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									  The Evolution of Social Work, Social Service
Development, & Future Implications for Strategic
  Brief Overview;
 Demographics of
- Population: 10,722,816 (July
2008 est.)
- Religions Practiced:
Christian; Greek Orthodox
- Natural Resources: lignite,
petroleum, iron ore, bauxite,
lead, zinc, nickel, magnesite,
marble, salt, hydropower
- Agricultural Resources:
wheat, corn, barley, sugar
beets, olives, tomatoes, wine,
tobacco, potatoes; beef, dairy
-Languages spoken: Greek &
A Look Back: Historical Development of Social
              Work Education
 Training Programs
    1937- First training program commenced
    1945-75- Pierce College; School of Social Welfare
      Program was offered to women only
    1948-1975- YWCA provides programs for Social Welfare studies
      This program was also only offered to women

      Later functioned as the Foundation of the Development of Social Work

    1953-1957- Panteio University offers postgrad studies in Social Welfare
      Program was offered to both women and men

    1954-1963- Royal Nation Foundation forms School of Social Work
      Program was offered to women only

      In 1957 Royal Nation Foundation took over Panteio Univ.
   1957-1975- School of Deaconesses; Orthodox Greek Church
   1960—1967- School of Social Deaconesses; Theology Dept. of Salonika
     1960-1975-School of Social Work; Society for the Protection of Children
     1973- Higher School of Social Work; Centers of Higher Technological &
      Professional Education (CHTPE)
     1983- Higher School of Social Work; renamed Institutes of Technological
      Education (ITE)
     1996- Department of Social Administration developed; Demokritus Univ.
       Offers Social Administration & Policy and Social Work courses
      Policy Development & Social Work:
           An Abbreviated Timeline
   1959- Legislative Decree- Institution of Social Work
   1962- Royal Decree- Education of Social Work
   1963- Royal Decree- Amend. Decree to education of Social Work
   1964- Royal Decree- Recognition of the Schools of Social Welfare
   1970
     Royal Decree- Supp. To 1963 Decree on education of Social Work
     Leg. Decree- Establishment of (CHTPE)
 1974
    Leg. Decree concerning the estab. of prototypical centers for
     practical experience in Higher Schools of Social Work
    Supplemental to Decrees of 1959 & 1962
    Legal framework developed for definition of social work
 1977
    Ministerial Decision-Salaries of Social Work trainees in
     HSSW during their practicum
    Leg. Decree-Org. of middle & higher technical &
     professional education
 1989- Presidential Decree defining professional rights
  of social workers
 1992- Presidential Decree on liscensing framework,
  regulations, and various obligations ordained in line
  with EU regulations
Service in Action: Site
   Visits in Greece

Translation: “ Because we
are together, we are strong”

This postcard was found outside of
a refugee center that we visited.
This card was most appropriate in
describing the sentiment and
mission of the center.
Senior Day Center
At this center Senior citizens come
to enjoy themselves, work on
collaborative projects, and develop
cooperative projects to support the
center as well.

This visit was very inspiring. As a
social worker, I learned the value of
life through their eyes and
recognized that practitioners in the
field of gerontology play a vital role
in the lives of the aging.

Here the members of the center
entertain us with music and dance
on before a very delicious
traditional Greek meal.
Senior Day Center
The Society’s Open
   Door Centre
This non-profit organization was
founded in 1972 to foster the
positive social welfare development
of children with cerebral palsy.

At the Open Door Centre the
following services include (but not
limited to) the following:
-Youth day care center
-- Kindergarten, primary, and
recreational programs
-- Workshops & vocational training
-- Various psychosocial, physical,
and occupational therapy services

Here the children are welcoming us
by putting on a theatrical
The Society’s Open Door Centre
Future Implications for Strategic Development
   in Social Welfare Policies, Education, &
 The Social Work profession and educational system in
 Greece has progressed significantly. However, there is
 still much room for improvement. By encouraging study
 abroad programs, educational policy development, and
 promoting social work as a profession, social service
 programs in Greece can increase to meet the social
 demands that are present within the country.
 Dedoussi, A., Georgoussi, E., Gregory, S., Kyriopolous,
        J., (2004). Social Workers in Greece: Who They are and Where
        They Work. International Social Work, 47(2), 259-274.

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