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                                       Eating Low On The Food Chain: Vegetarianism
                                                              By Barney Garcia

    Vegetarianism is becoming more and more popular. Some people chose to become vegetarian
because of health issues, animal right issues or they simply don’t enjoy the taste of meat. There are
several types of vegetarians which include semi vegetarians, who still eat meat, but eat meat and all
animal products in small amounts. These type of vegetarians usually eat this way because of a health
problem such as high blood pressure, obesity or heart disease. Lacto-ovo vegetarians don’t eat any
meat but include dairy products and eggs in their diet, this is the most common type of vegetarian in
Western cultures. There are also lacto vegetarians, who do not eat eggs, but still eat dairy. The last
and most extreme type of vegetarian is a vegan. This type of vegetarian doesn’t include any type of
animal products in their diet, including honey and gelatins. They often avoid wearing clothing made out
of leather or wool and only use products which are not tested on animals. Most vegans become
vegetarians because of issues concerning animal rights. Some vegetarians will only eat white meats,
such as chicken or fish, or will only eat meat that is labeled “free range”, which indicates that the
animals were not raised under cruel conditions.

A lot of people who eat meat can’t understand how a vegetarian can be healthy. The truth is that
vegetarians tend to be a lot healthier than meat eaters. Statistics show that meat eaters are three times
more likely to develop heart disease or breast cancer than vegetarians. Meat eaters are also 400%
more likely to develop colon cancer. Eating too much meat has also been linked to obesity and excess
weight. On average, vegetarians live about 6 years longer than meat eaters.

If you decide you want to become vegetarian, you have to make sure you are consuming enough
healthy foods. A healthy vegetarian doesn’t survive off of white bread and pasta alone. Make sure to
include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain pastas, breads and rice, lots of beans and
legumes, soy proteins, tofu, and nuts. Make sure you get adequate amounts of calcium by eating a lot
of soy milk, tofu, spinach, kale and other vegetables high in calcium. If you are still eating dairy
products and eggs, make sure you are consuming them in healthy amounts.

By switching to a vegetarian diet, you will improve you’re health and lose weight as long as you are
eating the right foods. There is a lot of information on the internet concerning the issue of
vegetarianism, so you can find out which type of vegetarianism is right for you.

Barney Garcia is a proud contributing author and enjoys writing about many different topics. Please

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                  Vegetarian Recipes - What is the Difference in Veg and Vegan Recipes?
                                                         By Sunil Punjabi

Humans have been eating meat and animal products for many millennia, ever since evolution began
and they evolved from apes. Vegetarianism on the other hand is a few thousand years old, and
Veganism is just a few decades old and is an extreme form or subset of vegetarianism, where all
animal products are avoided. Whatever food is consumed, whether meat based, veg, or vegan,
cooking is an integral part of eating food and this requires Recipes. There are thousands of Vegetarian
Recipes, Vegan Recipes and Recipes for meat based dishes that are available on hundreds of

 Some of these Home cooking recipes have been handed down through generations from mother to
daughter and mother-in-law to daughter-in-law. Although humans have been consuming vegetables
and plant products, along with meat and other animal products, for many millennia, vegetarianism
dissuades consumption of all types of meat, and eggs too. Some communities do not consider eggs as
a non-vegetarian item, but in countries like India, eggs are not considered vegetarian and are not
consumed by strict vegetarians. Many individuals are used to meat and egg based dishes, along with a
few veggies in salads and soups. But they are unaware that there are thousands of Veg Recipes
available that can be used to make a complete meal, including soups, starters, appetizers, main course
dishes, and desserts.

 Vegetarianism evolved with religions and cultures over many millennia. Many religions like Buddhism,
Jainism, and Hinduism have strict rules regarding food consumption. Meat and eggs, and products
made from these are strictly prohibited in many religions, castes, and communities. Thus evolved the
dependence on vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. This led to the evolution of Vegetarian Recipes
over the millennia, with each caste, community, and even individual households having their own
variations of standard recipes and ways to cook food. Vegetarianism is gaining ground in western
countries like the US, UK, and Europe, but the opposite is happening in Eastern countries like India,
where people are becoming more aware of western meat dishes and recipes.

 Although vegetarianism does not exclude animal products like milk, and products made from milk, like
butter, Ghee, sweets, chocolates, desserts, ice creams, etc, Veganism excludes these too. Donald
Watson and Elsie Shringley started veganism and the Vegan Society in 1944. Veganism excludes all
animal products as food, including milk and milk products. Anything that involves exploitation of
animals for food, clothing, or any purpose is excluded for use. As veganism evolved, so did Vegan
Recipes, which excluded all animal products for food consumptions. Veganism still includes all
vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, and there are hundreds of Recipes available for vegans.

 Although Fast food and eating out in restaurants has become a necessity due to the hectic lifestyle,
many families are turning back to healthy home cooking and the recipes handed down from past
generations are coming in handy. Many individuals are also willing to try new Veg Recipes, meat and
egg based Recipes and even Vegan Recipes. As they say, variety is the spice of life, and adding some
variety to daily meals is sure to entice the family back to the dining table, instead of ordering pizzas
and burgers, or taking the family out to lunch and dinner, which is an expensive affair.

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