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									                       Annual Review

research. education.
                       2007 SIR Foundation Board of Directors

                       James B. Spies, MD, Chair                            John A. Kaufman, MD
                       Georgetown University Medical Center                 Dotter Interventional Institute
                       Michael D. Darcy, MD, Vice Chair                     Frederick S. Keller, MD
                       Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology                  Dotter Interventional Institute
                       Joseph Bonn, MD, Immediate Past Chair                Peter B. Lauer, CAE
                       The Lankenau Hospital                                Society of Interventional Radiology
                       Howard B. Chrisman, MD, MBA, Treasurer               Albert A. Nemcek, Jr., MD
                       Northwestern University Medical School               Northwestern Memorial Hospital
                       Romi Chopra, MD                                      William S. Rilling, MD
                       Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies   Medical College of Wisconsin
research. education.

                       James R. Duncan, MD, PhD                             John H. Rundback, MD
                       Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology                  Holy Name Hospital, Columbia University
                       Jeff H. Geschwind, MD                                David Sacks, MD
                       Johns Hopkins Hospital                               The Reading Hospital and Medical Center
                       Eamonn P. Hobbs                                      Michael C. Soulen, MD
                       AngioDynamics, Inc                                   Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
                       Keith M. Hume, MA
                       Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation
                                                     SIR Foundation         Annual Review   07


SIR Foundation is a scientific foundation dedicated to fostering
research in interventional radiology for the purposes of advancing scientific
knowledge, increasing the number of skilled investigators, and developing
innovative therapies that lead to improved patient care and quality of life.
The Foundation is committed to developing and enhancing innovative,
minimally invasive, image-guided therapies from inception to mature clinical
application and to conducting educational programs in the service of its mission.

Table of Contents
Mission                        1          Research Policy Division          11
Message from the Chair         2          Grant Review Subcommittee         12
PEDAL Study Collaboration      3          2007 Grant Review Study Section   12
Legs For Life
                               3          Grant Recipients                  14
UAE FIBROID Registry           5          Award Recipients                  17
Research Consensus Panel       9          Grant Recipient Publications      19
 (IVC Filters)                            Discovery Campaign                20
Clinical Research Division    10          Annual Fund                       21
Research Education Division   11          Year End Financials               25

                           Message from the Chair
                           Dear Colleagues and Friends:                             I am proud to say that through SIR Foundation-
                                                                                    developed or funded projects, IR research is regularly
                           2007 was a monumental year for the Foundation as         presented at national scientific meetings and pub-
                           we made vast strides in solidifying interventional       lished in peer-reviewed journals.
                           radiology’s role in shaping the practice of medicine.
                                                                                    Furthermore, IR research is receiving increased
                           A thorough examination of the SIR Foundation             attention at the national level. SIR Foundation-
                           2007 Annual Review will provide you with impor-          supported interventional radiologists have gone on
                           tant descriptions and updates on the many research       to obtain clinical trial and basic science grant sup-
                           projects that SIR Foundation has helped to foster.       port from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
                           Additionally, our support of medical students, radiol-   Recently, investigators working directly through our
                           ogy residents, IR fellows and other IR researchers has   Clinical Research Division have established relation-
                           positioned SIR Foundation as a valued resource for       ships with and have submitted clinical studies for
                           the advancement of interventional medicine by de-        federal funding to the NIH’s National Heart, Lung,
                           veloping and supporting programs that allow IR pro-      and Blood Institute and the National Institute of
                           cedures and techniques to be studied and validated       Neurological Disorders and Stroke. These are signifi-
                           thus facilitating the dissemination of information and   cant accomplishments for IR and SIR Foundation is
                           findings about these studies and research areas.         committed to fostering even more of these types of
                           Additionally, 2007 marked the beginning of the           successes in the future.
                           SIR Foundation’s Discovery Campaign. This criti-         Our Board of Directors acknowledges the evolving
                           cal three year capital campaign is an important          need for clinical research, evidence-based medi-
                           funding strategy for the SIR Foundation.                 cine, and procedure validation. By supporting in-
                           As minimally invasive medicine continues to              vestigators and their innovative projects, SIR
                           grow and move into new areas of discovery,               Foundation is helping to shape our understanding
                           a strengthened research commitment will                  of current medical therapies and foster the next
                           ensure that IR physicians are in the forefront           generation of medical advances, as well as those
                           of patient care. Funds raised through the                who will be the leaders in discovering those ad-
research. education.

                           SIR Foundation’s Discovery Campaign will:                vances. We are looking forward to being able to
                                                                                    provide the resources and infrastructure to allow
                           I   Enhance SIR Foundation’s role in advancing IR        interventional radiology techniques to grow and
                               research and education initiatives.                  lead the development of 21st century medicine.
                           I   Capitalize on the Foundation’s growing recogni-      Thank you for your generous support of our work.
                               tion, momentum and impact on the IR specialty.       I look forward to many more years of shared success.
                           I   Expand current research programs and solidify
                               our future via significant membership investment.    Sincerely,
                           I   Expand the Foundation’s asset base to perpetuate
                               investments in research and innovation.
                           I   Enhance relationships and collaboration with         James B. Spies, MD
                               industry. By conducting an initial phase from        Chair, SIR Foundation
                               among leading SIR members, to demonstrate at
                               the outset of the campaign to Industry Partners
                               and National Foundations, our collective com-
                       2       mitment to IRs’ future.
                                                                     SIR Foundation             Annual Review   07

Legs For Life® Celebrates 10 Years
of Spreading PAD Awareness

A decade ago SIR recognized that Peripheral             Accomplishments
Arterial Disease (PAD) was a major public health        Over a Decade
problem with a growing incidence, yet awareness
among the general public and primary care               The efforts of Legs For
physicians was low. SIR championed the need to          Life participants have
increase awareness and developed the Legs For           enabled more than
Life program, a major, long-term public initia-         320,000 people to be
tive to improve cardiovascular health. The pro-         screened, and one in four are consistently found
gram was a national model built around highly           to be at a high or moderate risk for PAD and
successful local PAD screenings initiated by SIR        AAA. National media has reached billions over
members, Drs. Rodney Raabe and Peter Beatty.            the life of the program and spread awareness
                                                        around the globe.
Ten Years of Raising Awareness and Connecting
with PCPs                                               The Future
The Legs For Life® mission has remained consistent      Today PAD affects 12–20 percent of Americans age
throughout the life of the program: Legs For Life is    65 and older. In a 2002 Journal of Vascular and
a national screening program dedicated to improv-       Interventional Radiology (JVIR) article by Becker et.
ing the cardiovascular health of the community.         al., the authors called for a greater national educa-
The program’s primary goals are to educate the          tion effort that was needed to create the impact
public, to educate primary care physicians and the      proved possible by other national campaigns such
medical community, to identify patients at risk and     as “Smokey Bear—Only You Can Prevent Forest
to strengthen collaborative relationships among         Fires,” “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk,”
health care professionals who treat these conditions.   and “Brain-attack” as well as global campaigns such
The program, which now also provides free screen-       as “SunSmart.” PAD now has achieved the needed
ing for stroke, AAA and venous disease, not only        national education effort and attention it deserves.
benefits communities by raising awareness, but also
provides interventional radiologists an opportunity
to foster relationships with primary care physicians.

