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Please be sure to mark the session you wish to attend.

*Registration Due Date: October 13, 2009*

Welcoming Schools
Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 Serna Center 5735 47th Ave. Sacramento, CA 95824 Half Day-Choose one:(Repeated Session)

 8:00-11:00am

 12:30-3:30pm

Registration fee includes all materials, and refreshments.  Individual Registration Fee for half-day session:  How Can Training Participation Be Funded?

Training fees may be supported by Title I, English Learner, Professional Development, Site Discretionary, PTA/PTO, Organizational or private funds.

*Unfortunately we are unable to extend refunds after the due date* Registration
STEP 1: Please type or print clearly and duplicate this form for each registrant
_____________________________________________ Elem. / Middle / HS / Other ____________
Last Name First Name Position Title Circle appropriate grade level

__________________________________(_____)__________________(______)___________________ E-mail (confirmation sent to this e-mail) Telephone Number Fax Number ____________________________________________________________________________________ School District ____________________________________________________________________________________ Name of School/Organization and Address

STEP 2: Choose Method of Payment: (must select one)
 

CHECKS - Make checks payable to: San Diego State University Research Foundation / CPC CREDIT CARD - Please enter contact person’s information below then contact Melissa Popovich@
619-594-3332 to give credit card information.

_____________________________________________________________(______)____________________________________ Contact Person Phone Number 

PURCHASE ORDER - Make payable to: SDSU Research Foundation / CPC
(Either PO # or Contact Persons Information Must Be Entered)

_____________________________________________________________________________________$__________________ Name of School/District/Organization Purchase Order Number Amount P.O. Contact Person ______________________________________________________(______)_________________________ Person Handling PO Title Phone number

STEP 3: Important Now fax a copy of the completed form to 619-287-6756 to reserve your space while your payment is being processed.
(Please call to ensure your fax was received).

STEP 4: Send your completed registration form(s) with check or payment information to:
SDSU Research Foundation/California Parent Center 6505 Alvarado Rd., Suite 208 San Diego, CA 92120
 Registration Confirmation will be sent to your email above one week prior to training date..  For more information please contact Melissa Popovich at 619-594-4756, email: mpopovich@projects.sdsu.edu

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