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                Albertsons and Its Customers Donate $540,000 to Food Banks a
                United States in Support of Hunger Action Month
                Albertsons is also donating 16 refrigerated trucks and 2.5 million pounds of foo
                through its Albertsons Fresh Rescue program

                10.01.2009 – FULLERTON, CA –- While the country’s economy slowly improves
                many Americans continue struggling daily to secure food for their families. Faced          Twitter Pitc
                with job loss or reduction in work hours, families are forced to be selective with their   In Support of
                                                                                                           Albertsons & t
                budgets or food stamps, often sacrificing fresh produce or dairy products for food
                                                                                                           $540,000 to F
                staples offering a longer shelf life.

                To generate awareness of Hunger Action Month and the growing needs of                      News Facts
                neighbors in every community where Albertsons has a store, the chain partnered               Albertsons
                with customers to raise funds for local area food banks in the western United States.       to raise fund
                The result of this effort was more than $270,000 in funds generated, which                   banks in the

                Albertsons matched.                                                                          The result o
                                                                                                             $270,000 in
                In particular, California is receiving $115,000 in grant money, $250,000 in program
                support and 14 refrigerated trucks; Idaho is the recipient of $82,500 in grant money
                                                                                                             million poun
                and 2 refrigerated trucks; Montana is securing $33,500 in grant money; Nevada is
                receiving $50,000 in grant money and two refrigerated trucks; Oregon is the recipient        partners.
                of $64,000 in grant money; Utah is receiving $7,500 grant money; and Washington              Through the
                State will benefit from $95,667 in grant money. Grants were distributed based on             perishable f
                applications from food banks.                                                                and donated
                                                                                                             benefit of lo
                                                                                                             families on a
                In addition, Albertsons has donated more than 2.5 million pounds of food and 16
                                                                                                            What makes
                refrigerated trucks to its food bank partners. Each year, Albertsons distributes more
                                                                                                             program uni
                than 25 million pounds of food to its food bank partners through its Albertsons Fresh
                                                                                                             banks and s
                Rescue program, which provides nutritious, perishable foods to food bank clients.
                                                                                                             products th
                Through this program, perishable food items are “rescued” and donated to food                acquire on a
                banks for the benefit of low-income individuals and families on a weekly basis.              Albertsons
                Fresh rescue items are those that reach their “sell by” date but have not yet expired        million poun
                and continue to be safe to consume. These items include eggs, produce, dairy                 partners thr
                (cheese, milk, and yogurt), meat-deli, fruit, vegetables and meat-deli products. At a        Rescue pro

                designated day and time, participating agencies send their drivers to select
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                Albertsons stores to collect and then immediately distribute these products to their
                clients. What makes Albertsons Fresh Rescue program unique is that it offers food
                banks and shelters perishable products that are difficult for them to acquire on a
                regular basis.

                “We’d like to thank our customers for being so generous in helping their neighbors
                in need. The fight against hunger is one that is occurring all over the country, so we
                are thankful that, together with our customers, we can make a difference throughout
                California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Utah and Washington by supporting
                our tremendous food bank partners,” said Stephanie Martin, Director of
                Communications, Albertsons. “With the need never having been greater, Albertsons
is proud we can help our communities by providing more than 2.5 million pounds of
food each month to our food bank partners to help them provide nutritious, fresh
meals to their clients.”

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Albertsons was founded in 1939 and currently operates 508 Albertsons and Lucky
supermarkets in Idaho, Montana, Southern California, Southern Nevada, North
Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Albertsons is part of the
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SUPERVALU holds leading market share positions across the U.S. with its
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