SIR Foundation Collaborates on PEDAL Study—
16 Sites, 976 Patients
The SIR Foundation collaborated with Dr. Timothy Murphy and the Vascular Disease Research Center
at Rhode Island Hospital to develop the Population-based Examinations to Determine Ankle-BrachiaL
Index (PEDAL Study). PEDAL evaluated characteristics of a screening population examined by ankle-
brachial index measurement to determine the prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a screen-
ing population, especially in those otherwise at low- or intermediate-risk of cardiovascular disease. The
study was run concurrently with the national Legs for Life® screening program.
                           1997                                    renewed at the Diamond                    Screening Participants—          Screening Legislation in the
                           I Legs For Life founded with            Level and Otsuka America                  January 2002                     House and Senate
                             the American Diabetes                 Pharmaceutical, Inc. joined           I   Position Statement on        I   SIR expanded its program
                             Association, American Radi-           as a Platinum sponsor                     the Use of the Ankle-            as National Screening for
                             ological Nurses Association,      I   Inaugural PVD Awareness                   Brachial Index in the            Vascular Disease Awareness
                             the Council on Cardiovas-             Month in September—SIR                    Evaluation of Patients           “With seven years of data,
                             cular Radiology and Inter-            held a press conference and               with Peripheral Vascular         the program is showing that
                             vention of the American               screening in the U.S. Capitol             Disease—April 2002               screenings are making a dif-
                             Heart Association and the             building; Members of Con-                                                  ference in people’s lives,”
                             Society for Vascular Nursing
                                                                                                    I   An SIR initiated article on
                                                                   gress screened included Jim          PVD landed on the cover of            said Legs For Life Commit-
                           I   Boston Scientific/Vascular          Moran, Soloman Ortiz, Julia          American Family Physician             tee Chair Harvey Wiener,
                               and Abbott Laboratories—            Carson, and Connie Morella                                                 DO. “We are seeing consis-
                               founding sponsors
                                                                                                    I   Rodney Dangerfield and                tencies in the data that are
                                                               I   Legs For Life attracted the          Bob Uecker appeared as
                                                                   active participation of Sur-                                               scientifically relevant.”
                           I   Public Communications,                                                   spokespersons on video
                               Inc., assisted with program         geon General David                                                     I   Recognizing the potential
                               development and running             Satcher, proclamations from
                                                                                                    I   SIR organized a Peripheral            for gender differences in
                               the program                         20 states and a letter of            Vascular Health Summit,               vascular disease, SIR seg-
                                                                   commendation from the                this historic meeting brought         mented screening data by
                           1998                                    White House                          together the nation’s leading         gender; national media re-
                           I SIR piloted Legs For Life in                                               medical organizations, advo-          leases spotlighted women’s
                             10 cities—interest was so         2001                                     cacy groups, and govern-              risk for vascular disease
                             great that the initial 10 sites   I National roll-out of the               ment agencies to address this
                                                                                                        issue for the first time; as a
                                                                                                                                          I   Diabetes awareness was also
                             grew to 103 and more than           AAA screening module
                                                                                                        result, these groups began to         enhanced, working with
                             12,000 people were                I   Introduction of a national                                                 The American Diabetes
                             screened                                                                   develop a framework for a
                                                                   spokesperson for AAA,                                                      Association
                                                                                                        collaborative approach to-
                                                                   Rodney Dangerfield
                           1999—National Launch Highlights                                              wards public education,
                           I   SIR submitted a resolution
                                                               I   SIR developed a patient ed-          public awareness and im-
                                                                   ucation video on PVD and
                                                                                                                                          I SIR brought the day-to-day
                               calling upon the AMA                                                     proved detection of PVD
                                                                   AAA featuring Dangerfield                                                running of the program in-
                               House of Delegates (HOD)                                                 and AAA—participating
                                                                                                                                            house and unveiled a more
                               to support national screen-     I   Pilot collaboration with Life        organizations represented a
                                                                                                                                            robust Legs For Life Web
                               ings for PVD; although              Line Screening                       combined membership of
                                                                                                                                            site with online registration
                               there was support for the                                                80,000 professionals and
                                                               I   Bilingual materials available                                            and discussion forum
                               resolution from others at                                                three million individuals
                                                                   in Spanish                                                             I   National press focused on
                               the meeting, the AMA                                                     (e.g., patients, family mem-
                               HOD voted not to adopt          I   Harvey Wiener, DO, be-               bers and volunteers)                  the increased risk African-
                               the resolution                      came Chair of the Legs For                                                 Americans have for PAD
                                                                   Life Committee                   2003
                           I   SIR conducted a bench-                                               I Two new program modules             2006
                               mark survey prior to the        I   Angiodynamics, Genentech,
                                                                                                      were introduced: Stroke/            I NHLBI launched the PAD
                               national launch—found               Inc. and Nycomed-Amer-
                                                                                                      Carotid and Venous Disease            Awareness Campaign, “Stay
                               that 50 percent of adults           sham joined as Silver Level
                                                                                                                                            in Circulation”—Drs. Har-
                               could not identify any              sponsors                         I   Legs For Life Down
                                                                                                                                            vey Wiener and Timothy
                               symptom of PAD, 15 per-         I   Legs For Life Fun Run was            Under—the first interna-
                                                                                                                                            Murphy represented SIR in
                               cent identified leg pain as a       initiated at the SIR Annual          tional Legs For Life screen-
                                                                                                                                            this effort and were inte-
                               symptom of the condition            Scientific Meeting                   ing was held in Brisbane,
                                                                                                                                            grally involved.
                               and only eight percent iden-                                             Australia, a city of 1 million,
research. education.

                               tified quitting smoking as a    2002                                     by John Clouston, MD              2007
                               preventive measure              I Bob Uecker’s story and             I   Stroke Check™ module was          I SIR developed the PAD
                           I   Senator Orrin Hatch spon-         video on AAA were featured             created by Drs. Scott Agran         Task Force chaired by
                               sored a Senate Resolution         on Legs For Life public                and Harvey Wiener                   Mahmood Razavi, MD
                               designating September             Web site                           I   The Guidant Foundation            I   SIR participated with
                               1999 as National Peripheral     I   Legs For Life Publications in        stepped forward with their            Spirit of Women
                               Vascular Disease Awareness          Journal of Vascular and              second $1 million grant           I   SIR will collect data
                               Month                               Interventional Radiology were:   I   SIR participated in the               through the PEDAL study
                           I   More than 70,000 were                I   The Importance of In-           NHLBI Strategic Planning              at LFL Sites
                               screened at 525 sites                    creasing Public and             on PAD Public Education           I   Screenings have been held
                                                                        Physician Awareness of
                           2000                                                                                                               in all states except Alaska
                                                                        Peripheral Arterial Dis-    2004
                           I Multidisciplinary consensus
                                                                        ease—January 2002           I   SIR participated in the in-
                             conference held to develop a                                               augural meeting of the PAD
                                                                    I   Evaluation of Legs For
                             module to screen for AAA
                                                                        Life® National Screening        Coalition
                           I   Guidant Foundation joined                and Awareness Program       I   SIR actively participates in
                               as a Diamond Level sponsor,              for Peripheral Vascular         the National Aneurysm Al-
                               Boston Scientific/Medi-tech              Disease: Results of a           liance, which is instrumental
                                                                        Follow-up Survey of             in passing AAA Ultrasound
                                                                SIR Foundation                  Annual Review   07

UAE FIBROID Registry                                    Registry Data Publications
                                                        1. Prospective Data Collection of a New
Three-Year Long-Term Follow-Up Data                        Procedure by a Specialty Society
                                                          The FIBROID Registry
The Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) FIBROID             Evan R. Myers, MD, MPH, Scott Goodwin, MD,
Registry was designed to follow the “real world” out-     Wendy Landow, MPH, Matthew Mauro, MD, Eric
                                                          Peterson, MD, MPH, Gaylene Pron, PhD, James B.
comes for uterine fibroid embolization as it became       Spies, MD, and Robert Worthington-Kirsch, MD, for
a mainstream treatment widely available across the        the FIBROID Investigators*
country. The purpose of the Registry was to assess        VOL. 106, NO. 1, JULY 2005,
the procedure’s effectiveness in improving fibroid-       OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY

related symptoms, to determine the durability of
                                                        2. The Fibroid Registry for Outcomes Data
those improvements, and to assess the safety of the        (FIBROID) for Uterine Embolization
procedure in broad practice.                               Short-Term Outcomes
                                                           Robert Worthington-Kirsch, MD, James B. Spies, MD,
The registry included three-year follow up data            Evan R. Myers, MD, MPH, Jyotsna Mulgund, MS,
on 1,278 patients from 26 sites, and showed sig-           Matthew Mauro, MD, Gaylene Pron, PhD, Eric D.
nificant improvement in symptoms and in qual-              Peterson, MD, MPH, and Scott Goodwin, MD, for the
ity of life (QOL) for the women in the study.              FIBROID Investigators*
                                                          VOL. 106, NO. 1, JULY 2005,
Importantly, the registry data demonstrated               OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY
that uterine fibroid embolization is a durable
treatment for fibroids, and includes symptom            3. The FIBROID Registry
relief as well as sustained improvement in                 Symptom and Quality-of-Life Status 1 Year After
quality of life.
                                                           James B. Spies, MD, Evan R. Myers, MD, MPH,
                                                           Robert Worthington-Kirsch, MD, Jyotsna Mulgund,
                “This registry data is great news
                                                           MS, Scott Goodwin, MD, and Matthew Mauro,
                for women. With uterine fibroid            MD, for the FIBROID Registry Investigators*
                embolization, we could signifi-           VOL. 106, NO. 6, DECEMBER 2005,
                cantly decrease the hysterectomy          OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY
                rate in the United States.”
                                                        4. Uterine Artery Embolization for Treatment
                —Scott Goodwin, MD                         of Leiomyomata
Scott Goodwin, MD                                          Long-Term Outcomes From the FIBROID Registry
                                                           Scott C. Goodwin, MD, James B. Spies, MD, Robert
                                                           Worthington-Kirsch, MD, Eric Peterson, MD, MPH,
                                                           Gaylene Pron, PhD, Shuang Li, MS, and Evan R.
                                                           Myers, MD, MPH, for the Fibroid Registry for Out-
                                                           comes Data (FIBROID) Registry Steering Committee
                                                           and Core Site Investigators*
                                                          VOL. 111, NO. 1, JANUARY 2008,
                                                          OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY

                    “This registry is one of the few efforts ever undertaken to study
                    the efficacy of a procedure as it is disseminated into broad
                    practice, and this is the first such effort for a fibroid therapy.”
                                                                                           James B. Spies, MD

                           UAE FIBROID Registry Site Investigators
                           SIR Foundation and the UAE FIBROID Registry Steering Committee would like to recognize and con-
                           gratulate each of the following site investigators for their participation. Each site investigator volunteered his
                           or her time and resources to participate in and contribute to the success of the UAE FIBROID Registry.

