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					Volume II, Issue 3
                                The DWI
October 2009                       Court Reporter
                                                                       A Publication by the

     NCDC has been
       taking team
  applications for next      The NCDC and Beam Global Challenge Missouri
    year's DWI Court
 training programs. At              to Establish More DWI Courts
   this time, there are      Beam Global Spirits & Wine,       offenders.
     still a few more        Inc., and the National Center     These impaired
  openings. Therefore,       for DWI Courts (NCDC)             drivers are
    the deadline has         joined forces on October 5th      responsible for
     been extended.          to encourage Missouri to          65 percent of
     SCHOLARSHIP             establish more DWI Courts to      alcohol-related
 MONEY IS AVAILABLE          help build on the state’s         traffic fatalities
  TO HELP DEFER THE          success in battling hardcore      in the United
  COSTS. See page 8          impaired driving. Missouri        States and are
                             currently has nine DWI Courts     20 times more
    for more details.                                                                     Law enforcement, judges,
                             and more than 30 “hybrid”         likely to be
                             courts that oversee both DWI      involved in a          prosecutors, and other local and
                             and drug cases. Recently          crash. In            national dignitaries attend the press
     Inside This Issue       released preliminary research     Missouri, there      conference in Springfield, Missouri.
                                                               were 364
   Inside This Issue
    New Roadside             illustrates the success these
   Survey Shows              courts have had in getting the    alcohol-related traffic         traditional discipline and
                         2   most dangerous impaired           fatalities in 2008, with 58     deals with hardcore impaired
    Decrease in
   Alcohol Levels            drivers off the roads.            percent of those deaths         driving offenders by
                                                               caused by hardcore              providing long-term, ongoing
    The Graduate             Hardcore impaired drivers are     impaired drivers.               accountability and
       Corner                drivers with a blood alcohol                                      rehabilitation, in addition to a
                             concentration of .15 and          The innovative DWI Court
   What’s On the                                                                               conviction. As DWI Courts
                             above and/or are repeat           system goes beyond
  Docket? Events                                                                                              (Continued on page 4)
  from Around the
                                                       How Are You Doing?
NDAA Comes Out in
  Support of DWI         5            New NCDC Publication to Help Answer That Question

 TAs—Soup Up Your            You see someone you haven’t talked with
                         6   in a while, and one of the first questions
     Engine                                                                      Click on the
                             asked is: How are you doing? That should
 New Study—More              also be one of the first questions asked by         image on the
  Women Driving          7   DWI Courts: “How are we doing?” Is the                right to
Under the Influence          DWI Court achieving the “success”                   download the
                             expected by the team and by the
 BJA Scholarship                                                                  handbook
Money Available for      8                               (Continued on page 2)
DWI Court Training
Page 2                                                                                                         The DWI Court Reporter

                   New Roadside Survey Shows Decline in Alcohol Levels,
                                       Driver Drug Use is Detected
A new roadside survey by the                of Columbia.                                  drivers were drug positive. The survey
National Highway Traffic Safety                                                           focused on weekend nighttime drivers
                                          Previous roadside surveys conducted by
Administration (NHTSA) confirms a                                                         and found that the drugs used most
                                          NHTSA have measured only alcohol.
continuing decline in the percentage                                                      commonly by drivers were: marijuana
                                          But the 2007 survey used new screening
of legally intoxicated drivers.                                                           (8.6 percent); cocaine (3.9 percent);
                                          techniques that detected other
                                                                                          and over-the-counter and prescription
In 1973, 7.5 percent of drivers had a     substances as well and in the future may
                                                                                          drugs (3.9 percent).
blood alcohol                                                       help show the
concentration (BAC) of                                              extent of drug        Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood
                             Drivers were more likely to
.08 or higher. In the                                               impairment            said he is concerned about the
latest survey, that figure   be illegally drunk during late         among drivers.        prevalence of drivers who use drugs,
had fallen to 2.2            nighttime hours (1 a.m. to 3                                 and we should continue to fight
                                                                    The survey
percent. A BAC of .08                                                                     against all impaired drivers.
                             a.m.) than during daytime or           found 16.3
or higher is now above
                             early evening hours.                   percent of            “I’m pleased to see that our battle
the legal limit in all 50
                                                                    nighttime             against drunk driving is succeeding,”
states and the District
                                                                    weekend                                         (Continued on page 7)

