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					Unity Memorial

       Here, the world has discovered Unity. All people and cultures of the world were affected and came together to say no to
this type of ancient barbarism. In the future people from all corners of the world will visit here. They will discover respect for
life and understanding through Unity. Throughout the site Unity is discovered in form, sound, and color. Just as each note or
color is unique so are all the cultures of the world. Just as in nature the world can discover Unity. This is why I call the
memorial “Unity”. In this format we respect, remember and endure.

Site Concept
       We continue the spiral into ground zero from Studio Daniel Libeskind's plan and borrow the perfect design of the shell
spiral, 500 million years old. All things progress in cycles and we form an entire cycle into the memorial site. At the end of the
spiral, in the very heart of ground zero is the American Flag, in the form of a statue (fig 6). The spiral starts 1776 feet above and
continues into the heart of ground zero.
       The interior of the spiral is broken down into 12 segments. The segments broadly represent the diversity of all people and
cultures of the world. They represent the need and ability to understand, respect, learn and harmonize with others (as in nature).
More specifically, each segment is correlated with a color, note of the chromatic scale, and month of the year. It is one giant
progression in a natural order. The correlations are as follows:
1. Red- January- The key of “C”                       7. Green- July- The key of “F#”
2. Red Orange- February- The Key of “C#”              8. Green Blue- August- The key of “G”
3. Orange- March- The key of “D”                      9. Blue- September- The key of “G#”
4. Orange Yellow- April- The Key of “D#”             10. Blue Violet- October- The key of “A”
5. Yellow- May- The Key of “E”                        11. Violet- November- The Key of “A#”
6. Yellow Green- June- The Key of “F”                 12. Violet Red- December- The key of “B”