                           Core Site Investigators                Mahmood Razavi, MD                     Participating Site Investigators
                                                                  Stanford University Hospital           (US)
                           James Benenati, MD                     Anne Roberts, MD
                           Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute                                          Philip Amatulle, MD
                                                                  University of California San Diego
                           Joseph Bonn, MD                        Medical Center                         Vassar Brothers Hospital
                           Thomas Jefferson University Hospital                                          Brian Baghdady, MD
                                                                  William Romano, MD
                           David Brophy, MD                       William Beaumont Hospital              Spartanburg Radiologic Associates
                           Mount Auburn Hospital                                                         Steven D. Brantley, MD
                                                                  Rajinder Sharma, MD
                           Jeffrey Dieden, MD                     Henry Ford Hospital                    Quantum Radiology
                           Kaiser Medical Center                                                         Jan Brekke, MD
                                                                  Richard Shlansky-
                           Karen Ehrman, MD                       Goldberg, MD                           Thunderbird Samaritan Medical
                           Methodist Hospital                     Hospital of the University of          Center
                                                                  Pennsylvania                           Abbas Chamsuddin, MD
                           Mark Garcia, MD
                           Christiana Care Health Services        David Siegel, MD                       The Regional Memphis College of
                                                                  Long Island Jewish Medical Center      Medicine
                           Joseph Gemmete, MD
                           University of Michigan                 Gary Siskin, MD                        Lee R. Christensen, MD
                                                                  Albany Medical Center                  St. Francis Hospital and Health
                           Michael Hines, MD                                                             Care Center
                           Kaiser Permanente Hospital             Steven Smith, MD
                                                                  LaGrange Memorial Hospital             Mark Cockerill, MD
                           David Hovsepian, MD                                                           Sentara Virginia Beach General
                           Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology    James B. Spies, MD                     Hospital
                                                                  Georgetown University Hospital
research. education.

                           Hyun Kim, MD                                                                  Gregory J. Dubel, MD
                           Johns Hopkins Hospital                 Keith Sterling, MD                     Rhode Island and the Miriam
                                                                  INOVA Alexandria Hospital              Hospital
                           John Lipman, MD
                           Radiology Associates of Atlanta        Robert Vogelzang, MD                   Jackeline Gomez-Jorge, MD
                                                                  Northwestern Memorial Hospital         University of Miami/Jackson
                           Robert Min, MD
                           Cornell Vascular-New York              Robert Worthington-                    Memorial Medical Center
                           Presbyterian Hospital                  Kirsch, MD                             Gregory Gordon, MD
                                                                  Delaware Valley Imaging                St. Luke’s Hospital
                           James Newman, MD
                           Cleveland Clinic Foundation            Moises Yoselevitz, MD                  Peter B. Hathaway, MD
                                                                  Ochsner Clinic Foundation              St. Mark’s Hospital
                           Gerald Niedzwiecki, MD
                           Mease Countryside Hospital                                                    David A. Henry, MD
                                                                                                         St. Francis Hospital

                                                                        SIR Foundation           Annual Review   07

Laura J. Hodges, MD                    Howard M. Richard III, MD           Participating Site Investigators
Greenwich Hospital                     University of Maryland              (International)
                                       Medical System
Trevor N. Hooper, MD
Gainesville Radiology Group, PC        Marcos Roffe, MD                    Raymond Ashleigh, MD
                                       St. Agnes Healthcare                South Manchester University
Keith Horton, MD                                                           Hospitals NHA Trust
Washington Hospital Center             Folco Scappaticci, MD
                                       Bristol Hospital                    Man-Kwong Chan, MD
Linda Hughes, MD                                                           Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Holy Cross Hospital                    Douglas C. Smith, MD
                                       Loma Linda University Medical       John Clouston, MD
Darren Hurst, MD                                                           Wesley Hospital
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
                                       Efstathios Spinos, MD               Neil Davies, MD
Neal Joseph, MD                                                            Royal Free Hospital
                                       Chippenham and Johnston-Willis
Memorial Regional Hospital
                                       Medical Center                      Simon Girling, MD
Gregory Karnaze, MD                                                        Norfolk and Norwich
Austin Radiological Association
                                       Brett Storm, MD
                                       Tallahassee Memorial Hospital       University Hospital
David J. Kastan, MD                                                        Brian Hardy, MD
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
                                       John E. Sunderland, MD
                                       Caritas Medical Center              University of Manitoba
G. Kelman, MD                                                              JG Moss, MD
West Boca Medical Center
                                       Joel Tennenhouse, MD
                                       St. John’s Hospital                 Gartnavel Hospital
Paul M. Kiproff, MD                                                        Anthony A. Nicholson, MD
Allegheny General Hospital
                                       Corito S. Tolentino, MD
                                       El Camino                           Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals
Brian McInroy, MD                                                          Trust
Holy Spirit Hospital
                                       Jonathan Uy, MD
                                       Franciscan Skemp Healthcare         Grant D. K. Urquhart, MD
Steven Meranze, MD                                                         Southern General Hospital
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
                                       Thomas Velling, MD
                                       Hoag Memorial Hospital
Michael Miller, MD                     Presbyterian
Latrobe Area Hospital
                                       Evert-Jan Verschuyl, MD
Adrian C. Moger, MD                    Providence St. Peter Hospital
Mercy Hospital
                                       Kurt H. Wetzler, MD
Brian Morrow, MD                       Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
                                       Bret N. Wiechmann, MD
John L. Nosher, MD                     North Florida Regional Medical
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson              Center
Medical School
                                       James A. York, MD
Carroll C. Overton, MD                 Gwinnett Medical Center
Wake Medical Center
                                       Alan Zakheim, MD
Steven H. Peck, MD                     Englewood Hospital and
Rose Medical Center                    Medical Center
Donald Ponec, MD                       Darryl A. Zuckerman, MD
Tri-City Medical Center                University Hospital
Douglas Powell, MD
Hillcrest Medical Center
                                 Interventional Oncology Registry
                                 The Interventional Oncology (IO) Registry is the first phase of a larger data collection effort to gather
                                 information on a variety of interventional radiology procedures. The IO Registry is a web-based data-
                                 base designed to initially collect 30 day complications following thermal ablation of lung, bone and
                                 kidney tumors. However, the registry will ultimately contain procedural as well as demographic data
                                 to allow for long term follow up in the future. It is expected that 30 day data collection will com-
                                 mence in 2008.

                                 George Holland, MD, Chair              Gary Dorfman, MD                            Michael Soulen, MD
                                 Kamran Ahrar, MD                       Debra Gervais, MD                           Stephen Solomon, MD
                                 Matthew Callstrom, MD                  S. Nahum Goldberg, MD                       James Spies, MD
                                 Damian Dupuy, MD                       Ricardo Lencioni, MD                        Jeremy Weiss, DO
                                                                        Peter Littrup, MD                           Bradford Johns Wood, MD

                                 Acute Venous Thrombosis: Transatlantic
                                 Thrombus Removal with    Asymptomatic Carotid
                                 Adjunctive Catheter-     Intervention Trial (TACIT)
     Suresh Vedantham, MD,
ATTRACT Principal Investigator   directed Thrombolysis    In 2007 SIR Foundation, thru CAIRR, and in
                                 (ATTRACT)                collaboration with CIRSE, worked to refine the
                                                          TACIT protocol and to further develop this
                                 In 2004, CAIRR convened a multidisciplinary               pivotal clinical research trial aimed at studying
                                 meeting of prominent venous disease experts to            patients with asymptomatic high grade carotid
                                 establish and prioritize a research agenda for            artery stenosis treated with medical therapy alone
                                 endovascular venous thromboembolism (VTE)                 or in combination with carotid revascularization.
   research. education.

                                 interventions that included basic science/technol-        TACIT was presented and discussed during the
                                 ogy research, pilot clinical studies, and pivotal clin-   FDA’s Circulatory System Devices Panel of the
                                 ical trials. The panel recommended that the most          Medical Devices Advisory Committee meeting in
                                 pressing research need in VTE was an acute DVT            October. SIR Foundation continues to support
                                 trial comparing best medical therapy with the cur-        the development of TACIT and the efforts of the
                                 rent best interventional clot removal method. The         investigators to secure funding.
                                 proceedings of the meeting and the conclusions of
                                 the Panel were published in the Journal of Vascular
                                 and Interventional Radiology in 2005.

