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					Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Coal India?

Ans: S. Narsing Rao

Who has won the women’s singles title at Miami Masters?

Ans: Agnieszka Radwanska

Who has written the book “My Unforgettable Memories”?

Ans: Mamta Banerjee

Who has won the men’s singles title at Miami Masters?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

Expand the term FOB as used in financial world?

Ans: Free on Board

Expand the term ‘COGS’ as used in banking sector?

Ans: Cost of Goods Sold

N.K.P. Salve passed away on 1st April, 2012. Who was he?

Ans: Former BCCI President

D.R.S. Chaudhury was appointed as the new secretary of _______.

Ans: Ministry of Steel
2012-17 is the plan period of ______ Five Year Plan.

Ans: 12th

Who is the winner of 2012 Templeton prize?

Ans: Dalai Lama

The fourth BRICS Summit was held in _____ on 29th March 2012.

Ans: New Delhi.

Who took over as the President of International Chamber of Commerce, India?

Ans: Harsh Pati Singhania

Which is the largest rice producing state in India?

Ans: West Bengal

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso won the Formula one ______ Grand Prix.

Ans: European

Vikram Sarabhai Space Center which was in news recently is located in _______.

Ans: Thiruvananthapuram.

Abd-Rabbuh Mansour is the President of ______.
Ans: Yemen.

Naresh Goyal is the Chairman of ______.

Ans: Jet Airways.

Who has been chosen for Saraswati Samman 2011?

Ans: A.A. Manavalan.

The 20th ASEAN Summit was organized in which place in April 2012?

Ans: Phnom Penh.

Matanthy Saldanha, the Tourism Minister of ____ died on 21st March 2012.

Ans: Goa.

Indigo Manza is the car manufactured by _____.

Ans: Tata Motors.

Who has been appointed the new Managing Director of Hyundai India?

Ans: Bo Shin Seo.

TCS, which was in news recently, is a company in the field of _____.

Ans: Information Technology.
With which game, Tiger Woods is associated?

Ans: Golf.

The Governor proposes to set up _____new Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) in different States
and Union Territories during 12th Plan.

Ans: 67.

Who is Akhilesh Yadav?

Ans: Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.

Who is the Chairman & Managing Director of MOIL?

Ans: K.J. Singh.

Rajan Katoch has been appointed as the new Director Enforcement in _____.

Ans: Finance Ministry.

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, addressed the inaugural function of the ______ Asia
Gas Partnership Summit, in New Delhi.

Ans: 7th

Which country will host T-20 World Cup 2014?

Ans: Bangladesh

The difference between revenue expenditure and revenue receipt is ______.
Ans: Revenue Deficit.

Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana was launched in ______ so that rural and urban
India could become one in their expression of developed India.

Ans: April 2005.

India and ______ has signed a statement of intent for promotion of gender equality and
advancement of the rights of women and children.

Ans: Brazil.

The fifth annual World Autism Day was celebrated in _____.

Ans: April 2, 2012.

Banks have installed ATMs at various locations in almost all the cities/towns in India. What does
the letter “T” denote in the name “ATM” as used above?

Ans: Teller.

Which place is called the “City of Oranges” in India?

Ans: Nagpur.

Famous “Rock Garden” is located in which city in India?

Ans: Chandigarh.

What is currency of Brazil?

Ans: Real.
The Arab League Summit was held in _____ on 27-29 March, 2012.

Ans: Baghdad.

What is the capital of Italy?

Ans: Rome.

Joachim Gauck was elected as Germany’s _____ President.

Ans: 11th.

Bingu Wa Mutharika, the controversial President of ______ has died.

Ans: Malawi.

Who is Malawi’s first female President?

Ans: Joyee Banda.

Famous Bhakra Nangal Dam is built on which river?

Ans: Satluj.

The World Hemophilia Day is observed on _______.

Ans: 17th April.

Man Booker Prize is given for contribution in the field of ______.

Ans: Literature.
Which instrument is used for measuring the intensity of electric current?

Ans: Ammeter.

Dirham is a currency of which country?

Ans: UAE.

“Black Box” is an apparatus installed on/in the _______.

Ans: Aircrafts.

The filament of bulbs is made of ______.

Ans: Tungsten.

What is the capital of Manipur?

Ans: Imphal.

Which committee for the first time recommended the use of implicit prices derived from quantity
and value data collected in household consumer expenditure surveys?

Ans: Tendulkar Committee.

Which state has not signed MoU with the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
under the Indian Statistical Strengthening Project?

Ans: Uttar Pradesh.
Union Ministry of Tourism signed a MoU with which Ministry to promote India as a preferred
tourism destination?

Ans: Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Which state ranks third in per capita deposit?

Ans Goa.

The government has approved how much amount for the leather cluster development scheme to
make the Indian Industry globally competitive?

Ans: Rs 600 Crore.

A website of the Special Industry Initiative was launched to provide skills and enhance
employability for the youth of J & K by Union Minister P. Chidambaram. Name it.

Ans: Udaan.

India inducted which submarine into the Navy, joining the elite League of Nations having such
sophisticated warships?

Ans: Nerpa.

Indian ambassador Nirupama Rao and Robert McDonnell have agreed to take concrete measures
to force greater trade investment ties, who is Robert McDonnell?

Ans: Virginia Governor.

India plans to add how much megawatt of nuclear power capacity during the 12th plan period,
taking the total contribution of Atomic Power to 9980 MW?

Ans: 5300 MW.
Which state’s assembly passed the Lokayukta Bill recently?

Ans: Himachal Pradesh.

The government has decided to set up how many spice parks across the country this year, to
promote exports of spices from India?

Ans: 10.

India has signed six agreements in diverse areas, including a pact on cooperation in oil and gas
exploration with which country?

Ans: Qatar.

Which state has embarked upon a plan to set up modern public toilets exclusively for women in
tourist locations, recently?

Ans: Kerala.

Indian Navy commissioned its _______ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) squadron to enhance
the coastal security along the East Coast.

Ans: Third.

The Union Cabinet approved the extension of the Swavalamban Scheme under the New Pension
System from present three years to how many years to all subscribers?

Ans: Five.

The Indian Coast guard commissioned its _______ coastal station in Lakshadweep, as part of its
effort to strengthen coastal network and to tackle piracy.

Ans: Third.
The World Bank has announced USD 4.3 Billion financial aid to which country to help the
country fight to menace of poverty?

Ans: India.

A report has revealed that one in every five adults in which country is functionally illiterate?

Ans: Britain.

Which country has successfully sent a French-made communication satellite into orbit with a
carrier rocket launched from the south east Xichang Satellite Launch Centre?

Ans: China.

Which country has launched a spy satellite that will help government agencies improve national
security by monitoring other parts of the world?

Ans: US.

At 1,102 feet up and 3,858 feet across, the ambitious suspension bridge in which country has
become the highest and the longest in the world?

Ans: China.

Government slashed interest rate on deposits in Employees Provident Fund from 9.5 percent to
what percent for 2011-12?

Ans: 8.25.

Sadbhav Engineering has bagged a Rs 1.220 crore order from which construction company for
four-lining of the Solapur-Bijapur section of NH-13?

Ans: NHAI.

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