Arlington Middle Pom Squad by jennyyingdi


									          2011-2012         Arlington Middle
                          Pom Squad
Dear Parents & Participants:
In addition to representing A.M.S. as a dancer, there are many other
commitments to the pom program you will need to consider, so please
read the packet completely and carefully.

A mandatory parent interest meeting will be held Thursday, March 10th
from 6-7 pm. This is to emphasize important information and answer
questions you may have about pom. If a parent is not there to represent
the dancer, your clinic fee will be refunded, and the dancer will not be
allowed to try-out.

There will be a two day tryout clinic held March 28th and 30th in the
A.M.S. cafeteria from 4:00-6:00 for 5th-7th grade students zoned to AMS
by the district. Tryouts will be held Friday, April 1st, at 4:00. Both the
clinic and tryouts are closed to parents and other spectators.

Before you are able to attend the clinic & tryout, you MUST have
submitted ALL of the following:
   1. Parent Signed Application
   2. Pom Squad Constitution & Demerit System Agreement
   3. Medical Authorization Form with copy of Insurance Card
   4. Copy of Latest Report Card (this will not be returned)
   5. $20 clinic & tryout fee
   **Teacher Recommendations must be submitted by your teachers**

The girls will tryout with a dance routine learned at the clinic. Girls will
also be asked to demonstrate high kicks, single turn, double turn, split
leap, splits, and a toe touch. Tryout results will be posted on the front
lobby doors as close to 7:00 P.M. that night as possible.

Please have rides arranged before attending the clinic and tryouts. It is
very important that all girls are picked up promptly at 6:00 P.M. each
day. An estimate for pickup time on try-out day will be given on Wed.
based on try-out order.
If you have any questions, please contact
Julia Norman (Sponsor)

Thank You & Go Bobcats!!

Last Name                          First Name                        Middle
has my permission to participate in the clinic & tryouts for the A.M.S. Pom
Squad, March 28th, 30th, and April 1st, 4:00-6:00 P.M.

I understand that there are grade and citizenship requirements. Failure to
maintain the requirements can result in temporary or permanent suspension
from the squad.

I further understand that there will be expenses involved that I am responsible
for paying such as uniforms, shoes, coaching fees, camp, camp clothes,
nationals etc. I understand that ALL costs associated with this program are
MY responsibility and by signing this form and allowing my child to tryout I
agree to pay these fees and maintain a supportive and positive attitude
about them. I further understand if my child is removed from the squad, I
am responsibly for all incurred fees.

Participants MUST be covered by a PRIVATE INSURANCE POLICY. A copy of the
insurance card must accompany the Medical Authorization Form. Everything
possible to prevent injuries will be done. Dancers and their parents will not
bring suit against the sponsor, coaches, school administration, or Shelby County
Board of Education for injuries involving squad activities.

If my child is selected as a member of the A.M.S. Pom Squad, I will agree to the
above guidelines.

____________________________________________                 _________________
Parent or Guardian                                                 Date
___________________________________________                 __________________
Participant’s Name                                             Home Phone #
Street Address                                        City/Zip Code
_____________________________________                        _______________
Insurance Company                                          Policy Number
In order to participate in the clinic and tryouts, you MUST SUBMIT A
OFFICE NO LATER THAN Friday, March 25th (5th graders may bring
completed packet the 1st day of clinic, March 28th):
   1. Parent Signed Application
   2. Pom Squad Constitution & Demerit System Agreement
   3. Medical Authorization Form with copy of Insurance Card
   4. Copy of Latest Report Card (will not be returned)
   5. $20 clinic/tryout fee
   **Teacher Recommendations must be submitted by your

   **Current Grade/Homeroom Teacher: ___________________________**

__________________________             ______________________
Participant’s Signature                Parent’s Signature

To Whom It May Concern:

Julia Norman (Sponsor)
Brittney Parham (Coach)
Dr. Clark
Mrs. Lukas
Mrs. Banks

Any of the above has my permission to obtain any medical treatment,
she and the doctor deem necessary for my child.

_______________________________              _________________
Name of Pom Member                           Date of Birth

______-____-______          ________________        ____________
        SS#                 Insurance Company       Policy #

Address of Insurance Company

_______/_______/_______         _____________________________
Insurance Co. Phone #           Name of Person on Insurance Policy

This permission includes doctor visits, any emergency medical
treatment, and giving prescribed medications.