                                 In 2006, SIR Foundation worked in collaboration
                                 with Dr. Suresh Vedantham from the Washington
                                 University School of Medicine to develop the                                        Barry Katzen, MD,
                                                                                           John Rundback, MD,
                                 ATTRACT trial in response to the recommenda-              Principal Investigator    U.S. Study Chair
                                 tion of the expert panel. ATTRACT was submitted
                                 to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
                                 (NHLBI) for funding consideration.
                                                                    SIR Foundation              Annual Review   07

Development of a Research Agenda in
Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters
The SIR Foundation carefully selects Research         I   Prophylaxis of VTE
Consensus Panel (RCP) topics using targeted sur-      I   How vena cava filters are used today
veys of the SIR membership, conversations with
key interventional thought leaders, SIR and SIR
                                                      I   The outcomes of vena cava filters
Foundation strategic plans, and evaluations of fed-   I   The filter as a risk factor for VTE
eral and other funding agencies. In 2007, CAIRR       I   Homogenizing heterogeneous data on outcomes
convened an RCP in the area of IVC Filters.           I   Are all IVC filters the same?
A multidisciplinary panel of experts convened         I   Designing VTE Trials—A New Paradigm
in June, 2007 to identify research priorities in      The outcome of the meeting is a prioritized list
the field of IVC filters, to discuss innovative       of research needs in the field of IVC filters and a
research areas for further investigation and          strategy for further investigation, which is
evaluation, and to identify gaps in the current       published in the Journal of Vascular and
body of knowledge and suggest research that           Interventional Radiology.
might address these gaps. Topics presented and
discussed by the panel included:
I   Natural history of Venous Thromboembolism
I   Current status of therapy of VTE

      The RCP provided an excellent opportunity for a diverse spectrum of
      forward-looking VTE research leaders to plot the near future of clinical
      research in IVC filters. Like other RCPs that have been organized by
      the SIR Foundation, I expect this seminal meeting to result in enduring
      multidisciplinary collaborations that ultimately change clinical
      practice, with IRs playing key leadership roles.
                                                                                  Suresh Vedantham, MD

                            IVC Filter Research Consensus Panel
                            John A. Kaufman, MD, Chair                John Rectenwald, MD
                            University of Oregon                      University of Michigan
                            John H. Rundback, MD, Co-Moderator        Frederick B. Rogers, MD
                            Holy Name Hospital                        University of Vermont
                            Stephen T. Kee, MD, Co-Moderator          S. William Stavropoulos, MD
                            University of California at Los Angeles   University of Pennsylvania
                            William Geerts, MD                        Michael Streiff, MD
                            University of Toronto                     Johns Hopkins University
research. education.

                            David Gillespie, MD                       Suresh Vedantham, MD
                            Walter Reed Army Medical                  Washington University
                            Susan R. Kahn, MD, MSc                    Anthony Venbrux, MD
                            McGill University                         George Washington University
                            Clive Kearon, MB, PhD
                            McMaster University

                                     The SIR Foundation clearly has experience with the Research
                                     Consensus Panel format, drawing together such a diverse and
                                     distinguished panel to participate.
                                                                                David L. Gillespie MD, COL, MC, USA

                                                                     SIR Foundation           Annual Review   07

Clinical Research Division
Cooperative Alliance in Interventional Radiology Research (CAIRR)
                      The Clinical Research Division oversees and develops strategy for all SIR
                      Foundation clinical research activities. SIR Foundation sponsored registries
                      and CAIRR Clinical Research Initiatives promote the development of clinical
                      research and expand the number of experienced and funded IR investigators.
                      The Clinical Research Division, is committed to fostering clinical researchers
                      and increasing IR involvement in clinical research and registry development.

John Rundback, MD

Research Education Division
                      The Research Education Division created a
                                                                         Task Force Members
                      task force in 2007 and developed a survey
                      to assess the types of knowledge and training      Michael Soulen, MD, Chair
                      desired by potential researchers in the field of   P. Mack Consigny, PhD
                                                                         Erik Cressman, MD, PhD
                      IR and the educational formats desired. The
                                                                         Aravind Arepally, MD
                      results will be compiled into a report and
                                                                         Filip Banovac, MD
                      utilized by the task force to develop and          Lawrence Hofmann, MD
Michael Soulen, MD    implement research education initiatives           Klaus Hagspiel, MD
Chair                 and programs to better serve those interested      Charles Semba, MD
                      in interventional radiology research.

Research Policy Division
                           The Research Policy Division oversees a series of programs which aim to ad-
                           vance interventional radiology through research and education. This includes
                           introducing highly talented students to interventional radiology through sum-
                           mer research grants and working with the National Institutes of Health and
                           other agencies to expand research funding for minimally invasive procedures.
                           All of these programs recognize the crucial impact of investigator initiated
                           research and how these dedicated individuals move the field forward. These
James R. Duncan, MD, PhD   investigators collect evidence of how current minimally invasive therapies
Chair                      impact patient care. These investigators also create knowledge through their
                           development of new techniques and therapies.

                               Research Policy Committee
                               James R. Duncan, MD,                  Kevin Cleary, PhD                     S. Nahum Goldberg, MD
                               PhD, Chair                            Georgetown University                 Beth Israel Deaconess
                               Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology                                         Medical Center
                                                                     William C. Culp, MD
                               Filip Banovac, MD                     University of Arkansas for            David C. Madoff, MD
                               Georgetown University                 Medical Sciences                      U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
                               Haraldur Bjarnason, MD                Erik Cressman, MD, PhD                Gordon McLennan, MD
                               St. Mary’s Hospital                   University of Minnesota               Indiana University Hospital
                                                                     Medical School
                               John F. Cardella, MD                                                        Reed A. Omary, MD, MS
                               University of Colorado Health         Julia Gates, MD                       Northwestern University
                               Sciences Center                       Tufts University
                                                                                                           Riad Salem, MD, MBA
                                                                                                           Northwestern Memorial Hospital

                               Grant Review Subcommittee
                               The Grant Review Subcommittee develops and administers the Foundation’s grant programs and oversees
                               the Foundation’s peer review process for grant applications. Specifically, this subcommittee is responsible
                               for oversight of the grant review process, the development and revision of grant program guidelines, mem-
                               bership of the Grant Review Study Section, assignment of grants to reviewers, and final grant funding rec-
                               ommendations to the Board.

                               Reed Omary, MD, MS, Chair                                Klaus Hagspiel, MD
                               Northwestern University                                  University of Virginia
research. education.

                               Aravind Arepally, MD                                     Andrew Larson, PhD
                               Johns Hopkins Hospital                                   Northwestern University

                             “It was a great honor to participate in the study section with members
                            who are well respected in the research community. The study section
                            provided junior researchers with the opportunity to learn from those who
                            have participated in IR research for many years.”
                                                                                                                            Julia Gates, MD

                                                                      SIR Foundation              Annual Review   07

2007 Grant Review Study Section
In an effort to expedite and streamline the review of grant applications submitted to SIR Foundation,
the Research Policy Committee implemented an NIH study section format for the 2007 grant cycle.
Chaired by Drs. Kenneth Wright and Reed Omary, the study section convened during the SIR
Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle to discuss the applications and determine funding. During this
meeting, individual study section members were asked to serve as primary reviewers of a grant appli-
cation based upon their area of expertise. Recommendations based on study section scores resulted in
nine grants receiving funding by SIR Foundation.

Reed Omary, MD, MS, Chair             Julia Gates, MD                       Timothy McCowan, MD
Northwestern University               Tufts University                      University of Arkansas for
                                                                            Medical Sciences
Kenneth Wright, PhD, Chair            Jeff Geschwind, MD
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center           Johns Hopkins Hospital                Sonia Pujol, PhD
                                                                            Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Aravind Arepally, MD                  Amanjit Gill, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital                University of Texas Medical           John Rundback, MD
                                      Branch                                Holy Name Hospital, Columbia
Filip Banovac, MD
Georgetown University Hospital        Craig Glaiberman, MD
Haraldur Bjarnason, MD                Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology   Riad Salem, MD, MBA
                                                                            Northwestern Memorial Hospital
St. Mary’s Hospital                   Ihab Kamel, MD
Kevin Cleary, PhD                     Johns Hopkins Hospital                Kent Sato, MD
                                                                            Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Georgetown University Hospital        Krishna Kandarpa, MD, PhD
Douglas Coldwell, MD                  University of Massachusetts           Richard Shlansky-
University of Texas Medical Branch
                                      Memorial Medical Center               Goldberg, MD
                                                                            University of Pennsylvania
Erik Cressman, MD, PhD                Stephen Kee, MD
                                                                            Medical Center
                                      UCLA Medical Center
University of Minnesota Medical
School                                David Madoff, MD                      Kevin Sullivan, MD
                                                                            Thomas Jefferson
                                      U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
William Culp, MD                                                            University Hospital
University of Arkansas for Medical    Alan Matsumoto, MD
Sciences                              University of Virginia
                                                                            Daniel Sze, MD, PhD
                                                                            Stanford University Medical Center
                                      Health System
James Duncan, MD, PhD
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

                            SIR Foundation Grant Recipients
                            Nine Investigators Receive Funds to Further Research in IR
                            Dr. Ernest J. Ring Academic Development Grant Program

                            T  he Dr. Ernest J. Ring Academic Development Grant Program is designed to
                               provide support to junior interventional radiology faculty members early in their
                            academic careers to allow time for the conduct of research. An important goal for the
                            grant recipient is obtaining subsequent additional funding from other sources, e.g,
                            National Institutes of Health (NIH).