       The colors are represented in each segment as gardens (grasses, flowers, shrubs, structures, ornaments) and lights (which
line the walk ways and shine upon structures). Gardens reaffirm respect for life, progression through determination, and hope.
They encourage reflection and contemplation. There are plenty of benches to sit and areas isolated by the gardens for
       The months correlated for each section are listed on a plaque in the center of each segment and the names of the victims
whose birthdays fall in that month are embedded in marble so etchings can be made, as shown in Fig 2 (this is to celebrate the
persons birth and life).
       Sound is represented by a single large tubular bell, in the center of each segment, in an open-air structure with a crystal
type shaped roof. The roof is semitransparent and of the color represented in that segment (Fig 2). The visitor can, with some
effort, ring the low sounding bell in remembrance. The note is a sub tone, which is very deep, but not loud, and encourages
interactivity without disturbing others. Harmonies will emerge as others ring the bells simultaneously. This allows the visitor to
be interactive with the site.
       This action is very primal, and because the 12 notes are of a physiological nature, the effect will be as pertinent 300 years
from now as it is today. This type of release is also extremely therapeutic for the visitor and promotes a feeling of progress and
hope for the future. The effect is therapeutic, physiological, and beautiful.
       Throughout the site straight lines intersect with flowing curved lines, just as the spiritual intersects with the realism of
every day life. This Unity is echoed throughout the entire site.
              Fig. 1- Remembrance Hall- The recognition of every victim of the attacks of 9/11/01, 2/26/93.
       The interior of the hall is dimly lit except for the marble “interactive” walls along the perimeter of the building. The
interactive walls are illuminated and list the names of all the victims. The wall is interactive because the visitor can simply
touch a name and the name is illuminated and the victim’s photo and profile appears on the nearest monitor above. This, in a
great way, personalizes the tragedy by putting a face to the name along with profile information, including birthdays, hobbies,
loves, and accomplishments, etc. This conveys the magnitude of loss. The room is dimly lit for a respectful atmosphere and is
filled with comfortable couches and chairs.
       The exterior is in the form of a spiral upward, consistent with the Unity design. Stairs spiral up so the users can walk up
to the top observation deck (approx 10’ above street level). The deck is accessible from the interior or exterior. The buildings
spiral design is intersected with the lower linear walls, consistent with the Unity site design.
       Fig. 2 – Areas for quiet visitation and contemplation
       Each segment contains extensive gardens based on the color of that segment. The gardens will be very diverse, just as
people are. There are many quiet isolated spots with plenty of benches to sit. The paths spiral through each section and are lined
with colored foot lights of that segments color.
Meditation Chimes
       In the heart of each segment is the Meditation Chime structure. The structure is open air with a semitransparent crystal
shaped roof of the same color as the segment. The roof is illuminated. The floor is also that segments color.
       A single large tubular chime hangs in the center of the structure. There is a horizontal hammer next to the chime with
handle that hangs down. The visitor can swing the hammer with a little effort to ring the chime. The hammer is heavy so it must
be rocked a few times to reach the chime (to discourage over ringing). The end of the hammer is soft so when it rings the chime
it has a slow attack (not loud and piercing, but droning and warm). The chimes note is correlated with that segment, as outlined
above (in order, chromatically, through each segment of the spiral). Harmonies will occur as others ring chimes across the site.
The effect is therapeutic, physiological, and beautiful. The effect is timeless, because the 12 notes are of a physiological nature,
the effect will be as pertinent 300 generations from now as it is today! While rhythms come and go these notes are forever. The
harmonies (just as the spectrum) symbolize the hope and Unity of all cultures and people.
        Next to the structure is a smaller crystal shape structure with that particular segments correlated month named and
followed, in alphabetical order, by the names and birthdays of the victims whose birthdays are within that month. This is to
celebrate their birth and life. The names are engraved for etchings. The top facet is polished and will reflect the sky and
buildings around it. A visitor can find the victim’s birthday in Remembrance Hall.
        Fig. 3- Areas for families and loved ones of victims
        There are many areas for meditation and mourning. Fig. 2 has many areas for isolated meditation within the gardens. The
Meditation Chimes encourages active participation while the House of Light (Fig. 4) encourages quiet contemplation in a
sacred, enclosed environment.
        Fig. 4- A separate accessible space for the final resting place for those unidentified
        The House of Light- There is a small lobby upon entering the building. The lobby is dimly lit. Immediately, in front, is a
short staircase that leads to the second level. The second level is one giant room. The entire room is surrounded with stained
glass walls (the entire perimeter). The designs of the stained glass are to be developed in stage 2. The basic premise for design is
that it is to be abstract, with all colors, and with no recognizable religious affiliation (as with the rest of the building). When the
sun hits the glass, the resulting cascade of veiled color harmonies traveling through the room will be intensely spiritual. The
effect is the Unity of color, Unity of spirit.
        Along the perimeter are remembrance candles in the exact number as victims (3,016). The visitors can light these candles.
The slight smoke from the candles will enhance the visual effect of the colors in the air. The environment is quiet and
meditative and has plenty of comfortable seating. The interactivity, again, is therapeutic and promotes hope and personal
       The exterior design of the building is reflective of Studio Daniel Libeskind's tallest building at the site.
        Fig. 5- The two towers footprints
        The footprints of the two towers are made of bronze, approximately one foot wide, and are outlined with foot lights that
shine upward along the perimeter of each footprint. The lights will be white, red, blue, green yellow, and violet. The sequence is
repeated along the length of the footprints. The lights will be programmable, for example, red, white, and blue for the Fourth of
July, or red and green for the holiday season. All other times just the white lights will shine.
        Fig. 6- Statue of Honor – The victims and uniformed workers alike are celebrated here as heroes and soldiers on the front
lines of a new war. The statue is made of bronze and is full realism. The statue lies just to the right of the main entrance (the
apex of the spiral, the heart of ground zero). It is a three-tier statue. The top tier is the famous image of the raising of the flag at
Iwo Jima. On the second tier (just in front and slightly below) is the image of the three firefighters lowering the WTC flag. On
the final tier are five figures representing the victims. Each of the figures are business people except one, a child. All are
different nationalities to represent the diversity of cultures and peoples affected by the attacks. They are lined up in a semi-circle
and are looking meditative and gazing downward. In the absolute middle is the American flag that rises higher than the rest of
the statue. The base continues the Unity design of linear crystal shapes intersecting with a spiral motion.
       Their business suits and fire coats are new uniforms in a modern war against tyranny and fanaticism. They stand together,
along with the rest of the world’s people, against this new enemy. The American Flag is at the very center of the spiral started
1776 feet above and continues into the heart of ground zero.
The plaque in front of the statue will read:
       “On this sacred ground we honor the hero’s who like
    those before us fight for liberty and again show the world
    that freedom is the foundation for all of humanity.
    America leads this continuing battle against those who would deny
    such basic living rights. It is ground zero of the Human Condition.”
       Fig. 7- Liberty Wall- Liberty Wall will have an image of the Twin Towers, of the view from the base of the Towers
    looking upward. The towers will be made of bronze and protrude at the base (out of the wall) and recede into the wall as it
    goes upward (positive and negative space). The Towers themselves must be remembered visually.
       Fig. 8- Glaze Wall- Along the Glazed Wall will be portraits of all the children affected by the attacks (painted). The
    children are of primary importance. They also represent the saddest part of these tragedies. Children are the hope for our
    future and are the responsibility of current generations. They are the seeds of the future and while there may be no short-term
    solution to these problems the one long-term solution is the children of the next generation.
       Fig. 9- Fountain Projections-
       Where the spiral intersects the tower footprints, again, consistent with the Unity design of a spiral (spiritual) intersecting
with linear (reality), there forms a shallow pool (between the outside of the spiral and the inside of the footprint).
In the far corner of each footprint’s pool is a water fountain that shoots a fine mist about 20’ into the air. Then the image of that
Tower is projected into the mist (day and night). The effect is meditative and magical.
       The rest of the pool is decorated sparsely with water lilies and other non-evasive aquatic plants and grasses. The pool will
be stocked with Koi fish and heated slightly in the winter. Along the perimeter of the pools are many benches for meditation.
The visible back wall is the Glaze Wall, with its children’s portraits.
       Fig. 10- Gardens
       The gardens stretch the entire length of the site. They are the heart of hope and the embodiment of endurance. In each
section the landscape will be composed according to that segments correlated color (listed above). Blooming will be in no
particular order. The gardens will be diverse, as each color would dictate. They shall be perennial so they can tolerate New
York’s climate. There will be many walkways lined with gardens and benches as well as little alcoves behind roses and other
shrubs. The meditative value and sweet smells of the flowers will be deeply spiritual, and refreshing to the soul. In winter lights
and ornaments will be more prominent.
      Fig. 11- The Eternal Flame-
      The Eternal Flame is a monument that honors those who put on their uniforms and serve their duty no matter what the
cost with bravery and valor every day. The flame is in a dish surrounded with a small pool of water. Money collected in the
pool will go to the city to pay for site maintenance. The flame is on a raised platform. In front is a plaque that reads:
                                      “Honor those firefighters, police, healers and all others who serve their duty,
                                         no matter what the cost, with bravery and valor every day.
                                         Honor those who have past and respect those who endure.”
                   This is followed with the names of the victims, uniformed workers, and their unit’s name.

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