____________________________                 _________________
Parent’s Signature                           Date Signed

       A.M.S. Pom Squad Parent Information Sheet
PURPOSE: To perform at all Arlington Middle School basketball games and
selected functions. The pom squad is to promote and maintain school spirit and
sportsmanship, support the girls’ and boy’s basketball teams, compete in local,
regional, and national competitions, and develop character, leadership and
individual responsibility.

MANDATORY PARENT MEETING: Thursday, March 10 6-7pm
This is a MANDATORY MEETING for the parent(s) of any girls interested in
trying out for pom. Without a parent in attendance, the dancer will not be
allowed to try out.

CLINIC:       Mon. & Wed March 28th and 30th     4:00-6:00         AMS Cafeteria
*Clinic fee- $20.00 (Make checks payable to AMS Pom)

CLINIC and TRY-OUT ATTIRE Dancers need to wear shorts and a t-shirt (
SCS dress code applies) and tennis shoes or dance shoes with hair in a ponytail.
For try-outs, dancers need to wear shorts and a shirt (AMS or blue/black/white).

TRYOUTS:           April 1st        4:00  AMS Gym

Each participant will be judged on the following:
       1. Teacher recommendations, grades, and discipline record
       2. Dance routine (taught at clinic)
       3. Toe touch, kicks, single turn, double turn, split leap and splits
       4. Spirit and appearance
(*Points will be deducted for poor teacher evaluations, D’s, F’s, N’s & U’s, and
discpliner referrals*)

MANDATORY PARENT MEETING: April 4th at 5:30 room #310
This is a MANDATORY PARENT(S) MEETNG for girls that make the squad
**Be prepared to make your 1st payment of $350 at the meeting.**

The coaching fee is $8 per practice. By allowing your child to tryout,
you agree to this fee and are committing to supporting the coaching
fee in a positive manner. The $8 coaching fee will not change, so we
expect you will not change your mind in supporting this fee. Please
decide now if this is something you can support with a positive
attitude throughout the year.
PRACTICES: Practices are mandatory & will be held 3-4 times a week (4:00-
6:00) during this school year practices will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 2
Saturdays per month until the end of May. Practices will continue during
basketball season due to competitions. Monthly coaching fees are due at the
end of each month at the parent meeting (or brought to school/mailed
to the treasurer if there’s not a parent meeting). If a girl does not pay
coaching fees, she will not be allowed to participate in practice. Sitting out of
three practices for ANY reason will result in a performance suspension. Two
performance suspensions will result in dismissal from the squad. Coaching fees
are non-refundable. Practices in July will be held two days per week. Dancers are
required to attend at least 6 out of the 8 practices.
ANY COMPETITIONS. This includes family vacations, church camps, other
activities outside of pom, etc. Participants will be available for summer travel in

FIRST PRACTICE: April 4th 4:00-6:00 (parent meeting to begin
immediately at 5:30 in Mrs. Norman’s room- Room 310)

CAMP (MANDATORY): Universal Dance Association (UDA) will hold an
overnight camp for the squad at Mississippi State University May 31st- June
3rd, 2011. The girls will work on team unity, routines, technique, and dance
conditioning. This will also be the girls’ first competition to receive a bid to
Nationals. They will be evaluated and rewarded by the instructors. Girls will stay
overnight on campus. Attendance at camp is mandatory. A $3 per day
coaching fee will apply during the 3 days of camp ($12 total). More details about
travel plans/costs will be given later. The cost of camp includes lodging and all
meals for the girls for the duration of camp.

COMPETITIONS (MANDATORY): We will participate in multiple competitions.
Travel will be required to some. The dates/times/locations of the competitions are to be
determined (in the past they’ve been in November, December, January, and Nationals in
February. There will be a mandatory entry fee per dancer. Travel, lodging, and eating
expenses will be discussed closer to competition time. Frequency and intensity of
practices will increase closer to competitions, therefore all appointments, etc. need to be
scheduled at a different date or time once a calendar for the month has been given.
             Approximate Break Down of Costs:*
ITEM                              COST                 DUE (included in
                                                       monthly payment)
Dance Camp                        $365                 50% April 1st
                                                       50% May 1st