                                        Erik Cressman, MD, PhD                                Robert Liddell, MD
                                        University of Minnesota                               Johns Hopkins University
                                        Thermochemical Ablation: A New                        Magnetoencapuslated Hepatocytes for
                                        Frontier in Interventional Oncology                   MR Guided Delivery and Tracking

                            Dr. Cressman is investigating a completely new       Dr. Liddell is currently conducting research on
                            method of tissue ablation from in vitro studies to   MR guided delivery and tracking of encapsulated
                            in vivo application. He is using a prototype coax-   hepatocytes in swine model of fulminant liver
                            ial delivery device assembled from readily avail-    failure. He and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins
                            able components first in a gel model devised in      are using novel techniques of encapsulation to
                            his laboratory and later in vivo under CT guid-      immunoprotect and label immortalized hepato-
                            ance in a swine model. Simple acid-base reactions    cytes prior to MR guided delivery. This project
                            result in local production of very hot, extremely    will explore novel methods of cell encapsulation
                            hyperosmolar solutions to ablate tissues while       and MR guided transplantation. As new cellular
                            producing only minimal systemic effects from         therapies are starting to find clinical utility in the
                            the salts and water that are produced. This new      treatment of such diseases as Parkinson’s disease
                            method addresses limitations of single modality      and diabetes mellitus, we hope our novel encapsu-
research. education.

                            therapies by combining heat with chemical abla-      lation and delivery methods deliver a significant
                            tion for more effective treatment of tumors.         improvement in engraftment rates while eliminat-
                                                                                 ing the need for immunosuppressant therapy.

                            Pilot Research Grant Program

                            TthePilot Foundation as important istodesigned atospecificresearch in areas identified by
                                       Research Grant Program                  fund
                                                                    the advancement of interventional radiology
                            and patient care. These grants generally address            hypothesis and generate
                            preliminary data that could be used to justify or strengthen subsequent comprehen-
                            sive applications to national peer-reviewed funding agencies.

                                                                    SIR Foundation             Annual Review   07

             Hyun Kim, MD                                            Kent Sato, MD
             Johns Hopkins University                                Northwestern University
             MR Guided Cryoablation of Uterine                       TRIP-MRI Monitoring of Radiofre-
             Leiomyoma: A Clinical Trial with                        quency Ablation of Liver Tumors in
             Histopathological Correlation                           Rabbits

Dr. Kim is enhancing the understanding of MR            Dr. Sato will use TRIP-MRI, an innovative new
guidance and parameter for monitoring, and as-          technique used to quantify tissue perfusion, to
sessing the feasibility of cryoablation in the treat-   evaluate the immediate perfusion changes in rabbit
ment of uterine leiomyomata. Future objectives of       liver tumors following radiofrequency ablation.
this research include the optimization of minimally     The goals of this study are to determine if TRIP-
invasive cryoablation in uterine leiomyoma treat-       MRI can detect changes in tumor perfusion during
ment based on histopathological correlation, lead-      the ablation procedure and to see if this technique
ing to improved patient outcome.                        can identify areas of the tumor which have not
                                                        been completely treated, based on the perfusion
                                                        data. Ultimately, this technique may be useful in
                                                        improving the prognosis of human patients with
                                                        liver tumors who undergo this procedure by iden-
                                                        tifying any areas of residual tumor which have not
                                                        been included in the ablation margin.

Clinical Fellowship Research Training Program Grant

T   he Clinical Fellowship Training Program Grant is designed to provide research
    project support funds to interventional radiology departments for the purpose of
providing research training and experience opportunities for interventional radiology
clinical fellows during their fellowship. Through this grant, interventional radiology
fellows will enhance their insight into scientific investigation and develop their com-
petence in state-of-the-art experimental design, conduct and presentation.
             Timothy Murphy, MD                         will learn all aspects of clinical trial conduct in-
             Brown University                           cluding clinical trial design, recruitment, coor-
              The Clinical Fellowship                   dination of clinical sites, regulatory issues, data
              Research Training Program Grant           management, core lab functions, and how to
              will allow Drs. Michael Jaimes,           obtain research funding.
Douglas Tsai, and Todd Durham to work with
their mentor, Dr.Timothy Murphy, in the Vas-                         David Agarwal, MD
cular Disease Research Center on some of the                         Indiana University
most important ongoing and planned clinical                          Assessment of Microvascular Circula-
trials in peripheral arterial disease (PAD), in-                     tion in the Kidney after Transient
cluding the NIH-sponsored Claudication: Ex-                          Renal Ischemia
ercise Vs. Endoluminal Revascularization                IR Fellow Dr. Van Young, with Drs. Agarwal and
(CLEVER) Study, Cardiovascular Outcomes                 Gordon McLennan, is catheterizing the renal arter-
with Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions (CORAL)              ies of Ossabaw swine with induced metabolic syn-
Study, and the Carotid Revascularization En-            drome. Renal arteries are occluded for one hour,
darterectomy vs. Stenting Trial (CREST). They           with flow in the artery measured before and after      15
                            David Agarwal, MD, continued from page 15

                            occlusion. The microvascular environment in the        spasm and occlusion than outbred swine. Three of
                            kidney is assessed after reperfusion with functional   four Ossabaw swine had completely irreversible
                            imaging of vascularity and ex-vivo histology. CT       occlusion of their renal arteries while none of the
                            data of renal artery perfusion is currently being      outbred swine had occlusions.
                            analyzed. Ossabaw swine are much more prone to

                            Medical Student Research Grant

                            The MedicalSIRsummer researchGrant is conductedtoby a medicalofstudentresearch
                            identified by
                                          Student Research
                               by funding a                 project
                                                                    designed foster an interest in
                                                                                                   in an area
                                             Foundation as important to the advancement interventional
                            radiology and patient care.

                                         Bradley Barnett                           to facilitate safe and effective gene therapy for
                                         Johns Hopkins University                  patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. As a step
                                         Endovascular Treatment of                 toward the latter, the Hofmann Laboratory has
                                         Aneurysms with EmboGel in                 successfully developed and validated an ortho-
                                         conjunction with AlgiNet                  topic HCC small animal model using biolumi-
                                                                                   nescence imaging (BLI), positron emission
                            Mr. Barnett explored the use of the hydrogel
                                                                                   tomography (PET), and ultrasound. This model
                            alginate as an embolic agent. Working with
                                                                                   will permit high throughput bioluminescence
                            Dr. Philippe Gailloud, they developed a novel
                                                                                   measurements of in vivo, non-viral DNA trans-
                            radioopaque alginate that can be delivered in
                                                                                   fection efficiency. Future studies will introduce a
                            strand form and safely and selectively dissolved
                                                                                   therapeutic gene that can be monitored by PET.
                            in vivo. They explored the use of this hydrogel
                            to treat arteriovenous malformations, cere-                         Kumapley Lartevi
                            brovascular aneurysms and aortic aneurysms.                         Medical College of Virginia/
                            The technology resulting from this research has                     Virginia Commonwealth University
                            been optioned by a major medical company.                           Splenic Artery Embolization in
research. education.

                                                                                                the Blunt Trauma Patient: Splenic
                                         Luke Higgins                              Salvage Rate and Radiation Dose of Proximal Em-
                                         Stanford University                       bolization when compared to Distal Embolization
                                         Analysis of Gene Expression and Dif-
                                         ferentiation in MR-Labeled Adipose-       Mr. Lartevi retrospectively compared fluoroscopy
                                         derived Stromal Cells                     time as well as patient outcomes for proximal vs.
                                                                                   distal splenic artery embolization. A future objec-
                            Mr. Higgins has developed a novel non-viral vec-       tive of this research is to compile similar data from
                            tor for in vitro transfection of hepatoma cells and    other institutes and perform a meta analysis.
                            hepatocytes: a mixture of protamine (P; a DNA
                            condensing agent), ethiodized oil (E; an agent
                            with affinity for hepatoma cells), and DNA.
                            This non-viral vector can be tailored for selective
                            hepatoma cell transfection and has the potential

                                                                  SIR Foundation            Annual Review       07

Leaders in Innovation                                                                                        Awards
Robert White, Jr., MD, Honored with 2007 Leaders in Innovation Award

The Leaders ininnovations that affect devices, atechniques andwho conceptualizes and
                Innovation Award recognizes SIR member
                                                              clinical practice models.

                During his years at Johns            Dr. White served SIR as president from 1984 to
                Hopkins University, Robert           1985 and has since continued to lead the specialty
                White, MD, participated in the       in clinical care and practice building. His concept
                development of four procedures       of multidiscipline care for the treatment of heredi-
                new to the U.S.: occlusions of       tary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) has been
                pulmonary arteriovenous malfor-      adopted by physicians across the globe and he has
                mation (PAVM), occlusion of          successfully organized 21 international HHT
varicocele, pulmonary valvuloplasty and balloon      Centers and ten centers in North America. Dr.
dilatation of coarctation restenosis.                White is currently the Director of the Yale Univer-
                                                     sity Vascular Malformation Clinical and Research
Dr. White has authored 249 peer-reviewed pub-        Group, a “center without walls” which includes
lications and is a member of nine medical soci-      physicians from seven medical disciplines.
eties. He was awarded the SIR Gold Medal in
2000 and, in 2003, delivered both the Seventh        Dr. White’s career has been a superior illustration
Annual Charles J. Tegtmeyer Lecture at ISET          of quality care and clinical practice, and he contin-
and the David A. Dines Lecture at the Mayo           ues to teach by example, focusing on the impor-
Clinic. In 1985, White delivered the Eugene          tance of gathering a thorough patient history and
Pendergrass New Horizons lecture at RSNA,            making follow-up a part of every patient’s care.
during which he stressed the importance of inter-
ventional radiologists caring for patients before,
during and after a procedure.

