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					                                                                               IPM Computers
 IPM Computer Services                 Some of our happy customers             Select Signature Service
 Basic Desktop Repair and Upgrades          Dr. Davis Chiropractic

 Laptop Repair and Upgrades                 Wilmington Surge Care

 New Desktop Installation / Setup                Ken Burn Inc.                Premium Service tailored to your needs
 Technical Consultation

 Personalized Technical Training
                                              Boy Scouts of America

                                                Shell Island Resort
 Virus/Spyware Removal                North College Rd. Animal Hospital

 Basic Data Recovery                            JS&J Trucking

 Data Archiving                            Duke Lineberry Lawfirm

 Small Office Networking                 River Boat Landing Resturant

 Broadband Sharing (DSL, Satellite,   St. Mary's Private School and Church
  Cable)                                        Many many more!
 Network Installations

 Call (910) 815-0900                                IPM Computers
                                                 Phone (910) 815-0900
Visit us at:
Who we are                                                      Select Signature Platinum                                      Select Signature Pricing
IPM Computers is a local firm, located in                       This plan is designed for employees and large offices. It      Our Select Signature plans primarily offer
Wilmington, North Carolina, with the sole                       includes 30 hours of service and 4 hour response times.        customers two things, guaranteed timely
intent of providing the best technical support                  A 40% discount is offered to the company and                   response, and discounts over our hourly service.
and complete business solutions. Our services                   employees on hours used beyond those included in this          IPM Computers hourly orders are served on a
                                                                plan. Free monthly check-ups included. End of month            first call first serve basis. With select signature
range from basic desktop installation, setup, or
                                                                service report. Parts bought thru IPM are sold are cost        service, you are guaranteed to receive service in
repair, to large scale networking solutions and                 to you. 24/7 tech on call.                                     the utmost timely matter. In this information
lots more.
                                                                                                                               age, minutes of downtime can seem like days.
                                                                Select Signature Gold
When the unexpected happens                                                                                                    Select signature service plans are billed
                                                                This plan is designed for employees and large offices. It      monthly, per your specified period of service
What will you do? The same as you would in                      includes 20 hours of service, 8 hour response time. A          and are priced as follows.
any other emergency – call professional help                    30% discount is also offered on hours used beyond
and remain calm.                                                those included in this plan. Employees also get a 30%              Select Signature Platinum: $2100/mo
                                                                discount on all our services. Free monthly check-ups                (3 months) $2000/mo (6 months) /
Every computer will fail someday, and it                        included. End of month service report. Parts bought                 $1900/mo (12 months)
always seems to happen when you need it the                     thru IPM are sold are cost to you. 24/7 tech on call.
most. If you don’t have other systems to rely                                                                                      Select Signature Gold: $1400/mo (3
on, you could be faced with many hours of                       Select Signature Silver                                             months) / $1300/mo (6 months) /
downtime, troubleshooting, and repair.                                                                                              $1200/mo (12 months)
                                                                This plan includes 10 hours of service, 10 hour
                                                                response time. A 20% discount is offered on
Don’t waste your valuable time and energy,
                                                                additional hours. Free monthly check-ups included.
when IPM Computers can have you up and                                                                                             Select Signature Silver: $700/mo (3
                                                                End of month service report. Parts bought thru IPM
running in no time. Once we diagnose your                                                                                           months) / $600/mo (6 months) /
                                                                are sold are cost to you. 24/7 tech on call.
machine, we can often repair hardware &                                                                                             $500/mo (12 months)
software on site, or have your machine back to                  Select Signature Bronze
you in as little as 24 hours. We have the best                                                                                     Select Signature Bronze: $280/mo (3
                                                                This plan includes 4 hours of service per month, 24                 months) / $250/mo (6 months) /
turn around times in Wilmington!
                                                                hour response time, and a 10% discount on additional                $220/mo (12 months)
Select Signature Service Plans                                  hours. Free monthly check-ups included. End of
                                                                month service report. Parts bought thru IPM are sold
We offer four tiers of select signature service, all designed   are cost to you. 24/7 tech on call.                                Call (910) 815-0900
to give you peace of mind. Each plan includes
discounted labor rates, parts sold at cost when bought          -Note: For phone calls over 30 minutes, that time is        Visit us at:
                                                                deducted from the selected signature service plan.
thru IPM Computers, monthly service reports, 24/7
                                                                -All parts are paid for by the customer, NOT IPM
emergency tech on site, monthly check-ups, and quicker          Computers.
response times with priority before other customers.

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