Coaching Fees                     $8 per practice      at monthly meetings

Camp Clothes (4 outfits)          $100                 May

Poms (2 sets)                     $80.00               Mid-August

Warm Ups                          $215.00              Mid-August

Uniforms, dance shoes,    $450.00                      Mid-August
ribbons, tights, costume
jewelry (Pom and Hip-Hop)

Bag                               $25.00               April 1st

Competition Fees                  $90                  Month before competition

Competition Travel Fees           Varies**

Nationals (UDA Fee)               $590                 Mid-October

Nationals (Airfare)               $590                 Mid-October

2 competition t-shirts            $30                  October

Ankle/Wrist Weights               $30                  Purchase on your own by
and knee pads                                          second week of practice

*These are approximate prices. A good estimate for one year of pom is around
$3,500. This could be more or less depending on actual cost of everything with
tax, number of practices, etc. Most of the cost is from ordering uniforms, camp
clothes and paying camp fees and then nationals fees. Coaching fees will continue
through January/February as we practice for competitions.

** The travel fees will depend on how the girls will be fed on the road, gas money,
and whether or not we choose to stay the night out of town.

Each dancer & parents are responsible for ALL costs associated with being a
member of the A.M.S. Pom Squad. Fundraising is an optional activity headed by
the parent booster club. Fundraising is something we strive for, however, parents
should be prepared to pay all costs in the event of unsuccessful fundraising.
          Arlington Middle Pom Squad Constitution
As a member of the Arlington Middle Pom Squad, you will be expected to know and
follow the rules and guidelines set down for you. It is important for you and your parents
to know what is expected of you.

