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                TweetPhoto Launches Fantar Solution with Major Music Stars to
                Twitter Users
                Music stars KISS, Demi Lovato, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Thomas, Counting Crows, Jo
                Matisyahu and more to launch Fantars on TweetPhoto, giving fans a new way to
                on their Twitter profile image for their favorite performers.

                10.01.2009 – San Diego, CA – September 28, 2009 – TweetPhoto, a photo sharing
                service for Twitter users, has just released a new, quick and easy way for Twitter           Twitter Pitc
                users to easily brand their profile picture with branded graphic from their favorite         TweetPhoto L
                                                                                                             with Major Mu
                musical performer.
                                                                                                             Twitter Users

                “We know that users of social networks are fanatics of music. We wanted to create            News Facts
                an innovative way for Twitter users to show their support by adding unique artwork to         Fantars are
                their profile picture that is officially endorsed by their favorite musicians,” says          networks.
                TweetPhoto Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Rodney Rumford.                              Seven musi
                                                                                                              KISS, Demi

                “Users can quickly change their Twitter profile image with literally one click right from     Thomas, Co
                                                                                                              Legend, Mat
                our site once they have logged in with their Twitter account. The thing that excites me
                                                                                                              This solution
                the most is that we allow users to visually associate themselves with their favorite
                                                                                                              brands to g
                artists with a variety of really creative branded images designed by the artists
                                                                                                              their core cu
                themselves. All of their followers will now see this new Fantar image whenever they
                                                                                                              This is the fi
                use Twitter and send a tweet,” says Rumford.                                                  TweetPhoto
                                                                                                              The particip
                TweetPhoto’s launch of Fantar is an exciting new way for musicians to promote                 partners ha
                concert tours, new album releases, etc. and also give their fans something they can           following of

                use easily.
                                                                                                             Resource Li
                The participating Fantar launch partners have a combined Twitter following of over 7
                million users.                                                                               Tags
                                                                                                             marketing, b
                According to Sean Callahan, President of TweetPhoto, “When we first showed this              media, twee

                Fantar concept to artists they immediately saw the value and thought it was a great          photos, adv
                                                                                                             Demi Lovato
                idea. The participating musicians have each created several different Fantar images
                                                                                                             Thomas, Co
                that users can choose from to put on their Twitter profile pictures.” 
                                                                                                             Legend, Mat

                “The interesting thing about social networks is that they are very personal. The
                Fantar product allows Twitter users some creativity and personalization of their
                profile image with this great artwork from the participating musicians that was not
                previously available. By combining this unique artwork with their Twitter profile
                picture they get to stand out from the crowd and show their network whom they are
                fans of. In social networks that is very important,” explained Rumford.

                In addition to these artists, the very popular and well-respected social media blog
                Mashable, the San Diego Chargers, American Red Cross and TweetDeck will be
                participating in Fantar allowing their supporters to add a Fantar to their Twitter profile
                helping raise further awareness of their brand.
With massive reach and impact, the TweetPhoto Fantar product can work for any
brand, product, company, charity or event to visually promote it on Twitter quickly and

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About TweetPhoto
TweetPhoto is a photo sharing platform for the real-time web. This free service
allows you to share photos on Twitter, Facebook and through your favorite desktop
and mobile clients. The service focuses on creating the best possible user-
experience among the applications developed around the Twitter Application
Programming Interface (API).

This personalized experience is the evolution and convergence of real-time mobile
and web-based social photo sharing. It allows Twitter users to quickly and easily
publish and consume photos.

The company has positioned itself as the leading photo sharing platform within the
Twitter eco-system by presenting the developer community with the most expansive
API available. TweetPhoto...

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