Phone: (907) 346-1004                                                   acres near Orlando. Pool, walk-
                                                                                                                                            ing trail, activities, vegetarian cui-
                                                                    Stephen mcPherson, president; Donald A. Klinger,
La Grande
                                                             4:18   secretary; Harold Dixon III, treasurer. 7777 Fairview,                  sine, alcohol/smoke free, trans-
Pocatello   4:57            4:55       4:56      4:59        5:07   boise, ID 83704-8418; Phone: (208) 375-7524                             portation/housekeeping available,
Billings   4:31   4:30                 4:30      4:33        4:39
                                                                    MoNTANA                                                                 Conference owned. Contact Jackie
                                                                    John Loor, Jr., president; ray Jimenez III,
Havre      4:26   4:23                 4:24      4:26        4:31
                                                                    v.p. for administration and finance. 175 canyon
                                                                                                                                            at: 407-862-2646; 800-729-8017;
Helena     4:42   4:41                 4:41      4:44        4:49
Miles City 4:18   4:17                 4:17      4:20        4:24   View rd., bozeman, mT 59715; Phone: (406)                               or
Missoula   4:49   4:47                 4:48      4:51        4:55
Coos Bay   4:42   4:41                 4:42      4:45        4:49   oRegoN
Medford    4:40   4:39                 4:40      4:43        4:47                                                                           AUTOMOTIVE
Portland   4:29   4:27                 4:28      4:30        4:35   Don Livesay, president; Al reimche, v.p. for
                                                                    administration; randy robinson v.p. for finance.                        NEW AUTOS COST LESS!!!            All            Tommy Wilson
Pendleton   4:13            4:11       4:12      4:14        4:19
                                                                    13455 S.e. 97th Ave., clackamas, Or 97015-8662.
                                                                                                                                            makes FLEET PRICES. Out-                I’m proud to have served the members
Spokane     4:00            3:58       3:58      4:01        4:06   Phone (503) 652-2225
Walla Walla 4:09            4:08       4:08      4:11        4:16
                                                                    UppeR	CoLUMBIA
                                                                                                                                            of-stock or factory orders. Low of the North Pacific Union Conference
Wenatchee   4:13            4:11       4:11      4:14        4:19
Yakima      4:16            4:15       4:15      4:18        4:23   max Torkelsen II, president; Doug Johnson,                              interest financing % and factory since 1975. If you’re in the market for
                                                                    secretary; Jon corder, treasurer. S. 3715 Grove                         rebate programs. Leasing = lower a new or quality used vehicle of any
                                                                    road, Spokane, WA 99204-5319; P.O. box 19039,
                                                             4:26   Spokane, WA 99219-9039. Phone (509) 838-2761
                                                                                                                                            payments and taxes. Quality used make or model at fleet prices, please
Add one minute for each 13 miles west.                              WASHINgToN
                                                                                                                                            vehicles available. TRADE-INS give me a call. Trade-ins are welcome.
Subtract one minute for each 13 miles east.
                                                                    John Freedman, president; Doug bing, v.p. for                           WELCOME. Quotations by phone
                                                                    administration; Joel Tompkins, v.p. for finance. 3450                   or fax. Test drive and demo before
  Adventist Book Centers                                            S. 344th Way, Suite 200, Federal Way, WA 98001.
                                                                                                                                            you buy. Nationwide warranty on
  Toll-free	number	for		Northwest	ABC	orders	1-800-765-6955         Phone: (253) 681-6008

