How To Create Your Own Google Chrome by linysoft47


									Google Chrome is the most popular web browser and has tons of themes available for download.
But do you know you can create your own Google Chrome theme. With the help of My
Chrome Theme app, you can easily create your own custom theme using your own pictures or

Steps to follow:-

1. Open your Chrome browser. Install My Chrome Theme App on the browser from here.

Click Here To Install My Chrome Theme App

Click on Add To Chrome to install it to your crome browser.
2. Once you finish installing it on browser, click on Launch App to launch the application.

3. Now click on Start Making Theme.
4. Upload Image from your PC or Use Webcam.

Once image is uploaded, adjust the position of the image accordingly.
5. Now give colors to your theme. Edit your toolbar, background tab and frame color.
6. Give name to your theme and you can also add some description. Click on Make My Theme
and generate the theme.

Click on INSTALL MY THEME to install theme on Chrome Browse

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