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									                                                                       DAVID C. HENDERSON
                                                                               DISTRICT ATTORNEY

                                                              COUNTY OF YOLO
                                                                  CRIMINAL GRANTS DIVISION

                                                                  301SECOND STREET—WOODLAND, CA 95695—(530) 666-8206—FAX 530) 666-8423
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TO:                  The Honorable Tom Stallard, Chair
                    and Members of the Board of Supervisors

FROM: David C. Henderson
           District Attorney

DATE:               July 31, 2001


         That your Board consider:

         1) approval of the attached resolution increasing the appropriations of the 2001/02 final
         Budget by the amount of $16,879, and

         2) authorize the acquisition of a replacement vehicle.


       To increase appropriations and revenue for the 2001-2002 fiscal year to cover the purchase of a
replacement vehicle equipped for law enforcement for the Vehicle Theft Deterrent Program.


         On July 5, 2001 the Vehicle Theft Deterrent Committee unanimously voted to purchase a
replacement vehicle for the investigator assigned to this program. The current vehicle now has in excess of
97,000 miles on the odometer. Taking into consideration the required mileage and those instances where a
pursuit is required, this vehicle now presents a safety factor. The committee has elected to purchase a
2002 Chevrolet Impala Police Interceptor priced at $23,879. The trade-in for the current vehicle is
$7,000, leaving a balance of $16,879.23. This trade in offer is only good for two weeks, at which time the
trade in will be considerably less.


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        The requested vehicle was not included in the 2001-2002 District Attorney budget because all
expenditures are voted on by the Vehicle Theft Deterrent Committee which did not meet until July 5, 2001.
 The funding for this program is derived from $1.00 fee imposed on each vehicle that is registered in Yolo
County. There is no county contribution required for the purchase of this vehicle.


        Auditor’s Office will coordinate the necessary documents. Committee members consist of
representation from the District Attorney’s Office, West Sacramento Police Department, Woodland Police
Department and Davis Police Department.

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                                     RESOLUTION NO. 01______________

        WHEREAS, the Yolo County District Attorney has additional appropriations needs; and

        WHEREAS, said moneys were not included in appropriation and estimated revenue of the District

Attorney budget for fiscal year 2001/02; and

        WHEREAS, Government Code Section 29130 provides for the appropriation of these funds by a

four-fifths vote of the Board of Supervisors;

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Auditor-Controller is authorized to add the

following appropriations and estimated revenues to the 2001/02 Final Budget, District Attorney Criminal

Grants budget.

                  Fund 116, Budget Unit 205-8

                  CURRENT APPROPRIATIONS                                              $1,276,580


                                           Equipment - Vehicle         $16,879        $    16,879

                  TOTAL AMENDED APPROPRIATIONS                                $1,293,459

                  ESTIMATED REVENUE                                                   $1,276,580

                  Additional Revenue                                   $16,879        $    16,879

                  TOTAL AMENDED REVENUE                                               $1,293,459

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          PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors this _____ day of July,

2001 by the following vote:




                                             TOM STALLARD, CHAIR
                                             BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                             COUNTY OF YOLO, STATE OF CALIFORNIA

Patty Crittenden, Clerk
Board of Supervisors


                                             Approved as to Form

                                             Steven M. Basha
                                             County Counsel

                                                Deputy County Counsel

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