                                                                    project	pATCH	........................................ (503) 653-8086
                                                                                                                                            new autos. Delivery at your home,
  7777 Fairview                                                                                                                             office, credit union or our facility.
                                                                                                                                            We ship nationwide, Alaska and 15455 N.W. Greenbrier Pkwy. Suite 120
                                                                    WALLA	WALLA	CoLLege
  boise, ID 83704-8494 (208) 375-7527                               college Place WA 99324-1198, (509) 527-2656
             m-Th . . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
             Sun. . . . . . . . . . . . 11a.m. - 3 p.m.                                                                                     Hawaii; save thousands! Call or Beaverton, Oregon 97006-8115
                                                                       North Pacific Union                                                                                          Phone (503) 629-6000
  NAMpA	BRANCH                                                                                                                              fax your specific vehicle desires:
                                                                      Conference Directory                                                                                          888-303-6006
  1350 N. Kings rd.                                                                                                                         make, model, options, etc. Contact
  Nampa, ID 83687-3193 (208) 465-2532
             Friday and Sunday closed
                                                                                     columbia Tech center
                                                                                1498 Se Tech center Pl. Suite 300                           WESTERN AUTO WHOLESALE &        
             m-Th . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.                              Vancouver, WA 98683                                    LEASING: Portland, Ore. 503-760-
                                                                                 mail Address: P.O. box 871150
  3656 Academy Dr.                                                                   Vancouver, WA 98687                                    8122; Vancouver, Wash. 360-263-
  bozeman, mT 59715 (406) 587-8267                                                   Phone (360) 816-1400                                   6521; nationwide 800-284-6612; take National Certification exam.
            m-Th . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
            F . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.            President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jere D. Patzer     fax 800-300-0484; e-mail wawl@ Classes begin Feb. 4, 2007. Call
                                                                    Secretary, Health ministries . . . . . . . bryce Pascoe                                     800-658-5433 or
  13455 S.e. 97th Ave.                                                                                                                                                            for more information.
  clackamas, Or 97015-8662 (503) 653-0978
                                                                    Treasurer, ASI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Norman Klam            RVS! Adventist owned and oper-
                                                                        Undertreasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . mark remboldt
             m-Th . . . . . . . . . 8:30 - 6 p.m.                                                                                           ated RV dealership has been sav-
             F . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:30 - 1 p.m.
             Sun . . . . . . . . . . . 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                    communication. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steven Vistaunet
                                                                       Associate communication. richard c. Dower                            ing Adventists money for over 25 EMPLOYMENT
  MeDFoRD	BRANCH                                                       Associate communication. . . . . Todd Gessele                        years. $8 million inventory—over N E W S T AT E - O F - T H E - A R T
  Shamrock Square Shopping center
  632 crater Lake Ave.
                                                                    education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alan Hurlbert        30 brands in stock. Courtesy air- HOSPITAL in sunny Palmer,
                                                                         Associate, elementary curriculum . Patti revolinski
  medford, Or 97504-8014 (541) 734-0567                                  Associate, Secondary curriculum . . . Dennis Plubell               port pickup and on-site hookups. Alaska is seeking physicians to
              m-Th . . . . . . . . . 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
              Sun . . . . . . . . . . . 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
                                                                         certification registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . . Linda Shaver     Satisfied Adventist customer list. meet the needs of a fast-grow-
                                                                    Global mission, evangelism,                                             Call toll-free 888-933-9300; ask ing community. Mat-Su Regional
                                                                    ministerial. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dan Serns
  S. 3715 Grove road                                                   Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ramon canals             for Adventist discount pricing. Lee’s Medical Center provides general
  Spokane, WA 99204-5319
  P.O. box 19039
                                                                       evangelists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lyle Albrecht
                                                                                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . richard Halversen
                                                                                                                                            RV City, Oklahoma City: e-mail medical and surgical care for inpa-
  Spokane, WA 99219-9039 (509) 838-3168
             m-Th . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jac colón                      tient, outpatient, and emergency
             Sun . . . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.             Hispanic ministries. . . . . . . . . . . . . ramon canals               NEW/USED VEHICLES available room patients, and participates in
  505 S. college Ave.
                                                                    Information Technology . . . . . . . .Loren bordeaux
                                                                        Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . brian Ford
                                                                                                                                            for delivery worldwide. the Medicare and Medicaid pro-
  college Place, WA 99324-1226 (509) 529-0723                                                                                      Let Don Vories’ grams. The medical staff currently
                                                                    Institute of mission and ministry . . . bryce Pascoe
              m-Th . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
              Sun . . . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.                                                                                    40 years of experience save you includes cardiologists, oncolo-
                                                                    Legal counsel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David r. Duncan
  WASHINgToN                                                                                                                                money. Easy online shopping! gists, neurologists and a plastic
  5000 Auburn Way S.                                                multicultural ministries/Human relations . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                     Alphonso mccarthy
                                                                                                                                            Local 509-525-9782; toll free 888- surgeon. High-tech diagnostic ser-
  Auburn, WA 98092-7024 (253) 833-6707
            m-Th . . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.                Native ministries Northwest. . . . . . monte church
                                                                                                                                            249-8359.                             vices are also available, including
            F . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
            Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.            Public Affairs & religious Liberty Greg Hamilton
                                                                                                                                                                                  MRI, 64 slice CT scan and Picture
  BURLINgToN	BRANCH                                                 regional Affairs/Youth . . . . . Alphonso mccarthy                      CLASSES                               Archive and Communication
  334 east Fairhaven Ave.
                                                                    Trust Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gary W. Dodge            BLACK HILLS HEALTH AND System (PACS). Large Adventist
  burlington, WA 98233 (360) 755-1032
              T & Th . . . . . . . . . 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.                 Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . robert D. Hastings              EDUCATION CENTER is offering community including school for
              W . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
              Sun . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                    Women’s ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sue Patzer             Massage and Personal Training grades K-8. Openings for numer-
                 official	ABC	website:		
                                                                                                                                            Certification Programs which ous specialties. Relocation assis-
                                                                                                       will provide training in profes- tance offered. Contact Norman
                                                                                                                                            sional Christian-based environ- Stephens, Chief Executive Officer:
                                                                                                                                            ment. Students will be eligible to 907-861-6556.