I. Purpose:
The A.M.S. Pom Squad will:
        A. Compete in dance competitions with good sportsmanship
        B. Perform at basketball games and represent the school
        C. Promote and maintain school spirit
        D. Set an example of good behavior at all times in class, at games, and at all
           school functions
        E. Promote friendship with all pom squad members
        F. Develop character, leadership and individual responsibility.
II. Requirements:
        A. Squad members may be 6th, 7th or 8th graders
        B. School comes first!! Members MUST maintain good citizenship marks,
           attendance, class performance, and teacher recommendations during their time
           on the squad (at least an ‘S’ in conduct and ‘C’ in all classes). Disciplinary
           actions will be taken as necessary.
        C. Being on the squad one year in no way guarantees placement on the
           squad for the following year. Every girl must go through the same tryout
           process each spring. In addition, each girl’s cooperation, effort, ability to get
           along with others, behavior at school & overall attitude from the previous year
           will be considered.
        D. Participants MUST be covered by a PRIVATE INSURANCE POLICY. A
           copy of the insurance card must be on file with the sponsor (due the first day
           of clinic). Everything possible to prevent injuries will be done. Dancers and
           their parents will not bring suit against the sponsor, coaches, school
           administration, or Shelby County Board of Education for injuries involving
           squad activities. A Medical Authorization Form must be filled out and on file
           with the sponsor (due the first day of clinic)
III. Conduct: Attitude is a major factor in whether or not you will be a part of the squad.
Remember that being a member of this squad is a privilege, not a right. Your attitude
should be positive at all times. Remember you are representing A.M.S. at ALL
        A. By accepting the privilege/honor of wearing an Arlington Middle School
           uniform, a girl accepts the fact that her actions are more prominent than those
           not associated with such an activity.
        B. Because of this prominence and because members represent the school,
           exemplary behavior is MANDATORY AT ALL TIMES.
        C. Proper appearance and following school dress code is required at all times.
        D. Members must not use foul language at practice, in school, at games, camp,
           etc. The anti-bully policy will be enforced.
        E. Smoking or drug use (including alcohol) is not allowed at school sponsored
           events and any use of illegal substances reported to us by the proper
           authorities (either school or out), will result in PERMANENT DISMISSAL
           and school discipline consequences per SCS board policy and school rules.
        F. Being with people who are in possession of alcohol or other drugs could result
           in dismissal.
       G. ALL rules and regulations imposed on any Arlington Middle School student
           will be imposed on pom squad members.
       H. Members MUST display proper behavior in class, including being on time,
           not skipping and not cheating.
       I. Because all situations may not be foreseen and thus outlined here, each will be
           dealt with in a manner decided upon by the coach/sponsor, with assistance
           from the school administration if deemed necessary.
       J. Members will follow rules and guidelines that are required by the
           coach/sponsor and show proper respect at ALL times.
       K. Poor conduct/behavior under any of the above circumstances could result in
           warnings, demerits, plus suspension/removal from the squad. This action will
           be taken, by the decision of the coach/sponsor, and or administrator.
       L. In the event of a dancer being dismissed from or quitting the squad, the dancer
           will not be allowed to try-out for the school in following years.
IV. Practices: All Practices are Mandatory
       A. Members are expected to be attentive and cooperative during practices.
           Repeated disruptions, especially during the same practice, will result in a
           warning and possible demerits. Continued problems will result in calls to
           parents, performance suspensions, and or removal from the squad
       B. Constructive criticism (suggestions given in a polite manner) is welcomed.
           Complaining and or rudeness to the coach/sponsors are prohibited.
       C. Practices will take place three to four days a week.
       D. Missing practice will result in demerits.
       E. Sponsors must be notified BEFORE PRACTICE BEGINS of any absence
           from that practice.
       F. Practices are mandatory; therefore, please remember that appointments should
           be made on non-practice days. The only excused absences from practice
           include weddings, funerals, contagious illness, doctor’s appointments in
           which no other time was available, or other AMS academic activity (band &
           chorus). Absence for any other unapproved reason will result in demerits.
       G. You will be expected to be a good listener at practice.
       H. We will start on time. You should dismiss with car riders and walkers and
           change into your practice clothes immediately, ready for go by 4:15 (on
           school days)
       I. You must wear your tennis shoes and appropriate clothes to practice (wind
           pants, sweatpants or shorts, comfortable t-shirt), and bring dance shoes.
           Clothes worn for practices MUST meet the Shelby County Schools dress
           code. No spaghetti straps, PJ pants, rolled shorts, etc. Once camp outfits
           come in, you will wear an assigned outfit on an assigned day. After one
           warning, failure to bring anything necessary for practice will result in demerits
           or extra conditioning.
       J. No dangling jewelry or gum is allowed at practices.
       K. The required conditioning will take place at every practice.
V. Basketball Games:
       A. You must attend every game and stay until the end.
       B. You will perform during half time at the girls’ and/or boys’ games.
       C. You may ONLY eat/drink at half-time and between games when we are not
           performing. Water is permitted in the stands during the game.
       D. You must sit together as a team. No one is to wander around.
       E. Good sportsmanship is expected at ALL times.
        F. For away games, meet in the front lobby. You must obey and be courteous
             to the carpool parent(s) at all times.
        G. For home games, meet in sponsors’ classrooms.
        H. During the basketball tournament, pom and cheer will alternate attending
VI. Expenses:
        A. All expenses will be paid by squad members by the set dates each month.
        B. In the event of a dancer quitting or being dismissed, any expenses already
             incurred must be paid in full.
VII. Attire:
        A. No nail polish, dangling jewelry, or gum with uniform. (At competitions,
             only jewelry from the costume is allowed)
        B. Your uniform must be kept in good condition, and always neat and clean.
        C. Hair should be pulled back with uniform ribbon.
        D. If a member is sitting out at a game performance due to a disciplinary action,
             she is still required to dress in full uniform.
        E. Failure to dress in required uniform (in school as well as at the games) will
             result in sitting out the game (thus 10 demerits)
VIII. Travel: We will be traveling to some away basketball games and competitions.
Because we travel as a squad, it is important that you are on time. Parent car pools will
be necessary to get all dancers to away games and competitions.
IX. Rides: All girls are to be picked up at the back entrance of the school on time.
After a full day of being away, everyone likes to get home to their families, and the girls
are usually very tired. Due to family obligations and schedule, sponsors cannot
repeatedly wait for a late pickup; your promptness is always appreciated. After one
warning, demerits will be issues for a late pickup.
X. Accounts: The pom squad is not funded through the school in any way.
Parents/Guardians assume ALL financial responsibility. An elected parent treasurer
who will be chosen immediately after tryouts will handle all money and accounts.
Your deposits MUST be kept up to date. We do not have “extra money”, so if one
account is not paid up to date we cannot pay our bills. Please make requested deposits
on time at the selected dates. You will receive monthly statements detailing your
deposits and payments made from your account. Should your daughter be dismissed
from the squad or you choose to leave the squad, any outstanding balance will be
due in full at that time and monthly payments will no longer apply. Fundraising
should be relied upon as a payment method.
XI. Competitions: All competitions are mandatory.
XII. Injuries: In the event of a dancer being injured and taken out of the routine, the
dancer will only be put back in the routine if the doctor gives the okay at least 3 weeks
prior to the next competition.
XIII. Booster Clubs/Fundraising: The purpose of the booster club is to support our
athletic activities and serve as a liaison. The booster club will also cover all out-of-town
travel expenses for the sponsors, coach, and administrator. Fundraising is solely the
booster club’s responsibility, after receiving the principal’s approval. According to SCS
Policy 7015.2 Section II: Fundraising
“The following shall not incur any liability for the failure of a school support
organization to safeguard school support organization funds:
        1. Principal
        2. Board Members
        3. Director of Schools
        4. Any other school official”

