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									ebay shop skills If you want to sell things on eBay as a business to do, eBay what consumers want to buy something. Determine the ebay consumers want to buy something later, to find sourcing. So how do you do eBay's market research to understand what customers need to buy things? In eBay's Web site, there is a link called eBay Pulse of http://pulse.ebay.com/. On this page you can see that eBay is currently the most popular goods, that is, most customers in ebay search keywords. Here, you can find such as electronics, clothing, toys and other subcategories of the popular products. The popular keywords will not only help you analyze what your eBay selling, while a very important role is that you hang your stuff up to eBay to sell when the mountain in your ad title must be coupled with these Key words. This helps customers to eBay search the product he wants, your ads appear on search results. eBay is a great system, competition is fierce. Many eBay buyers, eBay hung in the things he wanted to sell a week, and no one to look at his ads, this result is of course well be imagined. Another link is found in popular keywords http://keyword-index.ebay.com/keyword-index.html. You must take advantage of this tool. eBay Hot Product page link: http://productindex.ebay.com/best_selling_1.html. Here, the density can be found in the current best-selling items ebay. Of course, I do not recommend you go to sell these hot products, because selling these hot commodities are very formidable competitor, and you've just started it is difficult to compete with these power seller. However, the information about you to understand the market is still helpful. For example, maybe you can sell some popular products on eBay and other accessories. As a result, you may be advantages of market competition. eBay also has a very useful link is http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/. Here you can find customers to buy eBay, but eBay could not find anything. If you can find sources of goods, is eBay but can not find someone to buy something, you can eBay monopoly this product. If you can get in the ebay business in such a competitive advantage, your ebay business will be able to roll the financial resources. Of course, this requires you to spend a lot of time and energy to study and analyze the market, can not be easily able to achieve.

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