                                                                                                                                                                          December 2006 • Gleaner                          1
                         a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
                                                          ARE YOU AN EVANGELISTIC-             Grants Pass, OR 97528; or call
                                                          MINDED        ELECTRONIC             877-741-2588.
                                                          TECHNICIAN       with two years      WANTED: Missionary minded per-
                                                          electronic education and pref-       son who loves children to work in
                                                          erably some experience in this       Adventist daycare in Port Hadlock,
                                                          field? Better Life Television        Washington (near Port Townsend).
                                                          needs you. Come to beautiful         For more information, contact
                                                          southern Oregon and use your         Carol: 360-379-9460 or carol@
                                                          talents working for the Lord. Send
                                                          resume to: KBLN, PO Box 766,         FLORIDA HOSPITAL COLLEGE
                                                                                               OF HEALTH SCIENCES is seeking
                                                                                               full-time Chemistry instructor—im-
                                                                                               mediately. Applicants must have
                                                                                               Master’s in Biochemistry (Ph.D.
                                                                                               preferred) and teaching experience
                                                                                               at the college level. Applications
                                                                                               will be accepted until the posi-
                                                                                               tion is filled. Send resumes to:
                                                                                               Dr. Len M. Archer Chair, Dept. of
                                                                                               Pre-Professional Studies, Florida
                                                                                               Hospital College, 671 Winyah
                                                                                               Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; len.
                                                                                               DENTAL PRACTICE OPPORTUNITY
                                                                                               in rural southern Washington, the
                                                                                               beautiful Columbia Gorge. Seeking
                                                                                               younger dentist to share our busy
                                                                                               practice with. K-10 Adventist school
                                                                                               and churches nearby. Outdoor
                                                                                               recreation paradise; great “small
                                                                                               town” community to live and work

                                                      Charitable Gift Annuity
                                                                     Tangible Evidence That

                                                             In Giving
                                                               You Receive
                                                                  Have a charitable                 Age     Rate     Age Rate
                                                                 intent?                            55      5.5%     75    7.1%
                                                                                                    56-57   5.6      76    7.2
                                                                  Why not provide                   58-60   5.7      77    7.4
                                                                 for the charity now                61      5.8      78    7.6
                                                                 and receive a lifetime             62-63
                                                                 income stream?                     66      6.1      81    8.3

                                                                  What percent of                   67
                                                                 payment would I                    69      6.4      84    9.2
                                                                 receive? Check the                 70      6.5      85    9.5

                                                                 sample rate chart.                 71
                                                                                                    73      6.8      88    10.6
         Contact your local conference Planned Giving & Trust Services Department or                74      6.9      89    11.0
                                                                                           90+   11.3

2   Gleaner • December 2006
                                             a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
in. For more information, contact Teton Mountains and Yellowstone
Eric at Paragon Transitions: 866- National Park. Local Adventist
576-9809.                         church and school. Benefits are
                                  offered. Send resume to Office
                                  Manager: PO Box 846, Worland,
lowing positions open: Front of- WY 82401.
fice secretary with computer skills,                 ANDREWS UNIVERSITY SEEKS
massage therapists, kitchen as-                      full-time marketing professor to
sistant and housekeeper. Come                        begin July 1, 2007. Candidates
join us in the scenic Black Hills of                 must hold a doctoral degree in
South Dakota. Call 800-658-5433                      marketing and show evidence of
or for more infor-                     success in teaching and scholarly
mation.                                              research. For details: http://www.
WANTED: Full-time female caregiv-           Submit resume
er for elderly female in NE Oregon.                  to Marketing Professor Search
Meal preparation and companion-                      Committee, School of Business,
ship; no heavy lifting; room and                     Andrews University, Berrien
board plus salary. References re-                    Springs, MI 49104-0022.
quired. Call: 509-220-8222; 509-                     WHITE MEMORIAL MISSIONARY
838-5601; 509-220-7778.                              COLLEGE Distance education,
ADVENTIST OPTOMETRIC                not-for-profit, liberal arts college.
PRACTICE SEEKING full-time          Seeking respiratory care program
Optician and full-time Medical director as well as chief financial
Biller. Location fits mission-mind- officer. All faculty work from home.
ed individual. Near the beautiful Visit for more de-
 Advertising Deadline                                SOUTHERN ADVENTIST
                                                     UNIVERSITY seeks applicants
  Issue DAte                   DeADlIne
 February                     January 2              for full-time teaching position in
 March                        January 29             Chemistry Department beginning