Every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid situations likely to lead to disciplinary
               action; however, demerits will be given as outlined below.
      • Blatant disrespect toward sponsor/coach or displaying a defiant attitude
      • Possession of tobacco products, alcohol/drugs or any illegal substance
      • Bullying others
      • Receiving OSS (Out of School Suspension)
      • Breaking the same rule excessively, and as otherwise deemed necessary by
         the sponsor and/or school administration
      • Receiving ISS (In School Suspension)
      • Disrespectful or defiant attitude toward sponsor/coach
      • Not maintaining an “S” in conduct in all classes and an overall “C” in all
         classes (report cards will be checked at interims and every nine weeks)
      • Not dressing in required uniform on game days (at school and at the game)
         or competitions.
                        **MAJOR INFRACTIONS = 5 DEMERITS**
      • Uncooperative attitude and/or undesirable conduct toward sponsor/coach,
         squad, or faculty & staff
      • Receiving a school detention
      • Unsportsmanlike conduct
      • Unexcused absences from practices or games (Practices & games are
         mandatory. Appointments should be scheduled outside of these events. All
         absences must be accompanied by a note, email or phone call, including
         when a student checks out of school prior to the missed practice, or it will
         be considered unexcused.)
      • Not making a payment on time
                        **MINOR INFRACTIONS = 2 DEMERITS**
      • Arriving late for a practice or game
      • Being picked up late from practice or a game
      • Not having correct practice clothes (poms, correct outfits, shoes, ponytail
             (infractions may also be enforced with extra conditioning)
                                     12 DEMERITS = 2nd GAME SUSPENSION
                                     15 DEMERITS = SQUAD DISMISSAL
After the 2nd game suspension is served, the dancer’s representation will be re-evaluated by
the sponsor & administration. If there is no improvement, or upon receiving the15th demerit,
the dancer will be dismissed from the squad.
                          ** SERVING A GAME SUSPENSION**
 1. Dancers are still required to attend the game in full uniform
 2. If absent from school that day, the suspension will apply to the next game.
    In order to have FUN, we have to be FUN people!! The season is in your hands. We
all have to work hard to contribute in the BEST way we can to the squad. Always
strive to improve your outlook and ATTITUDE along with your dancing. See the
POSITIVE in all things!! Work on coming to practice with a SMILE on your face. Bad
moods should be left outside of practice, as your mood is contagious.
A.M.S. Pom Squad Constitution & Demerit System
          Parent/Member Agreement

Dancer’s Last Name    Dancer’s First Name        Current Grade/
                                                      Homeroom Teacher

I/We, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the above named girl, have read the
Arlington Middle Pom Squad Constitution and Demerit System and
understand all the requirements and consequences of improper actions.
I/We understand the coach/sponsor and school administration have final
say in my/our daughter’s remaining on the squad. I/We also realize this
is a team effort and that we may be called upon to help in some ways
throughout the year and we will make and effort to do our share of
assisting on behalf of my/our daughter.

Parent Signature                                                   Date

I ______________________________________ being a member of the
             (Name of Pom Member)
Arlington Middle Pom Squad, have fully read the Arlington Middle Pom
Squad Constitution and Demerit System and understand what is expected
of me to remain a member in good standing. I will keep myself
knowledgeable and informed of all rules, and I realize that the
consequences of poor behavior and/or inappropriate actions may be
severe. I will do all I can to uphold the honor and tradition of the pom
squad, respect my coach/sponsor and squad members, my school, and
all persons associated with the pom squad at all times.

Pom Member Signature                                               Date

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