                                                                                              GUIDING PRINCIPLE #9:
                          How Are You Doing?                                                    Evaluate the Program
(Continued from page 1)                       members, it provides relatively simple         Guiding Principle #9 of the 10
                                              and moderate-cost steps that DWI              Guiding Principles for DWI Courts
community? How does someone know              Courts can take to collect the                   discusses the importance of
if the court is successful? The easy          information they need to document their
answer is to do an evaluation of the                                                        evaluating a DWI Court program.
                                              services and measure their outcomes.
program. But to say it and to do it are                                                        “To convince stakeholders about the
two different things.                         Chapter titles include:
                                                                                                  power and efficacy of DWI court,
Over the past few years, several                •   When to Measure;                          program planners must design a DWI
evaluations done of DWI Courts have                                                               court evaluation model capable of
had serious methodological                      •   Whom to Measure;
                                                                                                documenting behavioral change and
shortcomings. (For a discussion on this         •   What to Measure;                           linking that change to the program's
issue, read the Drug Court Review,                                                            existence. A credible evaluation is the
Volume VI, Issue 2 – A Systematic               •   Where to Measure; and
                                                                                             only mechanism for mapping the road to
Review of DWI Court Program
Evaluations. It can be downloaded for           •   How to Measure.                             program success or failure. To prove
your review by clicking here.) After all,     This handbook is now available on the         whether a program is efficient and effective
criminal justice professionals are not        DWI Court website at                             requires the assistance of a competent
generally familiar with scientific   Go to Resources                evaluator, an understanding of and
evaluations.                                  and then to Publications. Or for a direct     control over all relevant variables that can
To help DWI Courts understand what is         link to the handbook, just click here.          systematically contribute to behavioral
needed to do a proper evaluation, Dr.         This is an important tool in finding out          change, and a commitment from the
Doug Marlowe, with the support of the         how the DWI Court is doing, and taking         DWI court team to rigorously abide by
National Highway Traffic Safety               the next step to demonstrate that DWI              the rules of the evaluation design.”
Administration, wrote the DWI Court           Courts are making our communities a
Evaluation Handbook. Written in plain         safer place to live.                              Click here to get a complete
language for the DWI Court team                                                                 discussion of the 10 Guiding
Page 3                                                                                                       The DWI Court Reporter