                      ADVERTISING POLICY
   Advertising is accepted as a service              a new word. Count each unit of a date as
   to members in the North Pacific                   one word unless it appears as xx/xx/xxxx,
   Union Conference. The GLEANER                     which counts as one word. The editors
   management reserves the right to refuse           reserve the right to edit ads for length and
   any advertisement, particularly ads not           to conform to GLEANER style and policy.
   related to the needs and practices of the
   church membership. Acceptance of any              Classified Ads Rates, NPUC Advertisers—
   advertising shall be considered a matter          For advertisers who are church members
   of accommodation and not a matter of              in North Pacific Union Conference: $24 for
   right, nor shall it be construed to constitute    30 words or less; $.75 for each additional
   approval of the product or service                word.
   advertised. Publication of advertisements
                                                     Classified Ads Rates, Other Advertisers—
   shall be at the discretion of the GLEANER
                                                     For advertisers who are not members in
   editorial committee.
                                                     the North Pacific Union Conference: $35 for
   First-time Advertisers—Advertisers                30 words or less; $1.25 for each additional
   who are members of the Seventh-day                word.
   Adventist church must submit a letter of
   endorsement from their pastor or from the
   local conference communication director
                                                     Display Ads
   along with their first submission. Other first-   Reserving Space—Display ad space
   time advertisers must submit references           should be reserved on or before the
   from business members of their community,         published deadline at least a month before
   a credit bureau and/or any other references       the publication date. For large ads, call the
   requested by the editor. All references           GLEANER advertising manager regarding
   must be on official letterhead stationery         space availability at (360) 816-1483. Go
   and received at the GLEANER office by             to for ad policies,
   the deadline date of the issue desired for        specifications, rates and deadlines or
   publication. References do not render             request the information from the advertising
   unnecessary the approval of the GLEANER           manager.
   editorial committee.                              Submitting Materials—Submit an ad as
   Payment—Payment is due upon receipt of            a high-res, grayscale or RGB, Adobe
   invoice. Payment must be received before          Acrobat PDF file with the fonts embedded.
   the ad is published. VISA and Mastercard          May be e-mailed to,
   accepted. Always give complete contact            placed on the FTP site, or submitted on a
   information (including daytime phone) to          CD. Ad files should arrive on or before the
   facilitate the billing process.                   published deadline.
                                                     National Advertising—Advertisers who
   Classified Ads                                    wish to place half- or full-page display
   Classified Ad Word Count—Classified ads           ads in at least five of the nine NAD union
   must be submitted as hard copy either by          magazines concurrently should go to www.
   e-mail (to or by mail. or contact the NAD
   A maximum of 80 words will be accepted            National Buy Advertising coordinator at
   for any new classified ad. Every space   or call (360)
   between characters marks the beginning of         816-1484 or (360) 828-7146.

                                                                                                     December 2006 • Gleaner   
                                   a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
     July 2007. Candidates must have      Chair, Chemistry Department,      Contact Camp Director Gary end seminars. Oct. 23-27, Nancy
     doctorate in any area of chemis-     Southern Adventist University, PO Lewis at 928-445-2162 or camp VanPelt “Highly Effective Marriage;”
     try, but preference will be given    Box 370, Collegedale, TN 37315;                 Nov. 6-10, Kay Kuzma “Growing
     to candidates with specialization    423-236-2932; e-mail rjscott@                                             Great Kids;” Dec. 1-3, Uchee Pines
     in nontraditional chemistry fields                     EVENT                                   Lifestyle Retreat; Dec. 11-15,
     such as forensic chemistry. Please   C O O K / F O O D S E R V I C E S K A H I L I L I F E E N R I C H M E N T Brenda Walsh “Power of Prayer.”
     submit vitae and three letters of    DIRECTOR —Camp Yavapines SEMINARS-2006-Kauai, Hawaii. For more information: 808-742-
     reference to Dr. Rhonda Scott,       Adventist Camp, Prescott, Ariz. 5-day (evenings only) or week- 9921 or
                                                                                                                   2007 GREAT CONTROVERSY
                                                                                                                   TOUR, June 14–28, with Dr. Gerard
                                                                                                                   Damsteegt of Andrews University.
                                                                                                                   See prophecies of Daniel and
                                                                                                                   Revelation come alive! Visit Rome,
                                                                                                                   Italy, and Reformation sites in the
                                                                                                                   Waldensian Valleys, Switzerland,
                                                                                                                   Germany, France. A most exciting
                                                                                                                   experience! Call or fax 269-471-
                                                                                                                   5172; e-mail
                                                                                      MEN OF KIRKLAND present their
                                                                                         6th annual Christmas Evensong.
                                                                                                                   Dec. 16, 2006 at 4:00 pm in the
                              Offering Lifestyle Retreats, Seminars and Programs.                                  Butterfield Chapel on the NW
                        Each retreat includes: Educational workshops, personal fitness                             University Campus. 5531 111th
                          instruction, cooking practicum, delicious, vegetarian meals,                             Lane NE, Kirkland, Wash. For
                             lodging, housekeeping and an attentive, friendly staff.                               driving directions go to www.
                                                                                                                   SINGLES CRUISE following Adventist
                                                                                                                   Single Adult Ministries National
                                                                                                                   Convention (7/5-7/7), Orlando.

