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I am not going to waste your time with a long introduction about
myself. My name is Eric and I build links. Let's get started!

The bulletproof link building system is named after a system
that helped most of my websites to survive the Panda and the
Penguin updates. These updates were made to reward high
quality content and punished over optimized websites and
websites with too many unnatural backlinks.

Many webmasters have used automatic software’s like Senuke,
Xrumer and Scrapebox to spam blogs and forums with
thousands of links, but today they have wasted both time and
money using these techniques. Google loves manual built links,
and when hundreds or even thousands of links get built in one
day, a big red flag is raised and soon the Google hammer will

Building backlinks is boring and writing and rewriting articles for
article directories and blog networks is time-consuming. But we
need backlinks to get a better rank and to get backlinks, we
must create articles. But there's a smart solution to this
problem, and that is to syndicate articles.
Don't misunderstand me, we will not use any software or
spinning tool for this method. We are going to use Web 2.0 sites
and syndicate articles from our websites. This method works
brilliantly if it's used the right way, so there are steps to follow.
To syndicate an article is not against Google’s rules and it’s not
treated as duplicate content.

Ok, when you decide to write an article you want to syndicate,
do not try to rank for this article, you will only syndicate filler
articles from your site. Never syndicate articles you want to rank
for. For example, you have a page with a keyword you want to
rank for, don’t syndicate it. Write a new article and use it for

When you write the article, use keywords to your main domain,
for the pages you want to build backlinks to and to an authority
site like Wikipedia, answer, YouTube etc. Remember to vary
your anchor texts so it's not over optimized. Use your main
keyword 30% of the time and use secondary keywords rest of
the time and be sure to include "check it out”, "click here" as
anchor texts linking to your domain and pages. Make sure you
use naked links as well. A naked link is your URL without
anchor texts. It will look more natural with a large variety of
anchor texts pointing to your site, this is actually very important
so make sure you have it.

Post the article on your site and wait 2 weeks before you
syndicate it. This is to make sure that the article is indexed and
that Google knows that the article origins from your website. I
might be a little paranoid but I like to do things the safe way.
Next step is to create accounts on 15 web 2.0 sites. I never use
more than 15 sites per article and I only syndicate the article to
three sites per day for 5 weekdays. This is to prevent the blast
effect, because the best effect comes from building backlinks
slow and steady.

To get the web 2.0 properties indexed, I usually use Socialadr
to bookmark each property to 15 social bookmarking sites. This
is all I do and it works every time. You can use other free
services but do not blast too many links to your web 2.0
properties at once.

When you start on your second article, choose 15 new Web 2.0
sites and just do the same process again. I use around 60 web
2.0 accounts at the moment, and when I write a new article I
syndicate it to 15 random Web 2.0 properties. When a property
reaches 15 articles I stop using it and I create a new account.

This method is easy and you only need to write one filler article
per week, and only syndicate the article 2-3 times per weekday.
This process takes not more than one hour work per week, and
you will get 30 quality backlinks to your website, that's 120
backlinks per month, just from one hour work per week.

Diversify your link building and add at least two more backlink
methods to get the best results. You can use forums and blogs
to get more backlinks, but do not blast any links to your main
site. If you want to use junk links, use buffer pages to protect
your main site from damage.

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