                                             The Graduate Corner

  Editor’s Note: This article is by a        alone keep a job. However, I did            The program did not come without
  graduate—from a DWI Court                  learn through trial and tribulation to      its share of bumps in the road, but
  graduation I attended. It was an honor     get around by public transportation         I’ve learned that that is all they are,
  to be present and to listen to where the   and also by asking for help, both of        bumps. They come to pass.
                                             which I wasn’t accustomed to doing.
  graduates had come from and where they                                                 I also know that I could not have
                                             I have learned that it is possible to get
  were at now. If you have the                                                           done this program alone. I would like
                                             to a lot of places in this county by bus
  opportunity, I highly recommend that                                                   to thank my Wednesday group with
                                             or train, and in fact it can be quite
  you go to a graduation and see what is                                                 ______. We shared a lot of opinions
                                             relaxing. It did make me realize what
  possible. What you will read is what                                                   and laughs and I’m glad to have
                                             a privilege it is to have a driver’s
  was spoken to the people in attendance.                                                gotten to know you all. I wish you
                                             license. I believe it is something we
  DJW                                                                                    nothing but success and happiness.
                                             all took for granted.
                                                                                         _________, thank you for being the
                                             After progressing through each of the       ringmaster.
On November xx, 20xx, I looked in
                                             phases of this program, every day
my review mirror, heard the siren, saw                                                   I would also like to thank the Health,
                                             seemed to get a little easier as most of
the lights, and knew that everything                                                     Care, and Probation teams as well.
                                             the difficulty was caused by my own
was going to change. Once again, a                                                       ______ and ______, I appreciate
                                             making. I found that through the
bad decision fueled by alcohol was                                                       your time and your advice.
                                             fellowship of AA and a good group of
surely going to cost me everything I                                                     Your Honor, thank you for creating
                                             people going through the same
thought was important…my                                                                 this program and giving us an
                                             process, that taking life and the
relationship, my freedom, my income.                                                     opportunity to participate in a process
                                             program a day at a time was a simple
I knew that this DWI charge (my              way to approach the situation at hand.      that offers an alternative to
third) would have some serious                                                           incarceration. It is tough sometimes
                                             My old way of thinking seemed to be
consequences associated with it.                                                         as I’m sure it is meant to be. I believe
                                             changing. I used
While sitting in jail and suffering the                                                              that helps point out that
                                             to get caught up
incomprehensible demoralization                                                                      challenges are meant to be
                                             in the past
resulting from my actions, I knew that                                                               overcome not surrendered
                                             because of guilt
I was done.                                                                                          to.
                                             and shame, and
After contacting my attorney and             the future                                             I would also like to thank
explaining what happened (AGAIN!),           because I wasn’t                                       my friend, ______, for
he explained that with my BAC and            there yet. I also                                      taking the time to give
the fact that it was my third offense, I     practiced the art                                      back to this program and
could be looking at some serious jail        of self-deception                                      help me get to and from
time. The only other option was              combined with fear. I have learned          work and lots of other appointments.
DWI Court, a rigorous program                that all of that doesn’t matter and that    Your sign at the _____ Club has
designed for recovery as opposed to          moving forward is the only way to go.       helped a lot of people out in this
incarceration. I was in, if they would                                                   program. Your advice and insight in
                                             I have benefited from a lot of things
let me.                                                                                  the car was greatly appreciated.
                                             in this program and I am very grateful
Upon enrolling in the program and            for it. I have learned a way of living      Mostly, I would like to thank my
learning all the requirements I would        my life differently and doing it sober.     _______, for your love, patience, and
incur without a driver’s license, it         I have not had a drink of alcohol           tolerance with me throughout this last
seemed overwhelming and close to             since the day I got out of jail. I think    year. I know that it was not easy, but I
impossible. I wasn’t sure how I was          that this situation was put in front of     look forward to many great days
going to go about accomplishing all          me for a reason and because of it, I’ve     ahead.
the meetings, groups, and tests, let         learned a great deal about myself.
 Volume II, Issue 3                                                                                                      Page 4