   Gleaner • December 2006
                              a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
Western Caribbean, 4 days,            Seattle. Four adjoining plots valued COME TO GOLD BEACH, ORE.,              at Petersen Properties: 509-386-
Miami-Cozumel, on Carnival’s          at $2,500 each. Will sell all four for where the sun is always shining      6502; e-mail marla@petersen
Fascination. For brochure, contact    $6,000. Phone 509-525-4652; or and the ocean invites you to beach 
Lorraine Thomas: phone 951-929-       e-mail            walks.You will enjoy the seals and   YOUR SW WASHINGTON
4178; e-mail lthomasasam@aol.                                                the pelicans, clean fresh air and    REALTOR Dedicated profession-
com; or              MISCELLANEOUS                          a tour of the wild River Rogue.
                                                                                                                  al ready to serve your real estate
                                      WANTED: SPRING BREAK AND Great country living for all ages.                 needs in the greater Vancouver
FOR SALE                              SUMMER VOLUNTEERS TO THE Our small and very active church                   area. Please call David Gasser of
WORTHINGTON, LOMA LINDA,              AMAZON JUNGLES OF PERU . needs you in various ministries                    Prudential NW Properties at 360-
CEDAR LAKE, AZURE PRODUCT,            Help build a foster crisis center and which includes, radio, community      600-9994; Web site www.david
E T C . Low pr ices. Aubur n          run free medical clinics. Student, service, pathfinder club and more.
Enterprises, Bill and Judy Hoard,     church, medical groups needed. Come over and help us, time is
4192 Auburn Rd NE; PO Box             Spanish not required. See our short. Call 541-247-2400 and ask              MARK V REALTY: Real estate with
13757, Salem, OR 97309-1757;          Web site for trip dates. Contact for Dr. Liem.                              a personalized touch. Licensed in
503-585-9311; fax 503-585-1805;       Paul Opp:; www.                                              Washington and Oregon. Visit our                          REAL ESTATE
owned and operated, stop in,          STORIES! Send your name,              BROKER 35+ years experience
look over the Schultz Pollmann        e-mail address and street ad-         in residential and commercial
Superb Italian Piano, clearance       dress to: or          properties. Serving King, Pierce
on all Suzuki Acoustic Grand          mail your request to: Adventist       Counties and greater Puget Sound
Pianos, Samick and others. Pre-       World Aviation, Box 251, Berrien      area. Mike Van Steenwyk, 5 Star
owned Ibach and Samick Grands,        Springs, MI 49103. Or, sign up        Real Estate Investments, LLC:
Johannus Classical Church Organs.     for our free newsletter at www.       253-887-1355; mlvansteenwyk@
Affordable prices. Financing avail-                 
able. Church discounts. 4035 SE       CHRISTIAN TALK WEBSITE www.           WALLA WALLA VALLEY/MILTON
82nd Ave, Portland, Ore.; call 503-
                     Please visit. FREEWATER REALTOR is experi-
777-2666.                     Talk to families, friends and visitors. enced and dedicated in helping you
F O R S A L E Cemeter y plots Jesus will come soon! We will go locate a new home or sell an exist-
Washington Memorial Park, our heavenly home soon!                     ing home. Call Marla Rasmussen

                                                                                                        December 2006 • Gleaner                        
                      a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
                                                   Web site       or sell homes or other types of
                                                   to see how you can save. Broker/   property. Drawing on her 25+

                 Upcoming                          Owner Mark Tessier: 509-386-       years experience in many market
                                                   7890; 722 S College Ave, College   conditions gives her clients excel-
                                                   Place, Wash.                       lent service. “I am your Adventist

     faith in focus                                PUGET SOUND AREA REALTOR,
                                                                                      Realtor and I care about you!” Exit
                                                                                      Real Estate North: 509-701-3173;

                                                   specializing in Pierce and King e-mail
                                                   Counties for all your residential
                                                   needs. Contact Kimberly Griffin HOUSE IN BEAUTIFUL MILO
                                                   of Century 21 at: 253-229-8238; OREGON, 1 1/3 acres, quiet wood-
                                                                                      ed setting, near Milo Academy,
                                                   e-mail kimberly.griffin@century21.
                                                                                      deck, view, 2-bedroom, 2-bath-
     opportunities to challenge your thinking                                         room, double garage, RV parking,
                                                   SPOKANE AREA REAL ESTATE good well, good neighborhood,
              and affirm your faith                Contact Cloraine to purchase clean, $225.000. 541-825-3046

                                                                  Search ALL area
                 John McVay                                     listings & find local
                Chehalis, WA                                    information on-line.
                                                                     Teresa.                                  Walla Walla
                 December 1-2, ’06                                 Valentine.                                 Real�Estate
                 Carl Cosaert                       Residential Real Estate in
                                                                                        Everett Tetz
               Anchorage, AK                              Southwest
                January 26-27, ’07                        Washington
                                                    360.816.2620                                               Kathy�Geoghegan
                                                    800.810.2884                                                 (509)�200-0533
               Randall Younker                                                               Each�Office�Independently�Owned�&�Operated

               Beaverton, OR
                February 23-24, ’07

                 John Baldwin
               Great Falls, MT
               March 31-April 1, ’07

          Richard & Jo Ann Davidson
              Wenatchee, WA
                  April 6-7, ’07