Michael Soulen, MD, Chair, SIR Foundation Research Education Divi-
sion, described Dr. White by stating, “Bob’s distinguishing contribu-
tion is that while others talked, he created a formal clinical service
within a major academic training center, published on its structure and
success, and propagated it through the specialty.”

                            Dr. Charles T. Dotter Lecturer
                                        Michael Dake, MD, has learned that the power of knowledge is in sharing it, and in
                                        doing so he has become an ambassador for interventional radiology. With more than
                                        1600 invited presentations, 206 peer-reviewed journal publications, 83 book chapters,
                                        and 420 published abstracts, Dr. Dake has clearly established his legacy of sharing knowl-
                            edge. He has served as the principal investigator on 23 national clinical trials, and mentored many
                            trainees, three of whom earned the SIR Foundation’s Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award
                            (1999, 2002 and 2006).

                            The annual Dr. Charles T. Dotter Lecturer award honors an early pioneer in interventional radiology
                            who has made extraordinary contributions to the specialty. Each year this honor is extended to an accom-
                            plished radiologist for his or her extraordinary career achievement and contributions to the specialty.

                            Dr. Constatin Cope Medical Student Research Award

                            T  he purpose of the award is to introduce interested medical students to the greater
                               interventional radiology community at the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting. The
                            intent is to recognize the student author of an accepted abstract that best honors the
                            spirit of inventiveness and scientific purity. The following individuals were recog-
                            nized in 2007:
                            John B.M. Chung—University of Alberta                 Bradley Barnett—Johns Hopkins University,
                            Medical Center, Alberta, Canada                       Baltimore, MD
                            Endovascular Repair of Acute and Chronic Trau-        Real Time MR—Guided Delivery and
                            matic Thoracic Aortic Injuries: A Comparative         Imaging of Human Islets Immunoprotected by
                            Study with Open Surgery                               Magnetocapsule

                            Emily T. Cooper—University of Pennsylvania
research. education.

                            School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
                            Impact of Tip Culture on Management of
                            Infected Tunneled Dialysis Catheters

                                                               SIR Foundation           Annual Review   07

Resident/Fellow Research Award
SIR Foundation Awards Honor Residents and Fellows

The Resident/FellowisResearch Awardscientific research atwishresidents andScientifican
  opportunity to attend and present
                                     is designed to provide

Meeting. The intent to expose young researchers, who
                                                          the SIR Annual

                                                              to further their careers
in interventional radiology, to the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting.

Colin P. Cantwell, MD—Mater Misericordiae          Eleni Liapi, MD—Johns Hopkins Hospital,
University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland               Baltimore, MD
Radiofrequency Ablation of Bone with Cooled        Serial Assessment of VX-2 Tumor Response to
Probes and Impedance Control Energy Delivery       Intra-arterial Infusion of 3-bromopyruvate by
in a Pig Model                                     FDG PET/CT Imaging

Darren P. Lum, MD—University of Wisconsin
Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI
Renal CT Perfusion in Treatment of a Swine Model
of Unilateral Renal Artery Stenosis: Validation
with Microspheres

Grant Recipient Publications
2007 SIR Foundation Sponsored Research

Konya A, Choi B, Van Pelt, C, Wright K.            Levy EB, Zhang H, Lindisch D, Wood BJ,
Transcatheter Arterial Embolization of Renal       Cleary K. Electromagnetic Tracking-Guided
VX-2 Carcinoma: Ethiodol-Ethanol Capillary         Percutaneous Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
Embolization Combined with Carboplatin.            Creation in a Swine Model. J Vasc Interv Radiol.
Korean J Radiol. 2007 Apr; 8(2):136-147.           2007; 18:303-307.

Petersen EJ, Miyoshi T, Yuan Z, Hirohata S, Li     Madoff DC, Gupta S, Pillsbury EP, Kan Z, Tin-
JZ, Shi W, Angle JF. siRNA silencing reveals       key PT, Stephens LC, et al. Transarterial versus
role of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in       transhepatic portal vein embolization to induce
vascular smooth muscle cell migration. Athero-     hepatic hypertrophy: a comparative study in
sclerosis. In press.                               swine. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2007; 18:79-93.

Soulez G, Lerouge S, Salazkin I, Oliva VL,         Wood BJ, Locklin JK, Viswanathan A, Kruecker
Raymond J. Type I leaks and collateral flow in     J, Haemmerich D, Cebral J, et al. Technologies
experimental aneurysm models treated with          for guidance of radiofrequency ablation in the
stent-grafts. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2007;          multimodality interventional suite of the future.
18(2):265-272.                                     J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2007 Jan; 18(1 Pt 1):9-24.

                                          Dear Esteemed Colleagues,                As you peruse the Annual Review you will
                                                                                   see that the SIR Foundation has a long track
                                            The SIR Foundation has reason          record—back to its days as CIRREF—of apply-
                                             to celebrate: 2007 was a year         ing charitable gifts from members and industry
                                               of unprecedented giving by          to break new ground and leverage additional
                                                individual SIR members.            support on behalf of interventional radiology.
                                                The genesis for this gen-
                                                 erosity is the SIR Founda-        When approached about co-chairing this multi-
                                                 tion Discovery Campaign.          year effort to fund several important Foundation
                                                                                   strategic initiatives, neither of us hesitated to say,
                                                   In the upcoming year, we’ll     “Yes.” The case was the same for our dedicated
                                                  be communicating with you        Honorary Co-chairs and the members of our
                                                  regularly about the important    Leadership Gifts Committee.
                                                  work of the Foundation and
                            the ambitious goals of the Discovery Campaign.         We look forward to speaking with you about this
                            As you learn more, we hope that you’ll make a          truly meaningful campaign. Plan to join with us
                            personal financial investment in a truly worthwhile    and our colleagues who have already pledged
                            endeavor: the advancement of interventional radi-      their support as we secure the future of our
                            ology and its resulting transformation of the prac-    profession by investing in it.
                            tice of medicine. Supporting the SIR Foundation
                                                                                   Thank you for your consideration.
                            through the Discovery Campaign is important for
                            the advancement of the specialty and will benefit      Sincerely,
                            IRs in both academic and clinical practice settings.

                                                                               Frederick S. Keller, MD             Anne C. Roberts, MD
                                                                                      Co-Chairs, SIR Foundation Discovery Campaign
research. education.

                            SIR Foundation recognizes those who have pledged their support to the Discovery Campaign
                            Eamonn Hobbs                        Kathy Krol, MD                        Charles Ray Jr., MD
                            John Cardella, MD                   Marshall Hicks, MD                    John Kaufman, MD
                            Kurt Amplatz, MD                    Stephen Kee, MD                       Peter Lauer, CAE
                            Barry Katzen, MD                    Thomas Sos, MD                        Arthur Waltman, MD
                            Frederick Keller, MD                Tim Murphy, MD                        Mark Wholey, MD
                            Matthew Mauro, MD                   Curtis Bakal, MD                      Richard Duszak, MD
                            James Spies, MD                     Gordon McLennan, MD                   Christoph Binkert, MD
                            Timothy Maroney, MD                 Mahmood Razavi, MD                    Jeanne LeBerge, MD
                            David Sacks, MD                     James Duncan, MD                      Ziv Haskal, MD
                            Janette Durham, MD                  Eric Martin, MD                       John Fulco, MD
                            Anne Roberts, MD                    James Benenati, MD                    Ricardo Barboza, MD
                            Joseph Bonn, MD                     William Rilling, MD                   Shawn McMillan
                            Michael Darcy, MD                   Constantin Cope, MD                   Donald Miller, MD
                            John Rundback, MD                   Michael Soulen, MD                    Carolyn Strain, MA, MS
                            Brian Stainken, MD                  James Husted, MD                      Michael Edwards, MD

                                          SIR Foundation         Annual Review   07

Annual Fund Contributors for 2007

$1,000 +
            Kurt Amplatz, MD                 Thomas J. Maginot, MD
            BioSphere Medical Inc.           Timothy P. Maroney, MD
            Gary J. Becker, MD               James F. McGuckin, Jr., MD
            Joseph Bonn, MD                  Franklin J. Miller, Jr., MD
            Central Carolina Angio Club      Peter K. Mygdal, MD
            Constantin Cope, MD              Terry L. Reynolds, MD
            Covidien                         David H. Ring, Jr., MD
            Andrew H. Cragg, MD              David Sacks, MD
            William C. Culp, MD              Gary Shaw, MD
            Gregg M. Gaylord, MD             Sadashiv S. Shenoy, MD
            Colleen P. Harker, MD            James B. Spies, MD
            Anthony N. Hein, MD              Brian F. Stainken, MD
            Thomas J. Herald                 Bradley T. Strnad, MD
            William Thomas Jacoby, MD        Frank C. Taylor, MD
            Philip Johnson, MD               John JT Thomas, MD
            Frederick S. Keller, MD          John C. Tonkin, MD
            Peter B. Lauer, CAE              Clayton K. Trimmer, DO
            Stephen P. Lee, MD               Robert I. White, Jr., MD
            P. Wes Lewis, MD                 Myron M. Wojtowycz, MD
            Donald R. Logan, MD

