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The Right Espresso Machine for You by toriola1


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                               The Right Espresso Machine For You
                                                            By Barbara Jackson

    Brewing an espresso coffee drink is different compared to most other types of coffee. In fact, the
rise in the popularity of espresso coffee over the last 20 years or so has been very significant.
Companies took notice and banked on the salability of espresso machines, competing for features and

Due to this competition, espresso machines today come in varied forms, brands designs and sizes.
That variation gives rise to another problem: Which espresso machine is right for your needs?

Espresso machines, no matter what the brand, will serve the same basic purpose. Espresso machines
pump out steam through a finely packed puck of powdered coffee beans for about 20 seconds and
produces a drink that is slightly thick and deep brown in color, with a foam layer on top.

Espresso machines may have a combination or may include all of the following components:

• Pump

• Heating Chamber

• Steam Wand

• Control Panel

• Reservoir

Espresso machines have four basic styles. Each type has its own positive features and each has its
own disadvantages.

The pump style espresso machine

This type of espresso machines are of the larger variety and uses a power pump to provide the correct
amount of water pressure. The pump style espresso machines are quite large and could be noisy.
These machines are suitable for commercial establishments as they can produce more espresso
coffee with settings. The machine is also the most expensive type, but produces the best tasting

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

espressos. The disadvantage is that water deposits, which require regular and more vigorous
maintenance, can clog the pump type espresso machine.

The lever style espresso machines

This machine is operated by manipulating the lever arm so that pressure is created that will force the
steam through the coffee grinds. Compared to the pump style espresso machine, this espresso
machine type is quiet, although it could be quite hard on the hands. Because this machine is manually
operated, the quality of the espresso that is produced may vary. Compared to the pump style however,
lever types have fewer parts and require less maintenance.

Steam powered espresso machines

The steam coming from the heated water creates the pressure for this espresso machine type.
Because the pressure could be inconsistent and may not always be strong enough, the quality of
espresso that may be produced may not always be good. The steam type espresso machine, however,
is easy to use thanks to is smaller design.

The Moka Pot

The moka pot is the simplest and possibly the most ingenious way of producing espressos. The moka
pot is placed on top of your stove and the burner is turned on. As the water boils in the bottom
chamber of this espresso machine, a steam is forced through the upper chamber of the pot. Because
the moka pot is not a mechanized espresso machine, the pressure produced from the process is
weaker than its counterparts. The main feature of this espresso maker is its simplicity. As a
disadvantage, it does not have attachments for foaming. The moka pot is the least expensive of all
espresso machines on the market.

The sales of espresso coffee machines have been increasing. Espresso machines for home use,
though, will naturally tend to be less bulky. The features mentioned above should be enough to
determine the kind of an espresso machine that will suit your needs. Other features are merely

Barbara Jackson writes for several online magazines, such as and

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       The Right Espresso From The Right Machine
                                                          By Johnathan Bakers

Picking out the best espresso machine

When you are in the market for an espresso machine you need to know which are the most important
features to make the right choice. Since almost every manufacturer has more than one make and
model you need to be a saavy consumer. Coffee houses see what other houses are using when
picking out their espresso machines or use their knowledge to pick the best. Sometimes even the
most sophisticated coffee consumer might need some help in picking out the best espresso machines
on the market. Read on to learn how to buy one for your kitchen.

You know you have found a good espresso machine if it has a built-in grinder. A grind dial is usually
present as well so that you know you are getting the right kind of grind. You need to calibrate your
grinder and your new machine if you don't have a built-in grinder. Some grinder machines are set to a
moka grinder which could be too coarse for your espresso machine. You might need to experiment
with the right grind after a few shots of espresso. The right one should be about 2 ounces of espresso
in 27 seconds from a double basket.

A good espresso machine should be able to take grinds that are of more than one thickness. You can
tell if a machine is good because the grinds won't become stuffed up or jammed if they are on the
coarse side. The best machines will have a check valve that allow them to go through grinds that need
more pressure. There is a best pressure for extraction and higher pressures don't give this best flavor.
 You might even get a way too bitter espresso in this case.

The better your machine the less noise it should make. If your machine is too noisy it is not as good.
You should always be able to hear your friend or partner in your kitchen when your espresso machine
is going. If you can speak over your machine you can be able to tell your friends how yummy your
espresso is before they even try it!

Johnathan Bakers publishes especially for , an online
publication on the topic of coffee and cappuccino. Recording his experience in works such as ,the reviewer improved his
experience on areas

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