                  Jon Dybdahl
                   Kuna, ID
                 May 18-19, ’07

                          Watch for more details
                           in future Gleaner ads

6   Gleaner • December 2006
                                a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
PORTLAND, ORE. AREA         Real      SERVICES                             friendships. Call Bill Norman
Estate Broker and native Portland     BRAS FOR EVERY WOMAN’S               in Harrah, Okla., at 405-454-
resident will list your home or       NEED Northwest’s largest selec-      6538.
help you find your next home or       tion. Private personal fittings, mail
                                      orders welcome. A-Bra Boutique: ARE YOU MOVING SOON? Before
Investment Property. Call Tom
                                      2548 SE 122nd Ave, Portland, OR you rent a U-Haul and do it your-
Terry at Prudential NW Properties:    97236; 503-760-3589.                  self, check our price and save
503-906-1363; e-mail tterry@pru-                                            yourself the hassle. Plan ahead
                                      LOOKING FOR A PEACEFUL;                                                  now and reserve a time slot. Fast,
                                      RETIREMENT VILLAGE? Why
                                      wait for heaven. We offer homes, direct, and economical. Contact
    ������������                      duplexes and apartments in a Gary Erhard, Erhard Furniture,
                                      peaceful, safe Adventist en- 6681 U.S. 31, Berrien Springs, MI
    ������������                      vironment in the country. You 49103; call 269-471-7366, eve-
   ������������������������           will be able to develop lasting nings 8-11 pm E.T.


                                                                                                                   Available now at your local
  ��������                                                                                                        Adventist Book Center or

                                                                                                       December 2006 • Gleaner                   
                                      a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
     ADVENTIST CONTACT Successful       Ebony Choice Adventist Singles,          EXPERIENCED ADVENTIST
     computer dating exclusively for 2747 Nonpareil, Sutherlin, OR               ATTORNEY serves greater Seattle
     Seventh-day Adventists since 97479.                                         area. Practice includes: auto ac-
     1974. Please write: PO Box 5419,                                            cident/other injury claims; wills,
     Takoma Park, MD 20913-0419 or                                               trusts, probate/other estate-plan-
                                        C O M F R E E 1 4 - d ay t r i a l o r
     call 301-589-4440; www.adventist                                            ning; real estate; contracts/other
                              ! Join thou-                                                                business matters and more. John
                                        sands of Adventists. Free chat,
     SINGLE AND OVER 40? The only search, profiles, match notifica-              Darrow: 310 Third Ave NE, Suite
     inter-racial group exclusively for tions! Witnessing through articles,      116, Issaquah, WA 98027; 425- PREPAID PHONE CARDS: New/
     singles over 40. Stay home and friendships, forums since 1993.                                                  Updated; No connection fee for
                                                                                 369-2064; www.darrowlawfirm.
     meet new friends in USA with Adventist owners. Thousands of                                                     USA and International countries.
     monthly newsletters and album. For successes! Top ranked.                                                       Ranges: 1 cent per minute to 2.8
                                                                                 HAVING PC PROBLEMS? Viruses, cents. ASI benefit and Christian
     information, send self-addressed
     stamped envelope to: ASO-40 and MOVING? Relax! Your move with               spyware, upgrades, installs, or education. Call L J Plus: 770-441-
                                        Apex Moving & Storage will be            training? Digital photo or Web site 6022 or 888-441-7688.
                                        great! As the single point of ac-        help? ON-SITE service for greater DENTAL PLAN: Save up to 80%.
                                        countability, we offer peace of mind     Walla Walla Valley. Call Randy Yaw, $11.95/monthly individual; $19.95/
                                        for the relocating family or individ-    Pi PC at 509-301-2894.              monthly household. Medical plan:
                                        ual. Give us a call and take advan-      EXTERIOR REMODELING/SIDING               $49.95/monthly individual; $59.95/
                                        tage of a volume-rated discount for      S P E C I A L I S T C ava n a u g h ’s   monthly household. Contact Bernie
                                        Adventists. Call Marcy Dante’ at         Construction, Inc., professional         Kammer: 360-253-6758; e-mail
                                        800-766-1902 or visit us at www.         results from “a company built  ; www.
                                             on respect.” Full services for 
                                            INSURANCE • AUTO • HOME              new construction and remod-              BKammer.
                                            • L I F E • B U S I N E S S Dennis   els, commercial and residen-             PLANNING AN EVANGELISTIC
                                            Einerson, Farmers Insurance          tial. Best service, low prices,          SERIES or Health Seminar or
                    Read it. Online. Now.   Group agent, serving Vancouver       no salespeople, lifetime labor           conducting a SHARE HIM/Global
                                            and Clark County, Wash. Call 360-    warranty. Free estimate, 360-            Evangelism series? If you need af-
             896-8449; deinerson@farmers          687-0017. Washington license             fordable, professionally-prepared
                                                             #: CAVANCI970MZ.                         handbills, brochures, supplies,