 Up to
            Steven M. Amberson, MD           Katharine L. Krol, MD
            Curtis W. Bakal, MD, MPH         Paul J. Lee, MD

            Filip Banovac, MD                Daniel E. Lucas, MD
            Ricardo B. Barboza, MD           Charles E. Martin, Jr., MD
            John W. Barton, MD               Terence A. S. Matalon, MD
            Leonard F. Berliner, MD          John G. McGue, MD
            Davender Bhardwaj, MD            Robert J. Min, MD
            Robert E. Binek, MD              Thea C. Moran, MD
            Stephen D. Brown, MD             Sanjiv R. Parikh, MD
            David W. Bynum, MD               Christoph Pohl, MD
            Steven J. Citron, MD             Zachary Rattner, MD
            Andrew B. Crummy, MD             Mark Jason Sands, MD
            David J. Eschelman, MD           Jeanne R. Schwartz, MD
            Stephen L. Ferrara, MD           Leigh S. Shuman, MD
            Mark John Girard, MD, MBA        Ezequiel Silva, MD
            Craig B. Glaiberman, MD          Tony P. Smith, MD
            S. Nahum Goldberg, MD            Coralli R. So, MD
            Roger L. Gonda, Jr., MD          Gregory M. Soares, MD
            Arturo D. Gonzalez, MD           Timothy L. Swan, MD
            Noel C. Haskins, MD              Thomas N. Thompson, MD, PhD
            Robert A. Hieb, MD               Chandrasekar Venugopal, MD
            Jeffrey Scott Hilger, MD         Niksa Vlasic, MD
            Eric A. Huettl, MD               David M. Widlus, MD
            David W. Hunter, MD              Bret N. Wiechmann, MD
            Eric A. Hyson, MD                Philip M. Wildenhain, MD
            Jacqueline P. Jahnke, MD         Matthew B. Wilson, MD               21
               Annual Fund   Philip A. Adler, MD              David A. Henry, MD              Vikash Prasad, MD
                             C. V. Alexander, Jr., MD         Brent D. Herbel, MD             Krishnamurti Ramprasad, MD
                  Up to      Suresh Amble, MD
                             Greg A. Babcock, MD
                                                              Samuel C. Hill, MD
                                                              Kevin S. Hirsch, MD
                                                                                              Suryakumar Reddy, MD
                                                                                              Kenneth V. Robbins, MD
                  $500       Zubin N. Balsara, MD
                             Vipin Bansal, MD
                                                              Jeffrey E. Hull, MD
                                                              John T. Johnston, MD
                                                                                              Francis X. Roche, MD
                                                                                              Bruce H. Rockwell, MD
                             Merle H. Barth, MD               Shellie C. Josephs, MD          Michael A. Rogoff, MD
                             J. Scott Bowen, MD               Gregory C. Karnaze, MD          Michael S. Rosenberg, MD
                             Charles W. Bower, MD             Chandra S. Katragadda, MD       Barry A. Sacks, MD
                             Robin L. Boyd-Kranis, MD         Sahira Kazanjian, MD            Mehran Salari, MD
                             John Briguglio, MD               Stephen B. Kelminson, MD        Mark D. Salerno, MD
                             Lynn Brody, MD                   Thomas B. Kinney, MD, MSME      Robert B. Saltzman, MD
                             Daniel B. Brown, MD              Paul C. Koutras, MD             Shaun L. Samuels, MD
                             Karen T. Brown, MD               Christopher M. Kowalski, MD     Richard R. Saxon, MD
                             Scott C. Buckner, MD             Anthony Kudirka, MD             James F. Schmutz, MD
                             Allene Salcedo Burdette, MD      Robert E. Lambiase, MD          Darryn I. Shaff, MD
                             Scott P. Burstein, MD            Paul A. Larson, MD              Michael J. Sichlau, MD
                             Mark V. Caliendo, MD             Thomas G. Loflin, MD            Suzanne M. Slonim, MD
                             Andrea Candia, MD                Sammie I. Long, MD              Steven J. Smith, MD
                             Chamaree Chuapetcharasopon, MD   Margaret Alma Lynch-Nyhan, MD   Ronan H. Smyth, MD
                             Timothy W.I. Clark, MD           Shekher Maddineni, MD           Cande L. Sridhar, MD
                             Gregor G. Cleveland, MD, PhD     Armeen Mahvash, MD              Mark J. Stallworth, MD
                             Alan M. Cohen, MD                Ryan W. Majoria, MD             S. William Stavropoulos, MD
                             Harry R. Cramer, Jr., MD         Mylon W. Marshall, MD           Barry Stein, MD
                             William B. Crenshaw, MD          Cornelius S. McCarthy, MD       John F. Stoll, MD
                             Erik N. Cressman, MD             Richard N. Messersmith, MD      Brett L. Storm, MD
                             Robert B. Davis, MD              Bradley L. Miller, MD           Mubin I. Syed, MD
                             Christian Dewald, MD             John J. Molitor, Jr., MD        Charles F. Tate, III, MD
                             Bradley W. Dick, MD              David E. Moore, MD              Patricia E. Thorpe, MD
                             William I. Dittman, MD           John R. Mootz, MD               John Tomashek, MD
                             Richard Lee Dobben, MD           Kenneth E. Najarian, MD         Terry L. Tomlinson, MD
                             Kevin M. Duwe, MD                Paul A. Neese, MD               Charles C. Trinh, MD
research. education.

                             Michael E. Edwards, MD           John M. Neil, MD                Robert M. Varnell, MD
                             Karen O. Ehrman, MD              Miriam L. Neuman, MD            Babu R. Vemuri, MD
                             Dirk Entzian, MD                 James A. Newcomb, MD            James R. Weeks, Jr., MD
                             Chieh-Min Fan, MD                James S. Newman, PhD, MD        Steven J. Wegert, MD
                             Rodney S. Florek, MD             Gordon W.T. Ng, MD              Richard Welcome, MD
                             John E. Foster, MD               Charles W. Nutting, DO          Terrence D. Wilkin, MD
                             Thomas R. Fuller, MD             Steven T. Oncay, MD             Daniel J. Wunder, MD
                             Charles J. Fulp, Jr., MD         Douglas B. Owens, MD            Thaddeus M. Yablonsky, MD
                             Monte E. Golditch, MD            Jaynish B. Patel, MD            Charles D. Yim, MD
                             Justin M. Gooding, MD            Constantino S. Pena, MD         Craig A. Yokley, MD
                             Jorge J. Guerra, Jr., MD         David A. Phillips, MD           James A. York, MD
                             Neil J. Halin, DO                Donald Ponec, MD                Carol M. Younathan, MD
                             Herbert E. Hamilton, MD          David J. Porter, MD             Darryl A. Zuckerman, MD
                             George G. Hartnell, MD           Darren Postoak, MD

