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									Relocation Assistance

 Agency for Workforce Innovation
       Statewide Training
           Spring 2005
Relocation Basics

   Available to TCA applicants or recipients
   May relocate to another area in the
    state or may relocate out of state
   If approved for a reason other than
    domestic violence, the family cannot
    reapply for TCA for at least 6 months
   Reapplication for TCA is allowed in
    emergency situations
Relocation Basics (Continued)
   Relocated individuals are eligible for
    up to 2 years of transitional childcare
    if employment is secured within a
    specified period of time
   A family may relocate more than once
   The relocation payment does not
    count toward time-limits
   There is no specified dollar amount
   Maximum amounts should be included
    in the Local Operating Procedures
Eligibility Requirements
   The family must demonstrate a
    need to relocate
   The family must demonstrate a contributing
    factor to achieving self-sufficiency
   The family must be eligible for TCA
    (applicant) or receiving TCA (recipient)
   The family must not have exhausted their
    lifetime limit on TCA
    • If the family has met their lifetime limit on TCA,
      the RWB may fund the relocation with local RWB
      TANF dollars                                         4
    Demonstration of Need
   The individual:
    – Is located in an area with limited
      employment opportunities
    – Is geographically isolated
    – Has formidable transportation
    – Is isolated from their extended
    – Has experienced domestic violence
      which interferes with the ability of
      a parent to maintain self-
      sufficiency                            5
    Contributing Factors
   The individual:
    – Is unlikely to achieve economic self-sufficiency in
      the current community;
    – Has secured a job that provides an increased
      salary or improved benefits and requires relocation
      to another community;
    – Has a family support network that will contribute
      to job retention in another community;
    – Is determined to be a victim of domestic violence
      who would experience a reduced probability of
      further incidents through relocation; or
    – Must relocate to receive education or training that
      is directly related to the applicant’s employment or
      career advancement
Step 1
   Determine that the family is
    receiving Temporary Cash
   Determine the family is potentially
    eligible for TCA and requirements
    for diversion would likely be met
   The RWB provider and the
    individual requesting Relocation
    Assistance should begin by
    completing the Relocation
    Assistance Checklist                  7
    Step 2

   Determine there is a need for the
    family to relocate to a new community

   Determine there is a basis for believing
    that the relocation to a new community
    will contribute to the family’s ability to
    achieve self-sufficiency

   Ensure the need and contributing factor
    has been verified or documented as
    appropriate based on LOP
Step 3
   Establish a relocation plan that includes:
       • A relocation budget based on the Relocation
         Budget Worksheet (AWI-0002)
           Estimates for relocation expenses
           Estimates for employment related expenses

       • Documentation from the individual to ensure
         relocation funds will be expended properly and
         the relocation will take place
       • Assurance the relocation will be successful
         without relying on TCA to meet on-going
       • Provisions to protect the safety of victims of
         domestic violence and avoid provisions that place
         them in anticipated danger
Step 4

   Determine that the receiving
    community has the capacity to
    provide needed services and
    employment opportunities
    • If the family is planning to relocate within
      the state, contact the local One-Stop
      Career Center in the receiving community
    • If out of state, use directory assistance and
      the Internet to locate the family assistance
      and employment services in the receiving
Step 5

   Monitor the family’s
      • Administer a survey
        within 90 days after
        providing a Relocation
        Assistance payment
        or services to the

Emergency Reapplication

               Families receiving
                relocation assistance
                for reasons other
                than Domestic
                Violence cannot
                receive TCA for six
                months, unless a
                qualified emergency is
                approved by the RWB
Emergency Situations

   Verify the family has a qualified
   Examples include:
    • Domestic Violence
    • Hospitalization or illness resulting in a
      significant loss o income or employment
    • Loss of housing
    • Natural disaster responsible for the
      destruction of the family’s major property
    • Other situations of similar nature affecting
Emergency Reapplication

   The RWB is responsible
    for completing the
    Diversion Services
    Emergency Criteria form,
    AWI 0001
   The completed form must
    be forwarded to DCF to
    approve or deny the TCA

   Relocation Assistance must be repaid
    if the family is approved for TCA
    due to an emergency within 6 months
    of receiving the Relocation
    Assistance payment

   EXCEPTION: If the family received
    Relocation Assistance as a result of
    domestic violence, the family may
    immediately reapply for TCA once

   If the family fails to relocate,
    the entire amount of the
    relocation assistance received
    must be repaid

   If fraud is suspected the RWB
    provider must notify DCF to
    initiate an investigation

   Repayment is prorated and subtracted
    from the regular payment of TCA
   DCF is responsible for recovering the
    Relocation Assistance amount
   Recoupment calculation
    • Amount of relocation assistance - months off
      cash X payment standard = repayment amount
    • Repayment amount is divided by the number of
      months left on the individual’s time clock to
      determine the amount to be recouped each month
         Questions on Relocation?

An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All voice telephone
numbers on this document may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711.


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