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Presented by:

Sacramento City Unified School District
In Partnership with

The California Parent Center

October 21, 2009
8:00-11:00 or 12:30—3:30 Serna Center
5735 47th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824

Who Should Attend?
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The Training is recommended for participants from all schools. School teams (and individuals) are encouraged to attend. Teams may include: administrators, teachers, front office and school support staff, parent liaisons and parent leaders. School Site Council members, PTA/parent organization members, and community representatives should also attend.

Training Content:
Success in increasing the involvement of parents in their children’s education is directly tied to the actions and policies that schools have in place to welcome all families. One key factor that determines whether parents choose to become involved with their children’s schools is whether they feel their participation is welcomed and needed by the school. This half-day training will position your school to have the best parent involvement year ever! You will:  Learn what research says about the connection of school environment to increasing parent involvement.  Find out how to assess your school’s family friendly factors, including assessing how welcoming your school’s front office is to all families.  Learn how to improve “friendliness” factors and two-way communication between home and school.  Identify the strengths of your diverse school community for building a welcoming school climate.  Learn outreach strategies to connect with under-involved families to improve student outcomes.  Receive ideas, resources and materials to use immediately.  Have opportunities to meet other parent and school leaders to learn about their successful practices.


Contact: Manuel Guillot at (916) 643-7912 or Email: manuelguillot@sac-city.ca.us

*Registration Due Date: October 13, 2009*

Welcoming Schools
Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009
Serna Center 5735 47th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 Half Day-Choose one:(Repeated Session)

 8:00-11:00am

 12:30-3:30pm

Registration fee includes all materials, and refreshments.  Individual Registration Fee for half-day session:  How Can Training Participation Be Funded?

Training fees may be supported by Title I, English Learner, Professional Development, Site Discretionary, PTA/PTO, Organizational or private funds.

*Unfortunately we are unable to extend refunds after the due date* Registration
STEP 1: Please type or print clearly and duplicate this form for each registrant
_____________________________________________ Elem. / Middle / HS / Other ____________
Last Name First Name Position Title Circle appropriate grade level

__________________________________(_____)__________________(______)___________________ E-mail (confirmation sent to this e-mail) Telephone Number Fax Number ____________________________________________________________________________________ School District ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name of School/Organization and Address

STEP 2: Choose Method of Payment: (must select one)
 

CHECKS - Make checks payable to: San Diego State University Research Foundation / CPC
CREDIT CARD - Please enter contact person’s information below then contact Melissa Popovich@
619-594-3332 to give credit card information.

_____________________________________________________________(______)____________________________________ Contact Person Phone Number 

PURCHASE ORDER - Make payable to: SDSU Research Foundation / CPC
(Either PO # or Contact Persons Information Must Be Entered)

_____________________________________________________________________________________$__________________ Name of School/District/Organization Purchase Order Number Amount P.O. Contact Person ______________________________________________________(______)_________________________ Person Handling PO Title Phone number

STEP 3: Important Now fax a copy of the completed form to 619-287-6756 to reserve your space while your payment is being processed.
(Please call to ensure your fax was received).

STEP 4: Send your completed registration form(s) with check or payment information to:
SDSU Research Foundation/California Parent Center 6505 Alvarado Rd., Suite 208 San Diego, CA 92120
 Registration Confirmation will be sent to your email above one week prior to training date..  For more information please contact Melissa Popovich at 619-594-4756, email: mpopovich@projects.sdsu.edu

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