   Gleaner • December 2006
                                 a d v e r t i s e M e N t s
signs, banners and mailing ser-          or call for brochure: 503-848-3685 ADORABLE SUNRIVER RENTAL—
vices, call Daphne or Ray: toll-free     or 503-762-0132.                        Sleeps eight, TV/DVD, high-speed
800-274-0016; visit www.handbills.       F I N D Y O U R W I N T E R internet, dishwasher, microwave,
org. We offer first rate, on-time ser-   WONDERLAND IN SUNRIVER— washer/dryer, wood stove, bar-
vice for all your evangelism supply      Oregon! Make our Quelah condo beque, hot tub, seven bicycles,
needs.                                   the starting point for great relax- no pets, reasonably priced. Visit
HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING             ation or your favorite winter activity. or call 360-
SPECIALISTS Clawson Heating              Visit 577-0711.
and Air Conditioning features qual-      for more information or call 503- ANCHORAGE, ALASKA—Rooms
ity service and installation. We are     253-3936.                               to rent, brand-new. Queen size
an Adventist company meeting all
                                         ARIZONA TOWN HOME—Located beds, private entrance, one
of your heating and cooling needs,
                                         near Tucson in Green Valley. Sun, handicap room. Kitchen/laundry
including maintenance programs
                                         bird watching, retirement com- facilities. Internet access. Rates:
for your homes. 503-618-9646.
                                         munity. Great view of Santa Rita Sept.-May, $69; June-Aug. $89,
License #: Oregon, 110307;
                                         Mountains. Beautiful new furniture. per night. All proceeds go to church
Washington, CLAWSHA044CE.
                                         Monthly or weekly. Days, 808-881- building fund. 907-230-5751; 907-
FAMILY INSTITUTE, P.C.: in Tigard        4406; evenings/weekends, 808- 301-0703.
and Forest Grove, Oregon. Bob            885-5289; e-mail alohafields@
                                                                                 LINCOLN CITY—Adorable 2-story
Davidson, M.Div., M.Ed., LMFT; 
Wendy Galambos, M.A., LPC; Ed                                                    English cottage and carriage
                                         MAUI—Fully equipped condo, un- house. Rent together or separate.
Eaton, M.S., LPC. Check our Web
site for resumes and resources,          obstructed ocean and sunset view, Sleeps 10. Siletz Bay view from
workshops, intake forms and fees:        sleeps seven. Tennis, pool, across master-bedroom. Around the cor-; 503-357-        street from surf and beautiful sandy ner from best beach on central
9548.                                    beaches. April thru December 14, coast. Discount to Gleaner read-
                                         seventh day FREE! 360-652-6455 ers. Adventist owned. Upgrades
WWW.GETDEBTVICTORY.COM!                  or 425-258-4433.
See Mrs. White’s counsel in CS                                                   throughout. 866-800-0338. www.
                                         SUNRIVER RENTALS—Two nicely
256-258 and AH 392-394. DO IT
NOW! Our average client is com-          decorated homes. 3-bedroom,
pletely debt free in 8-12 years (in-     between lodge and mall, sleeps             THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA PRESENTS
cluding mortgage) and saved more         eight; 4-bedroom, sleeps 10. Both
than $150,000 of interest! For a         fully equipped. Hot tubs. Days,
no-risk, no-cost Debt Elimination        Mon.-Fri., 808-881-4406; eve-
Plan, click “Application” on our         nings/weekends, 808-885-5289;
website, and submit the form. It’s
confidential, FREE and without LINCOLN CITY, ORE .—Luxury
obligation. Questions? Call Laren beach home rentals located in de-                                     A heartwarming holiday
Stafford, your Adventist Financial sirable Roads End Neighborhood.                                     story for the whole family
Debt Specialist: 406-270-2922.       Specializing in new homes only!
                                                                                                         On Christmas Eve, a widower’s
A T T E N T I O N F I N A N C I A L Spectacular Ocean views, easy
                                                                                                      life is changed by an unopened gift
PROFESSIONALS , Realtors, beach access, top quality ameni-                                              his wife gave him five years ago.
Builders, Sales Persons, etc. ties, beautifully furnished, close
Provide accelerated debt elimina- to restaurants and shops. www.                                        Joseph Campanella and Patty Cabrera star in this
                                                                                                      musical drama, with special guest star Ruta Lee, which
tion for your clients. Proven system; 541-996-                                       the whole family will love. Special musical guest is
with great support and tools. Part 8800.                                                                   four-time Grammy winner Deniece Williams.
time income: $3,000-$8,000/month. SUNRIVER—4-bedroom executive                                        “Love’s Pure Light” is the sequel to “All is Bright” which
                                                                                                          was last year’s Christmas special produced by the
Call Laren Stafford: 406-270-2922; home, on North Woodlands golf                                          Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.              course.Two master king suites, two
                                                                                                          Check and also your
LOOKING FOR USED ADVENTIST queens, two sleepers, one twin, hot                                         local listing for airing times or call your local station
BOOKS? Check our Adventistbook. tub, three TVs, and VCRs, D/W, M/                                           and request them to air Love’s Pure Light.
org, a student industry of Great W, W/D, loft, Jacuzzi bath, gas log,
Lakes Adventist Academy, or call BBQ, bikes, all “lodge amenities,”
The Cedar Reader at 866-822- sleeps 10, no smoking, no pets,
1200.                                includes housekeeping. Contact
                                     Wayne Schultz: days 541-475-
                                     7188; evenings 541-475-6463.
MAUI CONDO —2-bedroom/2-                 COLLEGE PLACE LODGING —
bathroom on beautiful Wailea             Completely furnished new units            Tony and
                                                                                                                        Grammy Winner
                                                                                 Emmy Nominee
Beach. Good swimming/snorkel-            available daily, weekly or monthly.       Joseph
                                                                                                Latin Grammy              Williams                    Stage and
ing, shorefront pool, attractively       Full kitchens. Sleeps four. Call 509-   Campanella       Nominee                                            Screen Star
furnished, kitchen, near golf. Visit     301-1498 to reserve. View at www.                      Patty Cabrera                                        Ruta Lee
our Web site at 

