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									                      BURKE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

                                     REGULAR MEETING

                                        February 14, 2012

The Burke County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday February 14, 2012 at 6:00 PM in
the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Burke County Courthouse. The meeting was called to
order by Chairman Wayne Crockett. Also in attendance were Commissioners Abrams,
DeLaigle, Kelly and Tinley. County Attorney, Barry Fleming and Administrator Merv Waldrop
were also at the meeting.

The Administrator gave the invocation for the meeting and then Mr. Tinley led everyone in the
Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.

The first item on the agenda was to consider the minutes from the January 10th, 11th, 17th, and
February 8th meetings. Mrs. Kelly made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Mr.
Abrams seconded the motion which was approved on a 5 to 0 vote.

After that the Commissioners opened bids for the renovation of the Ogeechee Service Center
Building. There were only two bids received which came in as follows including the alternates.

                BIDDER             CONTRACT MGMT. INC.          DERALCO

                BASE BID                  $424,463.00              $481,000.00
                BID BOND                       X                        X

                Recycling Bldg.            26,397.00                19,214.00
                Well House                 9,186.00                 11,486.00
                Porte Cochere              34,620.00                56,356.00
                Columns                    16,160.00                13,651.00
                Second Floor               29,281.00                43,474.00
                Soffts/Fascia              8,841.00                 20,048.00
                Window repl.               11,487.00                20,945.00
                Patio Cover                22,722.00                23,209.00

                TOTALS                    $583,157.00              $689,383.00

The bids were given to the architect, Ben Carter for review and were referred to the Finance
Committee for action.

The next business before the Board was the filling of two terms on the Planning Commission.
The terms of Leon Bynes and Joe Montgomery had both expired. The County Commissioners
allow each commissioner to appoint the Planning Commission member to represent their district.
Both Commissioner Kelly and Commissioner Tinley expressed their desire to keep the two
gentlemen on the Planning Commission. Commissioner Kelly moved to reappoint both Leon
Bynes representing District 2 and Joe Montgomery representing District 5 to serve another term
on the Planning Commission. Mr. Tinley seconded the motion and it carried with all in favor.

Then the Board turned its attention to a vacancy on the Department of Family and Children
Services Board. Alex Swan served on the board until his death in December. Mrs. Kelly moved
to appoint Louia Sapp to serve the remainder of Mr. Swan’s term on the DFCS Board. Mr.
Abrams seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

After that the Commissioners considered a notice from the City of Waynesboro that it has been
requested to annex two lots belonging to the County Development Authority into the city limits.
The property is in the Industrial Park just north of the Hwy 25 By-Pass and along Hadden Pond
Road. The annexation would put the entire Industrial Park in the city limits and designate the
whole park to be zoned light industrial. The annexation was requested by the Development
Authority. After discussing the issue the Board came to the conclusion that there was no reason
to object to this annexation. Mr. Tinley moved to send a letter to the Waynesboro City Council
expressing no objection to the annexation of the property in the Industrial Park. Mrs. Kelly
seconded the motion. It passed on a vote of 5 to 0.

Next the Board opened bids for a money market account for the new SPLOST III fund. The
Administrator explained that we need to notify the Georgia Department of Revenue what
account we want to use for the deposit of the sales tax proceeds each month. In the past we have
used the State of Georgia investment pool, Georgia Fund I for this account. But recently their
interest rates were lower than the money market accounts. Bids were opened from two banks
and compared to the current rate for the Georgia Fund I. The results were as follows:

                    Financial Inst.                               Rate
                    Capital City Bank                           0.1500%
                    First National Bank                          No Bid
                    RegionsBank                                  No Bid
                    Southern Bank                                No Bid
                    Queensborough Bank                          0.0500%
                    GA Fund 1                                   0.1068%

Since the rate from Capital City Bank was better than the other banks and the state investment
pool, Mr. Abrams moved to open an account for the deposit of SPLOST III revenue with Capital
City Bank as a money market account. Mr. DeLaigle seconded the motion and it carried with all
in favor.

The East Central Health District had a request for the approval of a mutual aid agreement on the
agenda. This would be a renewal of an existing agreement with Health District and the Burke
County Health Department for assistance in the event of an emergency. Mr. Tinley moved to
renew the agreement with East Central Health District. Mr. Abrams seconded the motion and
the agreement was approved without opposition.

After that the Board considered an agreement with the Georgia DOT to give assurances that the
County is complying with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. The Board discussed some of the
requirements of the assurances including the documentation that all services are being provided
on an equal basis without regard to race, age or gender. The Chairman recommended that we
adopt the agreement and assurances without dwelling on the details. Mr. Abrams moved to
adopt the Title VI Agreement and Assurances. Mrs. Kelly offered to second the motion which
passed unanimously.

The next item of business was to hear a request from the Transit Director to fill two vacant
positions at Burke Transit. The two vacancies are a Clerk I and a Part Time Driver. The Clerk I
position schedules and dispatches vans. The Driver is needed to help fill in when a regular driver
is out for sickness or vacation. Mr. Abrams made a motion to fill the two positions at Transit
and Mr. DeLaigle seconded the motion. It carried with all five voting in favor.

The Chairman noted that the County has not been requested to assist the Hospital with funds so
the last item on the agenda is not necessary.

Next the Commissioners heard brief reports from various department heads.

Chief Magistrate, Sterling Wimberly, stated that everything was going fine in his department.

EMA Chief, Rusty Sanders, reminded the Board that the EMA and Southern Nuclear would be
conducting an emergency practice drill tomorrow.

Chief Building Official, Scott Lee, reported that it was business as usual in his department.

Public Works Director, Jesse Burke stated that they are doing drainage maintenance, working on
potholes, and building up shoulders on various county roads. He also reported that the two
employees injured in the accident last week were doing better. He stated that Nathan is doing ok
but the Leonard still needs surgery when he is able to go through it.
Barbara Hammett, Elections Supervisor, stated that early voting has started for the March 6th
presidential primary. She is also working on the changes to the precincts required by the new
voting districts.

Mr. Tinley moved to go into executive session to discuss pending litigation with the County
Attorney. Mr. Abrams seconded the motion and it passed 5 to 0.

After their discussion was complete Mr. Tinley made a motion to go back into regular session.
Mr. Abrams seconded this motion as well and it also carried with all in favor.

The County Attorney reported that the Board had been updated on one legal matter and that no
action was taken.

Mr. Tinley moved to authorize the Chairman to sign an affidavit stating that the Board had
discussed a legal matter and taken no action. Mrs. Kelly seconded this motion and it was
approved unanimously.

Mr. DeLaigle brought up a traffic concern in his area. He stated that the intersection of Botsford
Church Road and Highway 23 was dangerous and needed a traffic signal. The consensus of the
Board was to ask the Georgia DOT to conduct a signal study at the intersection.

Being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:16 PM.

_____________________________                        ______________________________
R Wayne Crockett, Chairman                           Lucious Abrams

______________________________                       ______________________________
Allen DeLaigle                                       Terri Lodge Kelly

Henry Tinley                                         Merv Waldrop, Administrator

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