   NCDC, Beam Global, and Others Challenge                                           What’s On The Docket?
       Missouri to Expand DWI Courts                                                    DWI Court Events From
                                       traditional punishment to be re-arrested          Around The Nation
                                       for a DWI charge. This is a powerful
                                       statistic and we encourage all states to      KANSAS: On October 1, 2009, the
                                       join Missouri in the fight to eliminate       NCDC Director and Judge Peggy Davis,
                                       hardcore impaired driving.”                   DWI Academy Court Judge for
                                                                                     Springfield, Missouri, addressed the
                                       “The research demonstrates that DWI           Kansas DUI Commission about DWI
                                       Courts are the most effective and cost-       Courts. The DUI Commission was
                                       efficient way to fight alcohol abuse,         established by statute and charged to
                                       reduce crime, and make significant            review past and current driving under
                                       improvements in the outcomes of               the influence statutes in Kansas as well
                                       substance abuse treatment,” stated The        as other states and develop a
 Missouri Chief Justice William        Honorable William R. Price, Jr., Chief        comprehensive legislative proposal on
  R. Price, Jr. addresses the          Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court.        DWI offenders to ensure that DWI
  crowd calling for more DWI           “Missouri currently has nine DWI              offenders are held accountable, as well as
      Courts in Missouri.              Courts and we hope to increase that           assure public safety by changing the
                                       number.”                                      behavior of the DWI offenders.
(Continued from page 1)
                                       “DWI Courts are saving lives,” stated
are launched throughout the            the David Wallace, director, National         MICHIGAN: House Bill No. 5273 was
country, NCDC provides training        Center for DWI Courts. “Missouri DWI          introduced on August 19, 2009. If
and research to the personnel          Courts have proven that blending long-        passed, the bill creates the DWI Court
needed to operate them.                term treatment with the accountability,       Interlock Pilot Project that will allow
                                       immediacy and certainty of court              hardcore DWI offenders in a DWI
Chief Justice William R. Price, Jr.,                                                 Court program to obtain a restricted
                                       response is more effective than
DWI Court judges, prosecutors and                                                    license to drive to and from treatment,
                                       punishment alone. These courts truly
law enforcement officials assembled                                                  employment, and school, as long as an
                                       promise better long-term outcomes for
at the Greene County Historic                                                        ignition interlock device is also placed on
                                       the hardcore DWI offender and their
Courthouse to highlight the success                                                  the vehicle to be driven, and as long as
                                       success has changed the mindset of
of DWI Courts, and call for the                                                      they are in the program. This will be a
                                       criminal justice professionals. Missouri is
establishment of more DWI Courts                                                     useful “carrot” to encourage repeat DWI
                                       a powerful example of how effective
in Missouri. Research was also                                                       offenders to enter the DWI Court
                                       these courts can be.”
shown at today’s press conference                                                    program.
which illustrates the effectiveness
DWI Courts have in treating                                                          PENNSYLVANIA: House Bill No. 1919
hardcore impaired drivers.                                                           was introduced on August 10, 2009. If
“Beam Global Spirits & Wine is                                                       passed, the bill allows local courts to
committed to eliminating impaired                                                    establish a DWI Court as a “special
driving,” said Matt Stanton, vice                                                    criminal docket whereby defendants are
president of corporate affairs, Beam                                                 admitted to a court-supervised
Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. “We                                                      individualized alcohol treatment
support programs that reduce                                                         program.” The Pennsylvania Supreme
impaired driving and are committed                                                   Court may also appoint a statewide DWI
to working with any state willing to                                                 Court Coordinator to encourage and
help save lives by establishing DWI                                                  assist in the establishment of DWI
                                        Robby Gordon, NASCAR driver and              Courts, identify sources of funding for
Courts. Research of DWI Courts            team owner, attends the press
shows that those who go through                                                      DWI Courts, and provide coordination
                                        conference and calls for more DWI            and technical assistance for grant
DWI Courts are 65 percent less
                                             Courts to be established.               applications.
likely than offenders who received
Page 5                                                                                                The DWI Court Reporter

                          NDDA Comes Out in Support of DWI Courts
The oldest and largest national             The rapid expansion of these courts        advancement of DWI Courts as
organization representing criminal          and their proven effectiveness is          an alternative to the application of
prosecutors in the world is the latest      changing the mindset of criminal           conviction, punishment and
national organization to                    justice professionals and affecting        probation.
officially endorse DWI                                  how DWI offenders are
                                                        handled.                       According to a 2007 study by the
Courts. In August, the
                                                                                       Michigan Supreme Court, DWI
National District Attorney’s                             “As a former prosecutor I     court participants are nineteen
Association (NDAA) released                              know firsthand the            times less likely to be re-arrested
an official endorsement of                               commitment to public          for a DWI charge than those who
DWI Courts calling them an                               safety and justice that our   have been through traditional
essential part of the                                    nation’s prosecutors          sentencing. The study also found
organization’s drug and traffic                          share,” said David            that DWI Courts saved the
safety policies.                                         Wallace, Director of the      criminal justice system time and
“The National District Attorney’s           National Center for DWI Courts.            money by getting the impaired
Association is proud to endorse DWI         “NDAA’s endorsement of DWI                 driver into the program quicker
Courts,” said NDAA President                Courts sends a strong message to the       and using sanctions, such as jail,
Christopher Chiles. “Over the last          public and professionals within the        more strategically.
twenty years, Drug Courts have proven       justice system that DWI Courts
                                            provide the accountability and             “In many locales, the number of
to be one of our most successful justice
                                            treatment hardcore impaired drivers        DWI fatalities exceeds the
interventions for addicted offenders.
                                            need to forever change their               number of homicides,” said Peter
DWI Courts utilize the Drug Court
                                            behavior.”                                 Carlisle, the District Attorney of
model to ensure accountability and
                                                                                       Honolulu, Hawaii. “The National
compliance monitoring, while providing      Traditional sentencing has proven          Center for DWI Courts and the
hardcore, impaired drivers with the         unable to adequately deal with repeat      National District Attorney’s
treatment they need to change their         DWI offenders and the support of           Association working together
behavior. NDAA supports the                 prosecutors is critical to the             through DWI Courts to solve this
establishment and funding of DWI
                                                                                       problem will save lives and make
Court programs because we recognize      “NDAA supports the establishment
                                                                                       our communities safer.”
the need for a court system that         and funding of DWI Court programs
promotes public safety and we                                                          The National District Attorney’s
                                         because we recognize the need for             Association’s endorsement of
encourage all prosecutors to explore
them throughout the Unites States.”        a court system that promotes                DWI Courts can be found online,
                                         public safety and we encourage all            along with other official
NDAA’s endorsement comes as DWI
                                                                                       endorsements, at
Courts continue to spread across the        prosecutors to explore them
country. There are currently 526 DWI       throughout the Unites States”
Courts designed specifically to
address the root cause of hardcore,
impaired driving: alcohol addiction.         Chris Chiles, President, NDAA