                                                            SIR Foundation        Annual Review     07

Iftikhar Ahmad, MD              Richard G. Fisher, MD          George Khoriaty, MD              Annual Fund
William Alago, Jr., MD          Victor D. Gaines, MD           David Knight, MD
Gary E. Allen, MD               William H. Gallmann, MD        Craig A. Kobrin, MD              Up to
Amar M. Amaresh, MD             Pablo A. Gamboa, MD            Ravi P. Kodali, MD
Howard K. Arimoto, MD           Julia Gates, MD                Robert A. Koenigsberg, DO, MSc   $200
Nicholas Astromoff, MD          Joseph P. Gerding, MD          Thomas W. Koonce, MD
Rony Avritscher, MD             Kristin M. Gerndt, MD          Michael V. Korona, Jr., MD
Richard J. Baker, Jr., MD       Michael S. Girard, MD          Mark Kravetz, MD
Locke W. Barber, DO             Thomas F. Glass, III, MD       Stewart W. Kribs, MD
Jonathan A. Barker, MD          Antoinette S. Gomes, MD        Miltiadis Krokidis, MD
Eyal Barzel, MD                 Jay D. Goodman, MD             Kristen A. Lachance, MD
Richard A. Baum, MD             GoodSearch                     Jorge A. Leon, MD
Scott L. Baum, MD               Charles S. Gordon, MD          Elliot B. Levy, MD
Fernando Bayo, III, MD          Clement J. Grassi, MD          Van L. Lewis, MD
Duncan J. Belcher, MD           Stephen Greenberg, MD          Noam Littman, MD
Michael A. Bettmann, MD         Christopher Gribbin, MD        Stan Liu, MD
Todd M. Blue, MD                Bryan R. Grieme, MD            Richard J. Loges, III, MD
Andrew S. Blum, MD              Dennis J. Griffin, MD          Jorge E. Lopera, MD
Adam M. Borowski, MD            Robert C. Guay, Jr., MD        Frank C. Lynch, MD
John J. Borsa, MD               Sanjay Gupta, MD               Manuel A. Madayag, MD
Christopher J. Bosarge, MD      Richard A. Haas, MD            David C. Madoff, MD
Ronald Boyd, MD                 Dwight P. Hager, MD            Diane C. Malloy
Simon D. Braun, MD              Lee Haikal, MD                 Robert S. Mals, MD
Klaus M. Bron, MD               Lee D. Hall, MD                Aneel Mandava, MD
Lamont Brown, MD                Sue E. Hanks, MD               Feroz Maqbool, MD
Brian J. Bruening, MD           Stuart C. Head, MD             Shelley R. Marder, MD
David R. Buck, MD               Robert C. Hewes, MD            Carl R. Martino, MD
Carey C. Buhler, MD             Shozo Hirota, MD               Klaus D. Mathias, MD
Patricia E. Burrows, MD         Paul Ho, MD                    Michael Maxin, MD
David D. Cahalan, MD            Minoru Honda, MD               Charles M. McClain, III, MD
Margaret H. Chaffey, MD         Connie Hsu, MD                 Craig B. McClure, MD
Karl S. Chiang, MD              Michael M. Hummel, MD          Vance Edmond McCollom, MD
Ajay Choudhri, MD               Jeffrey K. Hussey, MD          Vincent G. McDermott, MD
Patricia E. Cole, PhD, MD       Tung V. Huynh, MD              Rhonda Kay McDowell, MD
Philip S. Cook, MD              Fernando F. Illescas, MD       Archie R. McGowan, MD
Daniel Croteau, MD              Marcy B. Jagust, MD            David W. McVinnie, MD
Jonathan J. Crystal, MD         Timothy O. Jenkins, MD         David M. Medina, MD
Olivier D'Archambeau, MD        Ray S. Jensen, MD              Daniel G. Mickelson, MD
Lawrence G. Davis, MD           Neal Joseph, MD                Michael R. Middlebrook, MD
Dennis DeJesus, MD              Christopher R. Joy, MD         Mehran Midia, MD
Donald F. Denny, Jr., MD        Anthony W. Kam, MD             Attef Mikhail, MD
John P. DeRosa, MD              Preet S. Kang, MD              D. Edward Mineau, MD
Valeria C. De Souza, MD         Benjamin E. Kassanoff, MD      Malay Mody, MD
Harvey C. Eisenberg, MD         Saravanan Kasthuri, MD         Frank A. Morello, Jr., MD
Mark W. Elliott, MD             Michael Katz, MD               Harry L. Morrison, MD
Steven B. Epstein, MD           Dennis Kay, MD                 Demetrius K. Morros, MD
Max H. Faykus, Jr., MD          Gregory M. Keck, MD            Philip D. Murray, MD
Francis J. Fernandez, Jr., MD   Mark W. Keenan, MD             Ravi Murthy, MD
Stephen L. Fernandez, MD        Chad G. Kelman, MD             Elmer Nahum, MD

         Annual Fund        Dean A. Nakamoto, MD             John Vito Salerno, MD           Oscar Sosa, MD
                            Sujal M. Nanavati, MD            Jerome M. Sampson, MD           Efstathios Spinos, MD
           Up to            Kevin M. Nash, MD                Frank W. Sanchez, MD            Philip Stanley, MD
                            Leslie N. Nishimi, MD            Marc R. Sapoval, MD             John D. Statler, MD
           $200             Evan S. Oblonsky, MD             Siram Satyanath, MD             Michael S. Stecker, MD
                            Rino Olivotto, MD                Scott Savader, MD               Joseph R. Steele, MD
                            Keigo Osuga, MD                  Michael A. Savin, MD            Harry L. Stein, MD
                            Evert H. Overbosch, MD           Rajiv Sawhney, MD               Stephen Stein, MD
                            Clay H. Padginton, MD            Thomas Scagnelli, MD            Randall H. Stickney, MD
                            Ramesh Paladugu, MD              Floyd E. Scales, MD             Joseph R. Stock, MD
                            Aubrey M. Palestrant, MD         Brian E. Schirf, MD             LeAnn Stokes, MD
                            Jae-Hyung Park, MD               Robert A. Schmaltz, MD          Gideon Strich, MD
                            James E. Parker, MD              Andrew M. Schneider, MD         Craig R. Suchin, MD
                            Rajesh I. Patel, MD              Keith H. Schroeder, MD          Charles S. Sutton, MD
                            Mahrad Paymani, MD               Arthur Schwartz, Jr., MD        Paul J. Svigals, MD
                            Majorie Pearsall, MD             Leslie B. Scorza, MD            David C. Swanson, MD
                            Steven H. Peck, MD               Mark Scott, DO                  James S. Teal, MD
                            James B. Philipps, MD            Daniel M. Scotti, MD            George P. Teitelbaum, MD
                            Graham R. Plant, MD              Kevin G. Semonsen, MD           Vincent J. Turiano, MD
                            Jeffrey S. Pollak, MD            Olivier H. Serres-Cousine, MD   Hideo Uchida, MD
                            Jay Post, MD                     Luke E. Sewall, MD              Manish K. Varma, MD
                            Alex Powell, MD                  Mark A. Shaman, MD              Philip J. Vogelzang, MD
                            Vikramaditya Prabhudesai, MBBS   Paula M. Sharkey, MD            Michael J. Wallace, MD
                            Lee R. Radford, MD               Karun Sharma, MD                Michael P. Wang, MD
                            Paul M. Radosevich, MD, PhD      Brixey R. Shelton, MD           J'Andre O. Ward, MD
                            Charles E. Ray, Jr., MD          Richard Shoenfeld, MD           Kurt H. Wetzler, MD
                            Chet R. Rees, MD                 Mark I. Silverstein, MD         Thomas W. White, MD
                            John S. Richmond, MD             Stuart J. Singer, MD            Adam B. Winick, MD
                            David H. Riggans, MD             Yuvraj Singh, MD                Kenneth C. Wright, PhD
                            David L. Rodibaugh, MD           Anthony J. Skiptunas, DO        Ryusaku Yamada, MD
                            John O. F. Roehm, Jr., MD        Dick D. Slater, MD              Dominic Carl Yee, MD
                            Donald F. Romanelli, MD          Benjamin B. Smith, MD           Douglas B. Yim, MD
research. education.

                            Christopher P. Rothstein, MD     Clyde W. Smith, MD              J. Werner Ziegler, MD
                            Miguel J. Rovira, MD             Norwood Marye Smith, MD
                            Joseph G. Rusnak, MD             Eva M. Smorzaniuk, MD
                            Marwan H. Saab, MD               Ho-Young Song, MD

                            Partners in Research 2007
                            AngioDynamics                                     Central Carolina Angio Club
                            Biosphere Medical, Inc.                           Endocare
                            Boston Scientific Corporation

                                                                 SIR Foundation           Annual Review   07

Financial Summary
This annual financial statement is for SIR Foundation’s fiscal year, which ended December 31, 2007*.

Statement of Activities                            Statement of Financial Position
For the year ended December 31, 2007               As of December 31, 2007

Support and Revenue                                Assets

Contribution                      $ 1,284,057      Cash & equivalents                 $    234,727
Investment income (net of fees)       153,973      Accounts Receivable                     902,804
Registration fees                      51,316      Investments                            3,353667
Other income                           95,311      Prepaid Expenses                            516
Total Revenue, Gains and
  Other Support                   $ 1,584,657      Total Assets                       $ 4,491,714

Expenses                                           Liabilities
Program services                                   Grants Payable                     $    226,582
Grants                            $    292,525     Accounts Payable                         14,399
CAIRR                                  145,552
Legs For Life®                          74,071     Total Liabilities                  $ 240,981
FIBROID Registry                        12,973     Total Net Assets                   $ 4,250,733
Communication                           67,751
Research Conferences/
  Emerging Areas                        10,076
Awards                                   1,829     Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 4,491,714

Total Program Expenses            $    604,777     Change in Net Assets               $    575,391

Supporting services                                Net Assets, beginning of year      $ 3,675,342
Fundraising                       $   332,974
General and administrative             71,515      Net Assets, end of year            $ 4,250,733
Total Supporting Services         $ 404,489
Total Expenses                    $ 1,009,266

*Represents the unaudited financials for SIR Foundation.

                SIR Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on
                donations from individuals, radiology-related businesses and private
                foundations. Ongoing support of SIR Foundation ensures our
                ability to pursue the latest innovations in the field of interventional
                radiology to improve patient care.

                Join us in exploring the future of interventional radiology today.
                Contributions can be made by credit card by calling (703) 460-
                5564; by check payable to SIR Foundation; or by transferring
                appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
                For additional information about making a gift, please call
                (703) 460-5564 or visit the “Make a Donation” page at

3975 Fair Ridge Drive   I   Suite 400 North   I   Fairfax, VA 22033   I   (703) 691-1805   I   (703) 691-1855 fax   I

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