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                                           Coffee Pods - For The Lazy Coffee Drinker
                                                        By Christopher H. Waters

   A Coffee Pod is a machine which is used for brewing coffee instantly at any time we wish. There
seems to be many companies who are manufacturing bunch of coffee pods which are now available in
the supermarkets. A few manufacturers of coffee pods are Black & Decker, Melitta, Phillips, Senseo,
Folgers and many more. All these machines seem to come in different sizes. These machines also
have the tendency to drip after making each cup of coffee. Very soon these coffee pod manufacturing
companies are thinking of bringing newer and better tasting coffee pods into the markets.

· Anyone can make his own coffee pod at home very easily

Some don't like their regular pod coffee maker and other don't have their own coffee pod machine.
Here is a very good solution for all those people who love to drink coffee as they can now make their
own coffee pod at home very easily. Anyone can make this coffee pod with his regular kitchen
appliances. So here are the few things they will need to make their own coffee pod at home, they are
stainless steel measuring scoop, jar, filter, etc. Now here is a brief process of preparing coffee pod at

Firstly what one will need is that a stainless steel measuring scoop which should fit into the pod holder
of the coffee maker. Next he has to look for jar which must fit nicely inside the measuring scoop. Then
he has to find for a coffee filter that can serve 5 cups of coffee. Now the jar should be set into the
scoop of the pod holder. The coffee pod will be better if everything fits well. Now he has to take the
coffee filter and has to shape the filter evenly over the end of the jar. The filter paper should be placed
at the center of the jar. Next he has to invert the jar and has to place it in the measuring scoop. Now he
has to remove the jar and leave the cup-shaped filter in the measuring cup.

Now he just has to add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee to the paper cup filter. The typical coffee makers
use scoops which can hold about 7 Gms of coffee. Next shake the cup slightly in order to spread the
ground coffee evenly across the bottom of the filter inside the jar. In this way the ground coffee can be
completely covered. Finally the expected coffee pod is ready. One thing must be remembered that
before each brewing cycle the pod holder should be cleaned in order to make sure that nothing is
blocking the holes of the pod.

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                          Make A Quick Cup Of Coffee With An Espresso Coffee Pods
                                                            By Sharon Price

 Why not pump up your next cup of coffee with a Dowe Egberts Switch Espresso coffee pod. If you
enjoy coffee and espresso and you want to enjoy a quality drink at home these espresso coffee pods
are ideal. The time it takes you to measure out the espresso, press them into your machine, make your
drink and then clean up can be quite time consuming which is why the coffee pods are ideal. Espresso
coffee pods are a quick way for you to brew quality espresso/coffee drinks without a lot of work or
clean up.

What Is An Espresso Coffee Pod And Where Can You Find Them?

Espresso coffee pods are like pre-packaged coffee filters. The espresso or coffee is sandwiched
between the filter paper, forming a pod about two inches in diameter. You use them in the same way
that you would brew coffee in a traditional home coffee pot, only without the hassle of having to
measure out grounds. However if you buy a Dowe Egberts Switch pod you do not even need a coffee
machine. These pods are designed to be used on the go. They are designed to be `pumped' with your
thumbs to provide a frothy, creamy coffee. They are available in lots of different flavours and can be
served hot or cold. With the other espresso coffee pods they need to be placed into a espresso coffee
pod machine.You just pop the espresso or coffee pod into a compatible machine, and your work is
done. Clean up is just as easy, since the only thing you have to do is throw away the espresso/coffee
pod and rinse out your machine.

Equipment needed and where can they be found?

If you want to make an espresso coffee using an espresso coffee pod and not a dowe egberts coffee
switch pod you will need to purchase a espresso coffee pod machine. Espresso coffee pods are
designed to work with most machines so there's no need to have to purchase anything new if you
already own one. Basically espresso coffee pods are just making the process a lot faster and easier for
you. Espresso coffee pods are available in most forms including Starbucks and Nestle. Espresso
coffee pods save you time, without skimping on quality. You can still brew quality espresso or coffee,
and you can enjoy that fact that is has already been packaged for you to brew right away. With the
introduction of the new Dowe Egberts Switch coffee pods you also have the luxury of choosing
speciality cold coffee as well as flavored espresso coffee pods. Bothe standard espresso coffee pods
and dowe Egbert switch coffee pods can be purchased at your local convenience store and local
garages. is an informative site relating to coffee, coffee machines and coffee related

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