                    Get the Home COURT Advantage!!
     Questions about DWI Courts? What does the research say? Find
      pictures and videos of DWI Court events. Get the latest NCDC
                   publications or download TA forms.

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                     Technical Assistance (TA) — Soup Up Your Engine
Most all of us drive a car or some         the court working at full capacity? Does      The National Center for DWI Courts
other motor vehicle. And in today’s        the target population need to be              will do “technical assistance” for
economy there probably isn’t a person                    adjusted? Are all the team      DWI Courts. With grant funding
who hasn’t wondered about                                members actively                from NHTSA, the Center can bring
getting better gas mileage.                              participating? Do they all      in an expert in the DWI Court field to
The car works, but can it do                             know their roles? Is there      work with a team and ensure that all
better? Is there a mechanic                              a new team member               cylinders are running properly. If you
out there that can help get                              participating? Have the         would like to look into this further,
better gas mileage? If we put                            sanctions and incentives        have questions about the procedure,
on better tires, will that help?                         been examined for their         or you want the Technical Assistance
What about how we start up,                              effectiveness? What is the      Form to request a possible site visit,
or run the engine? As we all                             case management and how         go to and under
now know, there are a             Need a hand? TAs is it working? These and              Resources and Technical Assistance page
number of things that help a         are available.      other questions need to be      or click here.
car get better gas mileage.                              asked on occasion. And
                                                                                         For more information, contact Cliff
                                           then, who is going to answer these
It is no different with DWI Courts.                                                      Jacobs, the DWI Court Training
                                           questions? At times, it is useful to have
DWI Courts start up, with a number                                                       Coordinator for the National Center
                                           someone from the outside examine the
of activities working together. But is                                                   for DWI Courts. He can be reached
it possible to get it running better? Is                                                 at (703) 575-9400 ext. 34, or

