4 Branches of Earth Science Preview Activity for Monday's Lab_ by malj


									4 Branches of Earth Science Preview
     Activity for Monday’s Lab!
         Team 6-B Science!!!
            Pairs Activity!
   What are the 4 branches of earth
• 1. Geology is the study of the origin, history,
  and structure of the Earth and the processes
  that shape the Earth.
• 2. The scientific study of the sea and/or water
  is called Oceanography or Hydrology.
• 3. The study of Earth’s atmosphere, especially
  weather and climate is called Meteorology.
• 4. Astronomy is the study of the universe.
    Preview activity procedures..
• Step 1- read each clue carefully
• Step 2- work with your partner in finding the
  movie poster in the room that matches best with
  the clue
• Step 3- write the name of the movie poster on
  your dry-erase board.
• Step 4- When you see or hear “Gimme 5” stop
  and look up front for the announcement of the
• Step 5- if you get it correct, you get one point.
                  Clue #1
• Meteorology can deal with clouds..like cloudy
  skies in a weather forecast_________
                   Clue 2
• In Astronomy, we will learn about two of
  these…they are solar and lunar ________
                   Clue 3
• In Meteorology, we also deal with Earth’s
  atmosphere and the what it is made up of, like
  the AIR that we breathe_________
                    Clue 4
• In Geology, we can dig deep into the soil,
  creating these and learn about the layers of
  the soil or the horizons
                    Clue 5
• In Meteorology, severe storms are part of this,
  including the dangers of lightning________
                    Clue 6
• In Astronomy, we even study the planets, like
  the “red planet.” __________
                    Clue 7
• In Astronomy, we also study small bodies that
  are found in our solar system, like a streak of
  light seen in the night sky created by one of
                   Clue 8
• In Geology, we study about rocks. Especially
  the _____main groups of rocks.
                   Clue 9
• In Hydrology/Oceanography, we study the
  bottom of the ocean, including animals with
  big teeth that could be found there_____
                  Clue 10
• Hydrology is the study of water, like ponds,
  the water cycle, currents, waves, etc…______
                    Clue 11
• In Geology, we also study about plate
  tectonics and big cracks in the Earth’s surface
  caused by the shaking of the ground from
                  Clue 12
• In Geology, we also study about the eruptions
  of these, hot spots, the ring of fire_____
                   Clue 13
• In Meteorology, global and local are two types
  of these that blow around in different parts of
  the Earth.______
                    Clue 14
• In Geology, salinity levels are studied and this
  substance you even have on french fries that
  makes it taste even better______
                    Clue 15
• In Astronomy, there are 3 different types of
  these that we will study..They are..spiral,
  elliptical, and irregular. Our Milky Way is one
  of these and it is classified as a spiral._____
                   Clue 16
• In Astronomy, we also study the different
  moon phases, like the phase when we can’t
  see the moon. It appears dark to us. This is
                  Bonus #1
• In Meteorology, we also talk about 4 types of
  precipitation…They are sleet, snow, hail
                   Bonus #2
• The “Aurora Borealis” is a beautiful, multi-
  color light display that can be seen in the sky.
  This is part of the layers of the atmosphere
  which is part of Meteorology. What poster
  also has these same beautiful colors in it?
                  Bonus #3
• In Geology, we study about the layers of the
  Earth. These include the crust, mantle, and
  the outer and inner_______
                   Bonus #4
• In Astronomy, there is one planet that is no
  longer classified as a planet that we will study.
  It is now known as a “Dwarf” planet. Which
  poster has that on it?

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