                                                                                                       December 2006 • Gleaner                                     
                                        Let’s Raise the Bar
                                        Aretha Franklin belted out the song                children of God—worthy of His care and their
     next MOntH                         r.e.S.P.e.c.T. decades ago, yet respect            respect. rival denominations, while staying
                                        has not always been a guaranteed value in          true to their unique missions, can spare the
     Let’s taLk OnLine                  America. Our history of racial inequities and      competitive rhetoric. colleges and universities
                                        the more contemporary blot of Abu-Ghraib           can dispense with political correctness
     This December edition wraps        are easy to spot, easy to condemn.                 and once again foster a balance of creative
     up the Let’s Talk series in                                                           thought.
     the monthly print edition          I wonder, though, if a far greater
                                        danger is a slow, insidious lowering
     of GLEANER. In the weeks
                                        of the bar, a blurring of our societal    “Political correctness is simply an enforcer
     and months ahead we’ll             compass as if true north is no              of what is currently in vogue.”
     continue to dialog on current      longer to be found. If illicit sex,
     issues at “Let’s Talk” on the      mayhem and moral ambiguity
                                        showed up on our doorstep we’d turn them           It’s time to turn our attention homeward and site.
                                        away. Yet we curl up each night and absorb         do some housekeeping in our own living
     Instead of a monthly feature       through our televisions or computer screens        rooms. It’s time to restore respect, civility as
     in the printed GLEANER, Let’s      an IV drip of things we publicly abhor but         a centerpiece of our society from the highest
     Talk will become a more            secretly relish. And it all comes down to          political office to the lowest urban street,
                                        respect: respect for ourselves and for others      from the hallowed halls of academia
     frequent online blog, with
                                        created in the image of God.                       to the home of the humblest saint.
     weekly and sometimes daily                                                            The freedoms of speech and
     input. Beginning in January,       respect allows christians to befriend their        religion, freedoms we thought
     be sure to check in frequently     neighbors without either approving of              we’d always have, depend on it.
                                        their lifestyles or condemning them to hell.
     as we continue to dialog on
                                        mutual respect allows politicians to work          This is a value we must model
     issues of interest to Northwest    together, marriages to mend, cultures to co-       before our children who will in
     Adventists of all ages. Your       exist. respect enables an individual to say        the years ahead either help
     response will be an important      “enough” to an abusive relationship or work        respect flourish or die.
                                        environment.                                       It’s a value echoed in
     factor in the direction we take.
                                                                                           that simple command
     And you can always e-mail          Political correctness masquerades as respect,      from Jesus, to “love            yet it is simply an enforcer of what is currently the Lord your God
                                        in vogue. A small, vocally activist percentage     with all your heart,
                                        of our society can define political correctness    and your neighbor
                                        for a time, but we should never mistake that       as yourself.”
                                        for respect.
                                                                                           What has life
                                        churches can become part of the solution by        taught you about
                                        teaching members that they and all others are      respect? Let’s Talk.

                                                    Steve Vistaunet, assistant to the president for communication
0     Gleaner • December 2006
                                   rn Adventist Acade
                   bu                                                                                my
          A      u                     Discover the Possibilities
            Personalize your high school educa-
            tion! Choose from a wide variety of
            classes and extra-curricular activities
            that interest you!
 Want to play sports? Join one of AAA’s
 basketball or volleyball teams. Or, you can
 play in the nightly intrumeral sports
 program. Earn P.E. credit by taking
 Skiing/Snowboarding, Swimming,
 Lifeguarding, Scuba, or Tennis!

Join a Student-Led Bible Study
                   Do you love music? At Auburn, you can
                   learn to play an instrument, sing in the choir,
                   or perform in an ensemble. Not to mention
                   leading praise and worship or giving a special

Mission Trips to Exotic Places
 Wish you could be an actor? Take the
 Stage Performance class at AAA. You’ll
 even have the chance to perform in front
 of your peers! Speech class also offers you
 the opportunity to improve your stage

                                                                     Auburn Adventist Academy: 5000 Auburn
                                                                         Way South. Auburn, WA 98092
                                                                             phone: 253-939-5000

                  FIRST TIME
NEW time for

    Ellen White’s classic on the life of Christ,
       The Desire of Ages, now with updated
references from the New King James Version
                  and artwork from Darrel Tank.

    In a world filled with violence, give your
   family and friends a gift of renewed hope
    and a certain future. Give them the story
                                  of the Prince of Peace.

    Get yourself a copy and read it again for
    the first time. You’ll be surprised at what
                                   you’ve been missing.

              Now available at your nearest Adventist Book Center
       online at or phone 1-800-765-6955

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