                                          New Rules for DWI Stops?
    By Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora                 making the stop. The dissenting                alleging illegal activity in public,
Judge of the Superior Court (Ret.),           justices saw this situation as more akin       to which the tipster was
        Walnut Creek CA                       to Michigan v. Sitz 496 U.S. 444 (1990),       presumably an eyewitness;
                                              the case that upheld checkpoints for
At the end of October, the U.S.                                                          (3) the fact that traffic stops are
                                              DWI. The court majority, in denying
Supreme Court denied cert (Virginia v.                                                       typically less invasive than
                                              cert, saw this case as more similar to
Harris 555 US ___ (2009)) in a Virginia                                                      searches or seizures of
                                              Florida v. J.L. 529 US 266 (2000) which
Supreme Court case that decided 4:3                                                          individuals on foot; and
                                              prohibited a search based solely on an
that police must have independent             anonymous tip that a                       (4) the diminished expectation of
probable cause to stop a suspected            certain person wearing                                  privacy enjoyed by
DWI. Chief Justice Roberts, joined by         specific clothing and                                   individuals driving their
Justice Scalia, vigorously dissented in the   standing at bus stop and                                cars on public roads.”
denial and pointed out that NTHSA and         carrying a weapon.                                          For now, the position
state programs such as the REDDI
                                              The Chief Justice called                                    of the State of Virginia
(Report Every Drunk Driver
                                              DWI a “danger so great                                      requiring independent
Immediately ) program and
                                              it would justify the stop”                                  probable cause to
Drunkbusters Hotline operate in many
                                              and grave four criteria based on J.L. to   justify a DWI traffic stop will remain
states to encourage other drivers to
                                              consider in an anonymous tip regarding     the minority view but the denial of
report suspected DWI.
                                              DWI:                                       cert is a clear indication of the court’s
In the instant case, the anonymous tip                                                   current thinking. Another case on a
described the defendant, his car, location    “(1) the especially grave and imminent
                                                                                         different day will give the definitive
and path of travel. The police, however,           dangers posed by drunk driving;
                                                                                         answer to the conflict that currently
did not see any traffic violations before     (2) the enhanced reliability of tips       exists between jurisdictions.
Page 7                                                                                                          The DWI Court Reporter

                     New Study—More Women Driving Under the Influence
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood           The Secretary pointed to statistics from       Overall, about 2,000 fatalities a year
released a new study by the National          the FBI showing that arrests for women         involve an impaired female driver.
Highway Traffic Safety                        driving under the influence increased by
                                              nearly 30 percent (28.8%) over the 10-         The 10 states with increases in the
Administration (NHTSA) that shows
                                                                                             number of drunk female drivers
an increasing trend among women               year period from 1998 to 2007. Over
                                              that same decade, DUI arrests for men          involved in fatal crashes are: Ohio,
driving under the influence of alcohol.
                                                                                             New Hampshire, Montana, Nevada,
The new analysis is based on an               decreased by 7.5 percent, although the
                                                             total number of men             Wyoming, West Virginia, Indiana,
increase, in certain
                                                                                             Washington, Kansas, and Tennessee.
parts of the nation,                                         arrested during the period
                                                                                             The five states where the number of
in the number of                                             outstripped women by
                                                             about four to one.              alcohol-impaired female drivers
                                                                                             remained unchanged in 2008 were
female drivers                                                The NHTSA study                Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Oklahoma,
involved in fatal                                             confirmed the FBI              and Utah.
crashes in 2008                                               statistics showing that
compared to the                                               impaired driving by            Click here to view the NHTSA
2007 statistics.                                                                             report.
                                                              women is becoming a
"Impaired driving is an issue that cuts       national safety issue. According to the        Editor’s Note: Press release by NHTSA on
across all segments of society and,           NHTSA analysis, the number of                  August 19, 2009.
sadly, the number of arrests of               impaired women drivers involved in
women driving under the influence is          fatal crashes increased in 10 states, and
on the rise," said Transportation             remained flat in five states - despite an
Secretary Ray LaHood. "This is clearly        overall decline of 9 percent in all drunk
a very disturbing trend."                     driver crashes in 2008 from 2007.

                    New Roadside Survey Shows Decline in Alcohol Levels
(Continued from page 2)
                                                driver impairment since some drugs
                                                can remain in the body for days or even
said Secretary LaHood. “However,
                                                weeks. Should further research indicate
alcohol still kills 13,000 people a year on
                                                that drugs pose the same type of traffic
our roads and we must continue to be
                                                safety risk as alcohol, NHTSA is
vigilant in our efforts to prevent drunk
                                                committed to applying lessons learned
                                                in fighting the drunk driving problem.
“This troubling data shows us, for the                                                       twice as likely as passenger vehicle
                                                Among the findings of the latest             drivers to be drunk (5.6 percent
first time, the scope of drugged driving
                                                roadside survey are these:                   compared with 2.3 percent). Pickup
in America, and reinforces the need to
reduce drug abuse,” said Gil                    • The percentage of male drivers with        truck drivers were the next most
Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of          illegal BAC levels was 42 percent            likely to have illegal BACs (3.3
National Drug Control Policy.                   higher than the percentage of alcohol-       percent).
“Drugged driving, like drunk driving, is        impaired female drivers.                     The 2007 survey involved more than
a matter of public safety and health. It                                                     300 roadside locations throughout
                                                • Drivers were more likely to be illegally
puts us all at risk and must be                                                              the U.S. Click here to view the
                                                drunk during late nighttime hours (1
prevented.”                                                                                  Research Note.
                                                a.m. to 3 a.m.) than during daytime or
NHTSA is conducting further research            early evening hours.                         Editor’s Note: Press release by NHTSA
to assess how drug traces correspond to                                                      on July 13, 2009
                                                • Motorcycle riders were more than
                                                        BJA Scholarship Funding Available
                                                           for NCDC Training Programs
                                                       Scholarship funding through a grant from the Bureau of
                                                       Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice, is now
                                                       available to defray some of the costs associated with travel
4900 Seminary Road
                                                       and lodging for the NCDC DWI Court Training Programs.
Alexandria, Virginia 22311
(703) 575-9400                                         For the 3½ day training program (Planning), the scholarship
(703) 575-9402                                         application can be submitted with the application (See article
                                                       below). For the 1 day training program (Enhancement), the
                                                       scholarship application should not be submitted until after
                                                       acceptance into the program. This is because the per diem
                   The Center is supported by
                   a charitable contribution           levels change based on the location for the program. The
                   from Beam Global Spirits &          locations for the 1 day training program will not be set until
                   Wine, Inc.                          after all teams have been approved.
                                                       The guidelines and the scholarship application for both
                                                       programs can be found on the web at
                                                       under Resources and then go to the Training Programs page, at
                                                       the bottom, or click here.
           We’re on the web

       Applications Are Still Being Taken for DWI Court Training in 2010
The National Center for DWI Courts          •    The application procedure is         applications should be sent (page 9).
(NCDC) has been taking applications         similar to last year's application.       NCDC will be working with NHTSA to
for next year's DWI Court training          When a jurisdiction is applying for the   coordinate the logistics for the training
programs. At this time, there are still     training, they should coordinate with     sessions. NCDC will locate the hotels,
a few more openings; therefore, the         their State Highway Safety Office         secure the meeting rooms, provide the
deadline has been extended to               (SHSO) by applying for the training       materials, print the tent cards and name
November 13, 2009 to get it to the          through them.                             tags etc. The teams that are selected for
Highway Safety Offices, or                                                            the training will be notified in December
November 23, 2009 if you already
                                            •   The closing date for the
                                            application is November 13, 2009 to       2009, in order to make plans on their
have travel funds and this application                                                court calendars and travel
                                            State Highway Safety Offices.
is being sent directly to NHTSA.                                                      arrangements. The training sessions are
This extended solicitation has been         •   Each SHSO will determine which        slated to begin in March 2009.
sent to State Drug Court Points of          teams will be provided with training      If you have any questions about the
Contact and the Drug Court                  and then forward this information to      DWI Court training, or want an
Coordinators in each state. The             NHTSA, Enforcement and Justice            application, please contact Brian
application is specific as to the types     Services Division, by facsimile or        Chodrow at the National Highway
of training offered. Please note the        email by November 23, 2009.               Traffic Safety Administration,
following:                                  •   The application requests that the     Enforcement and Justice Services
•    Courts that are currently drug         Judge of the team provide a Letter of     Division at (202) 366-9765 or David
courts can apply – they will only need      Commitment. The SHSO should               Wallace at NADCP – (703) 575-9400 or
the one day training as opposed to the      provide this information in the , or go to
3 ½ day training for new DWI courts         application (page 7).            under Resources and
that are not already drug courts.           The SHSO should also provide the          then go to the Training Programs page, at
                                            person and address to where the           the bottom of the page, or click here.

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